Best Leather Jackets for Men

by Jamie Wilson
Best Leather Jackets for Men

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

The leather jacket is an iconic staple that’s been around for years, from its use as aviation wear, to a statement part of rebellious subcultures. Whether you want to go back to basics with a classic leather bomber jacket or achieve an alternative vibe with a biker design, there’s a range of ways you can pull off the humble leather jacket.

Leather Bomber Jacket

Just because you’re getting yourself a leather jacket doesn’t mean you have to opt for the fairly stylised biker jacket, and for something a little more minimalistic, a bomber jacket is a perfect option. It’s a classic leather jacket that’s made a name for itself in the military as well as fashion, history, and its popularity has continued to grow over the years.

A bomber jacket can be incorporated into a number of different looks, and if you opt for something as simple as an all black design you can easily pair it with smart casual pieces for a minimalist style. It’s fairly difficult to achieve a more formal vibe with a biker jacket, but with the bomber jacket’s cleaner and more streamlined look, they’re various ways you can smarten it up.

Leather Bomber Jacket
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You don’t have to stick to a sleek all-black look and a bomber jacket is versatile enough that you can dress it up with more colourful, casual pieces. Simple outfits, however, will help to accentuate the unique shape of the jacket, so even something like a black T-shirt and blue jeans can look stylish and not too plain. Changing up the shape of your bomber jacket can also make an impact on your look, so a slimmer fit design can create a more structured, neat look, while a thicker design keeps things casual.

Leather Biker Jacket

When you think of a leather jacket many of us are instantly going think of the biker jacket – a classic in its own right – and a key part of various subculture’s uniforms. The best biker jackets are ones that fit you perfectly, so give yours a bit of time to wear in and mould to the shape of your body.

Leather Biker Jacket
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Now the classic black ripped jeans, plain T-shirt and thick boots is a fail-safe style and have been tried and tested many, many times, but even less conventional blue jeans and white trainers can work with this jacket. The mix of light but versatile colours helps to soften the more statement look of the biker jacket and give a more relaxed overall vibe to the outfit.

Of course, there’s no reason not to embrace the alternative side of things, and a classic biker jacket works perfectly in a more striking outfit. You don’t need to do a lot to create this kind of look, and it’s really about letting the jacket do the talking. Pairing it with a simple black T-shirt, some raw denim jeans and some sturdy lace-up boots is enough.

Leather Biker Jacket
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Leather Shearling Jacket

The bomber jacket and biker jacket are both versatile pieces that are a staple throughout the spring and autumn months. However, when the winter comes around and unless you’re willing to layer up with everything you’ve got, you’ll most likely be cursing the lacklustre heat retention and seeking something a little warmer. Good thing there are some decent shearling leather jackets on the market.

Leather Shearling Jacket
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With their rustic look and mix of light and dark colouring, a good shearling jacket can be a staple piece throughout the colder months, giving you an easy mix of versatility and style. There’s no real rule on how to dress one of these jackets, and you can go for a simple look with something like a black T-shirt and jeans, allowing the jacket to take centre stage.

You could also keep things soft by layering a classic textured jumper underneath your jacket. The neutral jumper helps to tone down the striking look of the jacket without creating a jarring contrast. Generally, the best leather jackets are ones that can be paired with a whole range of colours and styles, and although a shearling jacket has a distinctive look, it still maintains a versatility that makes it an easy staple.

The Best Leather Jackets for Men

  • Leather bomber jackets have a clean, uniformed look that can give a stylish boost to a plain outfit.
  • A biker jacket works with a simple white T-shirt, jeans and heavy boots, giving you a classic, alternative style. For a lighter look try incorporating lighter shades into your outfit.
  • Shearling jackets have a striking look but are still versatile and a great winter staple.
Leather Jacket
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On That Note

Leather jackets are a classic staple, no-one can deny that. Looking back at the history of the biker jacket, for instance, makes it that more special, knowing that brands such as Schott designed and created the modern biker jacket that we see today. Stemming from practicality to fashion is the way many things go, and this is no truer than with the leather jacket.

As you’ve seen, the biker jacket comes in a range of styles, and whether you’re looking for the best leather motorcycle jackets or a slimmer fit bomber jacket style, with a few simple tweaks you can make it yours.

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