101 Best Inner Elbow Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
Inner Elbow Tattoos

Reviewed & updated: December 1, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Looking for amazing inner elbow tattoos? Check out this article to find the coolest tattoo designs and get tattooed with the idea you find best!

Inner Elbow Tattoo
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Elbow tattoos have been popular for quite a while now, so it is really not surprising that inner elbow tattoos have also become quite mainstream and popular.

One of the reasons why people around the world love getting inner elbow tattoos is because the placement of this tattoo makes it very easy to show off the piece or conceal it. Additionally, this part of the body provides ample space for small to medium-sized tattoo designs.

How Painful Are Inner Elbow Tattoos?

If this is your first time getting a tattoo, you should think twice before getting an inner elbow tattoo. The inner elbow tattoo pain can be extremely uncomfortable for many people, as it is one of the most painful tattoo spots. This is because, unlike the outer elbow, two nerves, the ulnar nerve and median nerve, are present in this body part. Additionally, the inner elbow region is not provided with a lot of fat and muscle, between the skin and bone. So, all in all, this spot is quite sensitive and the healing process from inner elbow tattoos require significant aftercare. With proper care, you can expect your inner elbow tattoo healing to be finished within a few months.

Do Inner Elbow Tattoos Fade Easily?

In comparison to other tattoos, inner elbow tattoos do fade a bit quicker as most people are constantly bending their arms, which causes friction between the skin, resulting in fading tattoos. So, it is always best to opt for inner elbow tattoos which either have bold outlines or cover the areas above and below the inner elbow, as well.

From a compass to a rose, nothing is off-limits when it comes to inner elbow tattoo ideas. Keeping all these factors in mind, continue reading this article to find the best inner elbow tattoo designs for men and women to wear!

Botanical Inner Elbow Tattoo

Botanical Inner Elbow Tattoo
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Botanical tattoos such as this one are very pleasing to the eye and are undoubtedly an aesthetic addition to the body. So, if you want to get tattooed with a piece of this kind, check out the image above. Here, leafy motifs have been inked to the side of the inner elbow. The best part about this tattoo design is that since it’s not on the inner elbow fully, it will cause much less pain and will heal quicker. The leaves in this design are created quite boldly and have a dark visual appeal. So, this tattoo would instantly catch anyone’s eyes.

Amazing Inner Elbow Tattoo
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If you are more interested in floral motifs, then this is quite a cool design for you to utilise. The placement of this tattoo is the same as the previous one, but here, flowers have been added to the leaves. Additionally, this tattoo is delicate to look at, due to its colouration. The outlines of the flowers have been done very light-handedly, with the leaves being comparatively darker, making the whole design incredibly pleasing to the eyes.

Eye Inner Elbow Tattoo

Eye Inner Elbow Tattoo
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An inner elbow eye tattoo can be the perfect way to represent the meanings of eye tattoos; which is that God is omnipresent and He is constantly watching over us. Here, the dark eye has been inked within a cloud, with raindrops below, a moon above, and sun rays behind. This tattoo design could be a way to signify how God is controlling all these elements of nature. If you are religious, tattooing this piece would be a great way to keep God with yourself at all times. This tattoo is the ideal combination of black, white, and grey, with all the shades playing their part perfectly.

Amazing Eye Inner Elbow Tattoo
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This image is featuring a much more realistic eye in comparison to the previous one. Here, the eye almost seems like an accurate anatomical diagram, due to the way each part has been incorporated. This style of tattoo design resemble real-life sketches, and hence, go well with people who are artists themselves. Besides the realistic and aesthetic eye, there are lines all around the eye. These lines are certainly a mark of the heavenly nature of the eye.

Ornamental Inner Elbow Tattoo

Ornamental Inner Elbow Tattoo
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A graceful ornamental tattoo on the inner elbow can be a fun take on traditional inner elbow tattoos. As you can see in the picture above, this tattoo design is inked on one half of the inner elbow. The patterns are quite delicate and lovely, with the perfect amount of shading and little white detailing. The use of white ink is making this ornate motif look glossy and shiny. If you are in search of traditional and aesthetic body art tattoos, then this idea could be ideal for you.

Inner Elbow Mandala Tattoo
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This inner elbow mandala tattoo is holding a unique brilliance of its own. The bold outlines and the inner dotted lines are all combining to form a beautiful combination. This tattoo design is the perfect example of a balance between dark and light colourations, and how such colour schemes enhance the beauty of tattoos even more. Also, this tattoo is much more elaborate in comparison to the previous one and should be tattooed by those who can deal with the inner elbow tattoo pain.

