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101 Best Leo Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
Leo Tattoos

Looking to get yourself inked with a Leo tattoo? Check out these Leo tattoo ideas and find something to ink yourself with that has a symbolic meaning!

Leo Tattoo
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Leos are radiantly happy, generous with their gifts and charm.

Leo is one out of the 12 zodiac signs, with the king of the jungle, lion, being the Leo symbol. These lions are very much delighted to embrace their loyal status.

Leos are fire signs that are kings and queens of the celestial jungle. Leos are one out of the three fire zodiac signs. Leos love to celebrate themselves and be in the spotlight. These lions are natural-born leaders, and they enjoy cultivating romance and friendships that are creatively inspired, unlike any other sun sign. Leo will always think of him or herself as a celebrity. Leo’s ruling planet is the sun, one of the major celestial bodies important for the survival of life on this planet. The sun never moves backwards; likewise, a Leo is known for its stability and consistency in every approach.

You can get yourself inked with Leo constellation tattoos, tribal Leo tattoos, and Leo sun tattoos that would say a lot about you as a whole and your sun sign. Check out these Leo zodiac sign tattoo ideas and their placements.

Leo Zodiac Sign Tattoo

Leo Zodiac Sign Tattoo
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Here, the tattoo artist has inked the Leo lion tattoo in thick lines. In this Leo tattoo design, we can see the Leo symbol. Lion inked on each arm of the person looks amazing. The lion represents the fire sign in the most appropriate way as they are always hoping to be the leader of the pack they are in. They always aim for the spotlight and want to show their skills and presence to people around them; they are always confident and attractive. The background of this Leo sign tattoo design is geometric figures. You can get a little creative and integrate this Leo sign tattoo design with a Leo constellation tattoo. The best place to ink this lion tattoo would be on the same spot as shown in the image or on both of your legs.

The Jungle’s King Tattoo

The Jungle's King Tattoo
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You surely do not want to mess with the lion, a symbol of Leo, the king of the jungle. This Leo symbol crown tattoo has been done incredibly by the tattoo artist and combines the elements of realism in these types of Leo tattoo designs. In this Leo tattoo design, the lion’s eyes are inked with blue with a crown on top of his head and the cross beneath him. The ‘strong’ symbol represents Leo’s divine expression of physical, mental, and emotional tenacity. Leos are fearless optimists who refuse to accept defeat, and as they mature, their deep wells of courage will deepen. You can combine this Leo zodiac tattoo with other tattoo designs, such as Leo Messi’s tattoo and Leo’s constellation tattoos. The ideal place to get this inked on your body would be your arm or leg due to the tattoo’s sheer size.

The Flowered Leo Tattoo

The Flowered Leo Tattoo
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Not all Leo tattoos look as beautiful as this one. These Leo tattoo designs combine a Leo lion tattoo with a sunflower tattoo. So, precisely what does the sunflower tattoo symbolize? It symbolizes romance and balance, something which Leo’s zodiac sign likes to cultivate for themselves. Fantasizing romance is one of Leo’s favourite activities. Here, we can see the Leo tattoo design beautifully inked in black, which also brings an element of realism to it. If you are looking to ink this tattoo on your wrist, ask your tattoo artist to ink a small Leo tattoo with sunflowers instead of a huge one like shown in the image.

The Roaring Leo Tattoo

The Roaring Leo Tattoo
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A lion roars to show how big it is and to make the prey and competitors get scared. The same goes for the Leo zodiac sign; they will go to any length to make sure that their voices are heard, and they are authoritative, courageous, and accepted leaders anywhere. They are proud of who they are, and they might come as aggressive. This Leo tattoo design perfectly captures Leo’s aggressiveness, and it would be a mistake getting this tattoo design inked anywhere else on your body; the perfect place is shown in the image. This Leo zodiac symbol tattoo can be combined with versions of Leo lion tattoos, or you can go a step further and get a Leo birth chart tattoo inked behind the Leo in this design itself.

The Neo-Leo Tattoo

The Neo-Leo Tattoo
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At first, you might find Leo tattoo designs like these quite different from your usual Leo lion tattoos. This tattoo design takes a different approach from the classic Leo lion tattoo. It combines it with the new generation of neo tattoos. This is a unique style of inking tattoos. It features bold lines, saturated colours, and some dimensional aspects without them being 3D or exaggerated. What makes this neo- Leo lion tattoo stand out from other designs is the blend of old-school flash techniques and expressions of modern creativity. The tattoo artist has beautifully captured this expression without sabotaging the symbolic meaning of the Leo symbol. You may get this inked on your arm or chest.

