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101 Best Hibiscus Tattoo Small Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Hibiscus Tattoo Small

Hibiscus is widely regarded as one of the most attractive flowers. Just like the flower, these hibiscus tattoos exist in a domain of their own.

Hibiscus Tattoo
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Without any distinct smell or unique feature, the hibiscus flower has managed to capture our hearts.

For most people, hibiscus is a symbol of ephemeral beauty, romantic love and passion, friendship, hospitality, and joy. It is these traits that have urged people to get a beautiful hibiscus tattoo.

The hibiscus, also known as china rose is a species of tropical hibiscus, a flowering plant in the Hibisceae tribe of the family Malvaceae. There are many types of hibiscus flowers. While the structure of all flowers is more or less the same, they differ greatly in colour. The most common one that we see is the red hibiscus. Apart from that, there are different colours of the flower pink. Some places even have white hibiscus. To date, a total of 37 different types of hibiscus are known to us. This particular flower is widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions but is not known in the wild so that its native distribution is uncertain. An origin in some part of tropical Asia is likely. It is widely grown as an ornamental plant in the tropics and subtropics.

Hibiscus is known to us as a common flower enriched with rare beauty, so it is a given that any hibiscus tattoo design will also be supremely beautiful and enriching. They, as said above, occur in various colours, and these colourful tattoos and mind-blowing tattoo designs just fill our hearts with warmth and joy. The symbolism of this flower can be traced back to the victorian era when gifting someone with a hibiscus meant the giver was acknowledging the delicate beauty of the recipient. In China, however, this flower symbolises the fleeting nature of fame and personal glory.

Hibiscus flowers also have many medical and culinary qualities. Apart from being a rich source of vitamin C, they also add fragrance and flavour to a variety of herbal teas. It has many skincare benefits, and are widely used as such. In addition to accelerating wound healing, it helps to reduce inflammation. You can also use hibiscus as an anti-hair fall agent, and to treat dandruff, dryness, frizz, and breakage.

Hibiscus tea gives a boost to our immune system and prevents cell damage caused by free radicals in the body. It also reduces the risk of developing many significant complications like heart disease and diabetes.

So, the hibiscus is a flower with many properties, used all around the world and the hibiscus tattoo not only promotes your love for the flower but also will connect you to the millions of people who benefit from it each day.

If you, like us, love this flower we promise you these hibiscus tattoo ideas will leave you wanting more.

Pink Hibiscus Tattoo

Pink Hibiscus Tattoo
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A true symbol of beauty, this tattoo portrays three dainty flowers with flowing petals. This is the perfect tattoo for you if your passion is flowers. The woman has chosen this tattoo, and we can all see it fits perfectly. The hue used by the tattoo artist has really brought to life the symbolic significance of this flower. Also, a closer look at it will reveal the intricate details the artist has put in. The pink hue, symbolising passion and friendship, bursts out in this artwork. Our hearts will with joy every time we look at it.

Purple Hibiscus Tattoo

Purple Hibiscus Tattoo
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This type of hibiscus occurs very rarely in nature. This tattoo represents one of the darker hues of purple. The shaded pattern on the petals gives it an exotic and ethereal look. This tattoo also depicts splashes of violet which are the flowing pollen, crucial for the next generation. The triangles were drawn by the artist at the bottom give it a sort of futuristic vibe so, if you are looking for a floral tattoo with a unique design, this is perfect for you.

Red Hibiscus Tattoo

Red Hibiscus Tattoo
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This is perhaps the most common type of hibiscus found in nature is this one. Red. This can be seen blooming almost everywhere. But, notice carefully, the design of this tattoo is pretty unique. Here we have more of a comic take on the flower. The stamens have been depicted with yellow, and instead of shading to denote the places where the petal of the flower curve, the artist has shaded them with a light red. If you like simple 2D design, you can surely try this out.

Hibiscus Tattoo With Small Hummingbird

Hibiscus Tattoo With Small Hummingbird
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Till now, all the tattoos we’ve seen were just a picture of the flower. What we have here is scenery with splashes of colour everywhere. This tattoo has been drawn with various colours, so bright that it will just light up your day. The scene depicts as the heading reads, a hummingbird and pink hibiscus. The intricate details on both, the flower and the bird are just amazing and nothing short of what one would paint on a canvas.

Small Hibiscus Flower Tattoo

Small Hibiscus Flower Tattoo
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Not everyone is fond of a huge tattoo and many want something a bit inconspicuous. If you are looking for a small hibiscus tattoo, this may be perfect for you. The woman in this artwork dons a small pink hibiscus on her upper back. Even though this tattoo is small, the detailing on this is on par with any larger tattoo. The pinkish hue denotes the flower and yellow denotes the stamens. Even the leaves have been drawn to perfection.

Hibiscus Bouquet Tattoo

Hibiscus Bouquet Tattoo
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Everyone knows the perfect gift for any occasion is a beautifully made bouquet. Here we see three beautifully hibiscuses drawn with bright colours tied together with a golden ribbon. The beautiful leaves surrounding the flowers make us wish we could gift that to our loved ones. Even the colours used are so lively. One red, one yellow with a hint of red, and another yellow.

