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101 Best Lilac Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
Lilac Tattoos

Are you planning to don some purple lilac ink but running out of ideas? Take a look at these cool lilac tattoo designs for your next purple lilac tattoo.

Lilac Tattoo
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The purple shades of a purple Lilac flower are categories of serenity, purity, wisdom, and passion.

During the Victorian age, widows wore lilacs to signify undying romance towards their late husbands. A Greek myth associates it with a nymph, Syringa, who transformed herself into a lilac shrub to shield herself from Pan, the God of the Wilderness, who had fallen for her.

Visually, one of the most meaningful female tattoo themes, lilacs, is a favorite among girls of all ages. They are beautiful, delicate and remind one to stay calm during tough times. The purple shades further add to the gentle essence of spirituality one requires in life, making lilacs one of the unique flower tattoos to go for! You can work with any lilac tattoo studio to make a beautiful purple lilac tattoo design, or a lilac bush tattoo, or lilac and rose tattoo. But what does a lilac flower tattoo mean? The lilac meaning stands for the essence of passion, and tranquility.

Syringa is a type of lilac and has symbolic meaning. Young girls and women love this color since it is a symbolism for the essence of happiness, first love, affection, romance, and to be intertwined with their partners. This has been a favorite among girls since the victorian age. The purple shades of the lilac signify a somber mood.

Fresh Spring Purple Lilac Tattoo

Fresh Spring Purple Lilac Tattoo
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In bright purple colour and a touch of blue, this lilac tattoo is comes alive on your skin! Purple shade stands for many good qualities and is a favorite among girls and women since it also a has symbolic meaning. Purple lilacs are a symbol of first love and young couples often offer this as a gift to their partner. A lilac bouquet or lilac shrub is an ideal gift for a young couple, or you can get a lilac tattoo in the same style to dedicate to your loved one. Spring is the season of freshness, a new start. A time when flowers are in full bloom, and everything around makes us feel so alive. With this tattoo, you can wear spring on your sleeve all year long! The details here are very intricate and need to be added carefully by an expert tattoo artist visually. With such vivid colors adorning your skin, you’re sure to fall in love with your tattoo every day!

Black And White Lilac Tattoo

Black And White Lilac Tattoo
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Who says Lilacs can only be purple? Even a black and white design like this one can look gorgeous on your body! The black gives a bold appearance to the tattoo and contrasts the delicate nature of the flowers. It’s a mix of strength and grace. With the branches intertwined with each other, this tattoo consists of a complex structure, yet the beauty it holds is remarkable. It shows how the complexity of a thing doesn’t always have to compromise with its beauty. A lilac tattoo meaning is symbolic for women who have lost their husbands, it represents love, passion, and purity. The lilac flowers are numerous, and with the impeccable shading, you can almost feel the texture! If you’re not sure about using bright colors on your skin, this is the ideal one for you! Another reason to get this monochromatic tattoo is that the black and white ink lasts much longer than a colored one.

Watercolor Lilac Flowers Tattoo

Watercolor Lilac Flowers Tattoo
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This tattoo will surely win your heart with its flawless design and impressive depth, and the watercolor effect is the cherry on the cake! This tattoo has bright pink flower petals, green leaves at the bottom of the bouquet and a single green line as the stem. The tattoo uses light pink and white ink to create depth in this lilac flower tattoo. This visually captivating design looks wonderful on the arm, wrist, or ankle. You can carry its beauty and fragrance wherever you go.

Single Lilac Flower Tattoo

Single Lilac Flower Tattoo
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Visually, this tattoo is the best example of simplicity. Its uniqueness lies in its solitary design as compared to other bouquet designs. It reminds us how we must look for an escape from the busy, chaotic world once in a while and find time for ourselves while we can. The flower petals are in a deep purple petals and little green stems. There are three flowers in total, of which two have bloomed, and one is still a bud. This leaves a subtle message that it doesn’t matter who we are or what we do, but we must value ourselves and not be afraid to choose our paths, away from the rest of the herd. It’s not as highly detailed as the previous one, but the very essence of its message is powerful and shows us the keys to our happiness. It’s a great choice if you’re not a fan of heavy tattoos. They will fill your world with positivity, making you feel closer to nature and be a part of it in a way. Below are a few surprising tattoo designs to wear lilac flowers or violet flowers.

Double Lilac Flower Tattoo

Double Lilac Flower Tattoo
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Another simple design, this tattoo can serve the purpose of an accessory if needed. Both twigs are equally magnificent and can give you that chic look you require! You can get them on the shoulders or chest and flaunt them with a lovely sleeveless dress if you want! One of the Lilac flowers is inked purple-blue and the other one in purple-pink. The dark green leaves also stand out!

A bunch of bright purple lilac flowers with blue sparkles depicts the fresh glow of the new flowers. The lush green leaflets mark the onset of spring and the constant growth of the lilac. Purple lilac tattoo can give you the first love feels which never actually is forgotten by any of us. Symbolically magenta lilacs stand for passion, violet lilacs stand for spirituality and white lilacs for purity and innocence.

