101 Best Friend Memorial Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Best Friend Memorial Tattoos

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Looking for a way to honour the memory of your best friend? Here are some best friend memorial tattoo ideas that you will love!

Friend Memorial Tattoo
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When you lose someone close to you, it is natural to want a memory of them close to you.

A memorial tattoo is a testament to a bond that is unbreakable. That bond can be perfectly captured in the form of a memorial tattoo.

When a loved one is taken away from our lives, it can be difficult to accept the fact that we won’t see them again, or hear their voices again. It is one of the most painful things in the world.

A best friend is someone who we consider as close as family. We share the most intimate details of our lives with them. When we lose a best friend, the grief is unbearable. It instigates an urge to honour their memory and keep it close forever. Yes, you may keep a picture or a memento close to you can be comforting, however, it may not be enough for some people. You might want a more permanent way to keep those memories with you forever. This is why you can choose to get a memory of them tattooed on you, maybe the loved one’s name, dates close to you, and many more such ideas.

Here is a list of carefully curated memorial tattoos for best friends, the perfect way to honour their memory!

Butterfly Memorial Tattoo For Best Friend

Butterfly Memorial Tattoo For Best Friend
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A butterfly is one of the most common and popular tattoo choices, especially for women. This lovely butterfly design can be made in memory of loved ones. It represents the freedom, endurance, transformation and hope of the spirit of the deceased loved ones. It is also a symbol of rebirth and resurrection.

A butterfly tattoo is a nice symbol of remembrance of your best friend, especially if that person loved these beautiful insects themselves. This tattoo can hold a lot of meaning to the wearer. The flying butterfly could mean that the spirit of your loved one is now free to explore the world, they are at peace with themselves and one with nature.

This tattoo is very small and simple. The strokes are made in black ink. You can make this tattoo more appealing if you want to add some colours to it, each colour on the butterfly could mean something different. This is a design that will never go out of fashion. This tattoo has been placed on the back of the shoulder, but you can place it wherever you can, like collar bone (closer to your heart), behind the ear, ankle, wrist, anywhere. A perfect way to honor a friend and their loving memory.

A Dog Chasing Butterflies Tattoo

A Dog Chasing Butterflies Tattoo
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A great remembrance tattoo for your best friend. There is a saying used to describe your favourite pet, a dog, that is, “A man’s best friend”.

A dog tattoo is a symbol of devotion and loyalty. They are the most loyal creatures in the world. There are many people in the world who get dog tattoos to honor their dogs, and there are many people who get tattoos of dogs to show their general love of pets.

In this particular design, you see the dog surrounded by lotus petals and it is chasing a few butterflies. This tattoo could hold a deep personal meaning to the wearer. This could mean that their pet has passed on and leading a great afterlife. The lotus petals signify that you are above temptation and on a better journey and the flying butterflies signify freedom and hope. This tattoo spreads pure joy to the wearer. You can also customize this tattoo by adding angel wings or a halo that makes you believe that your dog is in heaven. A great next tattoo in remembrance of your pets!

Swing Tattoo On The Arm

Swing Tattoo On The Arm
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This is a friendship tattoo that holds deep and personal meaning to the person. It reminds them of their childhood days and their friendship with a neighbour who was close to them. This is one of the most meaningful tattoos for the wearer.

This design holds a much deeper meaning for the wearer because they drew the swings themself. It was a reminder of their shared wonderful memories as children. They also have the apartment number marked under the swing, that was their apartment number where they grew up together.

This design has been made with thin black strokes and is a very simplistic design. It has been placed on the forearm and is a small tattoo, however, you can get it wherever you can. You can customise it as per your wishes, like draw something that meant something to you and your best friend, or something in your best friends handwriting that would keep you bound together for eternity.

Handwriting With Rose Tattoo

Handwriting With Rose Tattoo
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One of the best memorial tattoos you can find.

A rose tattoo is a classic design that is preferred by men and women alike. It is a symbol of love, passion and the remembrance of a loved one. A rose comes in several different colours that have different meanings, but the most preferred and loved designs are red roses. A rose is considered to be a powerful and beautiful tribute to a loved one.

The rose in this tattoo is paired with the name of the person for whom they made this tattoo. Instead of the name of a dear one, you can also add the date of birth and death or any other element that has a significant meaning for you.

The rose is made with shades of red and maroon to give it a more realistic feel. The petals have a little shine to them. The name has been written in black ink, but you can use whatever colour you like.

Memorial Tattoo Quotes For Best Friend

Memorial Tattoo Quotes For Best Friend
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This is a tattoo that is also a memorial sleeve. The words say “Your wings were ready but my heart was not”. Below the words, there are dates of birth and death mentioned.

