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101 Best Geometric Blackout Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Geometric Blackout Tattoo

Have you ever longed for a stylish geometric blackout tattoo? Spend a few minutes on this article to get some unique geometric blackout tattoo ideas

Geometric Blackout Tattoo
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Both geometric and blackout tattoos are new subjects that got popular in the world of body art recently because they provide the style statement of the tattoo holder with a completely new dimension and a unique look.

Geometric tattoo designs are known to symbolize order, mystery, symmetry, stability, and unity. While a geometric tattoo is worn by anyone who loves complicated designs, a blackout tattoo is mostly inked by folks who want to get rid of old or unwanted tattoos.

Even though it is considered that blackout tattoos are used as cover-up tattoo designs, it does not necessarily mean that people who do not have old or unnecessary tattoos to get rid of can’t get inked with one solid, bold blackout design. It has become a crucial design for tattoo enthusiasts because it spared them the trouble of going through laser removal treatment, especially when the treatment involves large areas of your skin being burnt, causing extreme pain. It is also true that getting a blackout tattoo hurts more than any other design because it requires a lot of ink to get injected into huge chunks of your skin. But once the pain vanishes, it leaves an outstanding tattoo art behind it. On the other hand, traditional tattoos, like different geometric tattoos, carry different meanings when inked on different parts of the body.

However, blackout tattoo designs in amalgamation with geometric patterns could produce some of the most diverse and attractive designs you could think of.

Forearm Geometric Blackout Tattoo

Forearm Geometric Blackout Tattoo
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The forearm is the most frequently tattooed body part because it doesn’t cause as much pain as other areas while getting inked, and a forearm tattoo is also capable of attracting attention from any and every direction. Therefore, most people who get tattooed for the first time prefer the forearm over all other body parts. But people’s tastes change with time, and a numbing sensation of what they have done to their skin creeps into their minds. And here comes the use of blackout tattoos. If someone does not want to go through laser removal treatment, a blackout tattoo is an ideal option.

In this tattoo, a beautiful blackout tattoo has been drawn with a heavily impressive work of mandala art done by the artist. Besides covering up old tattoos, the thin white net-like flowery edges of the mandala design produce a very subtle look.

Modern Geometric Blackout Tattoo

Modern Geometric Blackout Tattoo
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If you are bold enough to get a huge portion of your skin inked completely black, along with some cool geometric patterns, then this tattoo is the perfect one for you. People who often get inked with bad tattoo designs or have their ex-partner’s picture inked on their thigh or leg areas can choose this rather intense design.

The tattoo covers the entire lower area of the wearer’s body, from loins to ankles. The shiny and solid black portions of the tattoo creating a huge negative space, get separated by some cool strips. On the outer side of the thigh area, on the calf, and the knee, some very intricate and complex tetrahedron patterns are drawn. These patterns symbolize fire and the soul’s attachment to spirituality.

Flower Blackout Tattoo With Geometric Design

Flower Blackout Tattoo With Geometric Design
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This tattoo could be the ideal one for women who want to leave their irrational decisions of the past behind to set foot outdoors with a completely new look. This bold yet beautiful cover-up tattoo features a huge diamond-shaped geometric pattern drawn right at the center of the back. The pattern is surrounded by four Japanese peony flowers, which are symbolic of love, beauty, and nobility.

You can incorporate other creative designs as well and can also experiment with different flowers such as roses. If you experiment with colors, then different shades drawn on the flowers with white ink would also create a mystical look on the tattoo.

Geometric Blackout Tattoo With A Realistic Eye And A Biohazard Symbol

Geometric Blackout Tattoo With A Realistic Eye And A Biohazard Symbol
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This is perhaps the boldest geometric blackout tattoo in this lot. The chest area and the hands down to the elbow are thoroughly pigmented with black ink. There is a realistic eye tattoo beneath the chest. An eye in a tattoo usually refers to the “third eye”, which means the inner vision of humankind. But in many cultures, one eye also symbolizes the eye of the Almighty God. There is another interesting geometric symbol beneath the one-eye tattoo, which is known as the biological hazard or biohazard symbol. The symbol basically represents danger. It also means that the wearer is inflicted with HIV or AIDS. People also get inked with this symbol because it looks like a tribal sign.

This whole tattoo, with its different symbols placed in different areas of the body together, creates an awesome look that can fetch compliments from the onlookers.

Geomagnetic Blackout Dorsal Tattoo With A Butterfly Design

Geomagnetic Blackout Dorsal Tattoo With A Butterfly Design
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This could be a perfect tattoo for women who want a full blackout forearm tattoo with some elegant designs. In this tattoo, a beautiful butterfly is attached to the blackout forearm tattoo. The details on the body of the butterfly are truly admirable. As a butterfly stands for rebirth, in this coverup tattoo, the incorporation of a butterfly might symbolize the reincarnation of the wearer from the mold of her past life. There are also some wonderful dome-shaped geometric patterns drawn on the edge of the dorsal tattoo.

Flaunt this tattoo on your dorsal area, or you can also wear the tattoo on your feet.

Geometric Blackout Tattoo With Hercules’s Image

Geometric Blackout Tattoo With Hercules's Image
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The circle is probably the simplest geometric pattern, but it carries numerous symbolic meanings. A circle can mean unity, totality, perfection, and eternity. It can even symbolize the world itself.

In this tattoo, a massive blackout circle is drawn, which is supported on Hercules’s shoulder. The detailing of the figure of Hercules is beyond comparison. Hercules represents strength and power. Therefore, this whole tattoo might convey the wearer’s power of endurance as well as his sense of perfection in every aspect of his life.

