10 Best Majora’s Mask Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

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Majora's Mask Tattoo

A tattoo design that can easily be recognized by any gamer worth their salt is a Majora’s Mask tattoo. Here are top 10 Majora’s Mask tattoo designs for you to check.

Majora's Mask Tattoo
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Majoras mask tattoo specialty is its eerie gaze, rainbow spikes, and vibrantly colored details on it.

The Majora’s Mask is a representation of the adventures and dangers in life as per the Legend of Zelda ideas. The design of a heart shaped Majora’s mask fits best on the chest, hand, or between shoulder blades for tattoo designs for men and women.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s mask is a high fantasy action-adventure video game with vibrant, colorful graphics. The game characters are popular among gamers and tattoo lovers. The haunting beauty of Majoras mask tattoo makes this a well-liked tattoo even among non-gamers. In the game, the Majoras mask turns into a bizarre tentacled beast after battling link which could be major tattoo designs for men. This Majora mask does activities like jumping jacks and taunts the hero by dancing the moonwalk. The Majora mask design tattoo represents sly impishness. Majora’s mask tattoo is often interpreted as a throwback to an era of colorful and whimsical video games.

Majoras mask tattoo is among the best tattoo designs for men The Majora mask has captured the imagination of this generation and by getting a Majora’s mask tattoo inked on yourself, you also become a part of that quest. Apart from this are many famous Legend of Zelda tattoos. A mask tattoo symbolizes hiding one’s true self or not letting people know what is going in one’s mind or heart. Did you know time actually flies behind the Majora’s mask, three days can go by in 54 minutes flat!

You can express your Majoras mask tattoo art in a way that best suits your taste. Read to find out about some fascinating Majora’s mask tattoo designs for men and women and the characters they represent!

A Scene From The Majora’s Mask Tattoo

A Scene From The Majora's Mask Tattoo
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This Majora mask’s tattoo seems like a scene from the Legend of Zelda ideas or game. This mask tattoo contains more than one character from the game. The color black is used as the base of the Majoras mask tattoo. Apart from this, the colors like blue, yellow, green, orange, and purple are used to highlight the eyes of the characters present in the mask tattoo. The characters who play the role of Majora mask, link, Deku butler’s son, gorgons, and stepchildren are included in this mask tattoo and are popular tattoo designs for men.

Majora’s Mask Chest Tattoo

Majora's Mask Chest Tattoo
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This Majora’s mask tattoo design is made for a true fan. This beauty with such vibrant colors is truly fascinating. The use of different colors like blue, green, red, orange, yellow, and white has given details to the design. The tattoo designs for men can be done with an outline in color black for the finishing touch. Among tattoo designs for men, this one looks best placed on the chest. You can get your perspective of Legend of Zelda ideas with colours of your choice.

Geometric Majoras Mask Tattoo Designs

Geometric Majoras Mask Tattoo Designs
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In just three colours, this mask tattoo as per the Legend of Zelda ideas has a beautiful finish. This mask tattoo is perfect for people who are not fond of too many colors. The color red around the eyes is adds life to the design of this mask tattoo. This beautiful piece of art can be inked as a Majora’s mask chest tattoo, or on your back, or on your hands. It’s one of the common tattoo designs for men.

Fierce Diety Link Majora’s Mask Tattoo

Fierce Diety Link Majora's Mask Tattoo
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This Majoras mask tattoo includes another character from the game’s Majora mask, the Fierce Diety Link, inked below the mask. The use of colors is in proper sync and gives a great finish to the Majoras mask tattoo in the Legend of Zelda ideas. Shading just enhances the design of the Majoras mask tattoo. You can add the little fairies, Tatl and Tael, to complete this majora’s mask tattoo. Your left or right arm is the perfect place to get this mask tattoo design.

Monochromatic Majora’s Mask Tattoo

Monochromatic Majora's Mask Tattoo
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The monochromatic look given to this Majora’s mask tattoo by the use of black color is quite bewitching! The use of single black lines represents celebrates minimalism in this design. The Majora’s mask tattoo looks complete with shading at a few of its ends. This Majoras mask minimalist design can be inked on your hands or chest. Such tattoo designs for men and women are striking depictions of Legend of Zelda ideas.

Bright Coloured Majora’s Mask Tattoo

Bright Coloured Majora's Mask Tattoo
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Incorporating different colors in a single Majoras mask can create striking tattoo designs for men and women with strong personalities. Vibrant shades of purple, orange and green colours are creating a three-dimensional look in this tattoo. Such bold tattoo designs for men and women with strong personalities. You can flaunt this bold tattoo from Legend of Zelda ideas on your arms.

Abstract Geometric Majora’s Mask tattoo

Abstract Geometric Majora's Mask tattoo
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This tattoo will make you fall in love with the Legend of Zelda character. This beautiful design includes the face of Majora’s mask tattoo with amazing colors and shading. Rainbow spikes and vibrantly used textures are making it feel like a real design. With geometric shapes in the mask, and smudged watercolour effect outside the mask, this is a unique visual of Legend of Zelda ideas!

Sparkling Majora’s Mask tattoo

Sparkling Majora's Mask tattoo
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This Majoras mask tattoo art piece makes you feel beautiful and happy inside out. Among all the mask tattoo ideas, this is something new and can be best used as a Majora’s mask tattoo skull kid mask tattoo. The vibrantly colored details give it a new pretty look which makes you fall in love with the character all over again. With colours like pink, purple and blue and sparkling jewellery for decoration, makes this one of the best tattoos we have seen. The little heart and star in the eyes make this tattoo look enchanting! You can get this pretty Majoras mask tattoo on your hands or legs, where it looks best.

Elements Of Majora’s Mask Tattoo

Elements Of Majora's Mask Tattoo
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If you are looking for tattoos with the Legend of Zelda ideas that do not feature any character, then you will like this design! Inked on the inner bicep, this Majoras mask inspired tattoo design has all the natural elements from the Legend of Zelda game. The vivid red strokes and lightning pink colour makes this a memorable tattoo!

Majora’s Mask Tattoo Tribal Design

Majora's Mask Tattoo Tribal Design
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This tattoo is the perfect example of proper shading and textures and perfectly illustrates a tribal Majora’s mask. This piece of art not only includes Majora’s mask face and his entire body. The vibrant dark colors used in the design depict the realism and boldness of the character. Being a long Majoras mask tattoo, this design can be best inked on your arms and legs and make for attractive tattoo designs for men, too.

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