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12+ Girly Scorpio Sign Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Scorpio Symbol Tattoo

Buckle up, stargazers and ink aficionados alike, as we venture into the tantalizing realm of Scorpio-inspired zodiac tattoos and body art. As an old hand in the tattoo biz, I’m here to let you in on a little secret – there’s no better way to flaunt your cosmic heritage than with a tattoo reflecting your zodiac sign. And for all the fierce and fiery Scorpios out there, have I got a treat for you!

Girly Scorpio Sign Tattoo

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First things first, we need to dispel some myths here. Poor Scorpios, they always get a bad rap, don’t they? Labeled as vengeful and feisty, they’re often the misunderstood outcasts of the zodiac family. But in my experience, they’re some of the sweetest folks you’ll ever come across.

Having a birthday tucked between October 23 and November 21 makes you a very Scorpio zodiac too. There’s something about these autumn babies – they’re incredibly psychic, passionate, and fiercely independent. That’s right, Scorpios are as intriguing as they come, with the eighth sign of the zodiac chart and ruled by enigmatic Pluto. They’re the namesake of the constellation Scorpius, represented by a glyph resembling a lowercase ‘m’, boasting a potent stinger at the tail end.

There’s a magnetic pull to Scorpios that’s hard to resist. They’re a bit like a mystery novel, all intuition, clairvoyance, and an innate sense of secrecy. It’s this secretive demeanor that leaves people guessing, wondering what their next move might be. Also, let me tell you, Scorpios have seen their fair share of life. If you’re deemed trustworthy by a Scorpio and they offer you their heart, consider yourself privileged. But remember, November-born Scorpios may exhibit these traits more prominently than their October counterparts.

Scorpios can be a paradox – independent, at times brusque, even arrogant, yet harboring an emotional depth that they only reveal to those closest to them. If you’ve just started to get to know a Scorpio, prepare to be pleasantly surprised by their fierce loyalty. Treat a Scorpio right, and they’ll reciprocate with passionate love. But beware – cross a Scorpio and they’ll see through your deceit, leaving you smarting from their stinger’s sting.

So, all you proud Scorpio ladies out there, if you’ve been on the hunt for a feminine, Scorpio-themed tattoo that perfectly encapsulates your dynamism, hold onto your hats. I’ve got some stellar Scorpio tattoo designs up my sleeve that are bound to make your heart race and reflect your electrifying personality in all its stinging glory.

To conclude, whether you’re a seasoned tattoo veteran or a curious novice, a a Scorpio astrology-themed tattoo is an exciting way to celebrate your unique zodiac identity. Just remember to choose a design that resonates with you on a personal level and captures the essence of your Scorpio spirit. After all, a tattoo is more than just a design – it’s a piece of your story, inked for the world to see.

Scorpio Script Tattoo

Scorpio Script Tattoo

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First up, we have the classic Scorpio script tattoo. It’s as straightforward and no-nonsense as you Scorpios out there. All you need to do is find a font that resonates with your style, and have your tattoo artist etch it onto your skin. Take a look at this ‘Scorpio’ script tattoo in a playful Bratz font for inspiration. It’s cute, bold, and perfectly captures that Scorpio sass. It’s a great pick if you’re looking to tattoo ‘Scorpio’ but want to stray from the beaten path.

Scorpio Symbol Tattoo

Scorpio Symbol Tattoo

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Next, we have the timeless Scorpio symbol tattoo. Represented by an ‘m’-shaped glyph with a potent stinger, this tattoo design is a fan-favorite among Scorpios. You can jazz it up with custom details like flowers, constellations, or stars. Check out this minimalist design, where the Scorpio symbol is paired with a constellation backdrop. It’s a stunning testament to how even the simplest Scorpio zodiac symbol, can be elevated to a work of art.

Realistic Scorpion Tattoo

Realistic Scorpion Tattoo

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Speaking of art, have you considered a realistic scorpion tattoo? After all, the scorpion is the spirit animal of the Scorpio sign. Its ability to remain unseen, protect itself, and pack a punch with its stinger, makes it the perfect for Scorpio sign tattoos and emblem. This realistic scorpion design has been inked to perfection, complete with stunning color shading to give it a metallic look. Want to make it pop? Add floral elements to the design, and you’ve got yourself a head-turner.

Realistic Scorpion Tattoos

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Scorpio Constellation Tattoo

Scorpio Constellation Tattoo

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Why not consider a Scorpio constellation tattoo? Ruling the skies from October 24 to November 21, the Scorpius constellation is the birthplace of the first Scorpio zodiac sign tattoo. It’s a unique take on the classic Scorpio tattoos and adds a touch of cosmic wonder to your ink. Take this design for instance – a petite Scorpius constellation with the Scorpio symbol nestled within. It’s a minimal, stunning piece that will surely have onlookers doing a double take.

Tribal Scorpion Tattoo

Tribal Scorpion Tattoos

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The tribal scorpion tattoo, teeming with heritage, power, and a touch of mystique, is a fantastic alternative to your typical scorpion ink. Symbolizing strength and loyalty, this style is a perfect match for all you steadfast Scorpios out there. Check out this example, featuring a bold tribal scorpion design in stark black ink. Perfect for Scorpio men and women both, it’s a statement piece that’s sure to turn heads.

Tiny Scorpion Tattoo

Tiny Scorpion Tattoo

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Now, if you’re a fan of the covert and enigmatic aspects of your Scorpio personality, a tiny scorpion tattoo designs just might be right up your alley. Don’t be fooled by the size – a minimalist scorpion tattoo packs a punch and is ideal for those of you who prefer less commitment to size. This design showcases a petite, vibrant red scorpion tattooed on the hip – sensual, feminine, and distinctly Scorpio. The fiery red tone perfectly encapsulates the passion of Scorpio women.

