10 Best Leg Sleeve Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

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Leg Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Looking for a beautiful tattoo to adorn your legs but can’t find the perfect design? We got you covered. Check out this list of top 10 leg sleeve tattoo ideas.

Leg Sleeve Tattoo
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If you wish to get beautiful leg-sleeve tattoos as a self-expression, then we are right here to help you through the process.

It’s one thing to have a small tattoo on your legs and another thing to cover your legs fully in beautiful black artwork. Such body art will draw attention to your entire leg that is covered in black ink and bold colors.

Tattooing is a painful process. So leg tattoos that cover the full length of your legs will be painful especially if it is your first tattoo. It may require several sessions to complete the whole body art. Working with a professional tattoo artist will help when the tattoo is done in painful areas in the leg. If you have thin skin, a full leg tattoo may not be a good idea. The answer to the query: how long does a half leg sleeve tattoo take depends on the tattoo artist and also your own preferences. On average, leg sleeves tend to take around 15 hours to complete. The answer to ‘how much does a leg sleeve tattoo cost’ is that it will depend on the tattoo designs. The biomechanical tattoos, tribal leg tattoo, religious tattoos are some of the leg tattoo ideas that can be among the best leg tattoos. Many tattoo lovers start with one small leg tattoo and then keep adding more artwork piece by piece that they find attractive or that holds some meaning. And we create our very own leg sleeve tattoo which covers the majority of the leg. As opposed to a single artwork, you can also choose to get a collection of smaller tattoos in different designs and unique placements. It could be a group of your favorite cartoon characters done one by one, followed by your favorite scenes or nature-inspired motifs.

If it brings you joy to cover your legs with such sleeve leg tattoos, we will help you with some leg sleeve tattoo design ideas to get those legs inked. Without further ado, let’s go through some amazing leg tattoo ideas.

Bold And Beautiful Celtic Tattoo

Bold And Beautiful Celtic Tattoo
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Celtic tattoos give out a powerful and strong message. If you’re a fan of Celtic art tattoos, this Celtic tattoo leg sleeve is the way to go! If you are looking for a tattoo idea to be done in all black ink, this detailed design is a good way to go.

This particular Celtic leg tattoo idea covers the entire leg with Celtic art. The geometrical patterns and Celtic heritage are blended together to form a full leg sleeve tattoo. This beautiful large tattoo covering one leg completely in ink will definitely take a while to be completed. But the end result is worth the time. Everything looks perfect in this Celtic leg sleeve tattoo. From the way the geometrical patterns are hugging the lower leg to the drawing of the women on the calves, this bold tribal leg tattoo covers every bit of the skin in your legs in an exquisite way. This full leg sleeve Celtic tattoo could adorn your legs too!

Japanese Leg Tattoo With Tiger

Japanese Leg Tattoo With Tiger
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If you are a fan of Japanese culture, why not show it off with a leg sleeve tattoo? That’s right. Among the various leg tattoo ideas, this could be the one that resonates with you. If you are looking for a tribal tattoo design that is simple yet covers the full leg sleeve, Japanese leg tattoo designs could make the best leg tattoos.

In this image, you can see the Japanese tattoo of a roaring tiger along with a colorful design surrounding the tiger. The leg tattoo is shaded in bold colors, like black ink for the tiger’s stripes and the red surrounding it. The design extends from the lower leg to the thigh. At the end of the lower leg, there are some beautiful red flowers which are called peony tattoos. The simple shape of the tribal tattoo makes it even more beautiful in terms of design. The curved lines that are seen throughout the tattoo design give more of an emphasis to the tiger. This tattoo is more suitable for both men and women as a leg sleeve tattoo.

Mythological Leg Sleeve Tattoo

Mythological Leg Sleeve Tattoo
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How about putting an ancient Greek and Roman mythological touch to your leg sleeve tattoos? Sounds unique right? If you are someone who likes the idea of having a historical tattoo design, this one is for you. Each tattoo in this collection of sleeve tattoos is inspired by Greek-Roman history. This is the kind of leg sleeve tattoo men will love to have on their bodies. The male warriors tattooed on their body emit strength and resilience.

The full leg sleeve tattoo in this mythology tattoo design has faces of warriors that conquered the hearts of people. Along with the faces of people, there are mountains and other scenarios that represent the boldness in the tattoo. The lower leg and the thigh are completely covered in the tattoo design with no space to spare. It gives out a professional touch to the leg tattoo. For the strong bold ones who want to showcase their confidence, this full leg sleeve tattoo with Greco-Roman ancient leaders drawn in an antique history theme is just the perfect way to get the black art on their legs.

Japanese Flower Leg Tattoo

Japanese Flower Leg Tattoo
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For the Japanese tattoo fans out there, here’s another design among the various other leg tattoo designs. Want to have your leg tattoo sleeve covered in flowers?

This large tattoo covers the whole leg from the upper thigh to the lower leg. What makes the tattoo simple is the fact that the flower designs that are placed randomly are the only design in the leg sleeve tattoo. The space between the flowers is shaded entirely. Along with the shade, there are curves and twists drawn to beautify the shaded portion. The flowers in the tattoo are simply outlined in black with ni colour fill and the rest of the design uses black ink heavily to add depth. It extends from the thigh to the lower leg. These types of leg tattoos hurt more and also take more time to complete. The final look of the tattoo is just marvelous. It is almost like staring at the midnight sky decorated by little stars in the shape of flowers.

