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101 Best Flower Tattoo For Men That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Flower Tattoos

Are you looking for interesting flower tattoos for men? Here are some beautiful flower tattoos for guys to get inked with.

Flower Tattoo For Men
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Flower tattoos symbolize a lot of things, a lotus tattoo may represent the start of a new beginning, a daisy tattoo might symbolize good luck, and a lily represents purity. Different tattoos mean different things to different people and you need to know what flower you best identify yourself with.

Flowers are versatile and one of the most popular tattoo ideas among people. A thorned flower can mean struggle, hard work paired with good times, and fragile life. A falling of petals may indicate letting go of the past and looking towards the future. Even simple flower tattoos are symbolic and you can design them to fit your tattoo needs. Here are some popular flower tattoos and some simple flower tattoo designs for men.

Lily sleeve tattoo

Lily sleeve tattoo
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This lily tattoo is a sleeve tattoo and is designed with an intricate color pattern. The flower Lily usually represents feminity but that doesn’t mean that men cannot use it for inspiration.

A lily tattoo for men can symbolize identifying and accepting your feminine side, to honor important women in your life, mother, spouse, grandmothers, friend or sisters.

Lilies are romantic flowers that also symbolize never ending love. If you have a special woman in your life, then inking your body with a pure lily flower can symbolize your love for them and forever remain etched on your body to remind you of the bond. Here lily flower tattoo is spread over the entire sleeve but you can also consider body art.

Peony tattoo

Peony tattoo
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Are you a sportsman that wishes for eternal protection and healing? Then this peony tattoo leg tattoo is perfect for you. The name of the flower Peony is derived from Greek mythology from the Greek physician of Gods, Paeon. In Chinese, Peony also means most beautiful. In some cultures, peonies also symbolize family.

Peonies have a unique meaning such as good fortune wealth and luck. If you wish to go for a Japanese-style tattoo then you can also pair your peony up with koi fish. To make it more beautiful and pop up, use colors such as red, pink, and green to fill in your peonies.

You can also wear it for good luck and manifest protection by having a peony inked on your body.

Cherry blossom tattoo

Cherry blossom tattoo
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Sakura or cherry blossoms are a Japanese symbol of life and warm weather. They have a rich symbolism in Japanese culture. If you want a tattoo that lifts your spirits up and empowers you, and also has a meaningful symbol then a Cherry blossom tattoo is the right pick for you.

This cherry blossom tattoo has a perfect amalgamation of black and white shades.

It is suggested that for a cherry blossom tattoo, you consider your bicep, forearm or your side for placement so that there is enough space for branching, and cascading of the petals.

You can even add other elements such as birds, water, and butterflies to enhance your tattoo. Adding color to the petals will also make your tattoo look more beautiful and lively.

Lotus flower tattoo

Lotus flower tattoos
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An intricate Korean tattoo with a lotus flower as the theme The dragon in the middle represents serenity and justice while the lotus stands for creation and birth.

The petals of the flower can be seen slowly cascading around the tattoo while the dragon is drawn to look determined and focused with a special focus on the eyes. Fallen petals can also honor fallen soldiers.

Lotus flower tattoo for men represents strength and spiritual awakening and is also one of the many popular flower tattoo ideas for men. If you are a spiritual man or are exploring your spiritual side, then a lotus flower can provide you with the right inspiration. Or if you want to remind yourself to rise above the temptation and grow towards becoming a better person for yourself and for the people around you, then the lotus flowers can be your inspiration for your next tattoo. You can even find meaning from the Japanese or from the Hindu religion symbols for lotus and incorporate them in your tattoo to have a sense of culture and tradition as an inspiration.

Rose flower tattoos

Rose flower tattoos
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Rose flower tattoos are symbolic with their sweet fragrance and can mean a lot of things. A rose tattoo with a thorn could indicate the struggles leading to good results, or remind you of both the good things and the bad things in life and new beginnings. Even men can flaunt their rose tattoos enriched with deep symbolic meaning.

If you are a fan of the rock band, “Guns N’ Roses” then you can also get a tattoo with guns and roses for the remembrance of your favorite.

Here the tattoo is beautifully drawn with the eye in the middle to represent love for a special person’s eyes. The artwork is unique and a special focus is put to keep the eyes as the highlight of the tattoo while subtly surrounding them with roses.

Rose tattoos also symbolizes love and is often used to express love for someone, something or someplace.

Sunflower tattoo

Sunflower tattoos
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Sunflowers represent a long and happy life. They also represent energy and showcase vibrant energy.

A delicate tattoo of a sunflower with petals elegantly cascading from the flower bed. The tattoo also has a purple butterfly as an added element ready to suckle the sunflower. Everything about the tattoo from the careful fading of the yellow color on the petals to the amalgamation of green colors makes this tattoo mesmerizing.

