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101 Best Inner Thigh Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
Inner Thigh Tattoos

Looking for beautiful designs for an inner thigh tattoo? Here we offer you some of the best inner thigh tattoos for women and men that will take your breath away!

Inner Thigh Tattoo
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Thigh tattoos have been around for quite some time and inner thigh tattoos are only a beautiful and integral part of that.

The inner thigh is one of the best places for getting a tattoo. However, it is also one of the most painful spots in the body in the tattoo pain chart, and the healing process from an inner thigh tattoo can take a lot of time.

A thigh tattoo is generally big and contains tons of details and intricacies. The thigh is a very intimate place to get inked. Therefore it is absolutely normal for you to feel the pressure before deciding on your final tattoo piece. So, a bit of research to know what’s in the trend will only help you.

Thigh tattoos have been a big part of the tattoo industry for quite a while now. With changing generations, the preferences of the inner thigh tattoo designs have also transformed. However, the main motive behind getting these body arts is either to show your passion for art or to establish a style statement. Thigh tattoos do not have any particular symbolism, the meaning of the tattoos change with changing designs. If you are in search of some ideas for an inner thigh tattoo including their meanings then this list might help you choose a suitable piece.

Inner Thigh Flower Tattoo

Inner Thigh Flower Tattoo
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Flower tattoo designs have only improved with time and the above piece is a wonderful example of that. If you are in search of an enticing flower tattoo then you might stop looking further. A moderate-sized and delicate flower tattooed on the thigh looks gracious and sexy at the same time. Even though it is a line tattoo, the fine work of the tattoo artist enhances its detailed edges. A tattoo of this type is also not as painful as other intricate designs which makes it a perfect option for your first or a second tattoo. Such a feminine tattoo piece is a perfect example of thigh tattoos for women. However, even men can opt for this piece.

Flower Inner Thigh Tattoo
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Talking about unisex flower thigh tattoo designs, this one right here features a much more intricate design than the above example. The combination of a flower and butterfly can never go wrong if you opt for sensitive yet beautiful flower designs. That is exactly what is going on in this sexy outer and inner thigh tattoo design. Getting this large thigh tattoo design shows your boldness and passion for art. Additionally, the outer thigh is one of the least painful areas in the leg to get tattooed. So with this tattoo, you could manage your pain better. Black coloured ink is used to create this piece which gives a dark appearance to the tattoo. To add to that, the use of floral motifs and a butterfly on the side balances out the darkness of the tattoo idea.

Inner Thigh Dotwork Tattoo

Inner Thigh Dotwork Tattoo
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The upper inner thigh provides a good skin space if you are looking for a less painful area to get a big tattoo. A dotwork thigh tattoo is not much painful. This minimalistic design inked with the black ink in the inner portion of the thigh is simple and chic. The woman in the picture has opted for patterned artwork that probably suits her personality the best. A dotwork thigh tattoo idea for women and men is quite unique. The tattoo placement adds to the appealing vibe of the tattoo.

Inner Thigh Skull Tattoo

Inner Thigh Skull Tattoo
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Skull tattoos and sexy thigh tattoos have been doing rounds in the tattoo industry for decades. A combination of these two trendy designs will never let you miss an opportunity to make a few heads turn. A vibrant and detailed design like this one on your thigh pops against the skin. Here you can see a degraded skull is detailed precisely with brightly coloured leaves and flowers. The hidden message of death behind this skull tattoo design on the upper and inner thigh is rightfully balanced by the exuberant shades of blue, yellow, and green colours. A thigh tattoo design like this one looks beautiful and maintains a sexy appeal as well.

Skull Inner Thigh Tattoo
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If you are looking for sexy thigh tattoo ideas and designs for your next tattoo, then you can wear this majestic and inspiring piece without wasting a second thought. This design perfectly fits in the large and one of the most painful areas in the tattoo pain chart. Everything about the idea, starting from the tattoo placement to the artwork looks nothing less than perfect. A thigh tattoo of this genre can easily work as an example of thigh tattoos for both women and men. A traditional tattoo style detailed with flowers like roses adds a healing vibe to the piece. A powerful quote on the side along with the roses is a unique process of drawing this alluring tattoo on the legs.

Inner Thigh Bee Tattoo

Inner Thigh Bee Tattoo
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The thigh is a diverse canvas in the body where you can get a tattoo of any genre you like. It is also an appropriate area of the legs for getting a tattoo with intricate designs. Do you want to tattoo an insect on your body but are tired of the common designs like a butterfly or a moth? Then the bee thigh tattoo can be your ideal match. The bee is detailed so finely that the artist has even captured the filamentous and hairy nature of its body. A geometrical shape has been added to enhance the appearance of the tattoo. You can also use this thigh tattoo as an alternate tattoo idea for your next geometric tattoo.

Inner Thigh Snake Tattoo

Inner Thigh Snake Tattoo
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If you want a bold and dark thigh tattoo on your skin, then wearing this piece could help you seal the deal. Although the theme is inner thigh tattoos, this large design covered the outer thigh as well. The snake tattoo design is a resemblance of fierce temptation. Combining it with other motifs and designs results in sexy tattoo ideas which you can flaunt in any part of your body. You can choose the upper portion of the inner thigh for getting your sexy snake tattoo like the person in the image. The tattoo artist used black ink to keep the boldness of the tattoo intact, probably to match the bold personality of the customer. Detailing the large snake tattooed on the inner thigh muscle with leafy motifs adds a sensitive touch to an otherwise fierce tattoo design.

