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101 Best Him And Her Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Him And Her Tattoos

Are you searching for a pair of matching couple tattoos? Wait. Stop right here and let us show you 10 amazing him and her tattoos that you’d undoubtedly love!

Him And Her Tattoo
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Matching tattoos are quite a common and popular choice for couples irrespective of their age.

Getting inked with the same design or two complementary tattoos is a powerful gesture for couples. Couple tattoos are a great option for eternalising the love and bond upon which a relationship or marriage is built.

There are many reasons behind people getting his and hers tattoos. It is after all a lifelong commitment just like a relationship or marriage is. Couple tattoos usually have a deep meaning, unlike materialistic things because relationship or marriage tattoos, a beautiful form of body art dedicated to one particular couple is always unique. And if both you and your partner love tattoos, what could be a better way to immortalise your love than getting a pair of meaningful couple tattoos? Matching couple tattoos are always incredibly romantic to get inked on your body along with your partner. It could be anything from a serious tattoo design to a set of funny couple tattoos when it comes to getting cute couple tattoos engraved on your skin. A couple of matching tattoos is a unique tattoo form holding deep symbolism exclusive to each individual couple. Things like common interests, inside jokes or a favourite quote that best defines your relationship make up unusual tattoo ideas. Because there is probably nothing better than a piece of body art that is understood by and relatable to only one person other than the owner of the tattoo. Tattoos for couples should be selected based on how much they can spend, their ability to endure pain and their need to hide a tattoo in a work environment. You can also always go for big tattoos. But a small piece of art could be equally meaningful and effective. Matching couple tattoos can be worn as anything from a handpiece to an ankle tattoo. But the placement of the matching tattoos should always be on the same body parts of the wearers and should be decided based on the size and shape of the tattoo. Some common and classic designs for couple tattoos are matching tattoos for couples that say ‘King’ and ‘Queen’, sexy couple tattoos based on sexual innuendos, child(ren)’s name(s) for married couple tattoos, each other’s name’s initial tattoos, similar themed feminine minimalist tattoo and masculine small tattoo for couples, common favourite animal tattoos, matching tattoos based on a fictional couple.

In this article, we have created a list of matching couple tattoo ideas that would make extremely cool couple tattoos. Since you already are here, we believe you’re sure about your lover and getting matching tattoos with them. So keep on reading to know more about some really cool designs of couple tattoos because each set of these tattoos is one-of-a-kind and has a special meaning.

Anniversary Date Ring Finger Tattoos

Anniversary Date Ring Finger Tattoos
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Ring finger tattoos for couples are probably the most in-demand among other couple tattoo designs. In the time of tattoos, wedding rings may seem outdated to couples who want to do things in unconventional ways. Tattoos are a lifetime commitment whereas you can easily take your wedding ring off whenever you want to. These tattoos are two tattoos with a matching design on the fingers of a couple. It showcases their special, significant date in the DDMMYY format. If you want something simple, small or minimalistic, we’re sure, you wouldn’t regret getting these done.

Matching Yin Yang Tattoos

Matching Yin Yang Tattoos
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The ancient concept regarding Yin Yang says that they symbolise two halves that are exactly the opposite of each other but fit together like a puzzle to make a full circle. Yin is referred to as feminine energy whereas Yang refers to masculine energy. Among many other differences, Yin is black, and Yang is white. This tattoo featuring mountains and sea in the Yin Yang is perfect for those couples who are poles apart but have differences that are complementary. If you and your partner relate to this theory, then go for this one.

Matching Crown Tattoos For King And Queen

Matching Crown Tattoos For King And Queen
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Crown tattoos are more popular among young couples than one could imagine. Because what is a king without a queen? Getting king and queen tattoos is a great option for showing the love a couple has for each other. Tattoos like these showcase how powerful and strong love can be. With the size of these tattoos changed, couples can wear them anywhere on their bodies. Be it on your finger or shoulder blades, crown tattoos would look good on any area you choose on your skin. So wait no more and get these inked ASAP!

Sun And Moon Couple Tattoo Designs

Sun And Moon Couple Tattoo Designs
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Even though sun and moon tattoos hold different symbolism in different cultures, they have a basic meaning. The sun and moon symbolise two opposite powers like day and night, or masculinity and feminity. Sun and moon tattoos complement each other and stand for wholeness, equilibrium and compatibility. If your partner and you have different personalities and it still never affected your relationship, or in fact made you two stronger, then these tattoos would be suitable for you. So find a good artist with a pair of steady hands, and you will be good to go.

Butterfly Tattoo – Him And Her Designs

Butterfly Tattoo - Him And Her Designs
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Butterfly tattoos usually stand for change and hope as caterpillars transform themselves into beautiful butterflies. But butterflies in couple tattoos could mean different things. If you and your lover or spouse have gone through a dark phase, and have stood by each other, this tattoo could be a reminder to let you know that everything will ultimately be okay if you stay together and be full of hope. You could also get this inked if your partner still gives you butterflies in your stomach. So go, start looking for skilled and trustworthy tattoo artists already.