The sunflower represents good luck and the butterfly stands as a symbol of new life and birth.

With the combination of both the elements, the idea of the tattoo is to showcase commitment to a colorful and long life, one that is happy and beautiful.

Forget me not flower tattoo

Forget me not flower tattoo
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Forget me not flowers represents a promise meant to keep forever and never break. To remember someone and always keep them in your prayers.

They represent faithfulness and fidelity. You can get a forge me not flower tattoo to remember someone significant, someone who made an important impact on your life, a loved one who’s no more or a person you want to make a promise to.

Many people use forget me not tattoos to forever remember their pets and loved ones.

You can get creative by adding dates, symbols or even names in your tattoo.

This small tattoo showcases the forget me not tattoo in the best way possible. The hues of light and blue showcase the hard work and the experience of the tattoo artist.

Hibiscus flower tattoo

Hibiscus flower tattoo
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The hibiscus flower represents loyalty and passion. If you consider yourself a passionate man, then this tattoo is the perfect fit for you to remember your passions. It could be a sport, music or dance. You can use symbols that represent your passion as an element in your tattoo as well.

Hibiscus flowers are very colorful and add color wherever they are planted. To make your tattoos pop up, you can include colors in your tattoo and paint them red. The red coloring can add a bright statement. Hibiscus flower tattoo is also known as a traditional flower tattoo due to its affiliation with many tribal cultures

Hibiscus flowers also invoke a strong sense of feelings of happiness. It can also represent a carefree existence and remind you of your life’s purpose, to be happy and have a fulfilling life. It can lift your spirits up and cheer you up during tough times.

This hibiscus tattoo has included all the properties of the hibiscus flower, from the stem to the delicate yellow pollen grains and the green leaves.

Watercolor flower tattoo

Watercolor flower tattoo
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One of the most beautiful and popular techniques among flower tattoos, the watercolor techniques makes your tattoo look like a beautiful painting, a landscape or a portrait. The ink is blended in this type of tattoo, making the colors look even magnificent and painting delicate flowers. Especially when used to depict natural elements, such as water or flowers, the result is even better. Watercolor tattoos will bring your flower tattoos to life and will make them look almost real.

The watercolor tattoo here is a watercolor red flower, with watercolor shading at the petals and at the pollen. At the stem, two buds could be seen beautifully bent down. The artwork is striking and the tattoo artist has done a wonderful job.

Geometric flower tattoo

Geometric flower tattoo
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If you are fan of mandala or henna designs, then a geometric flower tattoo is the one to have with intricate patterns. They are usually created with lines and shapes and need a lot of practice and experience to get the measurements and the alignment right. If done with patience and in the right way, a geometric flower tattoo could highlight your chosen part of the body in the most alluring way possible.

This tattoo has geometric flower designs with the use of versatile shapes, concentric circles, and patterns. The flowers are all connected together with the use of geometric stems and leaves.

Flowers are visually attractive and this is what makes them popular tattoos. Although tattoos traditionally have feminine meanings, more and more men are seen flaunting a pretty flower in their own creative and passionate ways to express their emotions and ambitions. Flower tattoos for men are now trending. Maybe they can be your first tattoo. If you are a nature lover, then you can design a flower tattoo using other natural elements or even consider other flowers such as poppy flowers or magnolia tattoo. Here are some more thoughtful tattoo options as a basic outline for your next tattoo.

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What are some popular flower tattoo designs for men?

Some popular flower tattoo designs for men include roses, lotuses, and lilies. These flowers are often chosen for their symbolic meaning, as well as their beauty. Roses represent love and passion, while lotuses symbolize purity and enlightenment. Lilies are often associated with death and resurrection, making them a popular choice for those who have faced hardship in their lives.

What are some common placement options for flower tattoos for men?

Flower tattoos for men can be placed nearly anywhere on the body. Popular placement options include the chest, back, arms, and legs. Many men also choose to get flower tattoos on their shoulders or necks.

What are some things to consider before getting a flower tattoo for men?

Before getting a flower tattoo for men, it’s important to consider the meaning behind the design. It’s also important to choose a reputable artist who can provide a high-quality tattoo. Placement is another important factor to consider, as some areas of the body are more painful than others. Finally, be sure to take care of your tattoo after it’s been done by keeping the area clean and moisturized.

How much will my flower tattoo for men cost?

The cost of a flower tattoo for men will vary depending on the size, complexity, and placement of the design. Generally speaking, smaller tattoos will cost less than larger ones. Tattoos placed on more visible areas of the body, such as the chest or arms, will also tend to be more expensive.

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