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101 Best Giraffe Tattoo Ideas You Have to See to Believe!

by Jamie Wilson
Giraffe Tattoos

Looking for giraffe tattoo ideas to ink yourself with? Find some of the most popular giraffe tattoo ideas on this list compiled by us!

Giraffe Tattoo
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Giraffes and elegance are unconsciously related to each other as giraffes are the symbol of grace and resourcefulness in the wild.

These animals are unique to sub-Saharan Africa as a result of which many people on the African continent view this animal in an interesting mannerism. The giraffe symbolism stands for elegance, patience, intuition, vulnerability, resourcefulness, dependability.

These beautiful animals are best known to be symbols of aspiration because of their graceful behaviour and large stature. As the world of tattoos expands, the more intricate tattoos become as they have a variety of meanings and symbolism hidden in them. Giraffe tattoos are a great way to pay tribute to these interesting animals as people can get their tattoos designed the way they like it and although, some might find it weird, to others the giraffe is an animal they choose to relate with due to the unique symbolism and importance of the animal in different point or periods of the history of the animal kingdom.

Giraffes have been the base of art for people who spiritually connect with the animal and many a design have been formed around their elegance. If you are looking for a different approach to create your own designs, then you can easily do it through tattoos as they are flexible enough to include a variety of additions with symbolism that means something to you in your life.

Geometric Giraffe Tattoo Design

Geometric Giraffe Tattoo Design
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Geometric tattoos are unique and beautiful in their own way and are a great design that many people who are fans of geometric designs would want to get inked on their bodies.

This small giraffe tattoo is a great addition to you as it follows the popular simplistic geometric design that people have come to love. The black ink perfectly creates the core of the tattoo with the giraffe head and helps people who are in the search of grace, inner beauty, and self-dependability.

Giraffe symbols like this tattoo are a great way to ink yourself in a way that will look good and graceful without the inclusion of colours on the body of the tattoo.

Minimalistic And Simple Giraffe Tattoo Design

Minimalistic And Simple Giraffe Tattoo Design
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Minimalistic tattoo ideas have become one of the main elements in the world of tattoos and small minimalistic giraffe tattoo designs like this are among some of the popular ideas that combine a small tattoo body with a hint of watercolour to give the tattoo a different and more graceful lifelike approach.

Small tattoos like this design are a great addition to the body for people who want a tattoo but don’t want prying eyes among other complications. The perfect placement for tattoos like this is the arm, but if you’re comfortable enough to flaunt it, getting this inked on your neck or legs will be a good way to show it off.

Arm Sleeve Cute Giraffe Tattoo Design

Arm Sleeve Cute Giraffe Tattoo Design
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There is no denying that giraffes, especially baby giraffes, are cute to look at. If you’re in the search of adorable tattoos, then this giraffe tattoo is something that you should consider!

Tattoos like these are especially popular among women thanks to their good looks that combine a cartoony idea with the distinct colour patches that give the tattoo a life of its own as it adds an element of cuteness that you will certainly love on your skin.

Although the best placement for tattoos like this is usually the arm, if you want to change the position, then your legs or shoulder can be a good choice. If you’re not sold on the default design and want it to look more personal, then you can easily add any number of elements to it to create something that you love and add meanings of your own to the design.

Funky Chest Giraffe Tattoo Design

Funky Chest Giraffe Tattoo Design
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Funky tattoos are often preferred by personalities who live a happy-go-lucky life as they add a colourful look to the body with their vibrant ink work.

This tattoo is among the few ideas that know how to bring out the best of an idea by making strong use of colours that are flawlessly combined with abstract artwork that might suit your happy personality.

Just like in this tattoo, colours can add life to a simple portrait by the addition of small elements that make the tattoo pop out and become more eye-catching.

As is the case with most tattoos, if you don’t like the base design, you can easily add any number of elements in the tattoo that you know will resonate with the meanings that you want to portray.

Mother And Baby Giraffe Tattoo Design

Mother And Baby Giraffe Tattoo Design
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Giraffes, especially the mother giraffes, are known for their sensitivity, intuition, grace, patience, and kind nature. These creatures have strong emotions that they often portray by the act of necking their young ones in their moment of vulnerability.

This tattoo design can be a great addition to your body if you are someone who wants to show some love to your family as it uses the baby giraffe as a focal point of the design as it is protected by the parents and provided with love in its life.

Ideas like this do not only look good but are full of meanings that pay tribute to the importance of family in your life. So, a baby giraffe tattoo is recommended for both men and women who might want to show love for their loved ones.

Art Nouveau Giraffe Tattoo Design

Art Nouveau Giraffe Tattoo Design
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Art nouveau, since its inception, has held its own in the art world through its use of a unique decorative art style. The art style has evolved over the years and has become a mainstay in the industry as it has been used in a good number of tattoos over the years.

This tattoo is a stunning piece of artwork as it incorporates the art nouveau style into the design by interpreting the cycle of life through the design.

