101 Best Gambling Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Gambling tattoo

Reviewed & updated: November 23, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Getting a gambling tattoo is a pretty common way for many people to showcase their love for betting, testing luck, and winning things on stake for thrills.

Small Cat Tattoos
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A love for the game and the never-ending thrill that comes with testing your luck that’s what gambling tattoos symbolize.

The gambling world includes people with big notes, luck, and a never-ending spirit of testing themselves through betting. The competitive spirit of gambling can be bottled up within good fortune tattoo ideas on different body parts to flaunt your love for a good game.

People with gambling as their hobbies often feel attached to a good game in the casino, testing their luck to win big or go home empty. Gamblers often secure beautiful tattoo ideas to depict this very love on their bodies, inking tattoos like monopoly, an ode to the betting games of luck. The world of gambling is filled with playing cards, roulette wheel, dice, and various such component, which make the perfect tattoo element to fill up your body part as a reminder of gambling days.

Gambling tattoo designs and other gaming tattoos are open to creative changes according to the client’s demanded meaning or simply to enhance their look. If you are someone who often enjoys a good game in a casino, then this is the right place for you! We have created a list of gambling tattoo ideas, curating beautiful tattoo recommendations to offer you your next ink inspiration.

Here are some of the best gambling tattoo ideas you can use to find the one that suits you!

Cool Gambling Tattoo Ideas On Legs

Cool Gambling Tattoo Ideas On Legs
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Gambling has conflicted meanings for different people. For some, it brought immense wealth; for others, it redeemed a hand full of debt, the game of gambling is completely dependent on luck which has successfully made many people lose their hard-earned money. Gambling tattoos can also be a reminder of their unfortunate pasts to keep them away from risk-taking and testing lady luck. The tattoo above presents a vision of a true gambler with the most important aspects like a handful of playing cards, dice, roulette wheel, and money. What makes it different is that the shades added to this artwork appear to be those of flames, creating an image of the gambling scene on fire.

The smokey addition of colors takes a different journey to change the meaning of a gambling tattoo, from a loved piece to a grieving reminder. However, this makes for a great tattoo idea for people seeking a reminder.

Gamble Tattoo Ideas With Dice, Playing Cards, And Dollar Bill Roses

Gamble Tattoo Ideas With Dice, Playing Cards, And Dollar Bill Roses
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Every gambler loves a good game of poker, so why not ink it to show your love for your favorite games! Getting three aces in a game is a dream come true for every gambler. Solidify your luck with a glorious ace trio tattoo to represent your biggest win or to attract gambling luck for the future. The gambling sleeve tattoo idea stars the major icons of gambling’s versatile designs range, starring poker chips, a roulette wheel, a roll of money, and a dice tattoo, meaning the gambler appreciates a good game of poker. The tattoo artist has used a shaded color style to maintain the vintage vibe of the artwork while keeping it as authentic as possible. This makes for an exceptional gambling tattoo inspiration to get inked.

Detailed Gambling Tattoo Categories For Full Back

Detailed Gambling Tattoo Categories For Full Back
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A good gambling and tattoo lover would not stop at a single gambling tattoo sleeve. Unleash your love with a broader canvas and capture the dashing designs of the gambling world with a majestic and biggest gamble tattoo on your back. The tattoo shows everything one can associate with gambling and casino. A royal flush of spades, poker chips, sexy women with victory crowns, and roulette wheels on the run to find the next lucky person.

People must find an experienced and talented artist to get works as intricate as these. The tattoo design incorporates in-depth aspects of the casino as well behind the portrait, which demands equal finesse to enhance the tattoo. Find inspiration from our list to complete artwork for your back gambling tattoo!

Full Sleeve portrait Gambling Tattoo Ideas

Full Sleeve portrait Gambling Tattoo Ideas
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Let your body narrate your love for gambling before words do with casino tattoos. This gambling tattoo sleeve can look exceptional on your dominant hand, extending your love for gambling and casino games in a single glance.

The gambling tattoo shows a large pair of dice, a card of ace, and a hundred dollar sign sitting majestically on the back of the hand. Las Vegas casino tattoos are full of slot machines and different games, which you can also incorporate into your gamble tattoo designs. Gambling tattoos above are devoid of any color, saving the authenticity of the entire artwork.

Shoulder And Chest Roulette Wheel Gambling Tattoos

Shoulder And Chest Roulette Wheel Gambling Tattoos
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Gambling tattoos appear the finest when drawn on a large canvas, and the tattoo above dedicates an exceptional space to create the artwork. A very talented artist has recreated one of the most widely loved casino games in Las Vegas and worldwide, a roulette wheel. The roulette wheel blends smoothly with the other aspects of the sleeve tattoo, sitting proudly on the chest.

The artist has done intricate work on illustrating the roulette, including the smallest details in the tattoo designs with the right shades and highlights. Getting a tattoo as large as this narrates your love for your favorite game; therefore, opt for the ones you love in a casino. The tattoo style can be played around with in many forms, so let your imagination run free!