Chrysanthemum and Scorpion Tattoo

Chrysanthemum and Scorpion Tattoo

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Next, why not consider a fusion of flora and fauna? A chrysanthemum and scorpion tattoo is a beautiful emblem of friendship, love, and loyalty, all characteristics synonymous with Scorpios. The bold, emotional nature of the scorpion zodiac chrysanthemum mirrors the Scorpio spirit flawlessly. This particular design portrays a scorpion set against a field of red chrysanthemums – a symbol of love that perfectly captures the essence of Scorpio natives.

Woman Scorpio Tattoos

Woman Scorpion Tattoo

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Let’s take a more artistic spin with a woman scorpion tattoo design. This is an especially fitting choice for Scorpio women. This tattoo design shows a single line art of a woman with braided hair, but the catch is – the ends of her braid form a scorpion’s stinger! This minimalist yet impactful design is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for something unique and meaningful.

Yin Yang Scorpio Tattoo

Yin Yang Scorpion Tattoo

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We have the Yin Yang tattoos for women Scorpion tattoo. Stemming from Chinese philosophy, the yin yang symbol represents unity amid diversity, demonstrating how contrasting elements can actually be interdependent and complementary. The yin is emblematic of femininity, darkness, and passivity, while the yang stands for masculinity, light, and the divine. For all you Scorpios seeking a tattoo design that carries profound significance, this one should definitely be on your radar for your next tattoo appointment.

Outline Girly Scorpio Sign Tattoo

Outline Scorpion Tattoos

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we have the Outline Scorpion tattoo. It’s all about minimalist charm with a rich undertone of meaning. Perfect if you’re chasing an aesthetic, almost Tumblr-esque vibe, this design highlights a Scorpion traced purely in black ink. Now, let me offer you a piece of advice here: if you decide to go with a delicate outline design like this, make sure you find a tattoo artist experienced in fine detail work. One minor slip can completely throw off your masterpiece, so be sure to do your homework when choosing an artist.

So there you have it, folks! Two top-tier Scorpio zodiac tattoo designs that encapsulate the fierce, passionate energy of this unique zodiac sign. Whether you’re drawn to the profound symbolism of the Yin Yang Scorpion or the minimalist appeal of the Outline Scorpion, remember that the perfect tattoo is the one that resonates with you personally.

More on Girly Scorpio Sign Tattoo

The Girly Scorpio Sign Tattoo beautifully encapsulates the essence of the zodiac sign Scorpio, known for its passion, mystery, and strength. At the heart of these designs is the scorpion symbol tattoo, a powerful visual representation of the Scorpio’s natural intensity and resilience. Women Scorpio tattoos specifically infuse these designs with an added layer of femininity, presenting a blend of delicate charm and fierce independence. Tribal scorpion tattoos designs further enhance this depth, introducing historical symbolism and a sense of collective loyalty, which perfectly reflects the Scorpio’s profound ties to community and heritage. The feminine scorpion tattoo is a subtler interpretation, embodying the softer, yet no less potent, side of the Scorpio persona. Opting for small Scorpio tattoos or even a small Scorpio zodiac sign creates an element of mystery and discretion, resonating with the Scorpio’s notoriously secretive nature. The incorporation of various Scorpio symbols in these tattoos further amplifies their meaning, transforming them from mere designs into profound, personalized expressions of the wearer’s identity. Finally, the Scorpio astrology sign tattoo is a testament to the wearer’s pride in their star sign, etching this celestial identity into their skin for the world to see and appreciate.


As we wrap up this celestial tattoo tour, I can’t help but reminisce about the countless Scorpio-inspired designs I’ve seen, and let me tell you, they’re as diverse and vibrant as the folks bearing them. Going under the needle might seem daunting, but the end result—an inked badge of honor embodying your fierce Scorpio spirit—makes it worth the ride.

Sure, there are pros and cons to getting inked. On the one hand, tattoos are a commitment. They last longer than a New York minute and might leave you a few hundred bucks lighter. And let’s not forget the sting – but hey, as a Scorpio, you’re no stranger to that! On the other hand, they’re an exceptional form of self-expression. They tell your story in a language as ancient as time.

And why do I dig these Scorpio tattoo ideas? Well, they capture the duality of your sign in a way that’s both captivating and authentic. Each design echoes the passion, mystery, and innate resilience that Scorpios are known for. And in my book, a tattoo that reflects your soul is priceless. So here’s my two cents, my friends: if you’re a Scorpio looking to wear your heart on your skin, these designs are a stellar place to start. Trust me, you’ll be turning heads faster than a scorpion’s sting!

Ideas For Men And Women

Ideas For Men And Women
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Tattoo Designs Scorpio

Tattoo Designs Scorpio
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Tattoos Design On Shoulder Ideas

Tattoos Design On Shoulder Ideas
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What is a scorpio sign tattoo?

A scorpio sign tattoo is a tattoo that represents the zodiac sign Scorpio. This tattoo can be worn by anyone, but it is especially popular among people who identify as Scorpio. The design of a scorpio sign tattoo can vary depending on the artist, but it often includes a scorpion or other elements associated with the astrological sign.

What are some popular designs for scorpio sign tattoos?

Some popular designs for scorpio sign tattoos include scorpions, snakes, and skulls. These elements are often associated with the zodiac sign Scorpio. Other common design elements include stars, moons, and planets. The sky is also a popular theme for scorpio sign tattoos.

How much will a scorpio sign tattoo cost?

The cost of a scorpio sign tattoo will vary depending on the size, complexity, and location of the tattoo. Tattoos are typically priced by the hour, with smaller tattoos costing less than larger tattoos. The average hourly rate for a tattoo artist is $120.

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