10 Best Inner Forearm Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

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Inner Forearm Tattoos

Want to get tattooed with a beautiful inner forearm tattoo design? Check out these incredibly amazing inner forearm tattoos and pick your favourite!

Inner Forearm Tattoo
Caption: @staydead.tattoo via Instagram

The good thing about tattoos is that they can be inked anywhere on the body.

That being said, some body parts are more popular than others to get tattooed on. One such location is the inner forearm, which is the perfect spot for all kinds of tattoos, that can be exposed or covered with the sleeve of your shirt.

Is The Inner Forearm Tattoo Pain Intolerable?

Unfortunately, the inner forearm does hurt when inked on. This is because, the radial nerve runs through the forearms, which makes them sensitive and somewhat uncomfortable. In comparison to the outer arm, the forearms tend to be more painful due to the presence of this nerve. However, it is not impossible to get an inner forearm tattoo, as the pain is certainly bearable. Additionally, if you are able to take care of the tattoo properly, once it is completed, then you will have nothing to worry about.

What Kind Of Designs Are Suitable For Inner Forearm?

When it comes to inner forearm tattoos, you can draw your inspiration from endless sources. Inner forearm tattoos constitute all kinds of designs from a very small and simple type to the most complex type. Hence, the final decision entirely lies with you and what kind of a look you want. Some of the common motifs seen as inner forearm tattoos are flowers, geometric shapes, elements of the universe, and animals. Needless to say, almost every inner forearm tattoo carries a beautiful meaning, making it all the more special. However, a lot of inner forearm tattoo designs are simply ornamental pieces with no symbolism hidden behind them. Such tattoos are no less and look great as well.

Now that you have a basic idea about inner forearm tattoos, check out the best inner forearm tattoos for men and women!

Fierce Inner Forearm Tattoo

Fierce Inner Forearm Tattoo
@sacrredtattoo via Instagram

Tigers are captivating and fierce animals, who represent a kind of strength and power that most animals cannot. Hence, getting a tattoo of this sort, inked on your inner forearm will truly unleash the symbolism of a tiger. As you can see in the image, the whole tiger has been coloured in with shades of black and grey, while its eyes are green and gleaming. The placement of the tattoo is also doing justice to the design, as the whole piece is covering the entire forearm, till the wrist.

Lion Inner Forearm Tattoo
@brina.ink via Instagram

Just like the tiger, a lion is also a perfect example of fierceness and strength. However, in this design, that fierceness and display of strength have been paired with graceful and elegant floral motifs. The whole tattoo has been done in grey ink, giving it a vintage appearance. The forearm is definitely a great place for such a style of tattoo, as the outline of this design is fitting perfectly on this spot.

Geometric Inner Forearm Tattoo

Geometric Inner Forearm Tattoo
@koittattoo via Instagram

If you want to get a tattoo that looks like art and incorporates abstract concepts, then check out this idea. As you can see, here, an iris flower has been surrounded by a variety of shapes, some of which have patterns, while some don’t. Even the flower itself has a unique colour combination, mixed with dark shaded petals and reddish-pink petals. Iris flowers are symbolic of courage and wisdom. So, this tattoo design is not fully abstract, as it is carrying a beautiful meaning as well.

Eye Inner Forearm Tattoo
@tat2_tonyy via Instagram

This geometric tattoo is more on the mysterious side, as the triangular shape has an eye symbol inked within its lines. In general, eye tattoos are used to symbolise the omnipresent nature of God. So, this tattoo can be an example of that meaning. That being said, for a lot of people, eye tattoos are symbolic of their own vision of life. So, this forearm tattoo design can mean either or both for you. The eye in this tattoo has been done in a very realistic manner, proving the experience of the tattoo artist who created this. The backdrop of the eye has brick walls, making it seem like the skin of the wearer possesses those bricks. Such tattoos are rare to come by.

Skull Inner Forearm Tattoo

Skull Inner Forearm Tattoo
@samanthaeriinart via Instagram

Want to show the world how badass you are? Then a skull inner forearm tattoo is the way to go. As you can see in this design, the skull has been inked without the jaw bone. On top of the skull, a beautiful rose has been inked with a dragonfly on top. The rose is looking like the skull’s crown. The whole black shading and ragged black outline done in this tattoo is giving it a sketch-like appearance. Hence, this whole tattoo has a lot of beautiful elements combining together to make it stand out and look this amazing. Additionally, since this tattoo is towards the lower part of the inner forearm, it will not hurt as much.

Dragon Inner Forearm Tattoo

Dragon Inner Forearm Tattoo
@cherryxzhao via Instagram

Dragons are mythical creatures, but their intense nature seems out of this world. So, that visual appeal is in contrast to flowers, which exude being delicate and graceful. As you can see in this tattoo, a dragon has been drawn with a vicious expression on its face. A section of the dragon’s body has been engulfed in flowers and leaves, perfectly blending the two main pieces of this tattoo together. This tattoo has been done using black ink, only. However, you can definitely opt for a coloured version of this tattoo to cover your inner forearm.

