11+ Family Birth Flower Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Best Family Birth Flower Tattoo

Reviewed & updated: June 27, 2023 by Jamie Wilson BA

Hey there, fellow ink enthusiasts! Today, I want to dive into the fascinating world of birth flower tattoos. These stunning designs have been a part of tradition for ages, and I’m here to share some beautiful examples that will surely inspire you.

Family Birth Flower Tattoo

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Just like Zodiac signs, birth flowers hold unique meanings and can be a fantastic way to highlight certain aspects of your personality. Each month of the year is associated with a specific flower, carrying its own symbolism and charm. It’s like wearing a little piece of nature’s magic on your skin.

Flowers, in general, have a language of their own. Let’s take the iconic rose as an example. A red rose is often seen as a symbol of deep love and passion, while a yellow rose represents friendship, warmth, and joy. The history of birth flowers can be traced back to ancient Greece and Rome, where both these flowers and blooms were celebrated for their symbolic significance.

In fact, various written texts from different cultures contain detailed meanings assigned to each flower. Take the Victorian era, for instance, when a sweet pea flower was seen as a way of expressing gratitude and thanks. On the other hand, in France, that same flower was believed to bring good luck and positive omens. Isn’t it fascinating how these blooms can carry such diverse messages?

Now, let’s dive into the world of family birth flower tattoos. These designs not only showcase the beauty of these meaningful blooms but also celebrate the bond and love within a family. Whether you’re considering getting a tattoo to honor your loved ones or simply drawn to the allure of birth flowers, these designs will leave you breathless.

For those born in January, the carnation is your birth flower. This delicate bloom represents love, fascination, and distinction. Incorporating this flower into your tattoo design can create a stunning piece that embodies all these traits your unique qualities.

Moving on to the vibrant and passionate souls born in July, the birth flower is the larkspur. With its tall spikes of colorful petals, this flower symbolizes an open heart and strong bonds. Imagine a tattoo capturing the essence of this bright color captivating bloom, forever etching the love you hold for your family.

And let’s not forget the November babies, whose birth flower is the chrysanthemum. These beautiful blossoms are associated with joy, abundance, and longevity. A tattoo featuring chrysanthemums can serve as a constant reminder of the precious moments spent with your loved ones.

Of course, there are many more birth flowers to explore, each with its own unique beauty and symbolism. It’s essential to choose a design that resonates with you and captures the essence of your family connection two birth flowers. Whether you opt for a minimalist approach or a bold and intricate design, the possibilities are endless.

When it comes to getting a family birth flower tattoo, I always recommend consulting with a skilled tattoo artist who specializes in botanical designs. They can help bring your vision to life and ensure that the final result exceeds your expectations. Remember, a tattoo is a lifelong commitment, so it’s crucial to find an artist who understands your desires and can create a masterpiece that stands the test of time.

January Birth Flowers Tattoo

January Birth Flowers Tattoo

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Let’s start with January, where the two flowers in the birth flowers are the carnation and snowdrop. The snowdrop, often considered a symbol of transition from winter to spring, represents renewal, new beginnings, and rebirth. Meanwhile, the carnation, beautifully showcased in the design above, carries the vibrant shade of red, symbolizing love and passion. When it comes to floral tattoos, remember that the color you choose is just as important as the flower itself. A red carnation tattoo can be small and minimalistic while still carrying a deep meaning.

February Birth Flowers Tattoo

February Birth Flowers Tattoo

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Moving on to February, the birth flowers are violet and primrose. Like the rose, both of these flowers symbolize adoration and love. The primrose flower, in particular, has been associated with protection against ill luck. The design pictured here features a cute black and white primrose tattooed on the forearm. If you prefer a more subtle and minimalist look, this design is perfect for you. However, feel free to explore adding vibrant colors like white, red, yellow, or purple to create a more vibrant and colorful tattoo.

March Birth Flower

March Birth Flower

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Now let’s bloom into March, where the birth flower is the daffodil. Daffodils are the epitome of new beginnings, joy, and rebirth. March-born individuals are often known for their optimistic and cheerful nature, which is beautifully represented by this flower. The simple black bright red ink and white daffodil tattooed on the upper arm in the image showcases a minimalist look. However, yellow is the most common color used to highlight a daffodil, so don’t hesitate to add a touch of vibrant yellow to your design for a more colorful look.

Sweet Pea Birth Flower Tattoo

Sweet Pea Birth Flower Tattoo

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As we step into April, we encounter the sweet pea and daisy as the birth flowers. While daisies represent innocence, purity, and happiness, the sweet pea is considered a symbol of good luck. In some cultures, sweet pea flowers are given to brides as a sign of a positive omen. The image above showcases a stunning design of a sweet pea flower, using a subtle bright shade of blue ink to highlight its delicate petals. If you’re seeking a deeper meaning, consider incorporating additional elements like a butterfly into your tattoo design.

Lily Of The Valley Flower Tattoos

Lily Of The Valley Flower Tattoos

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In the month of May, we celebrate the lily of the valley, also known as the May flower. This beautiful flower that symbolizes purity, happiness, and humility. According to one story, the lily of the valley would bloom whenever a nightingale sang in the month of May. The surreal and simplistic design of the lily of the valley flower tattooed on the body carries a captivating aesthetic. Black ink is used to create this art piece, which is a popular choice, especially among women. It’s worth noting that hawthorn is another birth flower for May, providing even more options for those born in this lovely month.