Lilac Flower Tattoo With Pastel Effect

Lilac Flower Tattoo With Pastel Effect
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Are you looking to add some pastel effect to your tattoo? If yes, then we have found the perfect design for you! With a matte finish and a slightly grainy appearance, this tattoo will look like it’s been colored with pastels! The dual-tone of colors used in the flower makes it pop out all the more. No matter what you wear, the tattoo will blend in perfectly, just like its colors. It will give you a very natural look. Plus, you can ask your tattoo artist to experiment with different shades of lilac and see how they turn out!

Sparkly Ear Lilac Flower Tattoo

Sparkly Ear Lilac Flower Tattoo
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Have you thought of getting an ear tattoo? It can be one of the most exotic ideas for your new tattoo and it’s pretty rare, too. If you’re bored with the same old arm or leg tattoos, you might want to try this style. The earlobes being a sensitive region, it can hurt a teeny bit more than your arms, but the results will be worth it! This tattoo uses purple, pink and white dot work along with green leaves. You can add some sparkle to this p Adding some sparkle will add to its beauty and make you stand out from the rest! Of course, you can use it as a natural ear accessory and rock the look even without earrings. This is, no doubt, the funkiest among all ten and worth giving a try! Tattoo artist can help you convert the deeper meaning and symbolism or the story that you want to express as a sign on your body. Syringa or lilacs tell a story in all purple shades with great love and care.

Moon And Lilac flower tattoo

Moon And Lilac flower tattoo
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This style combines the white moon and flowers, creating a stunning effect of the two. The lilac bunch is placed right in between the half-moon. Again a black and white, this design looks neat and clean even with the minute detailing of the flower petals involved. The flowers and leaves are drawn in simple black circles and the moon has a smooth shading texture. It has the same effect as a quiet moonlit night on a weary traveler due to the white moon. This tattoo looks lovely worn here on the ankle!

Dense Lilac Flower Tattoo

Dense Lilac Flower Tattoo
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If done with the same efficiency and accuracy, the tattoo will turn out to be one of your all-time favorites, no matter how many you do in the future. It covers almost half the area of the forearm and decorates it beautifully. The high intensity and richness of the tattoo are commendable. The flowers are huge with thick leaves to match, are done in black and white ink. As a symbol of tranquility, these flowers will make you feel positive and relaxed and can be a great choice if you want to go for a heavier type of design.

Subtle Lilac Tree Tattoo

Subtle Lilac Tree Tattoo
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As we come to our final design, we can easily distinguish it from the other styles discussed so far, with its delicate outlines and mixed shading giving an aesthetic feel. One side of each leaf is shaded lightly, while the other is dark and black. The flowers look fresh and soft, the branches are short but visible, and the leaves are placed at a sufficient distance from each other. It gives a classy look and looks best with formals. A lilac tree tattoo is wholesome, with the flowers, leaves, and branches all included together concisely. Created with a lot of patience and expertise, this tattoo is a spectacular representation of art and an example of the variety of ideas generated from a single theme and how each of them can be equally appealing. A lilac flower smells sweet, heady, and strong, keeping one small stem with flowers can help your house be drenched in its fragrance.

The lilac flower tattoo meaning denotes innocence and purity, which bring about a sense of calm to one’s personality. Here are some more Lilac flower tattoo designs for you to check:

  1. Lilac tattoo black and white
  2. Purple lilac tattoo
  3. Floral bouquet with lilac tattoo
  4. Lilac bush tattoo
  5. Watercolor lilac tattoo
  6. Lilac Bush tattoo

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What is the meaning behind a lilac tattoo?

Lilac tattoos can represent a variety of things, depending on the person. For some, it may be a symbol of new beginnings or a fresh start in life. It could also represent hope, resurrection, and renewal. Others may get a lilac tattoo to show their support for cancer research or to raise awareness for the disease. No matter the meaning, a lilac tattoo is always beautiful and eye-catching.

What are some popular lilac tattoo designs?

Some of the most popular lilac tattoo designs include:

1 .Lilac flowers
2. Lilac vines
3 Lilac bushes
4. Lilac trees

How can I make my lilac tattoo unique? 

There are many ways to make your lilac tattoo unique. You could add other elements to the design, such as a butterfly or a hummingbird. You could also incorporate other colors, such as purple or blue. Or, you could get a tattoo of a lilac in full bloom for a truly stunning design. No matter what you do, make sure your tattoo is meaningful to you and represents what you want it to.

What is the best placement for a lilac tattoo? 

Lilac tattoos can be placed almost anywhere on the body. Some popular placement options include:

1. Shoulder
2. Back
3. Arm
4. Leg
5. Foot

How much does a lilac tattoo cost?

The cost of a lilac tattoo will vary depending on the size, complexity, and placement of the design. Generally, smaller tattoos cost less than larger ones. Simple designs also tend to be less expensive than more detailed ones. The placement of the tattoo can also affect the price. Tattoos on more visible areas, such as the arms or legs, usually cost more than those on less visible areas, such as the back or shoulders.

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