Only the neck of the giraffe is visible throughout the design as it flawlessly mixes into the heart at the base of the tattoo that is intricately designed with flowers and plants.

This design is best suited to the arm and legs but if you want something different, you can get this inked on your neck as it flows down to the back of the body.

Tiny Giraffe Tattoo Design

Tiny Giraffe Tattoo Design
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When you think of giraffes, the first thing that comes to mind is the animal’s long stature amongst other things like gracefulness, intuition, vision, patience.

This tiny or small giraffe tattoo is different from the long-form tattoos that are usually common with a tribal giraffe tattoo. Tiny tattoos like this design can be great additions to your body if you want to add a small tattoo instead of the usually long tattoos based on giraffes.

The concept of the tattoo is simple enough with minimalistic ideas behind it as it provides you with a platform to convey how you think your ideas should be.

A small giraffe tattoo like this can also be easy to hide which means you can get it any part of the skin that you’re comfortable with.

Watercolour Giraffe Tattoo Design

Watercolour Giraffe Tattoo Design
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Watercolour tattoos are one of the famously known tattoo ideas that are an absolute visual treat to look at thanks to their amazing ink work and colourful nature.

This tattoo concept takes the idea of just drawing the head of the giraffe in a symmetrical fashion with some of the lines still visible. The watercolour around the giraffe’s head creates a frame in which the portrait easily slots as it makes use of the two ideas which are the colours and the black giraffe design.

If you want to make this even more quirky then you can easily make this a two-headed design and change the concept to your ideas.

Graceful Leg Giraffe Tattoo Design

Graceful Leg Giraffe Tattoo Design
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Giraffes are for most parts of their lives, linked with the idea of being elegant due to their height and the vision with which they see lives around themselves.

The idea behind this tattoo is to make the animal look elegant in its own way by creating the portrait in a frame that represents the civic crown-like design that is created using flowers and vines.

Tattoos like this are excellent for men and women who are in the search of a tattoo that looks neat.

Thigh Giraffe Tattoo Design

Thigh Giraffe Tattoo Design
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We saved the coolest for the last! In a world of amazing tattoo patterns, this stunning tattoo idea is one of the coolest there is as it is full of details and elements that make use of giraffes and the gracefulness with which they live their life in the wild.

The two giraffes in the tattoo are drawn to perfection with amazing detailing that includes a frame that is made up of flowers with the giraffes being the centrepiece as they gracefully living their life. This good tattoo design is the perfect description of intuition, patience, and grace that make the animal stand out in the wild with its detailed work.

Here are some other suggestions of giraffe tattoos for you to choose from:

  • Cartoon giraffe tattoo
  • Giraffe in circus tattoo
  • Art Deco Giraffe tattoo
  • Mandala giraffe tattoo

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What does a giraffe tattoo mean?

A giraffe tattoo typically symbolizes patience, grace, intelligence and protection. It can also be a representation of your journey in life, as the long neck is seen as a metaphor for looking ahead towards the future. In some cultures, the giraffe is also thought to bring luck or bring good fortune to those who wear it. The imagery of a giraffe can also represent strength and resilience, as it is one of the tallest animals in the world. However, ultimately the meaning behind a giraffe tattoo will depend on what the individual wearer wants to express with their ink.

What are the different styles of giraffe tattoos?

Giraffe tattoos can come in a variety of different styles. Examples include traditional, neo-traditional, blackwork, watercolor, and minimalist designs. Traditional giraffe tattoos usually feature the animal in full color with realistic detailing to bring out its features. Neo-traditional designs often have a bolder style that focuses on bright colors and thick lines. Blackwork designs usually feature the giraffe in black or grey ink, while watercolor tattoos involve splashes and drips of color to give it a soft but vibrant aesthetic. Minimalist designs are popular for their simplicity, often using abstract lines to create the silhouette of a giraffe. Ultimately, the style chosen will depend on what look the individual wearer wants to achieve.

How can I design my own giraffe tattoo?

Designing your own giraffe tattoo can be a fun and creative process. First, decide what message you want to convey with the tattoo, as this will help guide your design decisions. You can also pick from a variety of different styles such as traditional, neo-traditional, blackwork, watercolor, or minimalist designs. Once you have decided on the style, you can start sketching out a design. Many tattoo artists offer custom designs, so you may want to consult with one to get feedback on your ideas or help you refine the final look of your giraffe tattoo. Finally, pick a location that best suits your design and lifestyle – this will ensure that the tattoo looks its best and fits in with your daily routines.

How much does a giraffe tattoo cost?

The cost of a giraffe tattoo will depend on the size, style, complexity, and location of the ink. Generally speaking, most small tattoos can range from $50 to $200 dollars while larger ones start at around $300 or more. It’s important to keep in mind that some tattoo artists may charge by the hour instead of per piece, so be sure to ask about their pricing policies before getting your tattoo. Additionally, the price of a giraffe tattoo may be higher if you opt for more intricate designs or specialized inks such as glow-in-the-dark or metallic shades.

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