10 Best Japan Skull Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

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Japan Skull Tattoos

Are you looking to get a Japanese themed tattoo? Then check out this list of 10 amazing Japan skull tattoo designs to inspire you.

Japan Skull Tattoo
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Japanese tattoos for Japanese skull tattoos come in many designs that have different traditional elements and cultures.

In Japanese tattoos, you will see the mixture of various aspects of pop culture and Japanese history.

Japanese tattoos are often spiritual in nature and convey one’s belief and role in the world. We have curated tattoos from all aspects of Japanese tattoo culture. Whether it is a traditional Japanese tattoo or the folk tales Japanese, you will see it all. If you are someone who is looking for inspiration and wants a tattoo with meaning then you are also sorted here. Looking for life and death skull ideas? or are you looking for a skull tattoo with many elements with symbolic meaning? You will definitely find inspiration for your Japanese skull tattoo idea here.

Irezumi Japanese Skull Tattoo

Irezumi Japanese Skull Tattoo
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Irezumi Japanese tattoo was originated in the Japanese Edo Period during the 1600s. Irezumi is a style of tattooing that requires a special ink called “Nara Black”. It is black ink that was used to make Irezumi Japanese skull tattoo. The special thing about Irezumi tattoos was that the Nara Black ink turns into blue-green over time, turning into its intended color.

In this Japanese skill tattoo, the tattoo artists used special more advanced types of inks and tools such as fusion ink and black claw needles. This Japanese skill tattoo is made with these inks that is why it is showing vibrant flames like design coming out of the Japanese skull. Many other Japanese tattoo artists are following this tradition when it comes to Irezumi Japanese tattoo designs. Irezumi symbolizes long life and good health.

Samurai Japanese skull tattoo

Samurai Japanese skull tattoo
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Many Japanese tattoos have emerged around the samurai tattoo. This Japanese skull tattoo comes in all shapes and sizes with easily placable in almost all parts of your body with appropriate size. This samurai Japanese skull tattoo in particular is a Full back Japanese style tattoo.

The massive samurai skull looks incredible with many other elements around the main art form complimenting it. We all know that Samurai is a Japanese ancient warrior which is why it holds the meaning of pride and symbolizes victory after death. Tattoo enthusiasts can get this Japanese skill tattoo to remember someone dearly and who has fought like a warrior.

Samurai skill tattoos are oftentimes combined as a Japanese phoenix tattoo. Samurai and Phoenix in Japanese tradition have a similar symbolic meaning and many experts have said that these two designs have the same meaning.

Irezumi Floral Japanese Skull Tattoo

Irezumi Floral Japanese Skull Tattoo
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Traditional Japanese tattoos like Irezumi are an absolute work of art. It is a process in which there is a decoration of the body with mythical creatures and beasts. These creatures belong to traditional Japanese folk, stories, tales, and myth.

The decoration or the art in Irezumi is filled with mythical beasts flowers and leaves etc. Japanese skill tattoos like this have a perfect flow for shoulder or sleeve designs. The flow of the skull tattoo art naturally matches the flow of the upper arm making it a very seamless Japanese skull tattoo.

Irezumi Floral tattoo can take a long time and you might have to visit the artist multiple times to complete the skull tattoo. This is why people who wear Irezumi are considered Japanese tattoo enthusiasts because of their willingness to give lots of time to complete a complex Japanese tattoo. It shows the person is heavily influenced by Irezumi Japanese Style. So if you are a fan of Irezumi, you should definitely consider this Japanese skull tattoo.

Samurai Traditional Japanese Tattoos

Samurai Traditional Japanese Tattoos
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Samurai skull design is a unique tattoo and has a distinctive connotation that is usually not related to other Japanese-based tattoos. It is one of the most recognized symbolic tattoos of Zugaikotsu.

Victory over death is the symbolism that Japanese skull tattoos represent. It portrays a strong message about the Japanese warriors of the past and many people use the samurai tattoos to remember the sacrifice made by the natives of Japan. This skull tattoo acknowledges the hardships and struggles that we have to go through to achieve success. Samurai skull is one of the tattoos that symbolize strength.

Multiple colors of inks are used in this design to have enhanced visuals. Bright Orange hues and blue hues are used in this skull tattoo. These hues initially may not look like this because of the nature of traditional Nara Black Ink, especially on the blue-green hues present at the edges of the samurai’s helmet.

Neo Japanese Skull Tattoo

Neo Japanese Skull Tattoo
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This Japanese skull tattoo has a mixture of different Japanese iconography and the contemporary Japanese culture. The word “Neo” means new because the contemporary world always emerges with new trends and pieces, giving a neo-Japanese skull tattoo a fresh blend.

