11 Best Hair Dryers For Curly Hair

by Matilda Davies
Hair Dryers For Curly Hair

Reviewed & updated: March 28, 2023 by Jamie Wilson BA

Curly hair is notoriously difficult to manage and maintain, but the perfect blow dry can tame even the most unruly locks.

Natural curls are a blessing if you know how to handle them. They are great for men who want to rock long hair styles, shaggy styles or a messy bedhead look.

Whether you want your hair to dry straight and sleek or you embrace the natural curl, it’s vital to find the best hair dryer for curly hair to help you out. There is a lot to think about when it comes to finding the perfect blow dryer: from settings and attachments to new technologies and styles. Men with curls need to find a product that tames frizz, minimizes heat damage, and lets you live your best hair life. So we’ve done the work for you with this guide to the eleven best of the best. 

Hair Dryers For Curly Hair
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1800W Hair Dryer, Negative Ionic Blow Dryer Professional Salon Hair Blow Dryer Lightweight Fast Dry Low Noise, With Concentrator, Diffuser, 2 Speed And 3 Heat Settings

This tourmaline hair dryer from Jinri is a great basic dryer for men who want a no fuss solution to drying their curls. This dryer has three heat settings and two air speed settings so you can adapt it based on your hair type and the look you want. If you have dryer hair, it’s better to opt for a lower heat setting to keep frizz at bay and avoid heat damage. 

This dryer has ionic technology, which works by emitting negative ions which penetrate the hair fibres and dry them from the inside out. It breaks down the water particles in your hair to keep it smooth and shiny. Ionic dryers dry hair more quickly on a lower heat setting, which is great for keeping your curls healthy. It also comes with a detachable diffuser which helps to fight frizz and maintains your natural wave or curl pattern.

Dyson Hair Dryer, Iron/Fuchsia, 1200W

The Dyson Supersonic is one of the best known hair dryers in the game, and it definitely lives up to its name. It comes at a higher price point than most hair dryers on the market, but it’s an investment you won’t regret. While it was a surprising move from Dyson’s usual vacuum cleaner products, their foray into the haircare world has been extremely successful as they have been able to draw on years of expertise with small motors.

The powerful Dyson motor produces air at a higher velocity than most dryers for curly hair, which means you can dry your hair much faster. It has four heat settings and three speed settings so you can choose between a gentler dry and fast dry for when you’re getting ready in a hurry. It also has ionic technology to keep your curls frizz free and reduce static. Plus, it’s completely silent and cold to the touch, which you’ll only get with the Dyson supersonic.

Abody Professional Hair Dryer, 2200W Negative Ion Blow Dryer 2 Speed And 3 Heat Setting, Quick Dry Light Weight Low Noise Hair Dryers With Diffuser & Concentrator & Comb (Blue)

This is another amazing hair dryer with ionic technology that will give you smooth, sleek curls all day. The best thing about this hair dryer are the attachments. As well as the usual diffuser and directional attachments, this also has a comb attachment. While a diffuser will keep your natural curl pattern, a comb attachment will help to straighten your hair. This is ideal if you want a slick, pulled back look or if you want to avoid your curls getting tangled throughout the day. 

Most of the dryers for curly hair on this list will have a few heat settings, but one feature you should look out for is a cool shot button, which you get with the Abody dryer. If you’re styling your hair during the blow dry, the cool shot enables you to give your curls a quick blast of cold air which will hold the style in place. You need this if you want to change your parting, keep it pushed back or just minimise the amount of hairspray or gel you need for the style to hold.

Hair Dryer, CHJPRO Professional Hair Dryer AC 2300W Negative Ionic Hairdryer With Hot-Cold Heat Setting For Home & Salon, 2 Concentrators, UK plug (Black And Red Stitching)

If you’re looking for a powerful dryer for hair that’s thick or coarse, this product is ideal. It’s motor is 2300 watts, which is significantly higher than the standard 1800 wattage of most hair dryers. This will ensure you can dry your hair far quicker than with an average hair dryer. 

This model still includes a built-in negative ionic generator to give you a frizz free look all day long. It also includes ceramic technology which will help you avoid heat damage to your curls. Ceramic technology works by distributing the heat more evenly and emitting infrared heat which is less damaging for your hair. It’s definitely a feature to look out for if you have curlier hair, which can be more easily damaged.  

Revlon RVDR5823UK1 Fast And Light Hair Dryer

It’s time to get back to basics. If you’re looking for something simple, portable and great value for money, this Revlon hair dryer is the one for you. This is a great option if you travel regularly as it is lightweight and small enough to pop in your suitcase so you can keep your curls tamed while you’re away from home.

It still has three heat settings and two speed settings, so you have control over your blow dry. Plus, it also has a cold shot button so you can lock in your style and keep your curls healthy and frizz free. This is a great product on its own, or as an extra portable dryer for travelling.

