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The Best Joggers For Shorter Men – The Ultimate Guide In 2024!

by Cressida meale
Joggers for Shorter Men

All right, let’s cut to the chase. Today, we’re diving deep into the world of joggers, not just joggers—we’re talking about the perfect fit for a bit shorter guy. No more tripping over your own pants or doing that awkward ankle fold. When you’re done reading this, you’ll know exactly where to snag joggers that fit your frame without compromising style or comfort. Joggers, a sleek evolution of your granddad’s sweatpants, are here to stay. Think of them as the Batman of athleisure—functional yet far from frumpy. Now, let’s get you into a pair that fits as well as they look.

Joggers 101: The Basics

Joggers come in various styles, from chino-like pairs to those that could pass for a slim-fit tracksuit. But the headache starts when you realize most brands size them S/M/L, making it a nightmare for shorter guys to find the right fit. Standard inseams often begin at 28 inches, even in size XS—seriously, who thought that was a good idea? Worry not; I’ve done the legwork (pun intended) and hunted down some standout brands focused on shorter inseams.

Ash & Erie Hybrid Jogger

Joggers for Shorter Men
Via ashanderie.com

Think of Ash & Erie’s Hybrid as the more compact cousin of Lululemon’s Surge pants. They’re made for active, short guys who want to maintain the relationship. These are athletic through and through—don’t even think about pairing them with a collared shirt for the office. A quick heads-up: they run a bit small, so size up if you’re hitting the gym hard.

Under 510, Tyson Jogger

Joggers for Shorter Men
Via under510.com

These joggers are almost spot-on, available in grey or black with either a 28 or 26-inch inseam. Just note they run about 1-2 inches long. The rise is a bit longer, adding to the overall length, but comfort? They’ve got that in spades.

Ash & Erie French Terry Jogger

Joggers for Shorter Men
Via ashanderie.com

If you’re looking for sweatpants but in a jogger cut, Ash & Erie has you covered. These French Terry joggers offer shorter inseams down to size XS, and they’ve got the stretch factor nailed, too. Opt for size S if you don’t like the fitted look.

Bantam Clothing Joggers

Joggers for Shorter Men
Via bantamclothing.co.uk

Hailing from the UK, Bantam Clothing focuses on shorter men. The joggers come in at 30W x 27-28L and are a perfect middle-ground—not too tight or loose. They’re versatile, working for a chill day at home or a workout session.

Lululemon Shorter Length Joggers

Joggers for Shorter Men
Via lululemon.com

While not all of Lululemon’s joggers cater to shorter men, some do. It’s a game of online hide-and-seek to find them in stock, but once you do, it’s well worth the hunt. Keep an eye out for the 27″ and 28″ inseam options.

Bonobos Homestretch Jogger

Joggers for Shorter Men
Via bonobos.com

For those looking for short sweatpants with style, Bonobos offers a 27-inch inseam jogger. While they’re not for the boardroom, the color options are legit. And let’s be honest, you’ll want to grab these when they’re on sale.

A7 Defy Joggers

Joggers for Shorter Men
Via a7.co

Designed for strength-training aficionados, A7’s Defy Joggers offer inseams ranging from 26 to 32 inches. They’re snug and just right for breaking your deadlift PR. Just beware of the flashy logo if that’s not your jam.

Fabletics Go-To Jogger

Joggers for Shorter Men
Via fabletics.com

Fabletics offers affordability without skimping on quality. With 27-inch inseams, these are budget-friendly joggers that don’t cut corners on comfort.

Adidas ID Striker Pants

Joggers for Shorter Men
Via adidas.com

Funny story: I accidentally ordered the women’s version, and they turned out to be killer for workouts. Slim, tapered, and no-fuss—ideal for your gym routine.

Hylete Flexion Jogger

Joggers for Shorter Men
@trainhylete via Instagram

A step from their original, the Flexion is a short guy’s dream. They’re tailored for comfort and are gym-ready. And let me tell you, they’re as comfortable as they come.

So there it is your guide to joggers for the shorter guy. The landscape is vast, but options exist. It’s all about knowing where to look. Happy shopping, fellas.

So What Do These Joggers Cost?

