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101 Best Lion Head Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson

Are you looking forward to getting the perfect lion tattoo? Here are the 10 best lion head tattoo ideas to explore more before you make a choice.

 Lion Head Tattoo
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Lion tattoos symbolize bravery, power, pride, strength, leadership, masculinity, and courage.

The mighty lion is the king of the animal kingdom. Lion tattoo designs are preferred by many, especially for their powerful head with the golden mane.

Lions (Panthers Leo) are the majestic and muscular cat family members and are generally regarded as the king of the jungle. They are primarily found in the jungles of Africa and the Gir forest of India. They are social animals and live in groups known as ‘Pride.’ Lions are carnivorous, and the female lions hunt the prey and feed the pride while male lions look after and protect the family. It is fascinating that a lion is not the largest or the strongest animal in the jungle, it’s an elephant. Also, it is not the fastest animal in the wilderness because that would be a cheetah, wouldn’t it? It is also not the most intelligent animal in the jungle because that undoubtedly would be a chimpanzee.

Isn’t it weird that even though the lion is not the smartest, fastest, strongest animal, it is still regarded as the king of the jungle? So what makes the difference? It’s because the lion possesses King-like qualities. It gives the command to hunt, protects its kingdom from intruders and keeps the community safe. The courage they possess, the courage to overcome any challenge, is what makes them the king!

Some exciting lion tattoo designs are tribal lion tattoo, geometric lion tattoos, lion eyes tattoo, neo traditional lion tattoos, realistic lion tattoos, geometric lion head tattoo, winged lion tattoo, large lion tattoo, mountain lion tattoo and many more. Lion tattoos symbolise these qualities for the wearer and are becoming a popular design these days! Let venture through the top designs that can inspire your lion tattoo.

Lioness With Crown Tattoo

Lioness With Crown Tattoo
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For our first Lion head tattoo design, we have this beautiful whole back female lion tattoo. In the tattoo, the fierce lioness is wearing a crown on her head with a blue gem embedded on it, shining majestically. The blue stone is the only colour and the rest of the tattoo is inked in fine black lines. The lion has a thick, long, wavy mane with flowers in the background. Except for the lioness face, the whole tattoo is covered with different floral designs. This tattoo design is popular among women for it’s elegant and striking appeal.

Interestingly enough, the lion is also the symbol for ‘Leo’ the fifth sign of the zodiac. The people with the Leo sign have fantastic leadership skills, just like the lion. So, this tattoo can be chosen by both the ladies or the Leo sign holders.

Watercolour Lion Head Tattoo

Watercolour Lion Head Tattoo
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Here is a fierce lion head tattoo in a watercolour style tattoo. This lion tattoo is uniquely designed using delicate lines and amazingly bright colors. It is a very intense piece of body art. The fine lines have been used to carve the face with no colors, but the detailing is commendable. If you look at the eyes, it seems innocent and furious at the same time. The red eyes are hypnotising, angry and full of blood. The mane looks different as well. As if there is no hair, bright yellow, orange, and red shades have been imaginatively used to depict the mane. It seems more like a burning fire, the fire that stretches along the lines across the arm. The tattoo is more suitable for your arms, especially the biceps. You can also get a small lion head tattoo, or a lion head shoulder tattoo. There are also many simple lion tattoos design with the male lion for meaningful lion tattoo designs. A lion hand tattoo with lion cubs can be ideal, or a lion head chest tattoo for a new father.

Colourful Roaring Lion Tattoo

Colourful Roaring Lion Tattoo
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This lion tattoo design is one of the most detailed and fascinating. The whole lion face has been made using black and grey ink with a lot of striking detail. It looks so realistic with all the fur and mane on the face—the canine tooth shining sharply. With golden-red eyes, this lion’s gaze looks like a warning for enemies to stay away. The lion is roaring furiously. The scar on the face is bright as fire and goes through the lion’s eye. The shades of red and orange stand out of the dark tattoo.

Along with the lion head, you can find jungle scenery just below and a massive tree with a sunset or sunrise behind it. The jungle is made using the same black and grey ink with shades of orange and red used again to give a firing effect. This tattoo would most suit on arms or may go on the back or thighs as well. The tattoo artist may suggest a lion wings artwork for small lion tattoos or lion head tattoos with the crown tattoos motif.

The Majestic Lion Tattoo ideas

The Majestic Lion Tattoo ideas
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This beautiful lion head tattoo stands out among others due to its magnificent styling and bold look. The lion head with mane is styled in a fantastic way with thick, wavy lines inked in black, white and grey. The face and the mane have been perfectly detailed with dot work used for shading. The lion looks solid and confident and symbolizes strength and power. You can get a lion chest tattoo or on your arms, or back. It is a beautiful piece of art to get inked with. If you are a lion king fan, then getting a cub tattoo with mountain lion tattoos is the best lion tattoo design. The lion head with crown tattoo indicates the king of the jungle motif perfectly. A lion sleeve tattoo or a geometric lion tattoo is ideal for a person just starting their college life.

Tribal Lion Head Tattoo

Tribal Lion Head Tattoo
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This is another uniquely designed lion head tattoo. This lion head shoulder tattoo can be made on your chest or back, too. The lion head has a tribal tattoo design and is drawn in black ink with dark shades. Thick outlines depict the wavy mane without any solid colour fill. The lion head rests sidewise, roaring furiously. This symbolizes anger or warning. You can also get a colourful lion shoulder tattoo, lion pride tattoo, lioness tattoos, or lion and cub tattoo, whichever matches your interpretation of the lion tattoo!