Star Wars Couple Tattoos

Star Wars Couple Tattoos
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The scene portrayed in this tattoo is probably the best scene of ‘The Empire Strikes Back’. This conversation took place when Darth Vader was about to freeze Han Solo alive in carbonite. After he kisses Leia, unsure about his survival, Leia confesses her love to him. And he was supposed to say ‘I love you too’ but the actor improvised and said: “I know”. This has been an iconic dialogue ever since. So, if you and your partner love Star Wars, or Han and Leia as a couple, think no more and get these inked.

Matching Heart Tattoo Designs

Matching Heart Tattoo Designs
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This tattoo design presents a heart that is on fire. It’s literally a lit concept. Thus, if you and your partner set each other’s hearts on fire, you could totally consider having these inked on yourselves. Matching tattoos connect two lovers who are similar in nature for a lifetime. These tattoos are emojis, but you could always personalise your heart tattoos for yourselves. With some planning prior to the inking, some attention from your artist during tattooing, and some care from your end during the healing process, these tattoos will stand out in the crowd.

Joker & Quinn – Nerdy Couple Tattoos

Joker & Quinn - Nerdy Couple Tattoos
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These tattoos are references to two different famous DC movies. The first tattoo presents Joker’s face and his famous dialogue from The Dark Knight whereas the second one showcases Harley Quinn and the phrase written on her iconic crop top. If you and your partner or spouse are two nerdy DC enthusiasts with a bit of craziness, we suggest, you go for these tattoos featuring the insane couple. You can also choose different phrases or styles for the faces of Joker and Harley if you want. All in all, it would be a great choice.

Wanderlust Couple Tattoos

Wanderlust Couple Tattoos
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These tattoos feature beach waves with the sun on one and the moon on the other. Sun and Moon are considered masculine and feminine respectively. And that’s what makes the tattoos distinguishable. But the only thing constant in both of them is the waves. Thus it represents the love of the owners for travelling. And if travelling connects you to your partner, getting inked with these would be aesthetic. You can also get the waves changed to mountains if that’s your thing. So start looking for a tattoo artist with expertise and reasonable charges now.

Pride Flag – Gay Couple Tattoos

Pride Flag - Gay Couple Tattoos
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The rainbow flag we see on pride walks is known as the gay pride flag or the LGBT pride flag. The colours of the flag represent the diversities of queer people based on their sexuality and gender identities. And any couple, no matter if they are a part of the spectrum or not, can get these tattoos. Because it’s all about the support that the LGBTQ+ community needs from the world. So if you want to show your support or your pride for your queer selves, stop wasting your time and get on it already.

Among many other ways of flaunting the eternal love, two people have for each other, getting two same or similar tattoos inked on themselves is probably the best option a couple could go for. And couples of any age or generation could get couple tattoos as it is never too late to showcase the bond you share with your other half. Couple tattoos can be anything from cheesy and funny to artistic and abstract. A lot of people consider couple tattoos to be cringe-worthy, but their opinion should never stop you from celebrating the emotions you feel for your partner. If you have liked going through our list of matching couple tattoos, then we believe, to some extent, it has helped you make up your mind regarding which one you and your lover want. You can also be a bit creative by adding different things to a basic tattoo. But you still might want to think twice before you fixate on one particular tattoo idea since it is gonna be there on your body for a lifetime. Having said that, if you are still puzzled, here are some more couple’s tattoo ideas you can look up on the internet:

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What is the meaning of a him and her tattoo?

A him and her tattoo is a type of custom design that symbolizes the connection between two people. It can be used to represent a couple’s commitment, love, and bond. The design typically includes both his and her names, initials or symbols in one single image. Common symbols used include intertwined hearts, infinity signs, stars, arrows or even lock and key designs. Him and her tattoos can also include meaningful words, dates or lyrics that represent a special moment shared between the two people. These tattoos are usually placed on the wrists, ankles, arms, chests or necks to show off their unique bond with each other. A him and her tattoo is a great way for couples to permanently show off their love for each other.

What are some popular designs for a him and her tattoo?

Popular designs for him and her tattoos include interlocking hearts, infinity symbols, intertwined names or initials, lock and key designs, arrows, stars, crescent moons and feathers. There are also many popular quotes that represent the connection between two people such as “Forever is a long time but I wouldn’t mind spending it by your side” or “We are the perfect pair, complementary in every way.” Additionally, meaningful dates or lyrics from special songs can be included in a him and her tattoo design.

How should I go about choosing a design for a him and her tattoo?

When choosing a design for a him and her tattoo, it is important to consider what symbols are meaningful to you both. Think of memories or quotes that represent your relationship and use them as inspiration to create your own unique design. Make sure the design is something you both feel comfortable with; after all, you will be wearing it forever! Additionally, consider the size, placement and colors of the tattoo so that it looks perfect when finished. Finally, make sure to research any design you are considering since some symbols have varying meanings in different cultures. By following these steps, you can ensure that your him and her tattoo will perfectly symbolize your bond with each other.

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