Playing Cards Surrounded Gambling Tattoo Designs

Playing Cards Surrounded Gambling Tattoo Designs
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The ace of spades tattoo meaning goes deep into the love for victory and stealing the limelight of the show as the ace of spades represents the highest value of cards, a winning feat for risk-takers. Hence, gambling tattoo lovers can totally dedicate a separate tattoo like this to the ace of spades. The tattoo is further consumed by an intricate design that supposedly looks like smoke. The tattoo uses simple black and white shades to keep it as authentic as possible, making it a people-favorite design.

Traditional Gambling Tattoo Ideas

Traditional Gambling Tattoo Ideas
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Risk-takers might love playing with different tattoo styles and shades, though the charm of old-school traditional tattoos is hard to beat. The illustrated tattoo above features a traditional American design spanning the shoulder. Like traditional tattoo styles, the tattoo features a pair of dice and cards using bright primary colors and attention-seeking. The only problem in this tattoo is the big shoe illustrated right before the beautiful casino tattoo. You can always switch designs and mix your own touch to the artwork, so make sure to have this on your bucket list!

Casino Tattoo With Gambling Quote

Casino Tattoo With Gambling Quote
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Tattoo sleeves with quotes never go out of style, and this casino tattoo carries the same charm with a deeper meaning illustrated through gambling. The Lifes a gamble tattoo is pretty accurate for those playing in the casino or keeping their distance from gambling. The quote is universally acknowledged and sits exceptionally well with gambling tattoos.

The quote is excellent to illustrate, along with your Las Vegas tattoo sleeve to complete it. Use the quote with other casino games to share your love for gambling and deeper meanings.

Creepy Gambling Joker Skull Tattoo

Creepy Gambling Joker Skull Tattoo
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Jokers are a traditional component in many tattoo designs, flaunting their eccentric makeup and costume to make an exceptional tattoo design. The tattoo card in a game of cards might appear to be useless to many, but its symbolism carries a deeper meaning. The joker has the ability to play instead of any lost or damaged card, taking the role of any card on deck with their respective power. The joke card tattoo might illustrate your versatile personality and ability to mold yourself in the shape of whatever circumstances you are put in. Tattoo designs like this often get philosophical, so don’t think twice before getting them.

Minimal Casino Tattoos With Small Designs

Minimal Casino Tattoos With Small Designs
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Taking a break from all the large, majestic gambling tattoo designs, we are here to find a minimalistic casino tattoo, and the one above does a pretty good job at keeping the tattoo small and impactful. Gamblers aiming to get a small tattoo that is discreet yet evident must go for this beautiful design starring the ace of spade and king of hearts. Tempt lady luck through these symbolic tattoo designs, and bag the winning combination in your next royal flush!

Here are all the gambling tattoo ideas you can play around with to represent your love for a good game in the casino. Money, dice, and roulette, being the most widely used symbols in gambling, can be switched with a few other ideas. So we have also added a few more tattoo designs to fuel your inspiration for the next inking session. Below given are a few more tattoo ideas to take inspiration for your next gambling tattoo. Pick your favorite games and get them inked!

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What does a gambling tattoo mean?

A gambling tattoo can mean different things to different people, but generally it is seen as a symbol of luck or risk-taking. It can be an expression of good fortune and a reminder that life is full of risks and rewards. For some people, a gambling tattoo might be a sign of strength in the face of adversity, or even represent a commitment to always striving for the win. For others, it could be a sign of recklessness or an indication that someone is willing to take risks in pursuit of their goals. Ultimately, the meaning behind a gambling tattoo depends on the individual wearer and the context in which it is placed.

What are some popular gambling tattoo designs?

Popular gambling tattoo designs include playing cards, dice, poker chips and roulette wheels. These motifs are often accompanied by symbols like four-leaf clovers and horseshoes, which are both believed to bring luck and good fortune. In many cases the tattoos also feature other symbols of risk-taking such as crossed swords or anchors.

What are some of the best places to get a gambling tattoo?

The best places to get a gambling tattoo are those that specialize in the art of tattooing. Look for an experienced artist who understands the symbolism behind gambling tattoos and can provide you with a unique design that reflects your own personal style. It is also important to visit a reputable studio with proper sanitation protocols, clean equipment, and knowledgeable staff. Make sure you discuss your plans with the artist before getting the tattoo, so they can help you create a design that both looks great and conveys the meaning behind it.

How much does a gambling tattoo cost?

The cost of a gambling tattoo can vary greatly depending on the size, complexity, and materials used. Generally speaking, smaller tattoos can start at around $50 while larger designs may cost upwards of several hundred dollars. It is important to research different studios and compare prices before settling on a design. Additionally, some artists may offer discounts or specials throughout the year, so make sure to ask about any promotions they may have.

Are gambling tattoos painful?

Gambling tattoos can be more or less painful depending on the size and placement of the tattoo. Generally, larger tattoos tend to hurt more than smaller ones. Additionally, areas with thicker skin such as the back and thighs may be less sensitive than areas with thin skin like wrists or ankles. Everyone has a different tolerance for pain, so it is important to discuss your expectations and any concerns you may have with your artist before getting a tattoo.

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