10 Best Jason Voorhees Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

by Mark
Jason Voorhees Tattoos

If you are looking for an intriguing Jason Vorhees tattoo design for your next ink then here is a list of ideas that can get you inspired!

Jason Voorhees Tattoo
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Jason Voorhees tattoo is symbolic of mystery, rage, and revenge.

Jason Voorhees is an iconic fictional character who first appeared in the horror movie Friday the 13th that was released in the year 1980. Tattoos of this serial killer have been popularised by the fanbase of this horror film.

Jason Voorhees has been a victim of bullying in his teen years and later turns into a monstrous villain to avenge the death of his mother. He puts on a hockey mask to hide his true identity which has become the most popular theme of Jason Voorhees tattoo designs. Apart from keeping his identity a secret, he also wears this mask to hide his facial deformities. He uses his machete, axe, and various other tools to carry on his mass murders in Camp Crystal Lake.

You can portray this masked murderer in a multitude of ways and pair it with other characters from Friday the 13th. Take a look at these stunning Jason Voorhees tattoos and pick one that touches your soul.

Jason Voorhees Tattoo Traditional

Jason Voorhees Tattoo Traditional
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This elaborate sleeve tattoo consisting of a realistic portrait of Jason Voorhees is bound to catch your attention. The detailed shading in black ink has been done with perfection throughout the arms of the wearer. The smaller design at the bottom portrays the antagonist holding a machete in his hand. The red ink adds creative detailing to the design by creating a contrast.

Artistic Jason Voorhees Mask Tattoo

Artistic Jason Voorhees Mask Tattoo
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The famous mask worn by Jason Vorhees has been portrayed with a unique twist in this tattoo design. The incorporation of a colour gradient on the iconic mask looks absolutely brilliant. You can alter the size of your design or pick colours of your choice to create your unique Jason Voorhees tattoo art. You can ink this design on your arm like the tattoo shown in the picture.

Impressive Jason Voorhees Tattoo

Impressive Jason Voorhees Tattoo
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Jason’s mask is imprinted on his machete in this remarkable tattoo design inked on the arms of the wearer. The shading in red ink around the weapon enhances its appeal even more. Apart from your arm, you can also place this design on your leg.

Animated Jason Voorhees Tattoo

Animated Jason Voorhees Tattoo
@nikotattooink via Instagram

Have you ever thought of portraying this prolific serial killer as a quirky cartoon character? Well, this design might change your perspective and lighten the mood with its adorable features. It seems like he is running towards his next target with his small machete. You can fit this funny animated design anywhere on your body according to your preference.

Monochromatic Jason Voorhees Tattoo

Monochromatic Jason Voorhees Tattoo
@infinite_tigers_tattoo via Instagram

If you are in search of a Jason Voorhees tattoo in monochrome then this one can be your perfect choice. The number 13 imprinted on the side of the mask denotes the 1980s horror film Friday the 13th. Moreover, the floral detailing on the side of the design adds a touch of royalty to the design. You can also add your favourite Friday the 13th quote to give a personal touch to your Jason Voorhees tattoo.

Jason’s Hockey Mask With Blood Tattoo

Jason's Hockey Mask With Blood Tattoo
@tikitowntattoo via Instagram

The realistic shading on the mask has definitely brought it to life! Moreover, the splatter of blood around the mask brings an edge to the design and makes it stand apart. Perhaps, the blood signifies the crimes committed by this daunting serial killer who is known to kill over 200 people. You can place this stunning piece on your leg or back where there is ample room to ink the details.

Realistic Jason Voorhees Tattoo

Realistic Jason Voorhees Tattoo
@sixfeetunder_tattoo via Instagram

Here, Jason Voorhees is wearing a suit with his machete tucked inside it. The impressive play of contrast adds a touch of realism to this tattoo art. His dreadful eyes are piercing out of his mask which is making this design look even more intriguing. The phrase ‘Friday the 13th’ is inked at the bottom of the design in red. The entire tattoo has been portrayed on a black frame to further enhance the contrast.

Vibrant Jason Voorhees Tattoo

Vibrant Jason Voorhees Tattoo
@skylerjinxtattoos via Instagram

The artist has made use of a diverse colour palette to portray the stunning Jason Voorhees mask in this detailed tattoo design. The floral frame outlining the mask brings depth to the artwork. The glint in the eyes of Jason Voorhees is visible through the eye hole of his painted mask. Place this design on your thigh like the one shown in the picture and flaunt your Friday the 13th tattoo in style.

Jason Vorhees Tattoo With A Rose

Jason Vorhees Tattoo With A Rose
@texas.tattoos via Instagram

If you wish to ink your Jason Voorhees tattoo with a touch of femininity then you can get inspired from this design. This design portrays the infamous serial killer with a beautiful rose in a single frame. The intricate detailing of the design combined with the vibrancy of the rose tattoo creates a stunning visual. The mask is drawn in a copper tint with black shading. You can ink this statement piece on your upper arm.

Jason Voorhees Tattoo Flash

Jason Voorhees Tattoo Flash
@sempertattoo via Instagram

Here, the dreaded serial killer is holding a blood-soaked axe in his hand. It seems like the antagonist has been on a killing spree. The splash of colours drawn in a watercolour inking style creates a stunning backdrop in this tattoo art. Ink this Jason Voorhees design to display your horror movie fandom.

Get a Jason Vorhees tattoo to show your horror movie fascination to the world! Jason Voorhees tattoos will add an air of mystery to your demeanour. Take inspiration from the list of suggestions given below and add your own creativity to create a fascinating Jason Voorhees tattoo design.

  1. Jason Voorhees hand tattoo with realistic detailing.
  2. Freddy Krueger Jason Voorhees tattoo on the lower back.
  3. Monochromatic Jason Voorhees crystal lake tattoo on the chest.
  4. Jason Voorhees tattoo drawing in black inked on the shoulder.
  5. Jason Voorhees mom tattoo with a Friday the 13th quote.
  6. Small Jason Voorhees tattoo with a dagger and machete.
  7. Portrait of Jason Voorhees in fine lines on the back.
  8. Jason Voorhees hockey mask tattoo using bold colours on the arm.

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