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101 Best Doc Holliday Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Doc Holliday Tattoo

Are you a fan, intended to ink western movies? This is the correct place to find some amazing images related to a Doc Holliday tattoo that will blow your mind.

Doc Holliday Tattoo
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There are thousands of Doc Holliday tattoos available on the online site that people choose to tattoo themselves.

They are a perfect choice to impress society and reflect your western movie choice. Tattoo ideas are nothing but a reflection of one’s perception of the world and life.

The idea of a tattoo is to make the audience understand the preferences developed by men and women. Tattoos change their purpose whatsoever simply by adhering to the changing cultures and interest in placement areas.

Be it some western tattoos or some tribal tattoos, each and every tattoo idea is special in its way as it carries special meaning. Make a note that the tattoos of interest always hold a special position in the heart of the tattoo wearer.

When it comes to ‘Tombstone’ tattoos, it shows the tattoo wearers’ support for modern films made in the old west. With the cooperation of Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday and Kurt Russell as Wyatt Earp, this movie is a favorite of many.

I’m Your Huckleberry Tattoo

I'm Your Huckleberry Tattoo
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Tombstone tattoos are popular among people who are fond of modern films and the old west that made those. With prominent stars like Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer, the movie was an absolute hit. Both of them provided outstanding performances as famous gunmen. 

This movie became an absolute favorite even for those who are not that fond of Western movies. There can be no dilemma that the movie will turn out as a popular subject to get that tattooed. Its famous quote, “I am your Huckleberry” stands for mentioning that the individual is just the right person for the job provided. 

This also narrates the story of the good fit Doc Holliday who came from a well-read background. The famous quote tattoo that has been inked on the skin of the man is from the movie where Doc Holliday states that he is the right man to kill Ringo.

You can always select a particular tattoo idea to showcase your love for western movies. You can always change the placement of the images simply by contacting your tattoo artist.

Tombstone Movie Tattoos

Tombstone Movie Tattoos
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Whenever people get inspired by Western movies, they develop a tattoo powered by film there are a plethora of choices from which they can select. One of the blockbuster hit movies that was released in 1993 was ‘Tombstone.’

The movie simply narrated the story of Wyatt Earp. In addition to this, it reflected on the legendary gunfight at the O. K. Corral. This movie became a favorite subject to get tattoos by movie fans all across the world and is gradually coming into prominence. 

Doc Holliday quotes a very much popular theme to be inked by men and women of any age. There is an arm keyword gallery from where the fans can select images for tattooing. The popular quote of Doc Holliday ‘s ‘Say When’ has been taken when Doc Holliday was confronting  Ringo. Two famed Gunmen came in front of each other and the tension was felt by the audience through the speeches. 

During this showdown, Doc Holliday uttered these words and the audience realized who was taking the upper hand. You can always change the style and the placement area of the film tattoo.

Awesome Val Kilmer Black

Awesome Val Kilmer Black
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The movie incorporated numerous stars, including Sam Elliott, Bill Paxton, Kurt Russell, Dana Delany, Val Kilmer, Powers Boothe and Michael Biehn. The movie was based on the real events that occurred in Tombstone, Arizona, in the 1880s. This also included O.K. Corral gunfight and Earp Vendetta Ride. 

The film has eventually turned into a cult classic. It’s earned fame since its release. The awesome tattoo is simply enough to showcase one’s devotion and likeness to the film. You can always choose to ink the guns and the grey portrait of Val Kilmer on your shoulder.

Doc Holliday Tombstone Tattoo

Doc Holliday Tombstone Tattoo
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Tombstone tattoos are a rare piece of art. It is inked by both women and men, especially those who are fans of the popular movie that was released in 1993. Tombstone tattoos have earned gradual problems and show the life of the people who faced the real events in Tombstone in the 1880s.

The movie was a huge success and when it comes to the Western genre, it’s secured position 16 in the list of highest-grossing movies since 1979. For this particular movie, Val Kilmer got numerous awards along with nominations for performing the role of a hard-drinking person Doc Holliday. 

The colorful tattoo is indeed a great piece of art done by the tattoo artist and deserves special mention. You can change the vivid colors along with the elements associated with the Holliday tattoo and give it a personalized touch.

In 2018 ‘The Making Of Tombstone’ was published completely on the making of the movie. 

Tombstone Tattoos

Tombstone Tattoos
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In 1879, the cowboys were the outlaw gangs who were used to dressing up in red sashes and riding into the Mexican town. They used to interfere in the weddings of local police officers. 

This particular tattoo narrates the story of Wyatt and Doc and how they face the Cowboys. 

The Doc tattoo also reminds the account bravery with which Doc faces Ringo, the head of the cowboys, the shoot and gunshot, and the tension that developed between Ringo and Doc Holliday. 

If you are a cinelover of Western movies, then you can always select this particular theme from the popular movie that is in support of modern movies.

Doc Holliday Quote Tattoo

Doc Holliday Quote Tattoo
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Are you looking for some awesome and amazing chest tattoo ideas? You have selected the correct article that will not only interest you but will show you some tattoo ideas that are liked by people.

 If you are a movie binge and like some modern films, you are onto the right platform. Doc Holliday tattoo designs come in a variety of ranges, styles, colors, fonts and quotes. These are men to be developed in such a way that it simply reflects the audience that the tattoo wearer is a huge fan of the movie. 

