10 Best Geisha Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

by Mark
Geisha Tattoos

Looking for a beautiful and exotic tattoo that symbolises beauty and mystery? Then here are some amazing Geisha tattoos for you to check out.

Geisha Tattoo
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Geishas are one of the most well-known symbols of the country of Japan throughout the world.

Geishas are traditional female Japanese performers who are experts in Japanese classical music, classical dance as well as poetry. The word “geisha” comes from “gei” meaning art and “sha” which means to be employed in the task of.

Geishas are famous throughout Japan as well as the world for their dedication to their skill and craft. It can take more than five years to train to become an accomplished geisha. Trainee or apprentice geishas are referred to as a “maiko”. Geishas are mostly found in the city of Kyoto but can be seen in Tokyo as well.

Geishas have their own unique style that evolves throughout their life, with white makeup all over their faces and the beautiful kimono dress worn in bright colours. The geisha’s black wig also represents the notion of the classic culture of Japan.

If you want a geisha tattoo, you may find a lot of people asking “What does a geisha tattoo mean?” or “What does a geisha tattoo symbolise?” or they might also ask you for geisha meaning or geisha definition.

However, a geisha tattoo meaning is quite simple. Since geishas are one of the most important cultural icons of Japan, getting a geisha tattoo would imply that you are simply paying a tribute to their grace, beauty, elegance and dedication to art.

Stunning Geisha Tattoo Designs

Stunning Geisha Tattoo Designs
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If you want to portray traditional Japanese culture through your tattoo, you can choose to get a tattoo geisha. The symbolism behind the image of the geisha is quite deep as they are not just a symbol of elegance and beauty but also dedication and hard work. Each and every trainee geisha has to learn how to play the shamisen perfectly. After all, the quality of their art represents their impeccable training. Along with that, they are also taught how to wear bright makeup that turns their faces white. A geisha’s dress must also be beautiful in colours like blue, red or green.

Small Geisha Tattoo
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As seen in the picture, you can choose a large and complex geisha tattoo with heavy shading work. If you are looking for a smaller geisha tattoo, you can also draw your inspiration from the tattoo in the picture above. The wearer has placed the stunning geisha tattoo right below their elbow so that everyone can see it from afar.

Vibrantly Colourful Geisha Tattoo Ideas

Vibrantly Colourful Geisha Tattoo Ideas
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If you have read any books about Japan or seen any anime about the traditional Japanese culture, you will know how important the symbolism of a geisha is in their history and culture. Earlier, women used to devote their entire life to the art of becoming a geisha. Young children would be recruited to learn the art of the trade. They would be taught how to dress perfectly and do their makeup properly. The makeup of a geisha set them apart from other women as it would be completely white with a bright coloured lip paint. A geisha’s fan was also an essential accessory.

Colored Geisha Tattoo
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In both the pictures above, the tattoo artist has added a golden sheen to the fan of the geisha along with the ornament on their head. In addition to that, the fine detailing on the collars of the kimono with light blue colour also makes it look like the kimono is made of expensive lace.

Consequently, if you want to get an authentic and realistic tattoo geisha, you should add multicoloured ink to the tattoo to make it look even more beautiful.

Awesome Geisha Samurai Tattoo Ideas

Awesome Geisha Samurai Tattoo Ideas
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One of the most popular geisha tattoo designs is to draw it with other interesting elements like a samurai sword. In traditional Japanese culture, samurai were known for their military ability and high prestige throughout the world. According to the history of Japan, they were also allowed to carry two swords with them that they knew how to use perfectly.

You can also present a story through your geisha girl tattoo with a samurai sword. As seen in the above picture, the geisha is threatening or attacking a poisonous snake with her sword. Here, the role of the geisha as a fierce warrior in comparison to a dainty performer with a musical instrument in her hand, stands out because of its novelty.