Such tattoos hold personal meaning to the wearer. They lost their loved ones too soon and were not expecting it. It’s times like these that make you want to have a permanent memory of those you lost close to you. Something you can always look at in times of need. Sometimes such words can give you power when you feel down, it gives you hope. It may be a simple quote, but it is of great significance.

The quote has been written in black ink. The tattoo artist has also added a beautiful touch to it by making some flowers on the left. The flowers have been made in dotwork style. The tattoo has been placed on the arm, however, you can get it on any other body part like the back or collarbone.

A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words

A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words
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It is true when they say that a picture speaks a thousand words. The tattoo artist has created a replica of a picture brought in by their client. That picture was of a cabin where they took a trip with their best friend, that place meant something to them.

There are not many tattoo artists that could make the exact replica of the photo. They have made this tattoo on the arm, however as this is a large tattoo, you can get it on other body parts like the chest, back or thighs.

This type of tattoo work is called dotwork style or dot shading. This could be a bold tattoo choice for someone, but if it means something to you, there is nothing stopping you from getting it.

Memorial Rosary Tattoo

Memorial Rosary Tattoo
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This is a unique tattoo design because it is very different from the others.

This design includes a rosary with a cross towards the end. On the other end, there is the name of the person’s sister, who was like a best friend to them. The rosary is believed to ward off evil spirits and demons away from them and keep all temptations at bay. Someone who has a rosary tattoo on them wants to feel protected by Jesus.

This design has a name attached to it, which means that the client wanted that person to stay protected for all eternity. The beads of this tattoo are shaded in black and there is shadow underneath it, which makes it look like the rosary has been placed on a surface, giving it a realistic effect.

Musical Instrument Memorial Tattoo

Musical Instrument Memorial Tattoo
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A beautiful and intricate design. This design is of the most harmonious stringed instrument, the harp. The design is so intricate that each string on the harp looks separate and delicate. There are some flowers decorated around the harp.

This design is in memory of a friend of the wearer. There are two strokes of black ink that look like wind and it has the name “coco” written on it. This tattoo means something personal to the wearer, however, this is just an idea of what you can get. You can add other instruments that your friend may have loved to hear or play.

This tattoo is made in black ink with dot shading that makes it look elegant. You can also add some bright colours to this tattoo design and make it more appealing.

Holding Hands Tattoo Design

Holding Hands Tattoo Design
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This tattoo is a beautiful representation of love and remembrance. This design shows two people holding hands.

The tattoo has a much deeper meaning because it looks like a human heart. There is also an added element of a rose on this design that means love. Although the rose is black in colour, it means that you are remembering a deceased one. The hands are made in black and grey shades. This tattoo design looks elegant and has profound meaning. This is placed on the forearm but you can place it wherever you want.

Unique Remembrance Tattoo

Unique Remembrance Tattoo
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This is one of the most amazing symbolic tattoos you will find.

This design has a bird that is symbolic of freedom and independence, a hibiscus flower that is a good omen and happiness. There is a quote that is beneath the drawing that says, “I see her in everything that is beautiful” and under it are the dates of birth and death of that person.

This memorial piece is one of the best designs. This is a simple design made with thin black strokes. You can also add some colours to the design to make it look even more eye-catching. It is placed on the back of the wearer because it is a larger design, however, you can make it on your chest or thighs as well.

If you like these designs, here are some other tattoos that you should check out –

Small meaningful tattoos can be difficult to choose from, especially if it is in remembrance of loved ones or a loving memory. You can add whatever elements you like on the tattoo that means something to you, like birth and death dates etc. So don’t think much further and get your tattoo now!

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What is a friend memorial tattoo?

A friend memorial tattoo is a special type of tattoo that honors the memory of a deceased or lost friend. This type of tattoo often features symbols, words, quotes, or images that represent the friendship between two people. It may also include dates of birth or death, initials, meaningful phrases and other elements to commemorate the life and memories shared. A friend memorial tattoo can be a deeply personal and meaningful way to honor the bond between two people and keep the memories alive. It is a reminder of the love, laughter, and friendship that was shared throughout life.

What are some design ideas for a friend memorial tattoo?

When it comes to friend memorial tattoo design ideas, there are many creative options. A popular choice is a portrait or silhouette of the deceased person. You can also include meaningful words, quotes, or phrases that represent the friendship between two people. Symbols such as hearts and stars are often used in designs, as well as dates of birth and death or initials. You can also get creative and include symbols associated with the deceased person’s favorite hobbies, interests, or other personal details. Whatever design you decide on, make sure it is meaningful and heartfelt to honor your friend in a special way.

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