Full Leg Geometric Blackout Tattoo

Full Leg Geometric Blackout Tattoo
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This striking blackout tattoo with classy mandala art would suit both men and women tattoo enthusiasts. This kind of tattoo is an ideal tattoo to cover your previous tattoos seamlessly. The solid black color is stretched from the middle of the thigh to the ankle. 

Since the thigh area is one of the least painful areas, you can get this tattoo done without having to tolerate the extreme pain that blackout tattoos usually cause. You can also experiment with the mandala art and incorporate some vibrant colors to make the tattoo suit your style.

Geometric Blackout Tattoo With An Owl And Skulls

Geometric Blackout Tattoo With An Owl And Skulls
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This is probably among the best black tattoos for men who prefer blackout tattoos to cover their old mistakes. The tattoo is stretched from the chest to both hands. There is a necklace of skulls right above the owl with its wings stretched to the fullest. Simply born nocturnal beings, owls symbolize vision, clairvoyance, and magic, and they are also the symbol of hope and courage in the darkest periods of one’s life. Skull, on the other hand, represents death, strength, and rebellion. For many people, a skull also symbolizes the afterlife.

The sleeves, however, feature complicated geometric patterns such as tetrahedrons, Metatron’s, cubes, vector equilibrium, and much more. The huge “flower of life” symbol on the right hand of the tattoo holder represents his positive vision of life.

Geometric Blackout Half Back Tattoo With A Colorful Bee and Flowers

Geometric Blackout Half Back Tattoo With A Colorful Bee and Flowers
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If you want a blackout cover-up for your old, unnecessary tattoo, but you also don’t want to miss the vibrancy colored tattoos usually offer, then this design is what you must take a glance at. The honeycomb pattern and the two daisies on it are inked with black ink. There is a huge queen bee drawn on the right side of the honeycomb, and the rest of the areas are surrounded by numerous colorful flowers and green stems. 

Bees are symbolic of wisdom, skillfulness, and loyalty. They are often considered the guardian of nature. Daisies, however, also stand for loyalty and love. The tattoo artist has done an excellent work by surrounding the blackout honeycomb tattoo with numerous colorful and natural elements to give the tattoo a sharp contrasting look.

Geometric Blackout Wrist Tattoo Idea

Geometric Blackout Wrist Tattoo Idea
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This tattoo has presented an amazing bracelet-like blackout tattoo that will look gorgeous on men as well as on women. Most of the details have been done on the dorsal side of the wrist from where the tattoo could be easily visible. There is a pine tree inked with solid black ink, and right beneath it, there is a beautiful mandala design inked with red color.

Pine trees, in Japanese culture, are symbolic of virtue, prosperity, longevity, and rebirth as well. In the Abrahamic religion, pine trees represent the conquering power of life over darkness. This tattoo will look even more stunning if you incorporate some bright and colorful mini flowers into it.

Compared to other tattoos, a blackout tattoo lasts pretty long. But, as time progresses, it gets absorbed by the skin, which might cause a little fading. If you are planning to get a geometric blackout tattoo, then make sure you really want it because a blackout tattoo takes a lot more sessions to be removed than any other ordinary one.

Some more amazing geometric blackout tattoo suggestions are as follows:

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What is a geometric blackout tattoo?

A geometric blackout tattoo is a unique and creative way of concealing existing tattoos or creating an entirely new design. The use of shapes like circles, lines, squares, diamonds and triangles to cover large portions of the skin can create visually stunning works of art. These blackout tattoos are often used to completely conceal existing tattoos or to add another layer of detail to a tattoo design. The use of geometric patterns can create interesting shapes that can add a modern touch to traditional tattoos designs. Geometric blackout tattoos are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to be detailed and creative while still allowing the wearer to conceal existing designs or create larger works of art.

What are the benefits of getting a geometric blackout tattoo?

There are several benefits to getting a geometric blackout tattoo, such as the ability to conceal existing tattoos. Blackout tattoos can be used to completely cover up an old or fading tattoo design and give it a much more modern look. Additionally, if you’re looking for a unique way to express yourself artistically, then blackout tattoos provide a great platform to do so. Geometric designs can be used to create intricate and detailed works of art that will last for years. Finally, blackout tattoos are usually much less painful than traditional tattooing since the designs are generally bigger and require fewer needles. This makes them a great option for those who may not want to endure too much pain during their session.

How much does a geometric blackout tattoo cost?

The cost of a geometric blackout tattoo will depend on the size and complexity of the design. Generally speaking, they tend to cost more than traditional tattoos due to the amount of time and detail that goes into creating such intricate designs. However, it is important to note that getting a blackout tattoo can be cheaper in the long run since it eliminates the need to get a full cover up tattoo or completely remove the original design. Prices may also vary depending on where you go and the artist’s experience level, so it is important to shop around to find the best deal.

Will my geometric blackout tattoo fade over time?

As with all tattoos, geometric blackout tattoos will fade over time. However, since the design is larger and requires fewer needles during the tattooing process, it is likely to last for a longer period of time. Additionally, if you take proper care of your tattoo by keeping it out of direct sunlight, using sunscreen on it when exposed to the sun, and moisturizing it on a regular basis, your geometric blackout tattoo should remain vibrant for many years.

What are some of the best geometric blackout tattoo artists?

There are many talented artists who specialize in geometric blackout tattoos, making it easy to find someone with the right skills and style for your design. Some of the best geometric blackout tattoo artists include London Reese, Thomas Hooper, Inez Janiak, Ami James, and Kat Von D. All of these artists have a unique approach to the art and have created stunning designs for their clients. It is important to research and find an artist who works with the style you are looking for in order to get the best possible results from your tattoo.

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