Quote Inner Elbow Tattoo

Quote Inner Elbow Tattoo
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Quote tattoos are special because they let you have something meaningful on your skin in a literal way. In this picture above, the phrase, “tell the story” has been inked in the inner elbow part. This phrase could be a reminder for you to always communicate your side of the story and never stay silent. The tattoo is quite simple, with an eye-catching cursive font used to ink the words. Another reason why this tattoo is amazing is that quote tattoos are often something very personal. So, the inner elbow makes for a wonderful location, as this area is not always exposed. You can also decide on getting inked with any other quote or phrase.

Words Inner Elbow Tattoo
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This quote tattoo is much simpler than the first one, and the lettering here has been done in a straightforward way. So, the simplicity of this tattoo is what is making it noteworthy. Also, such a design is great for people who have never gotten inked before, as this small tattoo will cause not as much inner elbow tattoo pain. Additionally, the healing process will be a lot quicker.

Insect Inner Elbow Tattoo

Insect Inner Elbow Tattoo
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One of the reasons why insect tattoos are so popular is that they usually contain quite intricate detailing and beautiful patterns. So, an insect inner elbow tattoo will undoubtedly make you stand out. As you can see in this picture, a beautiful butterfly has been inked. This butterfly possesses quite an alluring combination of colours, with the blue, black, red, and white shades perfectly complementing each other. The position of the tattoo is also quite amazing. However, you can choose to get it inked a little below or above, if this area feels too sensitive and painful.

Insect Inner Elbow Tattoo
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This cool black and grey tattoo is of a scarab beetle. Scarab beetles played an important part in Egyptian culture and were thought to signify resurrection and the solar cycle. So, having a scarab beetle tattoo will definitely carry a lot of wonderful symbolism. To add to that, this tattoo is not like other traditional inner elbow tattoo designs, as the placement of this tattoo is quite unique. It is covering the outer and inner elbow in such a way, that when you fold your hands, only then the whole design will be fully recognisable. So, even though the tattoo is monochromatic, it will never go out of style.

Dotwork Inner Elbow Tattoo

Dotwork Inner Elbow Tattoo
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Dotwork tattoos take a lot of time to be completed but look amazing once done. So, why not get an enticing geometric dotwork tattoo on your inner elbow, that has the perfect combination of black and grey. The central motif in this tattoo has been done in black, while the surrounding patterns are done in grey. Hence, while the central patterns form the most prominent piece, the surrounding grey area is proving the perfect backdrop.

Floral Inner Elbow Tattoo
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This tattoo is nothing short of art, with the patterns resembling floral patterns, instead of geometric ones. This design is featuring an alternative display of dark and light shades, to create a kind of monochromatic effect. The part in the middle has been fully inked black, creating a cool, bold, and alluring effect.

Coloured Inner Elbow Tattoo

Coloured Inner Elbow Tattoo
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This inner elbow compass tattoo is perfect for those who love to get coloured designs. The compass is surrounded by a couple of enticing flowers, further adding to the vibrance of the whole tattoo. To add to that, the golden frame of the compass is contrasting perfectly against its own blue glass and needle, along with the pale red flowers. Such a tattoo would be ideal for women, who love floral patterns. However, designs like this take quite a few hours to be completed.

Flower Inner Elbow Tattoo
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This vivid tattoo is depicting a lovely chrysanthemum flower, with gradient colouration of orange and yellow shades. The tattoo is quite elaborate and will most definitely catch everyone’s eye. Chrysanthemum tattoos are used to symbolise long life, so this tattoo can be a form of protection against dangers for you. Also, since this tattoo has such vibrant colours, it will take a lot longer to fade.

Elaborate Inner Elbow Tattoo

Elaborate Inner Elbow Tattoo
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If you are in search of inner elbow tattoo designs which are heavily detailed and done with the utmost precision, then check out this cool idea. Here, the entire inner arm has been covered, with the inner elbow portion being inked with quite a few black and grey flowers. The beauty of this tattoo lies in each of the elements, which have been done with the utmost care by the tattoo artist. If you get inked with this tattoo, you will be able to wear a piece of art on your skin, forever.

Snake Inner Elbow Tattoo
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This tattoo is not as elaborate as the first one but is still featuring a number of precise details. The snake in this design is looking quite remarkable, with its beautifully curved body making it look like the snake is wrapped around on your arm. The rose on the side of the snake is further adding a charm to this whole piece, creating a sort of uniqueness that is not usually seen in all tattoo designs. This idea would be great for both men and women.