Colorful Pictish Tribal Leg Tattoo

Colorful Pictish Tribal Leg Tattoo
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Here’s another one for the Celtic tattoo fans out there. This time, the Celtic tattoo comes with a Pictish touch.

Pictish tattoos are known for their simple designs. Small leg tattoos, such as this Pictish tattoo, look elegant on the legs and covers just the front part of the leg in a colorful way. Red color of the tattoo has in a simple Celtic design with a straight-line in the middle. The ink style of this tattoo gives a hand drawn effect. Your tattoo artist will also be able to finish the tattoo in a short time since this leg tattoo doesn’t cover the entire leg. The cultural implications in the tattoo make it a perfect tribal leg tattoo. This tribal tattoo is a reminder of the picts and their lives.

Dragon Calf Tattoo

Dragon Calf Tattoo
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For the absolute crazy dragon lover in you, this leg sleeve tattoo is a must. The dragon leg tattoo is a favorite leg sleeve tattoo design.

In here, the amazing dragon leg tattoo is placed mainly on the calf muscle and goes around the leg. In the tattoo, we see a majestic red dragon breathing out fire from its eyes. The scales of the dragon, golden eyes, and bared teeth add to the realistic design to the dragon. The tattoo artist has used This mythological creature is fiery and a perfect design for men’s leg tattoos. The colorful design along with the fiery dragon gives your calf tattoo a deep meaning. In Japanese culture, dragon tattoos symbolize protection. It can be the protection of family or home. This dragon is one scary-looking creature in this tattoo with its mouth open and teeth bared. The eyes of the dragon are full of fury. If you want a powerful dragon tattoo, I think you’ve just found the one to get inked.

Jungle Scene Calf Tattoos

Jungle Scene Calf Tattoos
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Are you looking for a detailed calf tattoos for your legs? How about a wildlife scene with animals along with the leg tattoo design?

This leg sleeve tattoo covering both legs is simple in terms of design yet rich in components. It features a chickadee, frog, snail, praying mantis, rhinoceros beetle, bumblebee, and moths. The tattoo is completely on the lower leg, between the knee and the ankle. There are different flowers and grass surrounding the animals on both legs. If you love the wildlife and want a part of it to be inked on as calf tattoos, this simple yet elegant design is just the best.

Japanese Irezumi Dragon Leg Tattoo

Japanese Irezumi Dragon Leg Tattoo
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Dragon tattoos never go out of style. It is the perfect design to get inked on your leg sleeve. For the Japanese dragon tattoo that you love, we can give a touch of Irezumi to make it unique. Among Japanese tattoo designs, Japanese Irezumi designs are quite popular.

The leg sleeve tattoo seen here is a Japanese Irezumi leg sleeve tattoo with a small dragon piece in the center. The dragon seen in the tattoo is an oriental dragon which symbolizes wisdom and strength. The tattoo covers the lower leg with this traditional dragon. The skin of the dragon is perfectly done by the tattoo artist. There are tons of dragon leg sleeve tattoo designs to choose from. If you want a traditional Japanese cultural tattoo representing a  strong message, this Japanese Irezumi tattoo will enhance the beauty of your leg tattoo. In place of dragons, you can have a koi fish drawing as a leg tattoo design.

Traditional Bunny Leg Tattoos

Traditional Bunny Leg Tattoos
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What if you are not a fan of dragons? Well, you can try these bunnies. These are not the cute little bunnies that you know of. If you want your leg tattoo to be playful to look at and have a traditional touch, these bunnies are a delight to have as a tattoo on your legs. These bunnies are part of Chinese tattoo designs. A touch of whimsical art in the Chinese tattoo gives a magical vibe for your leg tattoo.

This small leg tattoo of two bunnies dancing together is cheerful, and childlike to look at. The bunnies are dressed in traditional Chinese clothes. They look like magical creatures dancing together. The playfulness in the tattoo along with the traditional implications makes the leg tattoo unique. The two bunny girls dancing symbolize a carefree life. You can get it tattooed on your lower leg or thighs. This would make a wonderful design for calf tattoos. This simple leg tattoo with two little bunny girls dancing could be your next leg tattoo design.

Floral Leg Sleeve Tattoos

Floral Leg Sleeve Tattoos
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Looking for a side leg tattoo? For the fearless women in you, a thigh tattoo along the sides seems like the perfect way to get a leg sleeve tattoo. Thigh tattoos are tattoo designs that can be easily hidden when you want to. If you feel like showing off your black art, you can. If you feel like hiding it, it is easy. So convenient for the ones who have different minds when it comes to exploring thigh tattoos.

Thigh tattoos are a bit difficult to get inked at first, but the final product is bound to be stunning, as seen in the image. The leg tattoo consists of a big rose in the beginning continued by leaves and other shapes. Since the side of the thigh has enough space to make large designs, the rose and leaves are drawn in a bigger size. For the wild side in you, this leg tattoo will be fitting.

If you are looking for more full leg sleeve tattoo ideas, you may check these out!

  1. Geometric patterns on the calf
  2. Peony tattoo under the knee
  3. Japanese leg tattoo
  4. Religious tattoo on leg
  5. Colorful Celtic leg tattoo

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