101 Best Keyboard Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Keyboard Tattoos

Reviewed & updated: October 26, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Want those keyboards on your body but confused over designs? Have a quick look at these cool keyboard tattoo ideas and take your pick!

Keyboard Tattoo
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Keyboard tattoos are common picks for the crazy tattoo enthusiasts of the music-loving community, who find a direct bonding of their souls with the notes of music.

A keyboard tattoo can be of anything, be it a computer or laptop or even your favourite piano and keyboard musical instruments. These tattoos have particular admirers who usually fall in the category of “tattoos for music lovers”.

This black and white combined thing has been welcomed in the tattoo industry for its own unique charisma. In the tattoo world, these keys are not confined to just two colours but have been adorned with the whole palette of colours. These cute and adorable piano keyboard tattoos and computer keyboard tattoos mainly gained their popularity among millennials. Piano lovers are the common admirers of these keyboard tattoo motifs. Music lovers go crazy over these keyboard ideas and stop by the shops to get music-oriented sketches. While tech-savvy peeps and gamers go for the tech keyboard tattoo. So let’s dive in to have look at these ideas.

Watercolour Piano Keyboard Tattoo Sleeve

Watercolour Piano Keyboard Tattoo Sleeve
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This awesome colourful sleeve tattoo with piano keys in it looks like a small mountainous stream. The bluish inclusion gives a calm and pacifying aura to it, while the blue dragonflies lift up the mood like the tunes of piano do to soothe a tormented soul. These soul-touching tattoos can also be worn on the side rib and can be inked with any colours of your choice.

Ripped Skin Keyboard Tattoo

Ripped Skin Keyboard Tattoo
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If you think music is your life and your soul resides in it, then this one is for you. Your love for music is so dense that even your veins resonate with music like the piano keys. This keyboard tattoo feels like the underlying keys of a hidden piano. The artist has done true justice to it. The shading is perfect to cover up any scar if the wearer has any. The shading between the two ripped parts tries to create an added volume and weight and definition to it. Wear it on your side rib and rock that side slit dress in your wardrobe.

Broken Computer Keyboard Tattoo

Broken Computer Keyboard Tattoo
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This broken piece speaks a lot about the owner’s broken soul. The broken computer keys clearly indicate his hectic and frustrating work life and how his personal life has become a mess. But the broken part has been done quite efficiently without making it into a mess. The entire keyboard is a very simple, minimal, unavoidable addition to this list that makes a common outline work look simply praiseworthy. This one is perfect for those who wanted to tattoo keyboard on their arms or thighs.

Distorted Keyboard Watercolour Tattoo

Distorted Keyboard Watercolour Tattoo
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This computer keyboard may have lost its important keys but those keys no longer feel loneliness but a tone of a new beginning after a tiring phase. The watercolour in the background brings out the necessary melancholia. The blue and pink contrasting colours complete the outlook. The shading gives the keys a three-dimensional look and to some extent, it has succeeded in its efforts. Choose any keys from the keyboard and get them done on your skin.

The ‘Gaming Movement’ Keyboard Tattoo

The 'Gaming Movement' Keyboard Tattoo
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The ultimate pick up for the gamers is right here. It is no more a secret that the gamers have the swiftest hands when it comes to computers or laptops and those games satiate their souls. Hence, the swift hands on the keyboard and mouse have every right to join this group of keyboard tattoo designs. Notice the artwork of a talented artist through the perfect shadings and the sketch of the moving hands. Gamers can even go for cool keyboard tech tattoos for more ideas and ink the side rib with cool keyboard tattoo.

The ‘Music Is Life’ Keyboard Tattoo For Music Lovers

The 'Music Is Life' Keyboard Tattoo For Music Lovers
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It is said that music is the biggest form of art. No doubt, this bright colourful forearm tattoo is a clear representation of how music brings colours to a mind through different notes of the tunes. The seven notes have mingled with the seven colours of the rainbow and the heartbeat connects straight to the heart. Could any piano tattoo be more touching and beautiful than this one? Of course, you need not be a music artist or anyone from that world to get your favourite keyboard tattoo.

Piano Keyboard Forearm Tattoo

Piano Keyboard Forearm Tattoo
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Piano key tattoos are extremely popular among the keyboard tattoo ideas. This distorted, wave-like keyboard tattoo fits in the owner’s forearm (you can also go for the side rib) like the perfect note of the piano. This one is a clear example of how far can an artist go to get the perfect picture drawn on a body! The black keys and their clear edges with a finishing touch of white tint make all of go,’ Wow’!

The ‘Be Addicted, Do Not Regret It’ Keyboard Tattoo

The 'Be Addicted, Do Not Regret It' Keyboard Tattoo
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Music and tunes are the most intoxicating and healthy addictions you can ever get addicted to. This small keyboard tattoo owner is quite sure and confidently propagates this universal truth. The artist purposefully avoided adding any dot work. A clean outline work and a straight message are exactly what you need to express your mind. You can add any quotes or lyrics or anything to remember and add a personal touch.

Grey and Black Keyboard Forearm Tattoo

Grey and Black Keyboard Forearm Tattoo
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Here comes the death metal inspired keyboard tattoo. What can be a better way to show your love for this genre than this one! This grey and black illustration of a piano tattoo is an accurate sketch of an old piano. Look at the edges carefully; even a single minute detail would not escape your eyes. The cracks, especially the in-between gaps are drawn with sheer artistry. This piano tattoo is perfect for your side rib.

Cute And Simple Keyboard Tattoo Linework

Cute And Simple Keyboard Tattoo Linework
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Let us skip everything that has been shown in this list and just freeze our eyes on this. A simple and cute keyboard tattoo. This is the beauty of simplicity! You need not do dashing tattoos or bold illustrations to show off your choices. Instead, get one perfect and clear keyboard outline with every minute detail and you are done!

Music and technology are the ruling forces in the present century. Getting yourself inked with a piano tattoo or a keyboard tattoo will strengthen the connection with the present generation. So think no more and adorn your arms, thighs, back, side rib or any part you like with a keyboard tattoo of your choice. Here are some more keyboard tattoo ideas for you. Happy inking!

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