  • Ash & Erie Hybrid Jogger: Around $90-$110, targeting the premium quality segment.
  • Under 510 Tyson Jogger: Generally priced between $60-$80, a solid mid-range choice.
  • Ash & Erie French Terry Jogger: Similar to their Hybrid model, expect to pay around $90-$110.
  • Bantam Clothing Joggers are UK-based but relatively affordable, usually between $50-$70.
  • Lululemon Shorter Length Joggers: Definitely on the premium side, most styles range from $100-$130.
  • Bonobos Homestretch Jogger: Around $80-$100, but keep an eye out for sales.
  • A7 Defy Joggers: A specialized product targeting athletes, these can go from $80-$120.
  • Fabletics Go-To Jogger: You’ll find these for $40-$60 on the more affordable end.
  • Adidas ID Striker Pants: Generally around $50-$70.
  • Hylete Flexion II Jogger: These joggers are priced around $80-$100.

Remember, you often get what you pay for in terms of quality and fit. But also consider what you’ll be using them for gym sessions, casual outings, or long-haul flights all have different requirements. So, factor that into your budget, and you’ll find the perfect pair without breaking the bank.

6 Other Brands That Offer Shorter Inseams

If you’re hunting for joggers with shorter inseams, you’ve got a few more cards up your sleeve. Here are some additional brands that have caught my eye:

  • Peter Manning NYC: Specializes in clothing for shorter guys. Their joggers start with a 26-inch inseam and go up from there. Prices are generally in the $70-$90 range.
  • J.Crew: Check out their “short” options in the men’s section. They usually offer inseams that start at 28 inches, and pricing is roughly between $60 and $90.
  • Gap: They offer “ankle” lengths, which usually translate to a shorter inseam. Prices are affordable, ranging from $40-$70.
  • Uniqlo: While not explicitly designed for shorter men, their joggers often come with shorter inseams, starting at around 27 inches. Prices are typically $30-$50.
  • Old Navy: Another affordable option, they have “short” sizes, which can go as low as a 28-inch inseam, with prices ranging from $25-$50.
  • ASOS: Their “short” sizes can go down to 28-inch inseams, and the price ranges from $30-$60.

Remember, it’s not just about the brand but also the specific line or style they offer. Some of these brands might only offer shorter inseams in particular types or during certain seasons, so it pays to keep an eye out and maybe even set a few browser alerts. Good luck out there!

How Do I Know Which Size To Order If The Inseam Lengths Vary By Brand?

Great question, and it’s a dilemma a lot of guys face. Inseam lengths can definitely vary between brands, styles, and even individual pieces. Here’s how you can nail the right size:

  • Know Your Measurements – First thing first: know your inseam and waist measurements. You can measure this or get it done professionally at a tailor’s. Keep these numbers handy, especially when shopping online.
  • Check Sizing Charts – Always consult the brand’s sizing chart before hitting that “Buy” button. They often provide specifics about inseams and waist measurements corresponding to their sizing. Some even go the extra mile to describe the fit.
  • Read Reviews – Customer reviews can be a goldmine for sizing info. People often share if the item runs large, small, or true to size. Some even provide their own measurements for better context.
  • Try In-Store or Order Multiple Sizes – Whenever possible, try before you buy. If you’re shopping online, consider ordering multiple sizes to find the best fit, then return the rest. Just make sure to read the return policy first to avoid any surprises.
  • Factor in Shrinkage – Natural fabrics like cotton can shrink. If you’re choosing a jogger made primarily from a natural fiber, it may be wise to size slightly to account for any shrinkage after washing.
  • Reach Out to Customer Service – Still trying to figure it out? Don’t hesitate to contact customer service for sizing advice. They often have additional insights into items that might be private.

It’s better to go slightly larger when in doubt because you can always have them tailored down to fit you perfectly. Plus, joggers come with drawstrings and elastic waistbands that offer flexibility. So, grab that measuring tape, research, and you’ll find the right fit in no time.


Alright, gents, let’s wrap this up. Finding the right pair of joggers when you’re on the shorter side isn’t just a pipe dream—it’s entirely doable. The key is to focus on brands that offer shorter inseams and pay attention to the details, like fit and material. But a word to the wise: don’t just go by the label size. Inseams can be deceiving, and sizing can vary from brand to brand. If you can, always try before buying, or ensure a solid return policy. So, arm yourself with this guide and take the jogger world by storm. You’ve got the intel; now make it work for you. Happy hunting!

Photo By Barbara Olsen on Pexels

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