Designed on the chest of the person, the Holliday tattoo is not unique but gives a different appearance. The tattoo artist applauds the tattoo ideas, simply reflecting his skills and efficiency. Doc Holliday tattoos are always an inspiration for the onlookers.

Unique Doc Holliday Tattoo

Unique Doc Holliday Tattoo
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Designed on the forearm of an individual, the tattoo design that can be found on the online site has developed popular attention and is power with the famous quote of Doc Holliday- ‘ Say When’. 

For this particular tattoo design, the tattoo artist has made use of black ink. The tattoo design is truly unique and expresses one likeness to the Holliday tattoo that can also be inked by you on your lower leg or at the back of your neck to create a discrete appearance. The cool tattoo design not only shows that you are a movie worm but also shows your preferences.

Western Movies Tattoo

Western Movies Tattoo
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In search of some enormous and awestruck tattoo ideas? This particular tattoo design is a perfect choice for getting tattooed. All that one has to do is contact the tattoo artist, show him the image and ink some awesome Val Kilmer black tattoo on your body.

You can also use this tattoo to cover your tattoo designs. You can wear it on your back to display your love for the Tombstone movie. This will also reflect your awareness regarding the events that were unleashed in Arizona in 1880’sthe. You can add flowers and leaves with the Doc Holliday tattoo design to give it a discrete look.

Colorful Tombstone Placement Tattoo

Colorful Tombstone Placement Tattoo
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Colorful tattoos are indeed attractive and are soothing to the eyes. But comes increasing the image of a particular character on your body and you with as a permanent tattoo it shows fondness with the movie and connection to the character. 

With the usage of vivid colors like orange and red, the Doc Holliday tattoo is receiving a varied appearance. It is associated with the famous school from the movie and the image is absolutely a new one that serves the purpose whatsoever to lead the world aware of the incidents that unfolded in Tombstone. 

You can always select this particular tattoo design with written permission. You can add an element to it to give it a personalized notch.

Popular Doc Holliday Tattoo

Popular Doc Holliday Tattoo
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The popular tattoo covers the upper arm of the man. It is simply narrating the story of Doc Holliday and his courage, bravery as well as fearless attitude to life. 

Doc Holliday is one of the most famous figures that the history of the old West contains. The man has been portrayed in a number of films and the performance of Val Kilmer in the 1990s movie stealth the show. 

His performance is still a memorable one. Doc and Wyatt join each other while Wyatt’s brothers and he confront the cowboys. The story tells how Holliday behaves and approaches the man at point blank when he was warned by him that he is going to take his life with spreading arms. 

This is a perfect picture of absolute fearlessness and playfulness to the fans who are in love with the character. 

If you do all fond of this particular character, then you can select a number of Doc Holliday tattoos from the below.

  • “Look Like Somebody Just Walked Over Your Grave’ Tattoo.
  • ‘I Want Your Blood, And I Want Your Soul’ Tattoo.
  • ‘It Ain’t True’ Tattoo.
  • ‘Hell’s Coming With Me’ Tattoo.
  • ‘Well…Bye’ Tattoo.

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What was Doc Holliday’s first tattoo?

The first tattoo that Doc Holliday is known to have gotten was a five-pointed star on his arm. This simple star symbolized his respect for justice and the law, as well as his commitment to protecting the innocent. He also had a number of other tattoos on various parts of his body, including an anchor, a butterfly, a horse, and a heart. All of these tattoos had special significance to Holliday, symbolizing his own personal beliefs and values. Doc Holliday’s tattoos not only served as an outward expression of his personality but also as a reminder of the code by which he lived. Throughout his life, Doc Holliday showed respect for justice and the law, while also fighting for what was right. His tattoos are a reflection of this important belief system.

What does Doc Holliday’s tattoo mean?

The meaning behind Doc Holliday’s tattoos is highly personal and varies depending on the individual tattoo. The five-pointed star, for example, was seen as a symbol of justice and the law. This star served as a reminder to Holliday that he should always protect those who are unable to defend themselves against injustice. Other tattoos, such as the anchor, butterfly and horse, were symbols of strength, freedom and loyalty. The heart tattoo was thought to represent his deep love for those close to him. All of Doc Holliday’s tattoos were worn proudly and served as a reminder of his commitment to living life according to his core values.

How many tattoos does Doc Holliday have?

It is believed that Doc Holliday had at least seven tattoos, although there could have been more. The known tattoos include a five-pointed star on his arm, an anchor tattoo on his chest, a butterfly tattoo on his neck, a horse tattoo on his left wrist, and a heart tattoo near the elbow. These tattoos were all believed to have significant meaning for Holliday and served as a reminder of his commitment to justice, loyalty and love. By embracing these symbols with pride, Holliday was able to show the world what he stood for without having to say a word. Although we may never know the full extent of Doc Holliday’s tattoos, we can take comfort in knowing that he had a strong set of values that he carried throughout his life.

What is the most popular Doc Holliday tattoo?

The most popular Doc Holliday tattoo is the five-pointed star, which symbolizes justice and the law. This was one of Holliday’s earliest tattoos, and it is thought to have been a reminder to him that he should always protect those who cannot defend themselves from injustice. The other popular tattoos include an anchor, a butterfly, a horse, and a heart. All of these tattoos have different meanings for Doc Holliday, but all signify his commitment to justice, loyalty and love. No matter what tattoo you choose to represent Doc Holliday, it is sure to be a meaningful tribute to one of the West’s most iconic figures.

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