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101 Best Kirby Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
Kirby Tattoos

Looking for some cute tattoos from Nintendo to spark up nostalgia? Well, we have curated some oh-so-cute Kirby tattoos for you to get started inking!

Kirby Tattoo
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Kirby tattoos are immensely popular among the 90s kids who grew up with the little gumball.

Styling a Kirby tattoo is fun and experimental with the multiplicity of tropes that the number of games featured. Fans of Nintendo love to note to memory significant content and even better, etch them on their skins.

But how to think out of the box and produce something more than a generic design? Over the years, tattoo artists were required to improve their skills and services to match the content that Kirby videos launched. A common trick was to provide the tattoo designs with a number of out-of-the-ordinary things that would deliver a cute and quirky Kirby in appealing garb. Although depending upon the resources and location, you can learn more about how to style your own, unique Kirby. Read on to find more information on how to create eye-catching Kirby tattoos based on nostalgia and contemporary fashion!

Pixelated Kirby Tattoos

Pixelated Kirby Tattoos
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A pixelated Kirby design provides a major throwback to the days we used to rush home to our Nintendos after school. This seemingly simple design is crafted with bold linework to improve the look of the tattoo and to ease the hassle of detailing at the same time! Using soothing shades of yellow and pink is ideal to attract enough attention without going over the top.

Pixelated Kirby Tattoo
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The idea here is to present the best of both worlds, that is the 90s and the present. Both the pixelated and realistic Kirby makes a curious mix that controls the colour transition. If you are someone obsessed with symmetry, get your hands on this geometric Kirby tattoo to amp up your tattoo game.

Kirby Sticker Tattoos

Kirby Sticker Tattoos
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Gone are the days of collecting Kirby stickers but this tattoo artist hasn’t forgotten the charm of these things. This spectacular tattoo design gives a 3D illusion of a Kirby sticker with crumpled lines sitting on the skin. In reality, the content of this tattoo heavily relies on minute shading techniques and the location of its placement.

Kirby Sticker Tattoo
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Similar to the last one, this tattoo attempts to deliver the fluffball content with a cup of ramen. The two-dimensional figure of Kirby is bordered based on a shiny film that controls and further accentuates the illusion of a sticker. You can get these tattoos inked on any desired location of your body, although the arms would deliver the most exposure.

Peachy Kirby Tattoo

Peachy Kirby Tattoo
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A fun tattoo like this cannot be missed! Here our Kirby is cheeky and camouflages in a box of peach keeping all his charm intact. Or it could be that the others are also Kirby but upside down. Who knows, and that’s what the fun is all about! Unlike the previous designs, this tattoo is based mostly on monochromatic with just a tinge of pink for us to determine this peachy Kirby.

Simple Kirby Tattoo On Wrist

Simple Kirby Tattoo On Wrist
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If you are a lover of minimal tattoos that controls and compliments your overall look, this design is a jackpot. If you measure the outline of Kirby, he seems like a number of circles tangential to each other giving him the quintessential chubby cutie appearance. The artist plays with the same geometry and places Kirby amidst linked circles to achieve a neat design depending on its location. Kirby is left without his trademark bubblegum pink owing to the smaller surface area of the wrist.

Miniature Kirby Tattoos

Miniature Kirby Tattoos
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Like Kirby in his tiny form as is shown in videos? Your fingers are the best location for such miniature art. Kirby is fully coloured with his round red boots in the shape of a tiny button that is bound to draw attention. Finger tattoos are the best for exhibitionism but beware of the pain that they will cause.

Plain Kirby Tattoo Outline

Plain Kirby Tattoo Outline
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This one is for people who measure and decide their tattoos by the colour content and all its shenanigans. With just a tinge of colour near the periphery and a touch of blush in the cheeks, this Kirby comes to life and controls violence. You can place this tattoo anywhere and it would still steal glances.

Spooky Kirby Tattoos

Spooky Kirby Tattoos
@ilianasoleart via Instagram – Love this design? Try a Temporary Tattoo

If you like all things gothic, here is an easy way to fit Kirby into that framework. This Frankenstein Kirby steals the show with his statement brown boots, nuts hanging out of his cheeks, and the spots of services by his maker. Take inspiration from this and get your hands on the things that resonate with you the most and start brainstorming. The location of these offbeat tattoos should be on the forefront but you can always measure the odds and get yourself a funky tattoo at a funky place.

Japanese Kirby Tattoos

Japanese Kirby Tattoos
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While we are talking about the Japanese game, the artist brings Japanese cuisine with Kirby. As weird as it may sound, Kirby is apt as a Sushi topping and all credits go to Jack Kirby! Rice balls and Kirby rolls do make a funny combo but you can’t deny it isn’t cute. The use of mellow colours highlights the content of the tattoo and at the same time restricts it from being too loud.

Kirby And Nintendo Tattoo

Kirby And Nintendo Tattoo
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The controls of a Nintendo were the only way we could learn about Kirby back then. Not trying to act like a boomer, but no other services matched Nintendo hype. Caged in the screen is the crudest form of Kirby and beside it stands the modern one. Memories much? The coloured Kirby contrasts the black and grey of the device, resulting in an absolute head turner that will make a statement no matter its location.

Kirby Mood Tattoo

Kirby Mood Tattoo
@stabcasket via Instagram – Love this design? Try a Temporary Tattoo

We bet you have seen this meme floating around the internet in the last year. Well, during the peak of a global crisis this mood was constant! Kirby is all soft for a kiss and probably so is the wearer. Such meme references can be really edgy if you are a humorous persona. Place this tattoo anywhere you like and it will get you all the giggles and compliments for such a fun design.

Kirby tattoos are back from the dead and are back to style. We love a Kirby design for it is cute, funny, and at the same time dangerous (didn’t you notice the knife?) Depending on your preferences for a tattoo, you can opt for a customized design from trusted tattoo services. Find some more suggestions to get inked without much hassle:

  1. Kirby sprite tattoo
  2. Kirby and Pikachu tattoo
  3. Kirby ghost tattoo
  4. Kirby wheelie scooter tattoo

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What is a kirby tattoo?

A Kirby tattoo is a popular design choice among people looking to express their love for the beloved Nintendo and HAL Laboratory video game character, Kirby. The cheerful pink puffball hero has been an icon in gaming culture since its debut in 1992, so it’s no surprise that fans want to show off their fandom with a permanent piece of art on their skin. Kirby tattoos may feature the character alone, or they could be combined with other elements that are associated with his world, such as hearts, stars, and more. No matter what design you choose for your tattoo, it’s sure to bring a smile to anyone who sees it!

What are some kirby tattoo ideas?

Kirby tattoos can be as unique as the person wearing them. Some popular ideas include a classic portrait of Kirby, often in his signature pink color with stars or hearts surrounding him; an abstract design featuring swirls and lines to represent his signature Copy Ability; or a cartoonish approach with bold, thick outlines and bright colors. Many people also incorporate other Nintendo characters like Mario, Link, or Samus into their Kirby tattoo design. For a truly special piece of art, consider creating a custom tattoo that features elements from the video games themselves to represent specific levels or enemies. The possibilities are endless!

How much does a kirby tattoo cost?

The cost of a Kirby tattoo will depend on the size and complexity of the design, as well as the shop you visit. Generally speaking, small tattoos can range in price between $50-$100; medium-sized tattoos may run between $150-$300; and large designs may go up to $500 or more. If you’re looking for a special custom design, prices may be even higher. Be sure to research your local tattoo shops and speak with the artist before committing to any work in order to get an accurate price estimate.

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