10 Best Feminine Elephant Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Best Feminine Elephant Tattoo

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Planning to get a tattoo soon? Here is a list of feminine elephant tattoo designs both for men and women that is sure to grab your attention. Check them out!

Feminine Elephant Tattoo
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There is no denying that elephants have a great memory that becomes wise with age.

In fact, humans should learn from the elephants have the various virtues of life. Consider the heavyweight that these animals carry with so much poise and grace.

All of these make the elephants not only now of a kind in the whole animal kingdom, but also great imagery for tattooing. Are you planning to get a symbolic tattoo on your wrist? Or, maybe a large and exotic one on your back? Be it small tattoos or bigger tattoos, in both cases, the elephant stands as a suitable tattoo design. There is various symbolism that an elephant represents. First, an elephant is a symbol of empathy, memory, and compassion.

Secondly, you will be surprised to know that the native Asian elephants have a weird connection to the Buddhism culture. Lord Budha chose a rare white elephant for the purpose of completing one of his incarnations. Besides, being such amazing animals, the elephants, the largest land animals, are also connected to the Indian culture through strong spiritual significance. If you take a look at the image of God Ganesha, you will notice His head resembles that of an elephant. This is because Shiva had given Lord Ganesha the head of an elephant and a protruding belly because of His alluring nature. Therefore, Ganesh is the elephant-headed Hindu God.

Although elephants are family-oriented animals, different cultures have different meanings associated with them. Likewise, you can get elephant tattoos according to the meanings that you want to portray. A mandala elephant tattoo will have a very different meaning than a baby elephant tattoo. Again, the color in which an elephant tattoo is inked also matters. While a white elephant tattoo stands for wisdom and fertility, a black elephant tattoo design represents good luck. Again, if you want a couple tattoo with a small elephant tattoo design, get it inked on the middle finger. This stands for loyalty and fidelity, the two essential components of a successful marriage.

Now that you know what an elephant tattoo stands for, it is time to dive into the list of detailed elephant tattoos given below.

Cute Cartoon Elephant Tattoo

Cute Cartoon Elephant Tattoos
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An elephant tattoo can be designed in several ways. While some can be an elaborate and exotic mandala elephant tattoo, the other is a simple baby elephant tattoo. Here is the image of a cute baby elephant tattoo colored in radiant shades.

What makes this baby elephant tattoo appear cute is its yellow hat on the head. Such baby elephant tattoos are an amazing design for forearms and call muscles. Here, the tattoo artist has played with the colors as well as the expression that he portrayed through this baby elephant tattoo. This small elephant tattoo design makes it an apt Disney tattoo.

Watercolor Elephant Tattoo Designs

Watercolor Elephant Tattoo Designs
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A watercolor elephant tattoo design is something that people cannot take their eyes off. If you take a keen look at this watercolor elephant tattoo design, you will notice that the tattoo artist has used vibrant colors to give a silhouette to this simple elephant tattoo.

The way the tattoo artist has used the concept of a color splash in the tattoo makes this simple elephant tattoo an elaborate and exotic work of art. Such watercolor elephant tattoo designs are apt for the thighs. To turn these gentle giants into feminine elephant thigh tattoo designs, decorative patterns and adequate geometric shapes can be accommodated with them.

Minimal Feminine Elephant Outline Tattoo

Minimal Feminine Elephant Outline Tattoo
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Not all people prefer a gigantic feminine mandala elephant tattoo. There are some who are looking forward to a small elephant tattoo that they can ornate on their wrists. Take a look at this fine-line elephant tattoo. Not only is it one of those small elephant tattoos, but also can be called an elephant outline tattoo.

Such elephant tattoos are suitable to be inked on the wrist, behind the ear, or on the neck. If required, one can add some impactful quotes with these elephant tattoo designs. Although there is no specific meaning to this elephant outline tattoo. But, it is only a way of placing this elephant outline tattoo on the body.

Landscape Tattoo with Mum and Baby Elephant

Landscape Tattoo with Mum and Baby Elephant
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Since the elephant families have a close association with nature, how about getting an elephant tattoo with landscape and nature as its backdrop! Well, this will constitute a large elephant tattoo. Therefore, it is suggested to get this elephant tattoo in a location where there is enough space.

This elephant tattoo has two elephants – one is the mother elephant, and the other is the baby elephant. The presence of the mum and the baby elephants in this tattoo depicts a beautiful message of the lovable bond that a mother and child share. The symbols of loyalty, trust, faith, positivity, and growth are shown through this elephant tattoo. To make this tattoo even better, the landscape surrounding them is inked to precision.

