101 Best Lion And Lamb Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson

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Check for the best lion and lamb tattoo ideas, showing your bravery and confidence as an ink design in your body.

Lion And Lamb Tattoo
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Lion being the king of the jungle rules every animal in the wild.

Lion shows the symbols of power, honor, nobility, and strength. It also symbolizes Authority and masculinity.

Lion Tattoos are known for their bravery and fearsomeness. People get lion tattoos to signify that they have overcome challenges through courage. A common meaning that lion tattoos convey is bravery and the courage  of the bearer. If you are a strong willed person, a lion tattoo will be an apt tattoo design for you to show your leadership skills. Get a lion tattoo to show your royalty and self-confidence. Lion and lamb represents two opposite spirits.

Here are 10 fascinating lion tattoo ideas that you can check out to get yourself one.

Royal Lion Tattoo

Royal Lion Tattoo
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Lion tattoos are a medium for people to show their fierce attitude. Lion being one of the powerful animals, doesn’t concern itself with the opinion of sheep. This lamb and lion tattoo (crown tattoo)art style shows the masculine energy of the mighty lion, and the sacrificial lamb to the lion. The lion is considered to be the king in the animal kingdom. This crown tattoo represents the royalty of the lion with a crown in its head. Lion’s eyes are highlighted in this tattoo, by giving it an emerald blue color. A wild side of lion and lamb is tried to showcase through this lion and lamb tattoo. This lion eyes tattoo could be done as a lion chest tattoo too. With a fierce drawing design, the lion tattoo is done with great detail.  Among lion tattoo designs, this lion face tattoo is one of the hits. Eye tattoos with more and more detailed work, this lion and the lamb tattoo could get in that field.

Homely Mama Lioness

Homely Mama Lioness
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These lion and cub tattoo ideas are so cute. With a wide range of details in different colors, this lion tattoo makes it more beautiful. A homely feel is given to the tattoo with the lioness wearing specs with chains and the floral designs given as background. The tattoo lion represents a caring mentality. These lion hand tattoo styles are one of a kind, which are especially designed. You can have this female lion tattoo to show your love and care to your loved ones. This nemean lion is highlighted with great eye tattoo design. Bold lines and white ink details to this lion tattoo makes it more charming and attractive. Lion tattoo designs can be done as lion shoulder tattoos. You can definitely add this to your lion tattoo ideas. Even though lions are supposed to be powerful creatures, this lion and lamb tattoo meaning could change that concept of lions to be only powerful. Lions can be as caring as a mother to their cubs, never leaving them alone to any danger.

Geometric Lion Tattoo

Geometric Lion Tattoo
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Among female lion tattoos is this lioness tattoo. These lion tattoo designs are done with black ink to give it a more aesthetic look. This tattoo could be done as a lion forearm tattoo. Tattoo artists have a lot of tattoo ideas and tattoo designs for cubs tattoo. Well this one is a great example for geometric lion tattoos. Lion tattoos with beautiful lion eyes are always a good choice to get. With each and every intricate detail of the lion finely drawn, this small lion tattoo is pretty. You can get this lion tattoo as a lion back tattoo on your back or even on your hips. Prominent symbol of tattoo designs, the triangle is very well used and inculcated in these lion tattoos. An element of nature is shown through leaves and flowers as background props in this lion tattoo. This tattoo design is quite famous for lion sleeve tattoos. A tribal heritage is shown through this lion face tattoo.

The Lion King Tattoo

The Lion King Tattoo
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A beautiful and simple concept of the movie ‘The lion King’. A minimalistic free hand drawing of Simba and Nala, the lion characters in the movie. Drawn with black lines and curves, this lion tattoo design is simple. These lion tattoo designs could be done as lion sleeve tattoo work. Lion tattoos show many cultures. This king of the jungle lion symbolism is great for chest tattoo ideas. This tattoo lion is wonderfully depicted as the same as the king of the jungle image in the movie ‘The lion king’. Lion tattoos with more and more simplicity and aesthetic essence are now slowly coming in the tattoo lion designs. For those having their zodiac sign as Leo can have this lion tattoo design as an option to get inked on their body. Lions protect their loved ones, and these lion tattoo designs show that very well. Such tattoo designs can be given your chest placements. As that is near your heart, and you can have this tattoo there, close to your heart to show your  loved ones, how close they are to you.

Roaring Lion Tattoo

Roaring Lion Tattoo
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These roaring lion tattoos are the best to show your ferocity and boldness. The roaring lion tattoo is very well designed with detailed work on the lion’s teeths and mouth and the wavy curves drawn as its hair or fur as flying. Lion tattoo designs are normally done to show your brave and mighty quality like a lion. Well this face tattoo of lion of judah, shows the ferocity and wilderness of the lion. The face tattoo giving importance to the strong lion face roaring is a great tattoo design to have in your arms or shoulder, if you are a boxer or wrestler to show your ferocity and confidence to your opponent. Bible verse tells that lions as spiritual animals roars evil spirits away. Chinese culture sometimes use lions as religious symbols as tattoo designs. These lion tattoos can be done as Lion and lamb tattoo sleeve designs. This design can be found on ethiopian flag. This lion tattoo design is famous among some israelite tribe.