Floral Inner Forearm Tattoo

Floral Inner Forearm Tattoo
@undergroundtattoos_stevenage via Instagram

Floral tattoos will always be in style, and the forearm is one of the best places to get inked with a floral piece. This is because floral tattoos look very ornamental in nature. So, getting these tattooed on the forearm would mean you can make them visible or hidden, according to your own choice. As you can see in this tattoo, a bunch of delicate flowers have been done with black ink, with a beautiful pattern seemingly carved out on top. The dotted shading surrounding the pattern is further enhancing the pattern, which is basically colourless, itself. You could replace this pattern with your initials or any other kind of pattern if you want to.

Flower Inner Forearm Tattoo
@tattoos.by.michelle via Instagram

A much simpler flower inner forearm tattoo is this one right here. As you can see, a branch of sagebrush has been inked on the forearm. The main attraction of this tattoo is how simple it is. Additionally, the graceful thin lines inked to showcase the outline of the tree branch and tiny flowers making it all the more beautiful. Sagebrush is used to symbolise the purification of the soul. So, this little minimalist tattoo is certainly holding a profound meaning.

Heart Inner Forearm Tattoo

Heart Inner Forearm Tattoo
@melpractitioner via Instagram

While heart tattoos are a bit too common all over the world, an anatomical heart tattoo on your skin will undoubtedly make you stand out. In this piece, an anatomical heart has been combined with wildflowers. The beautiful interplay of light and dark shades in making this tattoo the ideal example of a monochrome piece. Given the size of this tattoo, and its boldness, it will cover a significant part of the inner arm and look nothing short of amazing.

Amazing Heart Inner Forearm Tattoo
@blackamethysttattooco via Instagram

This anatomical heart tattoo is a much more accurate representation of the human heart. As you can see, this tattoo is free from any patterns or symbols and is only representing the actual human heart. The detailing in this tattoo is so precise, even the veins of the heart are visible. If you are a student of medicine or doctor yourself, you can wear this tattoo with an even greater symbolism and fall in love with the design!

Heavenly Bodies Inner Forearm Tattoo

Heavenly Bodies Inner Forearm Tattoo
@louisecolemantattoos via Instagram

Outer space has to be one of the most fascinating things. While it might not be possible for most people to travel to space, one can surely become a person with a space tattoo. Check out this image to get inspired by. Here, some elements of the galaxy have been inked, right on the inner elbow section. In general, the tattoo is quite minimalist and does not have any elaborate designs or patterns. That is further adding to the charm of this piece. If you decide to get inked with this tattoo in the location as pictured, remember that a needle could cause a bit more pain in this part, due to the presence of nerves.

Artistic Inner Forearm Tattoo

Artistic Inner Forearm Tattoo
@_johnmonteiro via Instagram

Want to get a tattoo that keeps everyone guessing about its meaning? Then you must get inked with this inner forearm tattoo! As you can observe in the picture above, the whole piece is giving off a very artistic and aesthetic vibe and showcasing the skilled use of grey ink. There seems to be half a skull, half a face with wings, and a tree in this tattoo. All these motifs are surrounded by geometrical patterns and also a crescent moon on top. This tattoo is noting short of body art, and the perfect instance of the human body being used as a canvas.

Small Inner Forearm Tattoo

Small Inner Forearm Tattoo
@tattoobyemre via Instagram

Sometimes, tiny tattoos can hold the most power, and this inner forearm tattoo is the ideal example of that. The Creation of Adam is one of Michelangelo’s most famous paintings, so to depict that on your body would make you stand out. This simple and small tattoo has been done with grey ink and placed right in the middle of the inner forearm. This painting was used to signify the birth of the human race, and how man was created in the image of God. So, this meaningful artistic tattoo is suitable for any person who wants to get inked with something divine.

Butterfly Inner Forearm Tattoo

Butterfly Inner Forearm Tattoo
@spacetats via Instagram

Butterflies mean a variety of things in different places. For instance, in Chinese culture, a butterfly is symbolic of love, soul, freedom, and beauty. So, if you want to wear those meanings on your body, this will serve the purpose, brilliantly. The uniqueness about this tattoo is the fact that the way in which the wings have been created is making it look like the butterfly itself is fluttering its wings. So, there is a realism to this tattoo, which is making it look all the more special.

Arm tattoos have always been popular and inner forearm tattoos are just an extension of that popularity. A lot of people love inner forearm tattoos as these designs can be exposed or hidden, according to one’s will. Additionally, the forearms provide a great canvas for most kinds of tattoos. Even though forearm tattoos do cause pain, if taken care of properly, the healing process can be quickened. This is why, it is also necessary to find an experienced tattoo artist, who can guide you through the pain and aftercare.

Check out this quick guide to the best inner forearm tattoos for men and women-

  1. Floral inner forearm tattoos
  2. Geometric inner forearm tattoos
  3. Minimalist inner forearm tattoos
  4. Inner forearm tattoos done in grey ink
  5. Coloured inner forearm tattoos

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