101 Best Funny Tattoos Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Best Funny Tattoos ideas

Reviewed & updated: November 21, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Trying to find some funny tattoos ideas for your next tattoo? Check out some easy tattoo ideas that are fun and awesome all at the same time.

Funny Tattoos Ideas
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Funny small tattoos are the new in-thing over traditional tattoos as a funny design can act as an instant pick me up.

Finding the perfect tats can be a time-consuming process, especially if humour is the route you are picking. With the implication of a random funny tattoo design being on your body forever, as tattoo design involves engraving images or text on the skin, choosing this idea can seem daring.

When it comes to funny tattoo ideas, the misconception of big funny bad tattoos needs to be tackled. There are many small funny tattoos to choose from and you can even find ideas for funny matching tattoos for friends. Grab your best buddy and get funny friend tattoos that you can cherish for life. With more and more people opting to portray their sense of humour through tattoos, funny tattoos which are sometimes very clever and sometimes just downright ridiculous have become very popular. Pizza illustrations for those who like pizza, Super Mario Bros, trademark moustache, and star wars tattoos are some very common funny tattoos that invite a good laugh.

If you too wish to explore the path of hilarious tattoos, look at the following latest tattoo ideas!

Cow Moon Tattoo Ideas

Cow Moon Tattoo Ideas
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If you too find cows adorable and funny, check out these funny tattoo ideas. The tattoo artist has done quite a wonderful job creating small funny tattoos that resemble a comic strip in design and form. The moon with the little eyes and a cute looking cow saying “Moooon” instead of Moo just adds a funny twist and creativity to this outstanding funny tattoo. Guys and girl clients both can adorn this funny tattoo design on their arms. The simple black drawn-on picture look is what adds to the charm of this funny tattoo idea which would be otherwise diminished if colours were added to it. If silly little jokes are something right up your alley, this fun tattoo idea would greatly appeal to you.

UFO: What if… I believe? Tattoo

UFO What if I believe Tattoos
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Do aliens, the universe, and life on other planets excite you? Or perhaps you find the whole notion so ridiculous that it is just funny. Well, whatever your philosophical bent maybe, this cute alien abducting a funny character tattoo may just be what you were looking for. With minimal colours used in the image and a distinct black outline, shaping and designing the UFO, this tattoo is just as cute as it is funny. With its cute figures and fun ideas, this tattoo is sure to elicit laughter and perhaps spark an interesting conversation too! Find out if your friends believe or not, with this funny tattoo, or get funny matching tattoos with your friends that can become an inside joke. One of the best funny tattoos, this one will add a spark to your upcoming conversations.

An Evolutionary Fish Tattoo

An Evolutionary Fish Tattoo
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For those involved closely with climate change, finding new ways to showcase their concern, this funny tattoo is going to be something unexpected. A fish confused and shocked by the changes brought about by climate change in its natural habitat, walks out of the water, as depicted by this tattoo is not only a funny tattoo idea but even makes those who see it think. Sending out a strong message, funny tattoo ideas like these are the perfect example of body art that depicts the personality of the tattoo wearer. Guys and Girls looking for tattoo ideas that express concern might find this simple funny tattoos idea intriguing.

Funny Colour Tattoos

Funny Colour Tattoos
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If random cute funny tattoo ideas are what you are looking for, these funny tattoo designs would interest you immensely. Introducing a little colour in some very inventive designs just elevates the entire vibe of the tattoo, as visible from these fun tattoo ideas. Whether you pick the alien lunch bag, the twin heart cherries, the joint with hearts on it, or flowers in a shoe, or perhaps the spring that we all played with, the rocket with the burger on it, or the beer mugs with a rainbow; whichever colourful tattoo you pick, is sure to turn out epic. These weird tattoos embody creative ideas in body art. The tattoo owner can even choose to pick the vibe of these small funny tattoos and adapt them into your own designs.

Your Opinion Funny Tattoos

Your Opinion Funny Tattoos
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For all those fed up of uninvited advice, opinion and judgments, this tattoo is THE PERFECT one. It’s funny, it’s punchy, it’s clear, and it is pretty much a slap in the face for all such people who bother you. The simple yet artistic tattoo designs created with just the outline of the hands designed to depict the sprinkling action while the other hand holds a paper containing “opinions” just adds a comedic touch while conveying a strong message to all those that pass on ill-advised opinions. The detailing done by the tattoo artist just makes the tattoo look extra polished and finessed.

Chill Out Funny Tattoos

Chill Out Funny Tattoos
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A fun tattoo, that looks like a bad tattoo job, the chill out bro tattoos are a classic. You can even get a tattoo with buddies to have funny matching tattoos. This tattoo is made with a simple black outline and no colours are added. The outline is made quite thin to give a pencil-drawn look to the tattoo designs. It can be described as a minimalistic yet funny tattoo. For anyone who has never been tattooed before and wants a small funny tattoo, this is the one to choose. Perfect for a lazy guy or group of friends, this tattoo will have you in stitches. Funny character tattoo designs are always on the forefront when we think of a ridiculous tattoo, and this one takes the cake.