Samurai Geisha Tattoo
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If you want a tattoo geisha but do not want the same old tattoo with the Geisha’s dress and makeup, you can add a beautiful samurai sword in order to combine two cultural icons of Japan together. After all, you may have seen in an anime or manga, how the samurai were ready to sacrifice their life for their nation. Regular manga readers would also be aware of the symbolism of a sword. In the picture above, the geisha is holding up a sword in the pose of a seasoned warrior which makes it look quite distinct. The monochromatic, black colour in contrast with the colorful leaves also shows the creativity of the artist.

Thus, if you want to portray that through your tattoo, you should add a beautiful samurai sword to your geisha tattoo.

Ideas For Adorable And Cute Geisha Tattoo

Ideas For Adorable And Cute Geisha Tattoo
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As seen in the picture above, the wearers have gotten a geisha tattoo with their own unique and adorable interpretations. The first wearer has had the young geisha drawn up in a cute, cartoon-style along with a bright blue fan that looks quite cute. She is also wearing the traditional, white-faced makeup that geishas have to wear as a part of their beauty routine and styles.

Therefore, regardless of the tattoo designs you choose – modern or traditional, your tattoo can convey elegance along with mystery through a geisha tattoo as long as you keep an eye on the detail.

Cute Geisha Tattoo
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The second wearer has used their own idea for an elegant geisha with a modern twist. The tattoo is quite small but the beautiful geisha in a red dress looks wonderful. If you have a more dusky complexion, you may want to colour the elegant geisha kimono in a beautiful shade of deep green that will look beautiful in contrast with your skin.

Classic Ideas For The Traditional Geisha Tattoo

Classic Ideas For The Traditional Geisha Tattoo
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Nowadays, a lot of young people like modern styles of tattoo. They like the scope for creativity and the opportunity to let loose with the design and craft something that you love. However, there are quite a few tattoo lovers who are still fond of the traditional tattoo style. If you are looking for the perfect geisha tattoo, you may want to start by checking out a traditional geisha tattoo design first. These tattoos are elegant and beautiful along with a hint of mystery.

A geisha tattoo can have a lot of meanings. It may symbolise your inner sophisticated femininity and elegance. In addition to that, it may also symbolise your appreciation for the finer arts in life. After all, all of us want to be skilled at some form of art so we can perform for others and gain praise. Consequently, you can choose a traditional geisha tattoo and ask your tattoo artist to focus on the detail so that your tattoo looks wonderful even from a distance.

Beautiful Tattoo Ideas For Geishas With Kimonos

Beautiful Tattoo Ideas For Geishas With Kimonos
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A geisha is a sophisticated female from Japan who is famous for her expertise in performing arts. She is trained in the art of classical music, dance and even poetry. One of the most important aspects of geisha girls are their colourful kimono dresses! Kimonos are a special type of dress that consists of yards of expensive material like silk and is wrapped in a certain way to give the T-effect along with square shoulders. The dress is tied in the middle with the help of thick bands around the waist. Nowadays, only performers wear the kimono regularly. Some women also wear them during holidays and festivals or on other special occasions.

If you want a geisha tattoo, you should definitely ask your tattoo artist to focus on her kimono. A truly proficient tattoo artist will know that the beauty of a geisha lies in their kimono and they will add more precision and details onto the dress to make it look as real as possible. You can add bright colours like blue or green along with a black fan to your geisha tattoo. Consequently, your traditional geisha tattoo design art will capture everyone’s eyes and interests.

Amazing Japanese Tattoo Designs With The Geisha

Amazing Japanese Tattoo Designs With The Geisha
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If you are from Japan or have family there, then you will know how beautiful the country is. From the lovely cherry blossom trees that bloom once a year, Japan is also very well-known for its beautiful architecture. In addition to that, the people here are also culinary masters with some of the most delicious and tasty Asian cuisine dishes being prepared here with relish and flair. Japanese people also have a beautiful sense of aesthetic which stands out in their movies, TV shows, mangas or even anime. Consequently, if you want a tattoo that pays homage to this wonderful nation, you can definitely choose a traditional geisha tattoo design. A Japanese geisha tattoo will represent one of the most popular cultural icons of the nation. Anybody who sees the tattoo will immediately know who a geisha is or where they come from. If you are looking for more tattoo ideas apart from Japan geisha tattoo, you can also get a wonderful and detailed Japanese temple tattoo.

