10 Best Floral Mandala Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

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Floral Mandala Tattoos

Many of you must be wondering about what floral mandala tattoos ideas you can ink on yourselves. Well, look no further!

Floral Mandala Tattoo
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Floral mandala tattoos not only constitute a great tattoo idea but also contain many beautiful flowers and also a variety of intricate designs.

Mandalas often represent the inner beauty and functioning of the world and are symmetrical in nature. When combined with a large tattoo, it gains a special meaning and at the same time is a great tattoo design.

The word mandala meaning circle is a kind of tattoo design where everything within the circles or shapes are equally distanced. It generally takes a lot of detailed effort and a huge amount of time to draw a mandala on a piece of paper, or digitally on any electronic device.

A mandala also means “life of a flower”. If you like floral designs and are thinking of getting a tattoo, what could be better than a floral mandala tattoo. They are generally eye-catching designs that you cannot ignore. They are also versatile and vary in size, therefore can be placed anywhere on the body. Usually, people tend to get these designs in black and white, however, it also looks attractive should you choose to add colour. A mandala floral tattoo is also of spiritual significance for Buddhists and Hindus.

It is an extremely versatile choice of flowers and makes beautiful tattoos out of them, then the result is an exquisite piece of art for both men and women. When it comes to floral mandala arm tattoo designs or a generic flower mandala tattoo, then these are the ones you should be looking out for!

Here is a carefully curated list of floral mandala patterns that could be a great example for your next body art!

Elegant, Delicate Floral Mandala Tattoo

Elegant, Delicate Floral Mandala Tattoo
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This looks like a perfect design, doesn’t it?

This particular design is not in the typical mandala shape, a circle. It is shaped more like a diamond. The centre of the design has a flower that has been made with intricate strokes, then it goes outwards as the design opens more even though the work is delicate and intricate. Towards the outside of the design are flowers that look like roses.

The flower design is made with dot tattoo work. It has both thick and thin strokes. The thick strokes make the stem of the flower and the border of the design and the thin strokes make the delicate flowers. To give it a more realistic feel, the inside of the flowers are and made with dots. No colour has been added to the design, however, you can add some bright colors of your choice and turn this into an even more stunning design. This tattoo has been placed on the thigh, but this eye-catching design would look great as a chest or back tattoo.

Lotus And Floral Mandala Tattoo Design

Lotus And Floral Mandala Tattoo Design
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A lotus mandala tattoo is one of the most popular designs. A lotus flower is one of the most powerful religious or spiritual symbols among Buddhists. The symmetrical shape of a lotus flower represents the balance in life. The lotus flower is the most beautiful flower that grows in mud or dirty water. It means something beautiful can come out of difficult and dark situations in life. A lotus tattoo is a great symbol of that.

This detailed design is an explanation of that. The design clearly depicts the lotus flower in the centre of the back. The top part looks like a flower, and the bottom part has some dotted art that makes it look like a chandelier. The tattoo artist has made a lot of effort for this design to look perfect!

Coloured Mandala Designs

Coloured Mandala Designs
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This is not a typical mandala design. The mandala is placed in the centre of the design and it is surrounded by roses and other flowers. It also has some butterflies.

A rose tattoo signifies true and passionate love or remembrance of a loved one. A butterfly tattoo represents faith, freedom and transformation. A mandala tattoo is considered the ultimate symbol of eternity, perfection and balance of body and mind.

The tattoo is a unique design, different from the other mandala flower tattoo designs. Although it is a traditional black and white tattoo design, there are some shades of brown and red that blend perfectly with the tattoo and the skin.

Lace Mandala Tattoo Design

Lace Mandala Tattoo Design
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This flower tattoo is one of the most popular black and white tattoos. The lace design makes it more desirable.

The fine lines coming from the mandala looks great! It symbolizes beauty and a perfectly balanced life that every one of us is trying to achieve. This kind of mandala design is not the easiest tattoo to design but it can hold a deep meaning to the wearer of the tattoo that will stay with them forever. You can customise this tattoo by adding any element that holds value to you. This design has been placed on the thigh, but it also makes for a great shoulder design.

Floral Mandala Moon Tattoo Images

Floral Mandala Moon Tattoo Images
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A moon mandala that is a crescent moon design is a symbol for learning, creativity and change.

This is a very common design seen in tattoo studios as it promotes everything positive, like personal growth and self-improvement. A floral mandala, mixed with a moon design could mean that you want to learn and grow continuously, all through eternity. This tattoo is made in black ink and thick strokes. Even though the strokes are thick, the design is very intricate. It is placed on the upper arm, near the shoulder, but it would also look great on the back, sternum or thigh. You can also add beautiful colors to make this design more elaborate. This could be a great design for your next tattoo!

Animal-Floral Mandala Tattoo Design

Animal-Floral Mandala Tattoo Design
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Many people use animals and flowers together as mandala patterns. In this design, the client has chosen a Koala that represents being grounded and present in the moment. It also means that you are comfortable on your own and you take your time to rest.

The strokes in this tattoo are all black and intricate. This beautiful design is in the form of a mandala, however, it looks like a Koala. The different shapes in this design and the overlapping circles make this design more perfect. This design has been made as a back tattoo, but it would be a great tattoo design on the arm, thigh or chest!

Floral Mandala Tattoo – Forearm

Floral Mandala Tattoo - Forearm
@gracie.tattoos via Instagram

This tattoo is of a mandala combined with a rose and hibiscus flower.

A rose is a symbol of love full of passion, innocence, and the remembrance of a loved one. A hibiscus tattoo is rare and beautiful, and it is considered a good omen and a symbol of happiness. This flower also represents vitality, good luck and life. The whole tattoo is the symbolism of love, happiness and balanced life.

The mandala design looks like it is shaded, but if you look closely, it is a dotwork design. Not only in the mandala, the flowers and leaves also have a dotwork design. You can also add some colours to his design for a more unique design. These types of designs make for great sleeve tattoos!

Geometric Nature Mandala Tattoo

Geometric Nature Mandala Tattoo
@brienda.ink via Instagram

This is one of the most complicated yet simple designs. The tattoo art has geometric shapes in the mandala and is surrounded by rose flowers. The falling leaves give it a more realistic feel. This design means balance in love and life.

There is not a lot of colours involved in this design, it mainly has black strokes with some areas that include shading. This is a sleeve tattoo that has been placed on the upper arm. It would also look great as a shoulder tattoo.

Mandala Ankle Tattoo Design

Mandala Ankle Tattoo Design
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This tattoo makes all the other tattoos look simple. The detail involved in this tattoo is by far the most intricate. The floral patterns are shaded with brown and the leaves are shaded with black. The combinations of these patterns and colours are blended perfectly on the skin.

This tattoo is placed on the ankle of the wearer and it is sliding onto the leg. This tattoo is the perfect example of what one needs in life, a perfect balance of love and life.

Mandala With Floral Arm Tattoo

Mandala With Floral Arm Tattoo
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This beautiful mandala pattern tattoo is placed on the inner arm of the wearer. The mandala is surrounded by rose and hibiscus.

A hibiscus tattoo is a good omen and a rose is one of the most prominent symbols of love and passion. The whole tattoo, once combined, means good luck and finding balance in love and life. An amazing design for your next tattoo!

If you like these designs, you must have a look at some other tattoos that may interest you –

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Many cultures have different mandala tattoo meanings and intricate, delicate designs. If you want a similar design, all you have to do is find a fine line floral mandala tattoo artist who can make such designs for you and also customise them according to your choice!

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