Explosives over Mushrooms? Tattoo

Explosives over Mushrooms Tattoos
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Making a point through humour has been a big feature in the world of body art. Traditional tattoos were also usually aimed at this, however, newer tattoo designs elevate this better. Tattoo artists often receive requests for designing tats that convey a strong social message while retaining a humorous outlook. This Legal vs. Illegal tattoo is created along the same lines. Showcasing how harmful things like explosives have a relatively legal application while other not so harmful things are made illegal, this tattoo can be considered funny by some and one of the weird tattoos by others. For those looking at life and the world with a broad and “woke” perspective, this funny tattoo design may be quite an intriguing choice.

Flowering Goodness Funny Tattoos

Flowering Goodness Funny Tattoos
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When looking for funny tattoos for men, this funny tattoo of two smiling flowers in a vase wins the race. The image is cute in itself but by transforming them into a colourful tattoo, the tattoo maker achieved one of the best funny tattoos design. The better thing is that the colour can be customized to any shade you wish to have. As far as silly tattoos go, this is the tattoo to get. For those looking to explore their whimsical side, maybe getting a tattoo tattooed with two cute daisy-like flowers would do the trick. The ombre colour scheme on the vase a touch of artistic finesse to these funny tattoo ideas and makes them look a little more refined than you would otherwise imagine.

Finish The Dinosaur Tattoo

Finish The Dinosaur Tattoo
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Talking of creative and funny tattoos for guys, this Finish the Dinosaur Tattoo is a great way to have some fun times with your buddies and elicit laughter. Go beyond the regular funny tattoo ideas of heart and pizza illustrations, usual Mario themed tattoos, and star wars tattoos with this new out-of-the-box and one of the funniest tattoos. It makes your usual funny tattoo ideas seem regular. You can even turn this tattoo into a game, drawing part of it that is missing, taking photos, and perhaps giving it a top hat. When thinking of simple funny tattoo ideas, this one would top the list. A very innovative approach to the category of small funny tattoos, the Finish the Dinosaur is sure to become more popular.

Two Little Mushrooms Catching Stars

Two Little Mushrooms Catching Stars
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Perhaps not one of the tattoos for men designs, this cute tattoo depicts two adorable looking mushrooms, one standing on top of the other, catching stars. With very fine and delicate work, this tattoo looks like it has been drawn out of fine liners. When it comes to undemanding funny tattoo ideas, this tattoo comes to mind. It is simply adorable and the expressions and detailing rendered by the tattoo artist just make you feel love for the tiny mushrooms. Complete with stars and grass, this tattoo would be one that you fondly look at. While not the best funny tattoo for some, this tattoo will surely do the job of uplifting your spirits.

Funny tattoos are a great way to cover bad tattoos. If you are looking for funny tattoo designs, you may check:

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What are some of the best funny tattoos?

There are a lot of great funny tattoos out there. Some of our favorites include: the Liger (a mix between a lion and a tiger), the legendarily bad-ass Chuck Norris, Betty Boop, SpongeBob SquarePants, Bart Simpson, Homer Simpson, and of course… Mike Tyson.

What are some things to consider before getting a funny tattoo?

There are a few things you should consider before getting any tattoo, let alone a funny one. Make sure you pick a design that you won’t regret later, as it’s permanent! Also, think about where you want to get the tattoo – some places are more painful than others. And finally, make sure you go to a reputable tattoo artist who can execute your design perfectly.

How can I make sure my funny tattoo is unique?

There are a few ways to make sure your tattoo is unique. First, you can come up with your own design or idea. If you’re not artistically inclined, there are still plenty of great designs out there – just do a quick search on the internet or check out some tattoo magazines. Another option is to personalize your tattoo by adding your own text or symbols. And finally, you can always consult with your tattoo artist to get their professional opinion on what would make a great design for you.

What are some funny tattoo ideas for couples?

There are a lot of great tattoo ideas for couples. Some popular choices include: “Best Friends Forever”, “Soul Mates”, “Lovebirds”, or even just each other’s names. You can also get matching tattoos of your favorite cartoon characters, animals, or symbols.

How can I cover up my funny tattoo?

There are a few ways to cover up your tattoo. You can wear long sleeves or pants to cover up the tattoo during the day. If you want to cover it up for a longer period of time, you can get a tattoo sleeve (a sleeve that goes over the tattoo) or a tattoo concealer (a type of makeup that covers up tattoos). You can also get a tattoo removal, but this is usually a more expensive and painful option.

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