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101 Best Hustler Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Hustler Tattoo

A hustler tattoo is a great way to showcase someone’s association with the hustle culture! Find out innovative designs of the same.

Hustler Tattoo
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To “Hustle” is to have the courage and determination to work towards something until it leads to achieving your goals.

The word itself holds great significance. It inspires you to keep grinding without giving up and rise against all the obstacles life throws at you.

Motivation usually comes and goes like an ocean tide in our everyday lives. It doesn’t stick with us for too long. But a hustler tattoo does. It is something that nobody can take from you. A hustler tattoo will always remind you of the inspiration that pushed you to get this artwork done on yourself. With the popularity of the hustle culture, many young people are getting hustler tattoos. While getting a tattoo, you can always opt for a safer experience with reputed tattoo artists.

Here are some of the hustler tattoo ideas with certain features, their symbolic meaning, and significance which will help you to determine which tattoo will work best for you depending on your aspirations.

The “3D Hustle Way” Hustler Tattoo

The "3D Hustle Way" Hustler Tattoo
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This hustler tattoo looks like it was conceptualized by a tattoo artist who is also an architect, given the designs of the buildings drawn out in black ink behind the “Hustle”.

The ”s’ in the word ‘hustle’ is drawn as a dollar sign. The letters have crack-like patterns, and there’s also an added word ‘way” in the body art. It’s important to highlight the ‘S’, a dollar currency sign that symbolizes money and prosperity. The detailing of cracks on the word conveys that it is not an easy process.

The “way” inked on this hustler hand tattoo gives us additional information that hustling is the only way to achieve what you aspire to. The outline of the buildings in the back gives us an insight into the process of designing, planning, and constructing architectural structures, which alludes to the process of working towards your goal and acts as tools or manufacturers in building your intended career.

These hustler tattoo designs can have superb interpretations that will always motivate you for a change.

The “Hustler Ambition” Tattoo

The "Hustler Ambition" Tattoo
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This hustler tattoo tells us about the importance of ambition in a hustler’s life. The word “Ambition” is underlined and the use of white on these dark inky black letters creates a strong contrast which further highlights the tattoo giving off dream chaser vibes. The tattoo creates a mood of apprehension and the calligraphy is extremely eye-catching.

The word “Ambition” is underlined by beautiful wave-like patterns insinuating the significance of the word. The tenebrous snaking patterns projects that you’re doing or about to do something hellishly challenging, something that is almost impossible to carry out.

The calligraphy of this particular piece of art is what makes it even more spectacular. A few star-like figures drawn with white ink can also be observed here and there, which is a symbol of guidance and protection. The gloomy appearance of the tattoo gives us a hint of fear and danger. We can also notice two ears that resemble a vicious creature ready to swallow you whole.

“Hustle” Cursive Tattoo

"Hustle" Cursive Tattoo
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It is always a great idea to have quotes tattooed on your body that inspires you to learn and improve yourself every day.

This tattoo is cursive lettering of the word “Hustle”. The tattoo is big in size but not necessarily clamped up with designs and intricate details. It is a simple lettered hustler tattoo and is made on the front of the wrist.

The tattoo has one small star design tattooed at the top right corner over the “e”. It gives you a chic look, despite keeping it really simple. This tattoo design will inspire you to stay grounded while striving for accomplishments and will also help you improve the content of your lifestyle in order to move forward. Also, there are more options for tattoo quotes that can motivate you in other ways. On the pain scale, this tattoo is a 4/10 because of its thin lettering and amply spaced-out aesthetic curves.

The “222 Tattoo” Design

The "222 Tattoo" Design
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222 is not just a number, it is a means by which the universe tries to communicate with you. It motivates you to keep striving and “hustling” because you’re within a hair’s breadth of winning and soon, you’ll receive success.

The lettering of this tattoo is pretty basic and will look great on the back of your hand.

It is the universe’s way of telling you that your guardian angels are there to look after you.

It indicates that the path we are currently striding on is the one that will lead to success. This tattoo acts as a symbol of encouragement which will inspire you to work harder and improve yourself in the process.

You’ll be energized every time you glance at this tattoo. So go get it and give a good account of yourself!

The “Bulldog Tattoo” Design

The "Bulldog Tattoo" Design
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This is the illustration of a french bulldog’s head inked on the forearm. The bulldog represents the pride of English men who fought against the Nazis, which evokes the spirit of a bulldog in one’s heart.

This particular tattoo has several strokes, lines, and shading that signifies resilience, provision, and courage. The wrinkled skin and certain features, such as eyes and ears, make the design look even more realistic.

This tattoo represents various other meanings such as strength, defiance, and toughness as they are animals that can even take a savage creature like a lion or a bull down.

The “Dream-Hustle” Tattoo

The "Dream-Hustle" Tattoo
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The Dream Hustle tattoo is drawn on both hands. The tattoo is an essential sign of struggle, success, and the hustle culture.

