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101 Best Entwined Heart Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Entwined Heart Tattoos

Looking for some cool entwined heart tattoo designs? You’ve come to the right place. Let’s get started to please your heart with tattoo ideas.

Entwined Heart Tattoo
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Heart tattoos are a symbol of intense love.

These heart tattoo designs can be altered in different ways to bring out a stunning design. Not only are these absolutely popular but a great way to represent your loved one.

There are many heart tattoo designs that can be taken note of, such as, a double heart symbol, a double broken heart, an entwined angel wings attached to hearts, two eternity heart, winged hearts, crying heart, sacred heart tattoo, broken heart tattoo, geometric tattoos of two hearts, tiny hearts tattoo, black heart tattoo, small heart tattoo, red heart tattoo or just a minimalist entwined heart tattoo.

These various heart tattoos can be personalised according to one’s own choices and can be both black or white and colourful. There are no boundaries to creativity; therefore we’ve picked out some amazing heart tattoo design ideas for you.

The Dual Overlay Tattoo

The Dual Overlay Tattoo
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This small entwined heart tattoo design is so minimalistic yet so attractive. It’s size is perfect for the visual display that will catch the eyes right-away. The is a mixture of stencil, proportioned, neat looking purple heart with a free handed, proportioned, natural looking red heart. Both of these tattoos are of different colours which embraces their originality.

Despite both of these being hearts, one is a red heart and one is a purple heart. The base of the tattoo is a red heart with a purple heart laid over it. So simple yet so stunning. The colour combination screams that the owner has bold choices.

The Piercing Heart Tattoo

The Piercing Heart Tattoo
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This black ink tattoo is inspired by a vintage heart which is a creative way to portray a broken heart or a wounded heart. The tattoo artist has portrayed the heart as an embellishment, with the initial design of a big heart but has also inserted an entwined heart inside with creativity.

There are various pricks in this tattoo that are piercing through the heart and are making the heart bleed. Very realistically the tattoo artist has also made a tiny drop of blood to capture a raw emotion. The top portion of the heart, which is the apex of the heart has been drawn in flames depicting more pain that is bursting out of the heart. Overall, a great and creative idea.

The Self-Love Hearts Tattoo

The Self-Love Hearts Tattoo
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This entwined self-love tattoo is such a vibe! With colours splashing here and there, the tattoo has a beautiful message in it. The first heart that we see is the purple heart that says ‘SELF’ in blocks with a classic black border. Right next to it, we have the ‘LOVE’ heart entwined with it, again with a classic black border.

This heart is filled with various colours in a dot like pattern which makes is so authentic and creative. Love cannot be expressed through one colour as it is a colour of various emotions, has been expressed splendidly in this tattoo. With the entwined hearts, we have three sunflower patches adjoined to them from various sides, to make this tattoo more interesting and cheerful.+-

The Entwined Rainbow Heart Tattoo

The Entwined Rainbow Heart Tattoo
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One of our most loved entwined rainbow heart design. In this rainbow heart tattoo, we have hearts of all seven colours entwined together in one single heart. We have a sun which looks like a meteor falling from the sky. The sun has bright red, yellow and orange colours to it. The rainbow heart is portrayed in a way that seems that it is sleeping on a cloud of pillows.

There are various other clouds that are coming out from the rainbow heart with various streaks of colour lines attached to them as well. Right under the clouds we have some other stars that are made in various shapes and sizes. Overall, the tattoo artist has portrayed the entire sky with the rainbow heart theme. So, for the colourful tattoo lovers, here’s your perfect design.

The Crystal Heart Tattoo

The Crystal Heart Tattoo
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Our most request bling heart tattoo design. Every man and woman, loves a little bling and diamonds; so, we’ve chosen a heart made of crystals to suit your likings. The inner heart in this tattoo is made from crystals.

The overall colour if this internal heart is a pinkish red; however the tattoo artist has used hues of blue and purple to highlight and accentuate the design of the heart. The external heart is made of a prickly fence that has been made to protect the internal heart. The thought behind creating this border was absolutely genius; it also adds a depth that this beautiful tattoo needed.

