101 Best Engineer Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Engineer Tattoos

Reviewed & updated: December 22, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Here is a list of a wide range of engineer tattoo ideas assembled only for you. Let’s check them out and fix a great tattoo for yourself.

Engineer Tattoo
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Engineer tattoos are a tailored version of a specific tattoo with a specific style.

These tattoos are mostly symmetrical, high on precision and needs ample time to be tattooed. People who have an affinity towards engineering, numbers, mechanical work, etc., are the ones who plan on getting this tattoo.

They are quite difficult to achieve compared to other tattoos. It can be tattooed on long sleeves, chest, legs, any where is no big deal. The tattoos can include various log sign, engineers company, data, industries, services, sites, blueprints, etc. College students are mostly fascinated by these tattoos. Several engineers craft their own tattoo designs since they are a creative thinker themselves.

These tattoos are mostly loved by men but women love them too. These tattoos can be inspired by mechanical engineer tattoo, electrical engineer tattoo, software engineer tattoo, army engineer tattoo, science tattoo, tech tattoo, circuit board tattoo, etc. They are mostly done using black inks and its hues to bring out authenticity and a neat flair which is the best trait of an engineer.

The Mechanical Clock

The Mechanical Clock
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In this engineer tattoo, the tattoo artist has taken inspiration from an analog clock. The designs of this tattoo are very vintage, gothic and punk. The shape and appearance of this clock is quite surreal. The tattoo artist has used Roman numbers as the details to bring out more of an old school look.

There are various thorns that are covering this clock at the top and at the bottom. The tattoo artist has also shown an internal visual of a clock as it is transparent. In some parts of this tattoo there are light shadings whereas in some parts the ink is quite thick and bold. The tattoo artist has also used the dot method to give this tattoo more depth.

The Spark Plug Tattoo

The Spark Plug Tattoo
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This particular engineer tattoo is based on a spark plug which is an essential tool used by the engineers. A spark plug delivers electric current to ignite a combustible object.

Therefore, this tattoo is basically a tribute to the engineer tool. The tattoo artist has done a seamless job in drawing the spark plug as it looks very real and the colour scheme in this entire tattoo is remarkable.

The shading, the texture, the highlights, everything in this tattoo is almost detailed to perfection. Overall, the tattoo artist has also added the element of electric current which makes it more creative and has made it to appear as if the spark plug is inside figure that looks like a bulb.

The Lines Of Symmetry

The Lines Of Symmetry
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Although as simple as this tattoo seems, it is quite difficult to achieve the symmetry and the precision of this tattoo. Not only does it look effortless but also quite creative as there has been a use of multiple colours in this tattoo.

This tattoo represents the sketch while the engineers make plans to build something. The depth of ink that the tattoo artist has used here is exceptionally bold and dark black which is very aesthetic. The position of this tattoo is in the forearm area which makes it quite flashy since it deserves the attention of everyone. Overall, a very well executed architectural styled engineer tattoo.

The Formula Based Tattoo

The Formula Based Tattoo
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This tattoo right here is the perfect representation of a life of an engineer. This tattoo is basically a formula that has been written down on the frontal elbow region. The tattoo artist has detailed each word, number and sign incredibly. The size of the tattoo is also quite generous as it is a quite small formula but the tattoo artist has made sure that it should be big enough to capture the attention right away.

The Flight Engineering

The Flight Engineering
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This engineer tattoo is basically a blueprint of an aeroplane. It is quite symmetrical and geometry inspired. The tattoo artist has done a great job in balancing the dark and light hues of the same black ink. The aeroplane has been first drawn light handedly with a very light, thin-lined tattoo and then the tattoo artist has drawn a bigger, bolder and a more dark version of the aeroplane in a dissected manner.

The entire tattoo has been divided into various segments. Each segment has been highlighted with a dark and big black inked bullet. This little detailing by the tattoo artist has brought out more technicality and has a more methodical approach towards an engineer tattoo. The wings of the aeroplane along with the head and tail has been dissected into various steps showing every function with thin lined strokes. The most special thing about this tattoo is the fact that it is very technical and that is a resembling trait of an engineer which makes this tattoo’s theme spot-on.