Small Inner Thigh Tattoo

Small Inner Thigh Tattoo
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The thigh undoubtedly gives a large canvas for getting an inner thigh tattoo. The large space is often used for making intricate thigh tattoos however, a small tattoo in that area looks chic and offbeat. Both men and women can use that area to get a small and sexy thigh tattoo like the one in the above image. A small danger sign tattooed on the inner corner of the thigh looks very cute and is not even much painful. Therefore, this adorable piece can be added to the list of effortless tattoos for first-timers.

Inner Thigh Portrait Tattoo

Inner Thigh Portrait Tattoo
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Portrait tattoos look stunning anywhere you put them, but a large area complements a portrait tattoo the best. If you have been wondering about getting a beautiful portrait tattoo, then this one might just be perfect for you. Every element and colour used in the thigh tattoo looks as if they were meant to be. The portrait tattoo of a quirky girl drawn on the thigh has been elaborated using coloured flowers and leaves. The lady is seen wearing a face shield in this thigh tattoo and is looking in an upward direction. A vibrant butterfly wing is also added by the side of the face shield. Getting this illuminating thigh tattoo covering a large area can take a lot of effort and time but it will be totally worth it.

Detailed Inner Thigh Tattoo

Detailed Inner Thigh Tattoo
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The myth that a tattoo always needs to be filled with colours for adding details to it ends here with this piece. This tattoo on the skin is a pure form of mastery of the tattoo artist. Tattooing a cat detailed with fine patterns in the inner area of the thigh is also much less painful than the coloured ones. The on-point design and detailing makes the tattoo stand out among all other designs. This cat-shaped outline thigh tattoo filled with traditional art patterns on the inside looks very aesthetic. It also shatters the concept that only coloured tattoos look beautiful. Both men and women can wear this tattoo.

Coloured Inner Thigh Tattoo

Coloured Inner Thigh Tattoo
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If the theme for your next tattoo is coloured tattoos, then you can stop your search right here. A coloured tattoo looks good in any part of the body be it on men or women. A coloured tattoo design inked on the inner area of the thigh will look vibrant and sexy. Getting this design will amp up the mystifying nature of the person getting it. The main eye-catching element of the tattoo is the decorative bottle containing a liquid with flowers and leaves in the backdrop. It appears as if the bottle is containing a magic potion to take one through the magical journey of life. The rest of the tattoo has been created using shades of pastel colours to add a vintage vibe. This piece plays with your creative mind once you start examining each and every detail of the thigh tattoo.

Inner Thigh Dragon And Dagger Tattoo

Inner Thigh Dragon And Dagger Tattoo
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If you are more into a tattoo style featuring characters from fiction, then the dragon with a dagger tattoo is the perfect design you can opt for. The red eyes and the red flames coming out from the green and yellow coloured dragon conveys the fierceness of the creature as well as the tattoo. The aggressive expression of the dragon tattooed on the thigh muscle expresses a person’s vigour and strength. The dagger and the fire coming out of the mouth of the dragon create a more meaningful and symbolic thigh tattoo than other ordinary ideas. Such an exceptional thigh tattoo will complement the style of both men and women perfectly.

Now that you are aware of so many inner thigh tattoos featuring such enticing designs, you can choose and customize one for yourself based on your disposition. Even though the inner thigh tattoo pain can be a deterrent to you wanting to get a tattoo in this location, with the right aftercare you can expect to fasten the healing process and avoid any infection. Choose a perfect one for yourself from this compilation of thigh tattoo ideas for women and men:

  1. Upper inner thigh tattoo
  2. Sexy inner thigh tattoo
  3. Inner thigh rose tattoo
  4. Elaborate inner thigh and leg tattoos
  5. Monochrome inner thigh tattoos
  6. Thigh tattoos with colourful patterns
  7. Outline thigh and leg tattoo
  8. Inner fish thigh tattoos

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What are some of the best inner thigh tattoo ideas?

1. Pretty flower clusters.
2. Artistic lines and swirls.
3. Tribal and geometric designs.
4. Symbols such as stars, hearts or anchors.
5. A meaningful phrase or mantra.
6. Fresh fruits and veggies.
7. Abstract designs featuring shapes and colors.
8. Animal prints such as tigers or lions.
9. designs such as a single word.
10. Retro pinup girls with bright colors.

How much does an inner thigh tattoo cost?

The cost of an inner thigh tattoo depends on the size, complexity, and the artist you choose. Generally, a small inner thigh tattoo costs around $50 – $150. A medium-size thigh piece might cost up to $500 and a large one can go up to $1000 or more. Prices will also vary depending on where you live, the shop you use and the experience of your artist. As a rule of thumb, it is best to go with an experienced artist who has good reviews for quality and customer service. This will ensure you get the best value for your money. Additionally, keep in mind that any touch ups or reworks may incur additional costs.

How painful is an inner thigh tattoo?

The pain level of an inner thigh tattoo varies from person to person. Generally speaking, it can range from moderately uncomfortable to very painful. The inner thigh is a sensitive area and the skin there is fairly thin, so tattoos on this part of the body tend to be more painful than those on other parts of the body. Additionally, since the thigh is a large area, the overall session may take longer and involve more needles than smaller tattoos. To help manage the pain, it’s best to stay hydrated and talk to your artist about techniques they use to minimize discomfort such as numbing ointments or breaks in between sessions. Taking some Advil or Tylenol before your session can also help. Ultimately, the best way to prepare for a thigh tattoo is to get enough rest and come into the session with an open and positive attitude. With proper preparation, you’ll be able to get through it! Good luck!

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