Conair 1875 Watt 3-in-1 Styling System

This dryer is the best if you want to style while you dry your hair. It comes with three different attachments which will help you dry your hair in several different styles, depending on the look you want to achieve with your curls.

The styling comb will give you a straight and sleek style, which is far more efficient than using a flat iron to straighten your hair separately, and will avoid that extra heat damage. The bristle brush will give you volume and waves, if you want to embrace and pump up your natural curls. The detangling comb is perfect for coarse curls that you want to tame and avoid frizz. This product also has a cool shot button to lock in whichever style you choose. Plus, it’s dual voltage which makes it a great hair dryer to take travelling with you.

Panasonic EH-NA65CN Rose Gold Nanoe Hair Dryer For Visibly Improved Shine

This stylish hair dryer will give you everything you want from a great blow-dry. It has four heat settings and three-speed settings for ultimate control over your curls. Plus, the cool shot button will lock in your style. It comes with a diffuser for more textured styles and a concentrator for smooth, straighter hair. It releases negative ions to defeat frizz and dry your hair quickly with less heat damage. 

It also uses Panasonic’s nanoe technology which maximises moisture retention in your hair to keep it curly, smooth and shiny, and keep your scalp healthy too.

JINRI 2000W Professional Negative Ionic Hair Dryer, 3 Heat 2 Speed Plus Cool Settings With Diffuser & Concentrator, Long Cord Blow Dryer, Travel Salon Home use, Gifts, Women & Men, Purple

Another hairdryer from Jinri, this is a powerful, efficient blow dryer that will get your hair looking its best with ease. Most hair dryers have an AC motor, which are quieter so work well for people with roommates or who often blow dry their hair in the early morning or late at night. This dryer on the other hand uses a DC motor. They are much lighter weight than AC motors, so they make the drying process easier and more comfortable for those with longer or thicker hair.

This dryer has ionic technology which will keep frizz and heat damage at bay, and will retain the natural moisture in curly hair. It also comes with a diffuser and concentrator so it works with a range of different styles and hair dryers.

Remington D3190 Ionic Conditioning Hair Dryer For Frizz Free Styling With Diffuser And Concentrator Attachments, 2200 W

Remington is well known as one of the best blow dryer brands out there. This particular model combines the ceramic, ionic and tourmaline technologies used by many of the other products on this list. This will minimise frizz and keep your give you smooth, soft hair without sacrificing efficiency. Remington’s advanced coating technology also boasts triple the heat protection of other tourmaline dryers, so you can be sure you’ll beat the frizz.

What’s really exciting about this product is that it comes with micro-conditioner technology which will make curly hair healthier and less susceptible to heat damage that causes frizz. If your hair is on the dryer side, this is a great feature that you won’t regret trying. 

Hot Tools LIMITED EDITION Black Gold Revolutionary Volumiser

If you’re looking for something a little different to your traditional blow dryer, this is the perfect product. It’s a blow dryer, a hair brush and a volumiser all in one handy instrument. It still has the ionic technology of other hair dryers to reduce frizz and keep your hair looking and feeling healthy, but in a brush form that will smooth and style hair at the same time. It distributes heat evenly to avoid heat damage and comes with a rotating temperature styling control.

This dryer brush looks really expensive, with its limited edition black gold coating, but still comes at a lower price point than the Dyson supersonic dryer. It even has charcoal-infused bristles which will leave your hair feeling silky smooth. It won’t work so well for tightly curled looks, but if you straighten your hair often, this is a more efficient option that is healthier for your hair. It’s a highly professional product that also comes with a seven-year warranty, if you’re worried about trying a completely new type of dryer. But trust us – for sleek, straight looks, the results will speak for themselves.

Remington D3010 Power Dry Lightweight Hair Dryer, 2000 W

We have another entry for Remington! It’s one of the best brands out there when it comes to great hair dryers and this product is no different. Another ionic dryer, this one uses an anti-static ceramic grille to avoid damage to your hair, reduce frizz and keep your curls soft and luscious. The reviews all maintain that this hair dryer will reduce your blow drying time with its great airflow and retains the moisture in your hair. It also comes at a great price for such a professional hair brand. 

This dryer also comes with an eco setting, so you can nourish your curly hair while saving energy, which is great for your wallet and the planet.

What You Need To Know To Find The Best Hair Dryer For Curly Hair

A great hair dryer is a must-have for men with curly hair, whether you want to rock a straighter, sleek look or give some love to your natural curls. To avoid frizz, opt for a product with ionic technology which will maintain your curls and keep them shiny and smooth. If you’re worried about heat damage, find something with ceramic technology that will use infrared heat to keep your curls healthy. Any of these products will give you the heat and speed you need to get an efficient blow dry and live your best hair life.

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