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101 Best Knife Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson

Knives are being used since the beginning of time. If you are a chef or love knives in general, a knife tattoo can be really cutting edge.

Knife Tattoo
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Cool and stylish knife tattoos can serve several purposes and are cool to look at.

A knife tattoo can act as a symbol of liberation, sacrifice, betrayal, death but can also hold smaller subtle meanings like your love for cooking. If you want an edgy tattoo, you can go for knife tattoos.

Although not dating way back to the invention of the knives, the concept of tattoos is pretty old as well. It has been revealed tattooing has been practised by a lot of cultures for a long time. A lot of history revolved around tattoos from them being used as a mark to identify criminals and slaves to being used as something to communicate with. But now as time evolved it has become a statement for not only youth but also people of all ages. It has become a symbol that represents art within every human being or a way of manifesting one’s hidden desires or hidden emotions. Knife tattoos are one of the coolest tattoo ideas if you think about it and are quite popular for all the right reasons. It comes in various shapes and sizes and can be of any type like a weapon, sword, dagger, cooking knife, etc. It can be made into something cute and cool by using vibrant colours or making it cartoonish. So if you want to get inked and are looking for some dagger tattoos or knife piercing designs or blade ink ideas, then this curated list might be able to help find the one for you.

Skull Sword Knife Tattoo

Skull Sword Knife Tattoo
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This skull tattoo with a dagger piercing through it is breathtaking and can portray your rough and hardcore soul perfectly if that is something you are opting for. The tattoo design can also be used as a sign to represent the glory of a victory or victory of good against evil. A tattoo design that can bring out your dark yet astounding soul. The masterful straight lines with iconic black ink with the dark and the light shadings separating each other and make it more realistic. It is a beautiful concept and the intricate details on the skull and the placements of the jewels on the sword is very unique and takes a lot of talent and patience to recreate. So make sure to find an artist who is willing to take out a lot of his time to make a masterpiece like this.

Royal Sword Tattoo Set

Royal Sword Tattoo Set
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This sword tattoo is a great clean tattoo. It gives an impression of a royal sword with jewels hanging from it is beautiful. The tattoo brings the royal-like essence to the tattoo design and makes you feel like a part of the royalty. The size of the tattoo is small and can be fitted to your size preference if your tattoo artist is experienced. You can do it on your forearm, wrist, knuckles, anywhere depending on the size you are going for. It would look good in any part of your body.

Minimalistic Chef’s Knife Tattoo

Minimalistic Chef's Knife Tattoo
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If you are searching for a small minimal ink design then this is for you. One of the most fun and cute chef knife tattoo out of all the minimalistic tattoo designs. A whisk and a knife are two of the important tools in a kitchen. Whether you are the one who loves eating food or you are the one who loves making food, it won’t matter as it can be used as both chef knife tattoo designs as well as a symbol of love for food. This simple yet prominent design is one of a kind. It is a different perspective of a knife and is more leaning towards cool chef tattoo design. You can always add colours or even a fork to it. Its delicate features would highlight the gentle nature of your personality if that is something you are going for.

Dagger Snake Tattoo

Dagger Snake Tattoo
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Different from swords, daggers are usually smaller in size. The combination of snakes and daggers can often symbolize bravery, triumphs or overcoming evils like backstabbers. It is also said to represent the Roman God Mercury, God of shopkeepers and merchants usually referring to the God of the working class. If you are a hard-working person and want to flaunt a tattoo to represent fellow working-class humans then this might be the one for you. The complex black ink design with the darkening of the parts and adding every detail of a snake including its scales and a dagger with the placements with perfect symmetry and straight lines is a tough one to replicate. It would preferably look good on the arm or forearm, on the back of the wrist or on a leg especially on a specific thigh, but it could also go in any part of your body, if you pull it off.

Rose Knife Tattoo

Rose Knife Tattoo
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The beautiful combination of red and black ink of this rose knife tattoo highlights the duality of life. Sometimes it is bitter, sometimes it is sweet and hence the combined tattoo. The rose represents love and the knife represents fight not necessarily violence but the everyday struggle with life. The knife piercing through the rose could also be one of the symbols for heartbreaks as the traditional rose tattoo has the meaning of love and hence the dagger piercing through it could be a sign of misery brought into your life by love. You can always add your own artistic choices to the tattoo so that it stands out.