Elephant Family Tattoo

Elephant Family Tattoos
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Are you closely attached to your family? Do you want to showcase your affection and love towards your friends and family? What else can be better than getting such a beautiful elephant family tattoo! This is one of those realistic elephant tattoos where the close-knit bond of the elephants is depicted. Not only are such realistic tattoos eye-catching, but also have a strong emotional aspect to them.

Since the orientation of this elephant tattoo is landscape, it is better to get this elephant tattoo done on the back or on the belly. Besides, the thighs can also be a good location for this elephant design. This is another watercolor tattoo that represents familial love, attachment, care, unity, compatibility, and the like.

Elephant Head Tattoo With Floral Designs

Elephant Head Tattoo With Floral Designs
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If you are looking for a realistic elephant tattoo, you have come to the right place. This is a plain and simple black ink elephant tattoo. However, the charming factor in this elephant tattoo is the floral designs with which the image of the elephant’s head has been decorated.

Being one of the best elephant tattoo designs, it is a perfect tattoo for the thighs of women. The softness of this realistic elephant tattoo is brought by the floral designs surrounding it. Although elephants are cute and gentle creatures, the tenderness of this realistic elephant tattoo is enhanced by the presence of the flowers.

Mandala Elephant Tattoo On Hand

Mandala Elephant Tattoo On Hand

The Sanskrit word ‘Mandala’ means circle. Generally, a mandala tattoo consists of geometric designs. It is through these geometric symbols of the mandala art that one can easily understand the connection between a body, soul, and birth cycle. In short, the mandala art depicts the whole universe and cosmos.

Besides, there is a great significance of such mandala elephant tattoo ideas in the Buddhist, Hindu, and Christian cultures. This is one of the best elephant tattoo ideas that can be a great elephant arm tattoo as well. On one hand, this elephant tattoo represents protection from evil forces, on the other hand, it stands for positivity and spiritual growth.

Aesthetic Elephant Tattoo With Sun

Aesthetic Elephant Tattoo With Sun
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Here is another elephant tattoo with a brightly decorated Sun at the backdrop. This is more of an aesthetically pleasing elephant arm tattoo that suits females. A perfect spot for this elephant tattoo would be the triceps. These beautiful animals look better when tattooed with symbolic elements.

As has already been mentioned, an elephant tattoo stands for loyalty, intelligence, and memory. Having a powerful planet like the Sun in its background is equally striking as the elephant tattoo. The angular shapes and strokes of the ink make the tattoo worth noticing.

Half Elephant Tattoo on Hand

Half Elephant Tattoo on Hand
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If you are looking for a stylish elephant tattoo, this half-elephant tattoo has your back. This is more like a geometric elephant tattoo that has an erect triangle on the outset by which the half portion of the tattoo is determined.

The azure blue shade used in this elephant tattoo makes it one of its kind. The type of shading used in this geometric elephant tattoo showcases the aesthetic appeal that this tattoo wants to create. It can be one of those thigh tattoos for people who are willing to expose their body art. Such elephant tattoos can be inked on the wrists as well.

Elephant Tattoos With Trunks Intertwined

Elephant Tattoos With Trunks Intertwined
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There are people who want to get tattoos that make them stand out from the crowd. Here is such an elephant tattoo with intertwined trunks. Since elephants are very family-oriented animals, such elephant tattoos depict the clear love and affection that they have for their kin.

Through this elephant tattoo, one can showcase one’s love for one’s near and dear ones. Such tattoo ideas can look amazing with appropriate colors added to them. The geometric shape in which the elephants are bound highlights the close-knitted bond that the elephants share.

Now that you have gone through the list of top ten elephant tattoo ideas, it is time to get one tattoo for yourself. However, if you are choosing a larger elephant tattoo image, make sure the artist pays attention to the details of the tattoo. The number of elephants you want to wear should also be considered.

There is no end to elephant tattoo designs. The more you have, the better it is for you. We have heard you and have come up with some more women’s feminine elephant tattoo designs.

  • Heart-shaped elephant tattoo on hand
  • Feminine elephant hand tattoo with ornamental designs
  • Elephant tattoo with lotus flower and crescent moon
  • Forest theme elephant tattoo on back
  • Elephant head tattoo on thigh
  • Elephant thigh tattoo with dreamcatcher
  • Multicolored elephant tattoo with quotes
  • Half elephant and a half-lion tattoo on chest
  • Elephant tattoo with butterfly wings

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