10 Best Japanese Cherry Blossom Tattoo Ideas You Have to See to Believe!

by Patrick
Japanese Cherry Blossom Tattoos

Looking for cherry blossom tattoos and ideas to ink yourself with? Find some of the most popular giraffe tattoo ideas on this list compiled by us!

Cherry Blossom Tattoo
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The cherry blossom tree, also known as the sakura tree is an important part of Japanese culture and is popular among Japanese people as the sakura flower is the national symbol of Japan, the land of the rising sun.

The blooming of the cherry blossom flowers in the cherry blossom tree signifies the beginning of spring in Japan. Since cherry blossoms bloom quickly and remain in bloom for only two weeks, they symbolize the beauty of life, which is a major theme in celebrating life in Buddhist philosophy.

The symbolism behind cherry blossom is vast as the delicate flowers symbolize beauty, life, honour, wisdom, good values, and morals. In different cultures, like the Chinese culture, the cherry blossom is used as a symbolism of sexual freedom as the cherry tree is the symbol of empowerment to portray their sexuality. As a symbol of honour, the redness and blood splatter in cherry blossom tattoos are seen as life dripping from the cherry tree since it was associated with the suicide ritual known as Seppuku among the Samurai.

The deep meaning behind cherry blossoms has a way to resonate with people as they are a daily reminder of how the human life is short like that of the cherry tree and teaches us at the same time to appreciate how short life can be and how we should live in the present moment and celebrate life for every small happiness that it provides us with.

Japanese Cherry Blossom Tattoo Design With A Cascading Effect

Japanese Cherry Blossom Tattoo Design With A Cascading Effect
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This cherry blossom tattoo can be a great addition to your skin if you are a fan of the diverse cherry blossom tattoo designs that are simple in nature yet full of personality thanks to the addition of other elements to the tattoo like the black branch of the cherry blossom tree.

The black branch adds depth to the tattoo as the tattoo artist takes a simple cascading flower design and turns it into a delicate work of art that breathes a new life into the design. The beauty of the sakura flowers blossoms with the addition of the black branch.

If you cannot find the inspiration to get the exact tattoo, then you can easily add any number of elements to this cherry tattoo like adding butterflies or more flowers to add your very own meanings to the design. The sweet spot for this tattoo is usually on the back of the body, but you can easily get it inked on your neck too!

Artistic Japanese Cherry Blossom Tattoo Design

Artistic Japanese Cherry Blossom Tattoo Design
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The cherry blossom flower can also be a symbolism of the delicate nature of life and this tattoo is the perfect example of how small tattoos like this can be combined with your very own inspiration to create the perfect tattoo idea that you want on your body.

Cherry blossom designs like this can be great for both men and women as it takes the concept of the human body in blossom as it replaces the head of the portrait with that of sakura flowers.

This tattoo idea can be a great symbol for people who want to grow in life and bloom into their very own rendition of perfection.

With the flexibility of tattoo designs, you can add your own details like adding trees or more sakura flowers to this idea, or you can change it a bit more by getting it inked in a watercolour style.

Cute Japanese Cherry Blossom Tattoo Idea For Women

Cute Japanese Cherry Blossom Tattoo Idea For Women
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Cherry blossom flowers are cute to look at on their own with their own meanings of wisdom and good luck. However, when these cherry blossom tattoo designs are combined with other elements then they become the main point of attraction of the design just like in this tattoo.

The portrait of the small fairy is the focus of this design as it is perfectly inked and filled with colour. The half-filled jar in the tattoo design contains stars, the moon, and an iceberg. The meaning behind this design is up to your preference as you can add any number of details to it.

The sakura flower takes the form of a frame in which the entirety of the tattoo design is showcased as it flows down till the end of the left perfectly.

If you are someone who wants to seize the moment and pay tribute to the short life of both the cherry blossom tree or the human life, then this cherry blossom tattoo will be a perfect addition.

Minimalistic Japanese Cherry Blossom Tattoo Design

Minimalistic Japanese Cherry Blossom Tattoo Design
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Cherry blossom tattoo designs are often filled to the brim with details and meanings that for a short period of time look completely flawless. However, too many additions can leave a sour taste as there is not a particular element that you can focus on.

This tattoo design is among some of the best Japanese cherry blossom tattoo designs that approach the tattoo with a minimalistic idea that is clean and pretty to look at.

The placement of the sakura flowers in this tattoo gives it a flowing look, similar to that of the flower petals falling down the tree.

Cherry blossom tattoos like this are best suited for the hand or the shoulder, but if you want to put your own stamp on the design, you can get it on the base of your neck and make the flower petals fall down the neck for a great effect.

Blooming Japanese Cherry Blossom Tattoo Design

Blooming Japanese Cherry Blossom Tattoo Design
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Cherry blossom tattoos can be one of the best designs to get on yourself if you’re in the search of a beautiful design.

This amazing tattoo design is simplistic yet intriguing as it uses the blossoming process of the sakura trees as the base of the design.

