10 Best Haunted House Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

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Haunted House Tattoos

Searching for some great haunted tattoo ideas? If you want a special Halloween themed haunted tattoo, you can find some choices here.

Haunted House Tattoo
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Haunted house tattoos are a great halloween themed tattoo design.

Haunted houses are all about creepy figures, ghosts, evil, etc. These spooky designs have a huge popularity among tattoo lovers.

These haunted house tattoos can be inspired by the haunted houses in the horror movies. The best way to get these tattoos are to include haunting ghost, scary scarecrow, evil witches, skeleton, spirits, carved pumpkins like jack o lantern, spider web, and many other ominous creatures. The haunted house tattoos are usually dark and black to capture the essence of scary theme in the tattoo world.

The Spooky Faded Haunted House Tattoo

The Spooky Faded Haunted House Tattoo
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This is a very light faded tattoo that is filled with various colours and a spooky vibe. In this haunted house tattoo design The tattoo artist has drawn a red moon to lay the base of the foundation which has a very scary and chilling appearance to it.

The tattoo artist has made the haunted house using black shaded ink and has incorporated various colours in the panels.

At the top of the haunted house we have bats and blings which is both spooky and little bit comical. Side by side the house we two comical faced ghosts. Right under the haunted house we have the jack-o’-lanterns pumpkins for extra accentuation on the spooky theme.

The Chilling Halloween Night Tattoo

The Chilling Halloween Night Tattoo
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This is a very clear animated yet a very spooky presentation of a haunted house. It is quite chilling. The entire haunted house has been drawn above a piece of an iceberg to accentuate the spooky chilling feelings.

The balance of the dark shading and the grey shading in the iceberg makes it look very realistic which is remarkable. Right on top of the haunted house we have a large dark and cold crescent moon that has been completely painted with the same dark black ink.

As it comes to the haunted house, the tattoo artist has made it with careful details like the top arches of the pillars are quite crisp and pointy which gives it a very spooky outlook. The shading of the windows and the outlines are quite spot-on as it gives it more depth and makes it look lifelike.

The Colours Of Evil Haunted House

The Colours Of Evil Haunted House
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This haunted house tattoo is a very skilled and dark-themed coloured one. The tattoo artist has although used colours in this tattoo but still the overall execution is still quite gloomy and spooky which is a great execution. The size of this tattoo is quite large and therefore it needs a bigger space to be tattooed on.

Another great feature of this tattoo is the fact that it is a good option for cover-up tattoos since it is quite dark and large in size it can cover any old mistakes in the old tattoo. The tattoo artist has very neatly drawn the fences that have that have an ombre effect just like the staircase. Then entire background around the haunted house is made using blue strokes of paint so that it looks more mischievous.

The Evil Ghost Of The Haunted House

The Evil Ghost Of The Haunted House
@joseprietotattoo via Instagram

In this haunted house tattoo tattoo artist has quite skillfully inserted a portrait of an evil ghost. The creativity behind this tattoo is absolutely stunning. Rather than making the ghost very mischievous or with scary expressions the tattoo artist chose to make it more creative and comical.

The ghost is of a turquoise blue colour with blonde hair and a nasty side eye look. The entire tattoo is basically inside a frame which makes it more creative. The haunted house at the back is quite dark and scary with orange lights peeking from its windows and Christ symbols on its roof.

Haunted Halloween House

Haunted Halloween House
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This tattoo can be referred to as a beautiful and creepy haunted house tattoo. Although, the tattoo artist has done a great job in making the haunted house very rustic and broken that has a few mendings here and there which tells us that it is quite old and unsupported.

The overall look of this tattoo is very creative as the tattoo artist has used “spooky colours”.

The Evil Mystery

The Evil Mystery
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In this haunted house tattoo, the tattoo artist has captured the essence of an uncanny and chilling environment. Right on top of the haunted house we have the outlines of a very dark smoky clouds which is a great detail to add. We also have various bats that are flying around the haunted house in the dark night sky.

The haunted house itself has been drawn and shaded to perfection. Right in front of the haunted house we have a graveyard with various tombstone sticking out. The inclusion of the of the willow tree makes this tattoo more frightening.

There is a great detailing of the fence and a path that leads toward the haunted house. The dark black willow tree with its shadows and various shadings makes this tattoo more endearing to look at.

The Sinister House

The Sinister House
@hammersmith_tattoo_london via Instagram

This eerie haunted house tattoo is one of our favourite picks. The haunted house has been tattooed with immense detailing and the spooky theme is outshining in this tattoo.

There is a huge willow tree that is devoid of any leaves and has strolls of paper hanging from its branch. The details of the smoke coming out from the chimney is very well executed as pattern used to talk to the smoke is more not like which is a difficult pattern to achieve.

Right in front of the house we have a graveyard with tombstones that are sticking out and some have fallen out of their graves. Also, there are cross stands in which a few of them have also fallen to the ground which is a bad omen. Overall the details of this tattoo is an absolute perfection.

The Two Storey Haunted House

The Two Storey Haunted House
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This house is more abstract and weird as compared to other haunted houses that we have seen so far. The house is quite tilted in various directions which makes it queer and frightening. Unlike other haunted houses which appeared more like huge castles, this one right here is a special two storey house which makes it unique.

The tattoo artist has outlined each and every detail with very thin strokes and has maintained a perfect balance between light and dark ink emphasis. The huge moon right behind the haunted house is quite enchanting.

Moonlight Terror

Moonlight Terror
@deanibeanii via Instagram

This is a masterpiece. There is darkness and evil vibes that run through the entire tattoo from top to bottom. Although it may look messy and chaotic however it is actually precisely detailed and shaded into perfection.

The use of smooth shading from dark to light to grey is absolutely spot on. The position of this tattoo is another positive feature as the moon that is glowing on top of the haunted house fits right in the knee area and the entire leg area is easily covered in the mysterious detailings of the haunted house.

The Fall Concept Haunted House

The Fall Concept Haunted House
@emma_louise_tattoos via Instagram

In this haunted house tattoo the tattoo artist has used the dot pattern technique in most areas. The structure, shape and the texture of the entire haunted house is quite neat, subtle yet elegantly witchy. The extra add-ons like the ghost, the pumpkins, the fallen leaves, the willow tree, the moon, the smoke coming out of the chimney and the stars are an amazing additional that makes this tattoo more charismatic and act as an evil element in this tattoo making it more uncanny and spooky.

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