Snake Skull Sword Tattoo

Snake Skull Sword Tattoo
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The combined sword and skull tattoo often represents death but you can make other interpretations. On the other hand the combined sword and snake tattoo can represent defence, fertility and pride. So all the elements together could mean sacrifices, a warrior has to make to protect their people. The skull could bring the charms of the sword and the snake. So if you are ever in doubt as to what tattoo to get that could be used as a symbol of your protection for your family, this might be your inspiration tattoo. Add few more elements to it related to your family and Voila! It is a tattoo style idea personalized only for you. You could recreate it on your arm, leg or forearm similar to the op in the picture.

Head Chef Knife Tattoo

Head Chef Knife Tattoo
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A mixture of ingredients drawn on top of the most important tool for the kitchen whether for peeling or for cutting added with the line “Just say yes chef and do it” is a unique well-thought tattoo. Whether you are a home cook or a chef of a big hotel, it doesn’t matter as, if you are searching for a tattoo to display your love and passion for cooking, then this might give you inspiration for your new tattoo. Add vegetables if you are vegan or add meat if you are a meat-lover and add some colours, you will get an absolutely perfect finished tattoo that will flaunt your ardent love for cooking.

Glitched Knife Tattoo

Glitched Knife Tattoo
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If you are a fan of The Matrix, the concept of this glitched tattoo design is quite unique and uncommon. It is aesthetically cool and could be a hit for an internet-inspired generation. The glitched concept is quite familiar among the youths of today and is quite liked all around the world. Usually one would not think of a tattoo idea concept as such, so be the trendsetter and get a glitched tattoo. Add a little bit of blood design and carry it confidently.

Anime Knife Tattoo

Anime Knife Tattoo
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If you are an anime fan, then this dagger or knife tattoo can be a really great tattoo for you. The tattoo shows the eyes of an Anime girl, but in a very suspenseful manner. It almost seems like the knife reflects a victim’s eyes. The details of the tattoo as well as the placement makes it really stand out. This tattoo style can have a meaning of its own if you have a special anime character in mind and want to imprint that on the knife blade.

Sword Piercing The Heart Tattoo

Sword Piercing The Heart Tattoo
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If you are looking for a big design idea to complete your sleeve tattoo, you might want to have a look on this design. Whether on arm or wrist or thigh, this is the most popular tattoo design that will look good everywhere and will be the quintessential one if you are searching for one last design for your finishing touches on your sleeve. The tattoo with a sword piercing through the heart, the organ representing love could symbolize a lot of things such as lost love, betrayal or a broken heart. If you are someone who is lost in love or have been betrayed by someone who you were in love with, whether it was a friend or a partner, this art could portray your emotions.

Knife tattoos whether sword designs or dagger designs or just simple knives for cook designs, it has been common among the avid tattoo lovers. Just by adding your personal essence, you could make it exclusive for you and your loved ones. So, if you have decided to get these ideas inked in your body, make sure to be careful and give extra thought to the compositions. Make sure the tattoo artist you are choosing is efficient, professional and experienced to get the best results.

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What is a knife tattoo?

A knife tattoo is a type of tattoo that typically features a sharp, pointed blade. It often serves as a symbol of power, strength and protection. Knife tattoos can represent anything from protection, courage and bravery to violence, revenge or even death. They are popular among people who want to convey their own personal message in an artful way.

What does a knife tattoo represent?

A knife tattoo typically represents protection, strength, courage and bravery. It can also be a symbol of power and dominance or even violence, revenge or death. Knife tattoos can be used to express personal emotions such as anger or sorrow, as well as to remind the individual that they are powerful and capable of fighting off any obstacle. Additionally, some people may get a knife tattoo to represent the idea of “cutting away” certain aspects of their life in order to start anew. Finally, knives can also be used as spiritual symbols for protection from external forces or negative energy.

What are some popular knife tattoo designs?

Popular knife tattoo designs often feature a sharp, pointed blade with a distinct handle. Other popular elements that are included in knife tattoos are tribal patterns, barbed wire or flames wrapping around the blade. Some people may also choose to get a realistic-looking knife tattoo, while others prefer an abstract design. Additionally, some people opt to combine their knife tattoo with other symbols or elements, such as roses, skulls or religious symbols.

How much does a knife tattoo cost?

The cost of a knife tattoo varies depending on the size and complexity of the design, as well as the skill level of the artist. Smaller tattoos typically start at around $50, while larger pieces can cost up to several hundred dollars. It’s important to keep in mind that different shops and artists may charge different rates for their services. Shopping around is the best way to get a good deal on your tattoo.

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