101 Best Leatherface Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Leatherface Tattoos

Reviewed & fact checked: December 26, 2022 by Jamie Wilson (BA)

Are you a fan of horror themed tattoos? Here are some leatherface tattoo ideas for you to that will quench your thirst for your perfect horror tattoo ideas.

Leatherface Tattoo
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Texas Chainsaw Massacre was a well-known iconic movie of the 90’s.

The Leatherface character was the main villain of the movie. These tattoos are very gruesome, cruel and violent in aesthetics.

Not only are they a perfect fit for all horror fans lovers but the creativity of these designs is remarkable. If you’re interested in such sequels and life-threatening horror fanfic characters, then you’ve come to the right place.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Texas Chainsaw Massacre
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In this leatherface tattoo, the tattoo artist has drawn a comical version of the horror movie. The character Ed Gein has been drawn as the man with the leatherface who is using a chainsaw to kill the women around. Although, this tattoo is spooky and violent, but the design and patterns of this tattoo makes it presentable and keepable on the skin.

It’s a great option for the horror fans who like to get a tattoo of their favourite charcter but in a more subtle design. A great horror tattoo idea.

The Horror Mask Character

The Horror Mask Character
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This is a fun and interesting take on the leatherface tattoo. It is quite a treat to the horror fans as this tattoo is true to its horror theme. It is quite violent and the look of the tattoo is very creepy and scary. The portrait of the leatherface man looks very realistic.

This tattoo is two fold. On one side, we have the entire character drawn, who’s holding a chainsaw. On the other hand, we have a front portrait of the leatherface man. The detailings are quite remarkable. His leather mask has been stuck on his face using pins which looks very cruel. The use of various shadings in this tattoo makes it unique. 

Realistic Leatherface Tattoo

Realistic Leatherface Tattoo
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In this leatherface tattoo, the tattoo artist has gone for a genuine spooky styled approach. There are a total of three portraits in this tattoo. In the front we have a leather mask that looks kind of destructed on the leather face man; right under that we have another man who is wearing a more presentable and fine leather mask; at the left corner we have another portrait but the twist is that this person is not wearing a mask the facial expression is quite creepy.

The overall execution of this tattoo is quite dramatic yet the tattoo artist has done a great job in expressing the horror theme in this tattoo.

The Bloodfeast Design

The Bloodfeast Design
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This is a bold old school flash tattoo in which the tattoo artist has made the leather face man quite cartoonish. And then tire tattoo is quite animatic which is its beautiful essence that has been captured here. The leather face man is carrying a chainsaw which is spilling out blood all over. This is a great tattoo idea for horror fans and even for the Halloween tattoo styles.

The colours that that that what is first used in this tattoo are complimenting each other perfectly. Red, green, black and white are all contradictory to each other however are complimenting each other in this tattoo. Overall, that the tattoo artist has made it look very  aesthetic and very unique therefore you must try it out.

Grungy Leatherface Tattoo

Grungy Leatherface Tattoo
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This leatherface tattoo has been inspired by true sequences of the original movie “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. The tattoo looks gruesome, creepy and cruel which is the perfect horror tattoo that horror fans expect to get. The tattoo artist has make the figure of the main character with utmost precision. Although, it may look textured and disproportioned, it is actually detailed with a lot of accuracy.

The dark colours in this tattoo scream evil and frightening sensations. The chainsaw in the hands of the main character looks absolutely real. The dark colours are complementing each other in the tattoo. The shadings and highlights brings out the true essence of horror.

Faded Leatherface Tattoo Effect

Faded Leatherface Tattoo Effect
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This leatherface tattoo is the front portrait of the masked killer. The leatherface is actually made by collecting various human skin and then creating a mask out of it. It is a maniacal act to do, which is why the killer is so famous. The name leatherface has been given because it the texture of the mask looks like leather. Here, in this tattoo, the mask look absolutely disgusting and disrupted which is exactly like the original mask.

The tattoo artist has kept basic elements like the hole in the eyes and mouth which looks quite distorted. The tattoo artist has achieved the exact replication of the original movie character which is quite commendable. 

Dotwork Leatherface Mask

Dotwork Leatherface Mask
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One of the most interesting remakes of the most famous web horror films is this tattoo right here. If you and your friends are a horror tattoo design hoarder then this tattoo must be on the top of your list. The main character of the horror film “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” has been made portrayed on the leg area. It is a great large sized tattoo to portray your love for horror fictions and movies.

Not only is this tattoo very spooky but the execution of it makes it very frightening. The front portrait has been captured with utmost details and it looks great. 

Chainsaw Skin Art

Chainsaw Skin Art
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In this leatherface tattoo, the tattoo artist has focused more on the main killing weapon than the character itself. It is executed with great details. The colours, although gives a spooky and gruesome look, actually looks great with the use of yellow, black, red and grey inks.

The chainsaw looks very realistic. The edges and corners, as well as the handle and buttons look spot on. The tattoo artist has portrayed a dramatic scene in which the chain has the face of the leatherface man upon its blade as if it’s cut out from his body. The extra details like the splashes of blood all around make it more interesting and true.

Spooky Zoomed In Portrait

Spooky Zoomed In Portrait
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This tattoo right here is a nasty and creepy version of the leatherface man. In this tattoo, it can be clearly seen how the leather face mask has been stitched on the man’s face. The mask is all distorted as it is made from the real skin of humans.

The man’s face looks quite dirty as well, as we can see shades of textured likes all around his face. The highlights on his eyes and the grunginess on his teeth make him look frightening. The face of the leatherface man is surrounded by chains of the chainsaw and bones of the humans. It’s a spooky element that adds more fun to the horror aesthetic of this tattoo.

Texas Leatherface Character

Texas Leatherface Character
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This colour story right here is the perfect representation of a devilish and terror-some aesthetic. The leather face mask in this tattoo is much more zoomed in and has been drawn with minute details. The addition of colours elevates this tattoo 10 times more.

The portrait of the leatherface man has been made on a large thick-edged knife that has a wooden handle. The eyes of the masked man looks with terror towards the target that he’s about to kill. The little details like the blood on the nose tip, the holes in the mask, the stitches, the wooden textures of the knife, make this tattoo look amazing.

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What is a leatherface tattoo?

A leatherface tattoo is a style of tattooing that features an image of a character wearing a mask made of leather. The character is typically inspired by the horror movie “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” in which Leatherface is the main antagonist. The tattoos usually feature bold lines, heavy shading, and intricate details to create an unsettling imagery.

How much does a leatherface tattoo cost?

The cost of a leatherface tattoo varies greatly depending on the artist, size and complexity of the design. Generally, larger and more intricate pieces will be more expensive than smaller, simpler designs. On average, a small leatherface tattoo can range anywhere from $50 to $150 with larger pieces costing upwards of $300. Prices may also vary depending on the geographical location of the tattoo artist.

What should I consider when getting a leatherface tattoo?

When getting a leatherface tattoo, it is important to take into consideration the size, complexity and style of the design you want. It is also important to think about where you would like your tattoo placed on your body. As with any tattoo, it is important to find a reputable artist who understands the style and can accurately execute your desired design. It is also important to research the aftercare process in order to properly maintain and care for your new tattoo. Finally, make sure you are completely comfortable with the artist and the design before getting inked.

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