As seen in the picture, the addition of cherry blossoms to the geisha tattoo creates a more authentic and realistic effect whereby people will know that you are fond of Japan.

If you are looking for more fantastic tattoo ideas related to Japan or Eastern Asia, check out this article with some of the best Asian dragon tattoo designs for more inspiration!

Elaborate Geisha Tattoo Designs For Your Arm

Elaborate Geisha Tattoo Designs For Your Arm
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Arm tattoos are a huge favourite among tattoo lovers. After all, full arm tattoos do not hurt much and they also offer maximum visibility. You can also hide the tattoos if you want to with a long-sleeved shirt easily. If you have been inspired by Japanese art and want to get a tattoo that is beautiful and mysterious at the same time, you should definitely choose a geisha tattoo. There are plenty of awesome images on the internet of arm tattoos with geisha design that will provide you with a lot of ideas and inspiration. Consequently, you can either replicate one of the tattoo designs you have come across on the internet or ask your tattoo artist to create one that is absolutely unique.

However, a full arm tattoo may take a lot of time to complete along with costing a lot of money due to the amount of space that the tattoo artist has to cover. Therefore, you may want to take a decision on a traditional geisha tattoo design based on your budget.

As seen in the picture, the dark and gothic geisha tattoo on arm creates a stunning effect that is eye-catching as well.

Lovely Geisha Tattoos With Floral Motifs

Lovely Geisha Tattoos With Floral Motifs
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If you want to add some more femininity to your traditional geisha tattoo design, then you can ask your tattoo artist to create some tattoo art with flowers alongside the original tattoo. After all, flowers create a more artistic and sophisticated look and elevate the beauty of your whole tattoo. A sign of female beauty, flowers like orchids, roses, lilies, and daisies are extremely popular among women who want to get tattoos.

As seen in this picture, the soft, pastel pink shade of the flowers is creating a stunning effect in the overall tattoo. The tattoo artist has done an incredible task of making a stark contrast between the grey coloured geisha tattoo and the lovely pink flowers that adorn her. The pink cherry blossom flowers are also a symbol of Japan and its diverse flora.

Amazing Geisha Tattoo
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The bright and fiery shades of orange and yellow coloured flowers in the tattoo above also looks amazing. If you do not like softer shades but want more vivid colours, then you can choose a colour that you love the most.

If you are looking for more inspiration regarding flower tattoos, check out these lovely Yellow Rose tattoo designs.

Dark And Edgy Geisha Tattoo Designs

Dark And Edgy Geisha Tattoo Designs
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There are plenty of people who would prefer the traditional geisha tattoo design art for themselves. The classic image of the beautiful geisha in all her lovely and ornamental apparel will look amazing and draw a lot of appreciation from others. However, you may want a geisha tattoo design that is not as traditional but more deep, artistic and inspired by other art styles and forms.

If you particularly love monochromatic, black coloured tattoo designs which are also quite heavily shaded, you may want to get a more dark and edgy geisha tattoo design.

Awesome Geisha Tattoo
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As seen in the picture above, you can also put your own twist to the geisha tattoo. The artist has drawn multiple eyes over the face of the geisha making it unique and distinct from the other tattoo designs. In addition to that, the artist has also drawn neat, clear and precise strokes which does not look messy at all.

In 2021, a lot of people have been getting tattoos that are meaningful or profound. Similarly, you can also get a Japanese geisha tattoo even if you are not Japanese. You may have been enthralled by a live geisha performance, you may have read a book written about them or watched a movie with a geisha as the central character. Geishas have impressed people with their expertise in their art and love towards performing. Therefore, if you are looking for the most wonderful tattoo design to represent your inner admirer of Japanese culture, go ahead and choose a beautiful geisha tattoo for yourself!

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