Judah Lion Head Tattoo Designs

Judah Lion Head Tattoo Designs
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In Christianity, the lion symbolizes the resurrected Jesus Christ. Lions have been associated with both Christianity and Judaism. They are believed to be holy symbols of devoted and strong leaders. So if you want to express your strong faith, this tattoo can be a sign of your devotion. The tattoo is gorgeous and unique. The lion’s head is made of fine lines, and the eyes are closed. The image is detailed with dots, and mane is made with a combination of curved and straight lines. It looks pretty mesmerizing and at peace. The sidewise face has a cross on it with a splash of red, used in a very creative manner to give a religious vibe in style. This lion tattoo would suit best on the back, shoulders, or chest.

Floral Lion Head Tattoo

Floral Lion Head Tattoo
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If you are looking for an elegant design, here is a subtle, floral lion head tattoo. This lion head tattoo is also one of the cutest tattoos in our segment. This tattoo features a cute lioness with beautiful eyes looking at you in a very charming way. Beautiful flowers and leaves surround the lioness. Light grey color and fine lines have been used to outline the flowers and the lioness’ head. The yellow eyes are sharp and captivating. Also, it has this beautiful message carved at the bottom that says, ‘Don’t exist, live!’.  This is again a combination of a floral tattoo and a lion head tattoo. If you are looking for a lioness tattoo in sophisticated, black and white shades, you may consider this one. Or a unique lion tattoo for yourself with the steampunk tattoo motif would look great!

Realistic Lion Tattoos

Realistic Lion Tattoos
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This is by far the most majestic, detailed, and awesome lion head tattoo on our list yet. Light shades of black and grey have been used to make this magnificent work of art. The lion head looks amazingly realistic. The detailing has been done accordingly, and it sure is admirable. The hair looks quite impressive, and the face has this innocent and intense expression that will hypnotize you. This lion head tattoo is specifically for the arms but, you may consider getting it on your thighs too.

Modern Lion Head Tattoo

Modern Lion Head Tattoo
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This lion head tattoo is a combination of the traditional and the modern. The face has a severe expression and looks quite realistic. The lion’s face has fine, wavy hair and fine white whiskers. The yellow eyes look like they have been embedded into the tattoo. Black and grey shades have been used accordingly. The lion’s face is surrounded by designs looking like splashes. Overall, the tattoo seems traditional but unique in its way. Inked here on the calf muscle, you can also get it on your arms or chest too.  You can depict a lion head tattoo meaning with a lion skull tattoo or lion back tattoo with colourful, modern motifs. Lion with crown tattoo design or tribal lion chest tattoo can be done as a dedication to your ancestors.

Lion Sleeve Tattoo

Lion Sleeve Tattoo
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Saved the best for last! This last piece is probably the best of its kind, a perfect lion tattoo. It is a full sleeve lion head tattoo and a mixture of different elements. This tattoo is a precise combination of a floral tattoo and a lion head tattoo. Flowers and leaves cover all sides of the lion’s face and merge with this lion tattoo. Two large roses with leaves and giant petals look amazing themselves and slightly conceal the lion’s face. The black and grey is used quite artistically. Fine lines have been used to color the gaps and the leaves and as the mane for the lion’s head. A lion tattoo with flowers, such a contradictory concept all together isn’t it? It may represent the idea or serve as a reminder that you carry both gentle and furious, and have the best of both personalities within you. A colourful small lion tattoo or winged lion tattoo meaning, lion back tattoo, are some of the best lion tattoo designs. A tribal lion with crown tattoo or skull tattoo can an additional element in the tattoo.

Here are some more lion head tattoo designs to help you find the best design for you.

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  3. Lion finger tattoo
  4. Lion tribal tattoo
  5. Traditional lion tattoo design
  6. Lion neck tattoo
  7. Lion sleeve tattoos
  8. Lion head tattoo on chest

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What does a lion head tattoo mean?

A lion head tattoo is often associated with strength, courage and power. It can also represent nobility, authority and leadership. Additionally, a lion head tattoo can be used to symbolize protection, wisdom and assertiveness. In some cultures, it represents a guardian spirit that will bring good luck and fortune to the wearer. The lion is also a popular symbol of royalty and wealth. All in all, a lion head tattoo can be an empowering symbol for those who want to express their confidence and determination.

How much does a lion head tattoo cost?

The cost of a lion head tattoo will depend on the style, size, complexity and color of the design. Generally speaking, expect to pay anywhere from $100 to several hundred dollars for a lion head tattoo. It is also important to consider the experience and reputation of the artist when making your choice. As with any type of body art, it is always important to find a reputable and talented artist to ensure the best possible results.

How do I take care of my lion head tattoo?

It is important to take proper care of your lion head tattoo in order to ensure it looks great for years to come. First, keep the area clean and moisturized with unscented lotion or a mild antibacterial soap. Avoid soaking the area or exposing it to the sun for extended periods of time. When showering, make sure to pat the area dry and then apply a light layer of unscented lotion. Finally, avoid picking or scratching at the tattoo as this can lead to infection and damage to the design. With proper care, your lion head tattoo can last for many years.

What are some lion head tattoo designs?

There are a wide range of creative and unique designs available for lion head tattoos. Some popular options include realistic portraits, tribal-inspired designs and graphic images. You can also incorporate other symbols into your tattoo such as stars, feathers or even hearts. Additionally, you can choose to add color to the design if desired – many people opt for vibrant shades of orange, yellow and red to give their tattoo a bold and eye-catching look. Ultimately, the design of your lion head tattoo is up to you – have fun with it!

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