The design is inked minimally as the tattoo is divided into six parts with each part being a developed version than its predecessor. The cherry blossom meaning behind this tattoo can be interpreted as the time of renewal and optimism as the budding flower takes its time to blossom into a beautiful flower.

A tattoo like this is great for you if you want to set your way straight to success as you become more optimistic and want to bloom like the sakura.

Pokemon Based Japanese Cherry Blossom Tattoo Design

Pokemon Based Japanese Cherry Blossom Tattoo Design
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For fans of the Pokemon franchise, this tattoo is one of the best sakura blossom tattoo designs.

The tattoo is based on the famous Pokemon Eevee, which is known for being the only pokemon that has up to eight different evolutions! The tattoo design uses the sakura tree and flowers as a branch to show the many evolutions of Eevee as it places the base form at the top of the tattoo which is then preceded by the evolutions in the form of Jolteon, Flareon, Vaporeon, Glaceon, Leafeon, Espeon, Umbreon and Sylveon.

The interpretation of this tattoo is up to you as you can either see this as a way of showing your own evolution over the years into the person that you are now, or you can just see it as a neat Pokemon tattoo with a cheering blossom concept.

This tattoo is perfect for the wrist or the shoulder, and if you’re daring, you can get it inked on your back!

Tiny Behind The Ear Japanese Cherry Blossom Tattoo Design

Tiny Behind The Ear Japanese Cherry Blossom Tattoo Design
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This tattoo design is the best example of how a cherry blossom tree tattoo doesn’t have to be clearly visible or large to be a good tattoo concept.

If you are a person who is not confident to show off a large tattoo, then this might be perfectly suited to you as the design prides itself on its small size and how easily it can fit at the back of your ear.

The design is simple enough with minimal colourwork as it makes use of the cherry blossom in a simple manner using just black ink to make an eyecatching tattoo design.

As it is with tattoos, the flexibility can be further worked upon as you can add your own ideas to the tattoo as well as add little details like a name or a date to it to commemorate an important person or an eventful day that had an impact on your life.

Gorgeous Forearm Japanese Cherry Blossom Tattoo Design

Gorgeous Forearm Japanese Cherry Blossom Tattoo Design
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Forearm tattoos are one of the most visible tattoos as the forearm is pretty much visible most of the time unless you cover it. However, not all tattoo designs are suited for the forearm as these tattoos have to be the very best if they are to stand out.

This tattoo will certainly stand out thanks to the colourful nature of the tattoo that is perfectly balanced with the amazing artwork. The design in itself is simple as it includes the blossomed sakura flowers with a black background. The pink flowers along with the reddish leaves add to the beauty of the tattoo and the background helps the colours pop.

A tattoo design like this can be great for you if you are someone who wants an eyecatching design that people will talk about for days!

The best placement for this tattoo is the forearm, but if you want to change it up a bit, you can get this inked on your legs, back, shoulders, or the arm sleeve.

Full Arm Japanese Cherry Blossom Tattoo Design

Full Arm Japanese Cherry Blossom Tattoo Design
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Full arm tattoos can be a bit tricky to sport as not everyone can pull full arm tattoo designs since it requires a certain swagger.

Tattoos which cover the entire arm are not really common but if you are in the plans of getting one, then this design is something that you should think about getting inked on your body.

The base of the tattoo is completely black which in turn, will help any light colour pop as it does with the whitish-pink colour on this design. The sakura flowers are drawn to perfection as they cover the entire arm and look simply amazing thanks to the black background. The large flowers at the base of the tattoo flawlessly complement the smaller, branched flowers at the shoulder and help in the creation of an amazing tattoo that is simply stunning to look at.

If you are someone who loves full-sized Japanese cherry blossom tree tattoo ideas, then this tattoo will be the perfect addition to your skin since it is stylish and eye-catching.

Stunning Neo Traditional Japanese Cherry Blossom Tattoo Design

Stunning Neo Traditional Japanese Cherry Blossom Tattoo Design
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As usual, we saved the best for the last! Neo-traditional tattoos have made their way to the world of tattoos through their growing usage in the tattoo industry. Neo-traditional tattoos are known for their use of clean lines, bold outlines, the usage of black ink along with in-depth shading, and the use of few colours.

The design pays tribute to the diverse range of designs that can be associated with tattoos through the proper use of colours and animal integration into the tattoo.

This stunning tattoo uses the koi fish as the base of the design as it incorporates the cherry blossom into the design as it makes the tattoo stunning to look at because of the bright colours used in the koi fish as well as the cherry blossoms.

A tattoo design like this is made to show off as it is an instant attention grabber thanks to its amazing colourwork and design.

Here are a few suggestions for cherry blossom tattoos:

  • Anime cherry blossom tattoos
  • Abstract cherry blossom tattoos
  • Traditional cherry blossom tattoos
  • Aesthetic cherry blossom tattoos
  • Art nouveau cherry blossom tattoos

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