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101 Best Leg Sleeve Tattoo Women Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Leg Tattoo

Looking forward to having your leg tattooed? Here we have some incredibly versatile leg sleeve tattoo women to befit all your needs!

Leg Tattoos
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Sleeve tattoos that hardly leave room for the skin colour to peep are a telltale sign of a hardcore tattoo enthusiast.

Full sleeve tattoo designs are fun, elaborate, and allow a vast canvas for you to get creative with body art. Over time, tattoo artists have experimented with a wide variety of tropes and it is safe to say that you can transform almost anything into a unique sleeve tattoo.

But before you jump onto the designs, here are a few things to keep in mind before getting a leg sleeve tattoo. A sleeve tattoo, regardless of the limb you choose, is a time-consuming process. It may even get extended further depending upon the intricacies of your design and the surface area that you want to cover. It may also seem like a tattoo sleeve is a daunting task in itself, but take our word, leg tattoos hurt fairly less. Due to the presence of a significant amount of fat and muscle around the thigh and the calves, leg sleeves will hit a moderate to low degree on the pain scale.

Many people also wonder about the hair growth on the site of their tattoos, and the answer is yes. Your body hair will attempt to cover the design in the bush, but only after a delayed period of time. Because your skin has been damaged throughout the tattooing process, hair follicles take some time to regain their natural vivacity and resume the job. But eh, that’s all the boring stuff, right? Without further ado, here are some of the most popular designs for women that can be worn on any of the limbs with equal grace!

Ornamental Leg Sleeve Tattoo

Ornamental Leg Sleeve Tattoo
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Women mostly opt for an ornamental full leg tattoo for gorgeous body art that complements their femininity. The prominent floral motif in this design enhances the wearer’s being with elegance. An eye-catching feature of this tattoo is the knee area that is intentionally left blank. Though primarily constructed with black outlines, you can transform these leg tattoos with colour for a more radiant take on the sleeve tattoo.

Ornamental Leg Sleeve Tattoos
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Continuing with the swirly floral imagery, this leg tattoo extends further upwards covering a major portion of the upper thigh. You can include the most beautiful flowers on your list and get a vivacious botanic full leg sleeve tattoo without much brainstorming!

Japanese Leg Sleeve Tattoo

Japanese Leg Sleeve Tattoo
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Japanese culture has inspired tattoo artists all across the globe. Japanese tattoos can be seen both on men and women who are seen to wear different images and traditional symbols and express a sense of deep appreciation for the orient.

This Japanese leg tattoo sleeve showcases one of the most popular ways of inking a lower leg sleeve tattoo in black ink. The artist inks a hand holding a flower amidst the quintessential black background. Incorporate oriental flowers like the lotus or cherry blossoms for more tattoos on the leg.

Japanese Samurai Leg Sleeve Tattoo
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Similarly, a heavily detailed Japanese art inspiration is a great idea for a full-leg sleeve tattoo that offers more space than regular arm sleeves. This one features a Samurai in his traditional ensemble that is further ornated with minute oriental anecdotes. You can try different styles with mythical creatures, koi fish, Hannya masks and other such tropes for your next Japanese tattoo design.

Traditional Leg Sleeve Tattoos

Traditional Leg Sleeve Tattoos
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Old school tattoo designs have an undeniable charm on tattoo enthusiasts. The tattoo artist here inks the entire leg with popular designs on a flash sheet but with increased attention to the background. A pitch-black canvas like this one runs the risk of camouflaging with the subject in focus but can be easily highlighted with the use of colour on the leg pieces.

Traditional Leg Sleeve Tattoo
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But if you are in search of simple leg tattoos, this design is your go-to. Adhering to the American traditional tattoo art, the artist skillfully draws the pieces without overcrowding the whole leg. You get to choose the tattoo size and the placement for this idea is apt for full leg tattoos or small leg tattoos on the upper leg or the calves.

Women Leg Sleeve Tattoo With Skull Motif

Women Leg Sleeve Tattoo With Skull Motif
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Incorporating a skull in your leg tattoos is an effortless way to establish your image as a strong woman. Apart from the morbidities, a skull is a good reminder of the truth of all life. A skull tattoo also stands as a symbol of one’s resilience through thick and thin, simultaneously making a rad statement. Here, the artist utilises the skull motif via various mandala designs. But instead of any definite lining, these patterns are solely based on dot work, imparting much of the effervescence to the tattoo design.

Leg Sleeve Tattoo With Skull Motif
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Adding much to the danger factor, this leg tattoo is an uber-cool example of how you can break the mainstream notions associated with femininity. This all-black leg tattoo reeks of death and destruction with a consistent black and grey undertone. You can also experiment with sugar skulls for something more graceful and celebratory.