Rose Birth Flower Tattoo

Rose Birth Flower Tattoo

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Birth flower tattoos are not just beautiful but also meaningful representations of your birth month and the qualities associated with it. When considering getting a birth flower tattoo, take the time to choose a design that resonates with you and consult with a skilled tattoo artist who can bring your vision to life. They will ensure that your birth flower tattoo designs reflects your unique personality and stands the test of time.

July Birth Flower Tattoo

July Birth Flower Tattoo

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Today, let’s dive into the world of birth flower tattoos and explore the captivating designs associated with the month of July. People born in July are known for their charming and optimistic personalities, so what better way to represent these traits than with a stunning and beautiful water lily tattoo!? Water lilies, along with Larkspur, are the birth flowers for July, symbolizing enlightenment and beauty.

Take a look at the image above, showcasing a surrealistic blue water lily tattooed on the upper arm. The choice of colors in your tattoo can enhance feature image and its overall meaning. In this case, a blue water lily represents the Sun and rebirth, adding an extra layer of symbolism to your tattoo design.

Poppy Flower Tattoos

Poppy Flower Tattoos

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Moving on to August, we have the vibrant and passionate poppy flower. Deep red poppies are a popular choice for tattoos, symbolizing love and passion. As opium is derived from poppies, they are also associated with sleep and oblivion. Additionally, the birth flower for August is the gladiolus, representing strength and power. If you’re drawn to large and colorful tattoos, consider using the image above as inspiration for your next ink session.

Aster Flower Tattoos

Aster Flower Tattoos

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September brings us two beautiful birth flowers: Aster and Morning Glory. While morning glory flowers symbolize mortality, as they bloom and die within a day, asters are exotic blooms representing protection, patience, and love. The image above features a stunning design of an aster flower tattooed on the shoulder, with distinct shades of yellow, blue, and purple ink. The vibrant colors and meticulous detailing make this tattoo a visual delight.

Marigold Minimalist Family Birth Flower Tattoos

Marigold Flower Tattoos

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As we embrace October, the birth flowers are the marigold and cosmos. Marigolds, often referred to as the “herb of the Sun,” symbolize passion and courage. Their golden hue resembles the majestic mane of a lion. In the picture mentioned above, you can admire feminine tattoo of a simple yet beautiful marigold flower tattoo colored with orange and green ink.

When it comes to flower tattoos, they continue to reign supreme in terms of beauty, elegance, and rich symbolism. It’s no wonder they remain a popular choice among tattoo lovers in today’s world.

Remember, when getting a birth flower tattoo, consult with a skilled tattoo artist who can bring your vision to life. They can help you choose the perfect design, colors, and placement that truly represents your personality and the qualities associated with popular flowers and your birth month.


When it comes to birth flower tattoos, the pros are abundant. You get to honor your birth month, highlight your personality traits, and have a beautiful piece of art that carries deep meaning. The cons? Well, I can’t think of any! Unless, of course, you’re not a fan of stunning designs, personal symbolism, and eye-catching ink.

Now, let’s talk costs. The price of a birth flower tattoo can vary depending on factors like size, complexity, and the artist you choose. But let me tell you, my friend, investing in a tattoo that tells your story and celebrates your family is worth every penny. Just think about the joy and pride you’ll feel every time you catch a glimpse of that beautiful birth flower etched on your skin.

So, go ahead and embrace the magic of birth flower tattoos. Let these blooms bloom on your skin, reminding you of the beauty of life, the love of family, and the uniqueness that makes you, well, you! Get yourself to a skilled tattoo artist, share your vision, and watch as they turn your ideas into an awe-inspiring masterpiece.

Until our paths cross again, keep rocking those inked masterpieces and wear bright colors of your birth flower with pride.

Birth Flowers Tattoo For Zodiac

Birth Flowers Tattoo For Zodiac
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What is the meaning of a family birth flower tattoo?

A family birth flower tattoo is a unique way to show your family connections and represent the special bond you share with them. This type of tattoo usually consists of a bunch of flowers, each representing a different family member. Birth flowers are a lovely way to commemorate the special people in your life, and a family birth flower tattoo can be a beautiful way to show your love and appreciation for your family.

What are some tips for designing my family birth flower tattoo?

Some things to consider when designing your family birth flower tattoo include the colors of the flowers, the placement of the tattoo, and the overall meaning you want to convey. You should also consider the type of flowers you choose, as some have different meanings than others. For example, roses typically symbolize love and admiration, while lilies represent purity and innocence. Choose the flowers that hold the most meaning for you and your family, and work with a tattoo artist to create a design that is unique to you.

What are some design ideas for a family birth flower tattoo?

Some design ideas for a family birth flower tattoo include a bouquet of flowers, a wreath of flowers, or a single flower for each family member. You can also incorporate other elements into your tattoo design, such as hearts, butterflies, or birds. Work with your tattoo artist to come up with a design that is perfect for you and your family.

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