Fish Inner Elbow Tattoo

Fish Inner Elbow Tattoo
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Fish tattoos are highly symbolic and stand for wisdom, luck, prosperity, and power. Apart from that, they also make for beautiful designs to simply look at. So, if you have never been tattooed before, this tattoo would be a great first tattoo! Here, the two fishes have been inked in a way, as if they are swimming around each other. Also, the tattoo is not very elaborate and will not result in a lot of pain. The colour combination is making this look like a yin-yang, further amplifying the symbolism of such tattoos.

Mini Matching Inner Elbow Tattoo

Mini Matching Inner Elbow Tattoo
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This above inner elbow tattoo has got to be one of the cutest designs ever. So, you should definitely choose to get inked with this, with your best friend or any other loved one. The tattoo is basically a black outline of a turtle, inked right above the inner elbow. Turtle tattoos are symbolic of protection, strength, and healing, so this will be a beautiful symbol to get inked with.

Now that you have read this article, you are certainly more aware of the different designs related to inner elbow tattoo ideas. Inner elbow tattoos are great for both men and women and will look like an accessory to one’s body. Since the inner elbow area is quite painful and takes time to heal, you should get inked by an artist who is very experienced in tattooing. Once you are tattooed, by providing an appropriate amount of rest to that location of the body, you will heal completely and be fine. Here is a quick guide to the different inner elbow tattoo ideas-

  1. Compass inner elbow tattoo
  2. Rose inner elbow tattoo
  3. Matching inner elbow tattoo
  4. Minimalist inner elbow tattoo
  5. Elaborate inner elbow tattoo with precise detailing
  6. Floral inner elbow tattoo
  7. Geometric inner elbow tattoo
  8. Coloured inner elbow tattoo
  9. Black and grey inner elbow tattoo
  10. Mandala inner elbow tattoo

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What is the best design for an inner elbow tattoo?

The best design for an inner elbow tattoo can depend on a variety of factors including your skin tone, desired placement, and personal preferences. For darker skin tones, designs featuring bold lines and brighter colors tend to be most striking. If you want a discreet placement, consider smaller tattoos or one with intricate details such as fine line work or script. If you’re looking for a more daring choice, consider a large piece that wraps around your inner elbow. When deciding on the perfect design for you, make sure to think about its meaning and how it will look over time as tattoos tend to fade with age. Consider discussing your idea with a tattoo artist beforehand in order to get the most out of your design. Lastly, make sure to take proper care of your new ink by following the aftercare instructions given to you by your artist. These tips can help ensure that you have a beautiful and lasting inner elbow tattoo.

What is the best way to care for an inner elbow tattoo?

Caring for an inner elbow tattoo is essential for achieving the best results and preserving its vibrancy. Aftercare instructions should be provided by your artist, but generally include keeping the area clean, moisturizing regularly with an unscented lotion (not cream), and avoiding sun exposure. Immediately after getting a new tattoo, it’s important to keep it bandaged and avoid any activities that could cause the area to become wet. After a few days, you can remove the bandage and gently cleanse the area twice a day using lukewarm water and an antibacterial soap or cream. Make sure to moisturize regularly with an unscented lotion but be sure to avoid lotions that contain fragrances, dyes, or alcohol. Additionally, it’s important to avoid swimming and soaking in hot tubs or baths while the area is healing. Lastly, make sure to use sunscreen when exposing your tattoo to sunlight as this can help maintain its vibrancy over time. By following these steps, you can ensure that your inner elbow tattoo will look its best.

What are the risks associated with an inner elbow tattoo?

Although getting a tattoo on any part of the body carries risks, those posed by tattoos on the inner elbow can be especially significant due to their location. Some potential risks associated with an inner elbow tattoo include infection, bleeding and bruising, scarring, and pain. Additionally, the inner elbow is a sensitive area that can be more prone to allergic reactions to tattoo inks. It’s important to work with an experienced artist who has the necessary skills and experience for creating beautiful tattoos and performing safe procedures. Make sure to discuss any allergies or medical conditions you may have before getting a tattoo, and always follow the aftercare instructions given to you by your artist. By taking these precautions, you can help minimize any potential risks associated with your inner elbow tattoo.

What are some good inner elbow tattoo ideas?

When choosing a design for your inner elbow tattoo, consider something that has special meaning to you. Some popular ideas include symbols such as stars, hearts, or anchors; words or phrases with personal significance; geometric shapes like triangles and diamonds; animal designs like birds, deer, or tigers; nature elements such as flowers or trees; and mandalas. If you’re looking for something a bit more unique, consider incorporating abstract elements such as an inkblot or splatter design, or a portrait of someone important to you. Whatever design you choose, make sure to discuss it with your artist beforehand in order to get the best results. With so many possibilities available, there’s sure to be the perfect inner elbow tattoo design for you.

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