The Leo Eagle Tattoo

The Leo Eagle Tattoo
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The word Leo stems from Latin and is used to refer to the animal lion. In this tattoo design, we can see a combination of the Leo symbol tattoo and the eagle tattoo. Not many people know, but in all of the zodiac signs, Scorpio is the only sun sign with another form, the eagle or sometimes the phoenix. The eagle stands as an expression of Scorpio’s authority and power. The tattoo artist’s eagle and lion tattoo design inked represents a powerful combination of strength and assertive force by zodiac signs Leo and Scorpio. Scorpio and Leo tattoo designs can be integrated into a Leo tattoo sleeve or Leo arm tattoo design. With this design, you can also add Leo constellation tattoos. This is a beautiful Leo Scorpio tattoo design indeed!

The Lion Tattoo

The Lion Tattoo
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If it’s not apparent by now, the luckiest tattoo for a Leo is the lion tattoo. The lion conveys the message of bravery and courage of the tattoo bearer. The lion signifies the fearlessness of a Leo and marks their ability to sail through the most demanding challenges put out for them. A tattoo design like this captures every of the Leo traits beautifully. Often, these designs are combined with sun tattoos to represent the ruling planet of Leo. You can do the same or make additional Leo constellation tattoos with sun tattoos in this particular tattoo design. Get this work of art inked on your chest, back, or arm.

The Leo’s Glyph Tattoo

The Leo's Glyph Tattoo
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Every zodiac sign has a unique symbol associated with and with the zodiac sign Leo; it’s the animal Leo which stands as Leo’s symbol. The tattoo artist has inked a minor glyph that has a symbolic meaning. This zodiac glyph represents Leo and is often drawn as a curvy ‘U’ in an upside-down shape. The glyph represents a lion’s mane, one of his best qualities, and the heart, as Leo rules parts of our bodies. The myth behind the Leo constellation is that Leo was identified as the Nemean Lion in Greek mythology who Hercules killed. Due to the size of this Leo symbol tattoo, you can get it inked anywhere on your body. The Zodiac symbol of Leo deserves a spot on your body.

The Half-Face Leo Tattoo

The Half-Face Leo Tattoo
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Leo constellation tattoos that are as beautiful as this one are hard to come across. The tattoo artist has combined Leo’s constellation tattoo with the half-lion face. From the part of the half-lion, we can see flowers coming out of the eye socket. Instead of the mane on one side, the other has sunflowers. Search online for ‘Leo tattoo tumblr’ to find more tattoo designs on Tumblr to combine with this particular design and get them inked on your arm or leg.

Flowers Glyph Tattoo

Flowers Glyph Tattoo
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This is another one of those Leo tattoos which combines the elements of simplicity and symbolic meaning. The simple glyph, which stands as a Leo symbol, has been inked beautifully with flowers along the black lines. This represents the feminine and soft side of the Leo zodiac sign. Another idea would be integrating the Leo constellation tattoo into this design.

Leo Sun Tattoo

Leo Sun Tattoo
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Leo is the most dominant in all of the zodiac signs. People born under this powerful sign are born leaders who will never back down in any case whatsoever. Any tattoo that signifies your zodiac sign is lucky for you, be it under the Leo sign or Aquarius one. If you have a partner with another zodiac sign, you can check out these lion tattoos combined with zodiac tattoos.

  1. Taurus and Leo tattoo
  2. Leo Sign and Lion tattoos
  3. Leo and Pisces tattoo
  4. Leo and Libra tattoo
  5. Leo sign and sun tattoo
  6. Leo Sagittarius tattoo
  7. Tribal Leo tattoo
  8. Symbol Leo with flame tattoo
  9. Leo Sun and Flame tattoo
  10. Lion tattoos with sun tattoo
  11. Leo constellation tattoos

Leo Zodiac Sign Tattoo Design

Leo Zodiac Sign Tattoo Design
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Aquarius And Leo Tattoo

Aquarius And Leo Tattoo
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What is the difference between a leo tattoo and a lion tattoo?

A leo tattoo is a tattoo that represents the zodiac sign of Leo, while a lion tattoo can represent any number of things, such as strength, power, or courage. Leo tattoos are generally seen as being more positive

What is the meaning of a Leo tattoo?

There is no one meaning of a Leo tattoo, as it can represent different things for different people. However, some of the most common meanings associated with this tattoo include strength, power, and courage.

What are some popular Leo tattoo designs?

Some popular Leo tattoo designs include lion tattoos, leopard tattoos, and sun tattoos.

How much does a tattoo cost?

The cost of a tattoo can vary depending on the size, complexity, and location of the tattoo. Generally speaking, small tattoos can start at around $50, while larger tattoos can cost several hundred dollars.

How can I care for my Leo tattoo?

Leo tattoos should be treated like any other tattoo, with proper care and cleaning. In addition, it is important to avoid exposing the tattoo to sunlight for extended periods of time, as this can cause fading.

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