Fancy Lioness

Fancy Lioness
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The fancy lioness shown in this lion and lamb tattoo designs is so creatively designed. The yellow-orange and black gradient coloring to the lion and the lamb tattoo is accompanied with red maple like leaves. Lion and lamb tattoo coptic is created with a red oval highlighting background. From the ancient cultures itself human beings are seen to worship lions and lionesses for strength and power. This lion tattoo’s meaning shows the fact. The lioness in this lion tattoo has a bead chain on her. She is also shown artistically fancy with the earring feature giving a cool twist to the tattoo. Just like other lion eyes tattoos, this tattoo also gives importance to the lion’s eyes. Also the mouth of the lion is perfectly done with the tongue and teeths showing out. This lion tattoo is indeed a good option to get on your thighs if you are looking to bring colors to your life. The lion and lamb thigh tattoo is a colorful version of lion and lamb tattoo images.

Winged Lion In Ringerike Style

Winged Lion In Ringerike Style
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This Viking style, Ringerike winged lion tattoo is one of the specially designed lion tattoos. Winged lion tattoo is drawn from tribal lion tattoos. These winged lion tattoos come under small lion tattoo designs as well. The design of this winged lion tattoo is messy and is done with black ink and dots. Unlike real lion tattoos, this tattoo is drawn with a different creative approach of lions, with six legs, and face all different and with wings. The tattoo artist has done all the work with her hand. And the inspiration for this work is from the runestone Vg 181 at Norra Asarp, Vastergotland, Sweden. The dot details are quite splendid with the color black. You can opt for other colors or gradients of colors for this design. Mainly this tattoo design is done on the shoulders. But you can very much get this winged lion tattoo done on your back or thighs or in your stomach.

Half Lion God Tattoo

Half Lion God Tattoo
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These designs trace back to ancient symbols from ancient Greece or Egypt and Greco Roman mythology. Ancient egyptians are often related with the worship of lions as god. This tribal lion tattoo can be a representation of a patron saint. This tattoo is a work using black and grey ink. This is a customized art done, from a suggestion of a client. The lion body and the wings and the crown in the tattoo are so detailed. A lot of time would have been taken to complete this piece of bodywork. Even the face and beard of the lion god in this tattoo is uniquely designed. A traditional and religious touch is seen in this tattoo. You can get them in your back or in your chest region. A small tattoo can even be drawn on your shoulder and arms. This half winged lion-god tattoo is mostly done to show the religious and cultural values and history.

Born To Fight

Born To Fight
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This lion and cubs tattoo is a fine piece of artwork. A hell lot of time would have been taken to complete it perfectly. No details have been lost in the artwork. This Lion tattoo meaning shown is to fight all the hardships all by yourself. Cubs fiercely standing with their mother, shows their mentality of being born to fight. The sharp eye tattoo designs done in this tattoo is amazing. The lion and lambs tattoo design is a great one to show courage and support. Shoulders and arms are the best place in your body to get these tattoos. You can also get them on your back as well.

Triangular Geometric Lion Tattoo Design

Triangular Geometric Lion Tattoo Design
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A fierce new generation model lion tattoo, with geometric triangular shapes as one side of the face of the lion. The overall design of the lion is done in a triangle shape. The eyes of the lion tattoo are well designed. Each and every detail of the lion’s face fur is drawn excellently. Black-grey gradient colors are given for a fine touch to this lion tattoo design. This tattoo is a good one to get in your arms.

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  5. Lion shoulder tattoo
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  7. Cub tattoo
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What is the meaning of a lion and lamb tattoo?

The lion and lamb tattoo is a symbol of peace and harmony, representing the idea that even the strongest and bravest creature can co-exist peacefully with the most vulnerable. This design is often used to represent overcoming adversity in life or the power of understanding and acceptance. It also serves as an important reminder to find balance between being strong and brave in times of need, and gentle and compassionate in other moments. The lion and lamb tattoo is a reminder that the power of love can be found in any situation.

How should I design my lion and lamb tattoo?

When it comes to designing your lion and lamb tattoo, you have many options. You can opt to design a realistic-looking lion and lamb together, or choose an abstract design that expresses the idea in a more subtle way. Other popular designs feature the two animals side by side, with one looking fierce and the other gentle. It is important to remember that this tattoo carries a lot of meaning, so you should think carefully about how the design will look and what it will symbolize for you. Ultimately, the choice is up to you!

What are some popular designs for a lion and lamb tattoo?

Popular designs for a lion and lamb tattoo include the two animals side by side, with one looking fierce and the other gentle. Other popular designs feature the two animals together in a less realistic way, such as an abstract design expressing their peaceful co-existence. Some people also choose to have the lion and lamb intertwined, symbolizing their unity even in the toughest of times. Other popular designs include a lion and lamb as one creature, or with wings for added symbolism. No matter what design you choose, make sure to take your time deciding on a final image that conveys the emotional weight of this meaningful tattoo.

How much does a lion and lamb tattoo cost?

The cost of a lion and lamb tattoo will depend on several factors, such as the size, complexity of the design, and the skill level of the artist. Generally speaking, smaller tattoos may range from $50-$150 while larger tattoos can range anywhere from $200-$500 or more. It is important to remember that you get what you pay for, so it is best to research your artist and ensure they are experienced and reputable. Ultimately, the cost of a lion and lamb tattoo should be weighed against the meaning behind it in order to get the most value out of your investment.

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