The Motor Engineer

The Motor Engineer
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This is another quite popular and quite an intriguing work of an engineer that has been tattooed. This tattoo is basically a blueprint of a car. The car has been dissected into sections which has very, neat and flair some lines accompanying around the car. Since this is an engineer tattoo, the tattoo artist has incorporated various measurements using numbers and placing them over the dissected lines of the car. A very well executed and a classic jet-black tattoo.

The detailings like the the roof of the car, the dashboard, the headlights, the windows and most importantly the wheels, look quite simple but are actually quite complex designs to achieve. The way in which the tattoo artist has executed in drawing the measurements, it seems as if it is a hand drawn design on a paper. The tattoo artist has done a great job in perfecting the detailings.

The Motorcycle Tattoo

The Motorcycle Tattoo
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This specific tattoo right here is a masterpiece that we’ve picked out for you. It is quite hard to understand how every figure and pattern has been assembled but that is the exact essence that the tattoo artist was willing to capture since the work of an engineer is quite difficult and filled with various data.

This tattoo right here is a representation of the difficulty level of a life of an engineer. There are circular lines, shaded lines and various portions that are filled using slanted lines, strokes, chains, numbers, pulleys, etc.

The Spaceship Engineering

The Spaceship Engineering
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This engineer tattoo device is basically a blueprint of a space ship. The tattoo artist has drawn the entire tattoo with utmost precision as every line, every circle and every dot has been made with sincere accuracy. this tattoo gives us an insight of the internal visuals of the spaceship as if it is transparent.

The tattoo artist has used both dark and light hues of the black ink and has made thick lines as well as thin lines in this entire tattoo. The position of this tattoo is in the thigh region which is the perfect place for this kind of a big sized tattoo.

The Mechanical Lego

The Mechanical Lego
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This is one of our most favourite engineer tattoo design. This tattoo is basically of a Lego that has been dissected down by the tattoo artist with utmost accurate geometry. There are various measurements throughout the entire tattoo. The tattoo artist has a very creatively divided the entire tattoo into four parts using dotted vertical and horizontal lines. This tattoo has been made on the upper forearm region and the execution is quite aesthetic.

The Piston Tattoo

The Piston Tattoo
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This engineer tattoo has been inspired by a mechanical tool which is known as a piston that is used in automobiles to create motion. It is a very important tool in a vehicle and is only handled by skilled engineers. The tattoo artist has drawn a life-sized piston in a huge scale where it has covered the entire forearm region.

The symmetry and the detailing of this tattoo is absolutely remarkable. The tattoo artist has done a great job in defining each line using thin strokes of black ink. Once again, the tattoo artist has divided this entire tattoo into various segments using blocked horizontal and vertical lines to give it an aesthetic appearance.

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What is an engineer tattoo?

An engineer tattoo is a tattoo that has been designed in honor of engineering or engineers. It can be an image, phrase, portrait or any other design related to the profession. These tattoos are often seen as symbols of dedication and loyalty to the field. They can also serve as a reminder of one’s commitment to excellence and drive for success.

What are some common engineer tattoo designs?

Some common engineer tattoo designs include the image of a wrench, blueprint or schematic, mathematical symbols and equations, gears, and other industrial machinery. Other images related to engineering such as circuit diagrams or even robots can also be used in an engineer’s tattoo. Additionally, phrases related to the profession like “innovation”, “ingenuity”, “ingenious”, and “ingenuity at work” can also be incorporated into the design.

How much does a engineer tattoo cost?

The cost of a engineer tattoo will depend on several factors such as the size and complexity of the design, where it is placed on the body, and how long it will take for the artist to complete. Generally speaking, however, small engineer tattoos can cost anywhere from $50 to $200 while larger and more complex designs may range from $200 to $500 or even more. Prices may also vary depending on the artist, their experience level and location.

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