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10 Best German Watches In The World Right Now

by Sheena Hanley
Best German Watches

What is the best German watch?

The Swiss may be known for their watches, and the Japanese also offer impeccable limited edition releases, but German watches are also well known for their reputation of expert craftsmanship and dedication to design – components that have been a mainstay in German culture for centuries. 

The list of excellence from all things German extends from the cars they manufacture, the beer they produce, and the watches they infuse with their technical brilliance. Watches in German culture are revered for their attention to detail and when it comes to the art of watchmaking, the watches German companies produce are able to make the case for being among the best in the world right now. 

Noted German watches include brands that are celebrated the world over, from Montblanc and Archimedes, to Damasko and Junkers. The expansiveness of watches in Germany and their excellence in the watch industry goes far beyond these brands, however. For men that are in search of a formidable watch brand to flash on their wrists, limited edition pieces that are new releases, we have compiled a list of some worthy watches Germany are known for and that are deserving of your devotion.

Are German watches any good?

Watches made in Germany carry a distinctive look and aesthetic that is impossible not to notice, even for those that don’t consider themselves connoisseurs. This high standard of building purposeful watches that boast the best of engineering and innovation is evident across many German brands, many of which have made a name through excellent metalwork and outstanding durability. The best aspect of securing German watches is that they offer a wide range of products that work with every lifestyle and budget, from the limited edition to more affordable mid-range options. At the end of the day, what your watch says about you speaks volumes. The following are some of the German watch brands Outsons has curated that definitely complete an outfit, make an unforgettable impression, and represent some of the best of the best. 

Braun BN0095 Chronograph Watch

Known for their cutting-edge approach to watchmaking, Braun has been a perennial favourite among men that revere German watches for generations and they have kept their name attached to modernity by utilising design components that are big on function as well as fashion. The Braun BN0095 Chronograph Watch certainly fits the bill as a sleek option that comes with all the bells and whistles a man could want, plus a few additions that they may not have even considered. Made of brushed steel, this watch features a one link design, a steel strap, Swiss quartz chronograph movements that measure up to 12 hours and down to the second. Men that are in search of a understated, conservative watch that epitomises class and distinction would do well to add the Braun BN0095 to their collection. Its classic analog aesthetic and sleek design has everything necessary to take your formal style to the next level. 

Junkers 6730M-1 Series Eisvogel F13

Upon first glance, anyone taking in the visuals the Junkers Eisvogel presents will find it hard to look away because of its beautiful design. The mesh stainless steel strap uses a minimalist approach to make a bold statement. It is one of those German watches that delivers on all fronts, featuring a precision quartz movement, hardened crystal glass for shatter and scratch resistance, 50 meters of water resistance, a jewellery style clasp, and a few other surprises. Elevate any power suit with this stunning watch that makes quite the style statement without overstating your case. Men that are looking to join the next level of serious watches can enter with this confident addition to their accessories collection. 

Botta Design Nova Titan

Whoever said that the unconventional could never be associated with German watches has failed to be properly introduced to the new ways in which the country has led the progressive revolution of noting time. Botta has snagged industry awards for many of their German watches and also their new Nova Titan, an extremely light and insanely flat watch that is the ultimate in chic and sleek. Wearers may barely be able to feel this edition on their wrists, but passersby will be unable to escape the visuals on this stunning watch that boasts Swiss precision fuelled by German production. Botta came to this design by using high-tech titanium with a resistant black PVD coating for a semi-gloss look that makes this German watch look more expensive than it is. The Botta Nova Titan is indeed an affordable option for men that want the finer things in life and are willing to invest in high-end products that last for years. 

Montblanc Sport Flyback Automatic 8466

There are few brands in the industry that carry the prestige and respect of Montblanc, one of the most iconic German watch brands available today. What sets these German watches apart from the others is exclusivity, exceptionalism, and pieces that are timeless in scope and design. The Montblanc Sport Flyback Automatic 8466 comes fully loaded with the features that justify its price and pedigree: 4819/905 Caliber self-winding movement for upgraded technical qualities, power reserve of up to approximately 42 hours, and water resistance at a depth of 200 meters. Additionally, this version possesses a screwed in case back, push-pieces that are fully insulated, a matching stainless steel case with black PVD. Visually stunning, the Montblanc Sport Chronograph Flyback Automatic 8466 is for men that go above and beyond in everything they do and aren’t afraid to show it. 