This skull tattoo, in particular, has a skull symbol from the traditional Japanese Ukiyo-e geisha. The art looks realistic with a monochrome finishing. It makes the tattoo complete without using bright colors and design elements which we see in other neo-Japanese tattoos. Neo skull tattoo is one of the newer Japanese skull tattoos which makes it a unique choice for Japanese traditional tattoos lovers. Tattooing this skull design as a half chest or as a back tattoo you cannot go wrong with this design inspired by folklore, yellow river, and yokai.

Koi Fish Japanese Culture Tattoo

Koi Fish Japanese Culture Tattoo
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In Japanese Culture, Koi tattoos are heavily symbolized as good luck, perseverance, and abundance. The elimination of bad luck can only be done with a stylish Tattoo Japanese Koi Japanese tattoo design. Bad fortune is a belief Japanese tradition acknowledges in their omen so Japanese tattoo enthusiasts will love this tattoo Japanese design for its meaning and design.

There are only a few Japanese elements that resemble the traditional Eastern Japanese culture of Japan. Tiger Dragon’s gate and Japanese phoenix also represent strength and good fortune just like Koi Fish. It is a highly detailed and time taking Japanese skull design which only good tattoo artists. An artist who has a genuine interest in Japanese style and Japanese culture.

This is one of the most popular styles for Japanese skill tattoos which are tattooed as a sleeve tattoo. To be more specific it is restricted only to the lower arm or lower sleeve due to the limitations of the flow and placement of this Japanese skull tattoo.

Japanese Skull Tattoo With Yellow Marigold

Japanese Skull Tattoo With Yellow Marigold
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In this design, multiple Japanese elements are fused together to create a unique-looking Japanese tattoo. Japanese Skull tattoos are oftentimes mixed by a tattoo artist with other tattoo designs to give them a complete look. The symbolism of marigold and Japanese skull on a Japanese plant pot has a wide spectrum of meanings. It has a different meaning but at the same time portrays similar beliefs of other skull tattoos. The yellow marigold stands out in this black and white design. The yellow line around the bot is a nice touch. You can also tell your tattoo artist to alter the tattoo by replacing the marigold flower with another flower like a lotus tattoo.

Snake And Japanese Skull Tattoo

Snake And Japanese Skull Tattoo
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This Japanese skull tattoo has a complex yet beautiful design that goes well on sleeves. The details on this tattoo look realistic and staggering. There is also flower art to fill the sleeves and for the finishing touch. Snake tattoos are other important elements in these types of traditional Japanese tattoos. This snake tattoo symbolizes regeneration, medicinal remedies, and healing.

It is very interesting to know that Japanese tattoos of skulls and snakes have two elements that contradict each other. While the skull represents death and suffering, the snake tattoo is meant to symbolize rebirth. This is why Japanese tattoos are unique in their own way and the depiction of skull and snake associates the meaning of death and life that will keep occurring.

Japanese Tattoos On Gashadokuro Folklore

Japanese Tattoos On Gashadokuro Folklore
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This is a simple black-inked Japanese tattoo from Gashadokuro folklore. Gashadokuro is Japanese folklore. It is said that the Gashadokuro are evil spirits that create fifteen giant skeletons from the ghost of dead people of Japanese battles. It’s like Gashdokuro reincarnates from its own ashes.

Many tattoo designs are inspired by this folklore. This Gashadokuro tattoo is one of the best tattoos available out there for Japanese neck tattoos. The meaning embedded behind such Japanese tattoos is the significance of life, death, reverence for the dead, and change. It also makes sense to have this tattoo as a symbol of appreciating the journey of life and knowing that your life on this earth is not forever.

Floral Japanese Skull Tattoo With Butterflies

Floral Japanese Skull Tattoo With Butterflies
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Japanese tattoos of skulls and flowers come in a wide variety with each piece having its own meaning. This type of Japanese skull and flower tattoo is highly valued in traditional Japanese tattoos. Flower Japanese tattoos are often times associated with women but in the modern-day era, more and more tattoos related to flower Japanese tattoos are common among men as well. Flowers in tattoos do not depict any negative meaning in the masculine qualities of the man who is wearing them. However, if you feel like just a flower tattoo is not suitable for your style then this Japanese skull and flower tattoo is for you. Japanese tattoos and other tattoos of any kind are suitable for any gender.

Each art piece in Japanese tattoos is distinctive. The importance of the symbolic pieces of Japanese tattoos is cemented in the life of people. So every person or every life has its unique journey which can be perfectly portrayed with an awesome Japanese skull tattoo. In case you are not totally sold on the designs mentioned above then below are a few other Japanese tattoo ideas you can check.

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