The Handcuffs Of Love

The Handcuffs Of Love
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This entwined handcuff heart tattoo is sure to capture your heart. The tattoo artist has outlined and shaded every detail very intricately. The tattoo could have easily been made in a normal round shaped handcuff but instead the tattoo artist has a creative approach towards it.

The tattoo artist has made gigantic versions of the handcuffs with rough details to make it appear lifelike. At the end of each handcuff, there is a bling symbol, which shows that the rough looking handcuffs are shining. Both the handcuffs are attached using a chain. A classic black inked tattoo yet a very unique one.

The Universe Heart Tattoo

The Universe Heart Tattoo
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In this heart entwined tattoo, we have a view of an entire galaxy. The colour combination of this tattoo is remarkable. At first, with the first glance, the heart looks like a blur sapphire; however, it’s a captured memory of a universe.

There are various hearts entwined at each level; giving it a look of one single heart. At the outermost layer we have a thin roughly shaded outline of a black heart. Then, we have a thick outlining of the black heart. Lastly, we have the final most detailed heart in the most inner layer of the tattoo.

The heart is surrounded by a round semi-circle going around it like a globe on it’s periphery. At the top, we have a magnificent star to complete the whole look.

The Love Birds Tattoo

The Love Birds Tattoo
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This unique entwined heart is a couple collection, which mostly loved ones get for their better halves. Both these red hearts are entwined which signifies unison. The design of this heart tattoo is that of a traditional one, with lacy borders and thick outlines.

The hearts are surrounded by birds which makes this tattoo more romantic and intimate. Not only that, the creative detailing of the string that each bird is carrying has made the name of a person, which makes this tattoo so interesting and special.

The colour story that the tattoo artist has used in this tattoo is so much fun. Each figure is detailed with utmost sincerity and the overall execution is just adorable.

The Cherry Passion Tattoo

The Cherry Passion Tattoo
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The entwined cherry hearts tattoo is one of our most favourite tattoo designs of all time. Not only is it simple and minimalistic but for all those tattoo lovers who like a small statement piece instead of a large tattoo, this is a must have. The creativity in this tattoo is remarkable.

Rather than making round cherries, the tattoo artist has used heart shapes to enhance and modify the design. It looks very cool because the original colour of the cherry has been kept. This dark red tattoo has a simple outline with a fairly small size which is helpful as it can be tattooed anywhere in the body. A lovely simplistic tattoo design.

The Carnival Entwined Hearts

The Carnival Entwined Hearts
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This is a large statement entwined heart tattoo. Two hearts have been adjoined with utmost precision. The tattoo artist has used bold colours, which is blue and purple to give an edge to this tattoo. Looking closely, you will find that the bottom portions of the tattoo have a darker hue; which means that the hearts have an ombre effect going on.

At the top, they have solid colours but as they come down, the colours start to darken to enhance the ombre look. Both the hearts have unique patterns of their own. The blue heart on the left side has a pointy end, whereas the purple heart in the right has a round curved end.

Therefore, each heart has been made uniquely to enhance their features and the overall entwined look of them makes them bolder and classier.

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What is the meaning of an entwined heart tattoo?

An entwined heart tattoo is a symbol that represents deep love and connection between two people. The design typically features two hearts intertwined together, which can represent the intertwining of two separate lives or a strong bond between friends, lovers, family members, or even pets. It can also be used to demonstrate loyalty and commitment in relationships. In some cases, it may even be used to represent the spiritual connection between two people. Whatever the reason, an entwined heart tattoo is a beautiful way to express your feelings and show that special someone just how much they mean to you.

What are some popular designs for an entwined heart tattoo?

When it comes to entwined heart tattoo designs, the possibilities are nearly endless. One popular design is an elegant pair of intertwined hearts, often with one larger than the other. This type of design can be used to represent two different people in a romantic relationship, or it could also symbolize a strong bond between friends or family members.

How much does an entwined heart tattoo cost?

The cost of an entwined heart tattoo can vary depending on the size and complexity of the design, as well as the skill level of the artist doing the work. Generally speaking, most simple entwined heart tattoos will range from $100 to $300 in price. More intricate designs or larger sizes may cost more. It’s always best to consult with your tattoo artist for an accurate quote.

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