The tattoo design is drawn at the back of both hands, starting at the lower forearm and coming down to the back of the palms. On the one hand, there is a picture of Medusa, with her lips parted and on the other, there is a graphic design.

Both these tattooed designs stem into olive branches, which give rise to two words, “Dream” and “Hustle”. Medusa is drawn with her one eye closed as if dreaming, and yet one eye open to keep looking outwards, a gaze that would turn anybody into a stone edifice. You can improve on this tattoo by using any other symbols of your choice. On the pain scale, this tattoo is an 8/10 due to its intricate detailing content.

“Hustle” With The Illustration Of “The Monopoly Man”

"Hustle" With The Illustration Of "The Monopoly Man"
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“The Monopoly Man”, also known as Mr. Monopoly and Rich Uncle Pennybags, is the mascot of the popular board game ‘Monopoly.’ He is an old man with a moustache wearing a morning suit with a bowtie and top hat.

The monopoly board game can help you learn the correct way to manage your money and resources. It also helps you to learn the value of money as it is one of the finite resources. If taken for granted, you might lose everything. So, it’s important to choose where to spend your money and control your urges as that is the only way to unlock the way to success.

Monopoly also means hegemony in a market where there are no competitors and the person who has the monopoly is the sole provider of services. This sense of power might act as a motivator for you to push yourself toward your intended career.

If money is required for you to gain some motivation and change, then this tattoo is perfect for you.

A “Metal Bulldog” Tattoo

A "Metal Bulldog" Tattoo
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A metal bulldog tattoo represents toughness, power, and durability. The bulldog is a ferocious species that never gets tired and never refrains from hunting and “hustling”.

The symbols of the bulldog deliver a message to stay determined and loyal, which is required to get you further in life and improve your skills. This is a unique hustler tattoo design for a change.

If you make up your mind to get a “bulldog” tattooed on yourself, don’t forget to examine all the different kinds of bulldog options and choose the one which attracts you the most.

The “Hustle” Tattoo For Gym Enthusiasts

The "Hustle" Tattoo For Gym Enthusiasts
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This tattoo says “Hustle” with the end of dumbbell discs on either side. The design is semi-realistic and drawn with only black ink. The entire content of this tattoo gives off a fitness vibe.

Gym training and trying to improve your fitness can be quite tiring. However, a true hustler is never afraid of taking risks, no matter how petrifying the process looks. The hustlers store great measures of endurance. They understand how important it is to take calculated risks and believe in your intuition. They don’t try to seek safer experiences and are content with the little all the time. It will provide you with the courage required to win.

This hustler ambition tattoo will constantly remind you to be gutsy and consistent and overcome all the laziness and procrastination. So go, sign up at your local gym and get this trendy tattoo today!

The “Born To Hustle” Tattoo

The "Born To Hustle" Tattoo
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This tattoo has “Hustle”, “Discipline” and “Spirituality” inked on the wrist around an all-seeing eye, an Illuminati sign.

This tattoo represents the omnipresent eye of God watching over mankind and the three facets of success in life inked on the sides of the triangle. This tattoo symbolizes mystic power in an individual, which, by proper harnessing and consistent “Hustle” and “Discipline”, will lead to “Spirituality” and, thus, glorious success.

A few suggestions for more Hustler tattoos are here.

  • A forearm sleeve tattoo lettered “Hustler’s Ambition”.
  • A forearm tattoo lettered “Hustler” with currency notes.
  • A black “222” over red outlining butterfly wings.
  • A ‘hustle butter’ tattoo signifies enthusiasm and playfulness.
  • A big black forearm tattoo saying “hustler” in Chicano.

Feature Image from Pinterest – Love this design? Try a Temporary Tattoo

How much does a hustler tattoo cost?

The cost of a hustler tattoo will depend on the complexity and size of the design, as well as other factors such as the location of the studio and artist. Generally speaking, small tattoos can range anywhere from $50 to $200, while larger and more complex designs can cost up to several thousand dollars. Talk with your tattoo artist for details and to get a quote for your specific design.

What is a hustler tattoo?

A hustler tattoo is a type of tattoo that draws inspiration from the street culture surrounding hustling, or the practice of selling goods and services for profit. The imagery associated with these tattoos often includes symbols such as money bags, guns, dice, playing cards, and other visuals related to making money illegally or through unconventional means. Other elements may also be included, such as an image of a hustler’s face. These tattoos often reflect the person’s ambition, motivation, and determination to succeed in life and make money.

What does a hustler tattoo symbolize?

A hustler tattoo is typically used to symbolize a person’s ambition and determination to succeed, as well as their willingness to take risks in order to achieve their goals. The imagery associated with these tattoos often includes symbols of money, luck, and power. It is also seen as a way for people to express gratitude for the opportunities they have been given in life, and to remind themselves of their goals and motivations. Ultimately, the meaning of a hustler tattoo is up to the wearer, and can be whatever they choose it to represent.

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