Leg Tattoos For Women With Snake

Leg Tattoos For Women With Snake
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Like the skull, a serpent can also project lethal imagery depending on how you wish to use it. For instance, snakes around a sword or a gun amplify the intensity of those weapons, but when used alongside flowers, the meaning is more of rebirth, fertility, and power.

Here, the artist couples the serpent with peonies, symbolising the universal cycle of life and death. Side thigh tattoos like this one are great for women looking for a half-sleeve design as they offer the necessary space and accentuate their physical features.

Cartoon Inspired Leg Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Cartoon Inspired Leg Sleeve Tattoo Ideas
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Revisit your golden days with this full-fledged leg tattoo featuring almost all the iconic cartoons! This vibrant piece of old-school art is perfect for anyone looking for a chill and laid-back design for the sake of fun.

The artist brilliantly presents a collage of cartoon characters without a common background. Instead, the characters overlap one another, providing space for these many figures. The use of mellow colour adds to the traditional American charm without looking over the top. You can mould these tattoo designs into a full leg sleeve or can limit them to the lower leg based on your preferences.

Geometric Leg Sleeve Tattoo

Geometric Leg Sleeve Tattoo
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Geometric tattoos are always a win-win decision because a) these will never go out of style, and b) they will definitely make you look 10x smarter! This leg tattoo presents three unique patterns on the forefront. The knee area is based on a mandala crafted with fine dot work, the back of the calves with florals in a beehive, and the front following an oriental touch with the semi-circular loops. The definite borders between the three make the tattoo look neat and clutter-free.

If you are looking to keep things minimal, try a contemporary geometric sleeve with fine lines and much negative space. You can also include sacred geometry but make sure to tone it down in all the possible ways.

Tribal Leg Sleeve Tattoo

Tribal Leg Sleeve Tattoo
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Tribal tattoos like this are common on men. But look how menacing a tribal design can look on women! Women often shy away from rogue patterns for they do not complement their soft features, but in reality, sharp designs are perfectly in contrast and bring out the beauty of both.

Crafted in bold black and grey, this tribal leg tattoo even covers the foot, presenting a holistic body art inspired by aboriginal cultures. You can delve deeper into different cultures and their patterns to correctly represent the ones that you resonate with.

Leg Sleeve Tattoos In Blackwork

Leg Sleeve Tattoos In Blackwork
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Tattooing the side of the leg can be really beneficial for women. The side leg is perfect for simple tattoos representing a pattern or a wavy aesthetic, as is shown here. The site is often ignored but is a really smart way to use less skin and let the negative space do the talking.

The artist opts for a deep shade of blue to ink the waves and a lighter shade to highlight the detailing. Using blue is also a more feminine choice than pitch black. Look for symbols that can form a chain effect like these waves and you are all set!

Realistic Leg Sleeve Tattoo Design

Realistic Leg Sleeve Tattoo Design
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Realistic tattoo designs work like a charm on legs due to the greater surface area. The artist here inks a portrait of Medusa along with her serpents as a half-leg sleeve design. It is best to leave mythological characters in black and grey to match the portrait and the theme.

The character of Medusa has often been misunderstood, labelling her as a monstrous being who turns living beings into stone. In reality, it is only a harsh repercussion of mistreatment and sexual abuse that she had to suffer. Characters like Medusa can be pertinent symbols of feminism for women, exhibiting the brutal side of a pretty face.

Yeah, sleeve tattoos on arm are cool, but they are cooler on the leg! Leg tattoos can beautify your body with a spacious canvas, and can be easily hidden depending on your convenience. Now that you know the nitty-gritty of tattooing your legs, rush to your favourite tattoo shop for your next tattoo on the legs. Don’t have a design in mind? The following suggestions will aid you in choosing the right body art:

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How much does a leg sleeve tattoo cost?

The cost of a leg sleeve tattoo will vary depending on the artist, the complexity of the design, and the size of the tattoo. Generally speaking, smaller tattoos will cost less than larger ones. Leg sleeve tattoos can range in price from $100 to $1000 or more.

How long does a leg sleeve tattoo take to heal?

Leg sleeve tattoos can take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks to heal properly. Aftercare is important to ensure proper healing, so be sure to follow your artist’s instructions.

What are some aftercare tips for leg sleeve tattoos?

Some aftercare tips for leg sleeve tattoos include keeping the tattoo clean and moisturized, avoiding sun exposure, and not picking at the tattoo. Be sure to follow your artist’s instructions for proper aftercare.

What are some of the best leg sleeve tattoo designs?

Some of the best leg sleeve tattoo designs include tribal designs, skulls, roses, and other detailed designs. Choose a design that is meaningful to you and that you will be proud to show off.

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