7 Quick Tips on The Best Jeans for Short Legs – March, 2023

by Jamie Wilson
Quick Tips on The Best Jeans for Short Legs

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Jeans are the go-to for everyone, from nights out and days out to first dates. They’re simple in style and can be dressed both up and down. However, a lot of men struggle to buy the right pair for their height – are you one of them? If so, we’re here to help the shorter men with our simple guide on the best jeans for shorts legs.

Types of Jeans for Men

Types of Jeans for Men
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The fantastic thing about jeans is that they suit absolutely everyone; whether you’re tall, short, slim or have a big build, you can find a pair that’ll suit you. But because of this, it’s really easy to just chuck on any old pair of jeans you find in a store and think they look good. This isn’t always the case. If you’re asking yourself ‘what type of jeans should I wear?’, you’re in the right place.

Jeans are just like people, they all come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. If you want to make sure you’re looking good (and keeping it that way) you want to get the right jeans for your body shape. This doesn’t just mean your waistband, it also includes your height. If you’ve got slightly shorter legs, there are plenty of jeans out there which can make you look much taller (if that’s what you want) and slimmer (that too).

Short and Stocky

Short and Stocky
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If you’re of a stockier build, you can fall into the trap of buying jeans that suit short and slim guys. Height and width must both be addressed when you’re buying a really good looking pair of jeans. You want to make sure you keep yourself in proportion, so avoid really heavy fabrics on the bottom, with light T-shirts on the top.

You need to find a mid to dark pair of jeans that aren’t too skin tight or overly baggy as both of these options can make you look more stocky. However, if you do have a short and stocky build then you’re able to go for as many different colors and patterns as you like – the advantage of having shorter legs is the ability to get away with wearing bolder prints.

Short and Slim

Short and Slim
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Usually, we’d say if you fit into this category then just go for the opposite of what we said above. However, if you’ve got skinny legs, a lot of the same rules apply. You don’t want to be out of proportion to your top half, so avoid having skin tight jeans with a baggy T-shirt and hoodie on the top. Much like a stockier build, you can also go for whatever patterns, prints, and colors you fancy. A big no-no when it comes to skinnier legs is super skinny jeans, you don’t want to look like you have pins for legs, so go for a straight or slim cut jean instead.

Five Top Tips

Tip One

My number one tip is to not fall into the trap of buying a baggy pair of jeans to try and compensate for your lack of… leg. Don’t bother, because all this will do is make you look like a child trying on his dad’s pair of jeans (or that you’ve lost a huge amount of weight in a day).

Remember – the more you wear jeans, the baggier they get anyway. The phrase ‘dress for the body you have, not the body you want’ always rings true. (I know it’s a boring cliche, but cliches exist for a reason!) Buy jeans that suit your height, not a pair that trail on the ground in your wake.

If you do want to have a more relaxed fit, look for a straighter cut – this will add some extra width in all the right places. If you’re not a fan of the baggier look then go for a slim leg style. The good thing about these is that they’re very generic, which means they suit almost everyone. Try on a few different pairs before you settle on a style that you like.

Tip Two

Types of Jeans for Men
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Once you’ve found a style and shape that suits you, it’s time to think about the length of the jeans. You may think that this just comes with the jeans you buy but in more cases than most, there’s a regular fit and a shorter option available for you. So, when it comes to length, you definitely don’t want the jeans to fall too long – neither do you want them to finish halfway up to your ankles. Getting the right leg length can be done via alterations, rolling them up yourself, or simply going for a raw hem look.

You’ll want the jean to finish just around your ankle area with limited bagginess. Too much excess jean around your ankles can look weird and make you seem shorter than you actually are. Cutting off your jeans around your mid-ankle to the top of your standard shoe should be what to aim for.

Tip Three

Always buy two pairs of jeans, a light, and a dark pair. Once you’ve found a pair that’s the best length, waist, and style you should invest in colors for all occasions. Light denim jeans are great for the daytime, in pub gardens, on days out – that sort of thing. Then, the evening comes around and you need to get ready for your night on the town. Here is where you can now wear a darker blue or black pair of jeans. These automatically look smarter and when paired with a shirt or smart polo you are ready for your night out – whatever it may be.

By all means, wear dark jeans in the day as well, remember jeans are so versatile. And you can, of course, wear light jeans in the evening. They’re perfect for casual drinks or a meal. But if you do want to go smarter, a darker wash or black jeans work best.

Types of Jeans for Men
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Tip Four

As for the rise of the jeans, experiment. A lot of us avoid the high-rise jeans lest we look like an early noughties version of Simon Cowell. What you do want to avoid is cutting off your bottom half from your top half with a low waistband. High rise jeans can actually give the illusion that your legs are longer than they actually are. Another added bonus is that jeans with a slightly higher rise can help you avoid the shameful builders bum. We are a big fan of the high-rise jean look. They fit well with the whole dad-trend which is currently big.

Tip Five

Last but by no means least, if you do want to go for a tighter pair of jeans, have a look at the different colors and washes out there. If you find a nice balance for your jeans and they’re just the right amount of tight then different washes and design elements can really help make you look more edgy and interesting. When it comes to the fit of the jeans, if you can pinch about an inch of fabric from the thigh in your fingers then that’s good – if you can’t, good luck getting them off.

If you’re confused about what we mean by washes and patterns then don’t worry – we don’t mean you should buy a pair of tartan jeans or any jeans with physical print patterns. We’re talking about patterns such as crease marks, faded areas, rips, and bleach washes –  just to name a few of the different design elements a pair of jeans can have. When going for a slimmer, skinnier fit, having some kind of design on the jeans is a good idea. They can avoid giving you a ‘stick leg’ look while keeping you comfortable and stylish!

Best Jeans for Short Legs

  • When buying jeans it’s all about the right proportions. Keep an eye on the length, width, and general fit of the jeans in order to find the pair to suit your body shape.
  • Everyone’s body shape is different, and so are the jeans you can buy. Don’t buy a pair just because they’re in fashion, you need ones that suit you for you.
  • A slim or straight leg will usually work well for short and stocky men. These keep you in proportion, however, if you do want to go skinny then buy a pair with some kind of finish and detail on them such as rips or bleach marks.
  • Experiment with your jeans. Go specifically on a jean shopping trip and take an honest friend along to help tell you which ones look good and which ones don’t. It’ll be worth it.

On That Note

If you’re still struggling to find the perfect pair of jeans for your body shape after reading this guide then we’re afraid you maybe being a little bit picky. There is a pair of well-fitting jeans out there for you and they’re calling your name – no matter what body shape you have or what style you like to go for. We would suggest you never do your jean shopping online either. In order to find the perfect pair of jeans, you will need to be there to try them on in person. Once you’ve found a pair or brand that works for you, stock up in a few pairs of multiple colors to see you through every style need. You’ve just got to invest the time and go and get them. So, if you’re looking for the best jeans for short men, head over to our site for the best picks around.

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