Hibiscus Glitch Effect Tattoo

Hibiscus Glitch Effect Tattoo
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This next tattoo design is really a unique one. We all know what a glitch effect is. And believe us when we say it is really tough to draw, even on paper. So using the glitch effect like a tattoo requires incredible hard work. The tattoo has been drawn with black ink and then red has been used to outline it so as to provide a glitching effect, and we have to say the final result is mind-blowing. Not only does it portray the beauty of the hibiscus, but it also looks super cool.

Hibiscus Drawing Tattoo

Hibiscus Drawing Tattoo
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Now let us take a step towards the simpler domain. Maybe you don’t want all the intricacies of a high definition, super detailed tattoo. Well, you can 100% go for a tattoo like this. Simple, yet so elegant. No colour has been used in this tattoo except for black, used to outline the design. Even though the tattoo looks simple, it is not lacking in detail. Every part of it has been properly shaded and drawn to give it a look of eternal beauty.

Tribal Tattoo of a Hibiscus

Tribal Tattoo of a Hibiscus
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Now let’s see this other design rather than the plain ones we’ve been viewing. If you like unique stuff, maybe you’ll like tribal hibiscus tattoos. As you can see, tribal art deals with patterns and shapes. So, in this tattoo, you can clearly see the beautiful and intricate designs surrounding the magnificently drawn hibiscus. The red hibiscus paired with the black tribal designs takes us back to ancient India. The intricacies drawn on the flower are really commendable with each shaded part visible clearly. The tribal design that goes along with it has been drawn with black, spiralling along the flower giving it a heavenly feel.

Pink Hibiscus Bird’s Nest Tattoo

Pink Hibiscus Bird's Nest Tattoo
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This is one tattoo that you just cannot ignore. The beauty of this tattoo is unparalleled. The flowers in this artwork have been arranged in a way to create a beautiful nesting place for our little bird. The artist has not painted the whole tattoo, instead of colouring only parts of it like the bird’s neck and the flower. The leaves have also been left untouched, giving it an aesthetic feel.

That concludes our top 10, and if you’ve made it till here, we’ll assume you’re a fan of floral tattoos, hibiscus flower tattoos to be specific. Now, many people may think that getting flower tattoos may be feminine, or that flowers, in general, are feminine. That is true. Flowers are for everyone. If you think getting a flower will reveal your feminine side to the world, again you’re wrong. People go for tattoos for fun, or because of their symbolic significance. Hibiscus tattoo meanings are varied. Different flowers have different meanings. The white hibiscus, for example, along with beauty, promotes peace and brotherhood. The red ones portray romance, and so on.

If you ever make the bold choice of getting this tattoo, rest assured, you will not regret it. This tattoo suits men and women alike, and if you can wear this, then nothing will stop you from conquering this world.

If this has still left you wanting more, then here are some flower tattoo ideas, and flower tattoo designs you can try out:

  • Small hibiscus tattoo with dragonfly
  • Simple hibiscus flower tattoo small
  • Small hibiscus tattoo wrist
  • Hibiscus flower small tattoo
  • Hibiscus tattoo with original colour

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What does a small hibiscus tattoo mean?

A small hibiscus tattoo can represent many different things, depending on its design and the individual’s interpretation. Generally, this flower has been used to symbolize beauty, femininity, gracefulness, and resilience in Eastern cultures for centuries. The hibiscus is also a sign of friendship due to its deep roots in the cultures of the Pacific Islands. In modern times, some people may choose to get a small hibiscus tattoo as a reminder to stay strong in difficult times and maintain their femininity despite what life throws at them. Additionally, it can also stand for unity and connection—a perfect reminder that no one is ever truly alone. Ultimately, the meaning of a small hibiscus tattoo is individualized and can express whatever you, the wearer, want it to.

What is the best placement for a small hibiscus tattoo?

The placement of the tattoo is an important consideration. A small hibiscus tattoo will look great on the wrist, ankle, or behind the ear. These areas are visible but won’t take up too much space and offer a subtle way to express yourself. You can also opt for a larger piece that sprawls across your arm or rib cage for a bolder look. Ultimately, the best place for your hibiscus tattoo is one that fits with both your personality and lifestyle.

How much does a small hibiscus tattoo cost?

The cost of a small hibiscus tattoo will depend on your design and placement. Generally, these tattoos are relatively inexpensive, as they tend to be small and require minimal work from the artist. The cost could range anywhere from $50-100 for a very simple tattoo. If you’re opting for something more intricate or larger, then the cost could be more. Additionally, the location of the tattoo may also affect the price. Be sure to discuss all these options with your artist before starting your project.

How long does it take to heal from a small hibiscus tattoo?

Generally, smaller tattoos take less time to heal than larger ones. A small hibiscus tattoo will usually take about two weeks to heal completely, as long as you follow proper care instructions from your artist. It’s important to keep the area clean and moisturized while it heals in order to ensure that it looks its best.

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