LB Lilienthal Berlin L1

German design combines with Swiss movement in the LB Lilienthal Berlin L1, their all-blue quartz watch that comes loaded with several easily manoeuvrable functions as well as pin-point accuracy that sets it apart from the contenders. Berlin is one of the cities of the moment, and the L1 celebrates German joie de vivre all while maintaining the essence of German quality in a watch that has been expertly crafted for city life and long weekends. Features that make this watch stand out include its deep all-blue monochrome design that glows in the dark for optimized effect. The battery is powered by Ronda movement that includes a separate second display for maximum precision, with the hands and numbers coated to glow in the dark. With a water and scratch resistant surface thanks to its sapphire hardened mineral glass and water resistance at up to 50 meters, the LB Lilienthal Berlin L1 offers the ultimate in urban sensibility. 

Junghans Max Bill

Junghans is a firm believer in a refined aesthetic, and under the tutelage of Max Bill, the brand has maintained a design that is subtle yet powerful all at once. Displaying the trademark look of the Bauhaus movement, the Max Bill line of watches celebrate the brilliance of designs that are stripped down in one way, yet bold and dynamic in others. Constructed with stainless steel and displayed beautifully on a matte silver-plated dial, the Max Bill features a matte silver dial, date display, automatic movement, a calfskin leather strap that is soft on the skin, and an impressive 38 hours of power reserve. There’s a reason why this is the most popular line from the brand, as it is the perfect complement to an outfit for its understated look that is still quite impressive to the eye. Men that prefer clean lines and subtlety will embrace the Junghaus Max Bill with open arms – and wrists. 

Sinn 556i

For a company that traces its origins back to World War II via fighter pilot Helmut Sinn, the brand that bears his namesake has produced an astonishing amount of watches that offer exceptional value and innovative design that continues to stand the test of time, generation after generation. Sleek, bold and a calling card for luxury, the Sinn 556i is just one offering in their line of products that are a definitive step up in presentation. 

What they bring to the table is worth nothing – sanitised stainless steel,  striking dial design, sapphire glass in the front and back of the case, 26 jewels, anti-magnetism, water resistance, and a whole lot more. Men that are negotiating the corporate path towards the big leagues can get a wrist up on the competition with this edition as it takes no prisoners and tells the world you mean business. 

MeisterSinger Neo NE907

We live in a frenetic world that never seems to slow down, but there are some things that make us stop still and take into account the finer things in life. The MeisterSinger Neo NE907 represents the answer to recalibrating such breakneck speeds thanks in part to its old-fashioned ‘50s design that celebrates the aesthetics of the era. What the Neo NE907 does better than most is play up ancient principles with a simple design that creates a classic timepiece – a technical and cultural marvel still in step with modern times, making it the perfect accessory for a black-tie event. Featuring a polished stainless steel case and case back, domed dial in grey, and black Arabic numerals and indices, MeisterSinger has crafted a watch that is in a league of its own and not afraid to show it through the most subtle of ways. 

Nomos Glashütte Tangente 38

When you are at the top of your game, it is easy to emit a cool confidence that resonates through each piece, and that is exactly what the Nomos Glashutte Tangente 38 brings to the forefront with its singular charm and clean lines. The first thing you will notice about this piece is the immaculate hand stitching across the Cordovan leather, a process that connoisseurs of craftsmanship will appreciate and respect. Although this Glashütte original model is classified as a mid-size watch, its light weight and sleek construction makes it a comfortable option to wear for both formal and informal occasions. There is no mistaking that the Nomos Glashutte Tangente 38 is in the upper echelon of watches with its singular approach and feel, but it is well worth the investment for its precision and dedication to quality through and through. 

Archimedes Carpe Diem Limited Edition

Archimedes is a relatively new imprint in the watch industry under the guidance of Ickler GmbH, a well-respected company when it comes to German watches. In only a few years time, the brand has upheld a respected position among watch enthusiasts, and the Carpe Diem Limited Edition represents everything Archimede is known for and continues their tradition of producing top quality products that push the boundaries of the industry. 

The Carpe Diem limited edition is a coveted watch in certain circles as production was limited to only 150 pieces, immediately making it a collector’s item. Since Archimedes manufactures all of their watches from start to finish in-house in Pforzheim, Germany, collectors are guaranteed the utmost in quality and value. Features for the Carpe Diem watch include a gold-plated lunette, Roman numerals against a white textured dial, water resistance, and comfortable brown leather bracelet. Archimedes offers the elegance men want in a watch plus the modern touches that ensure that it stands the test of time. 

Which German Watches Suit You Best?

Deciding on the right watch (or watches) may take some men longer than others before coming to a definitive conclusion. You will want a watch that matches your lifestyle, and delivers the functionality and quality you deserve. Once you factor in your budget and the impact you would like to make with your wrist action, the purchase will align with your character and personal style.

Feature image: @mikestuffler via Instagram

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