101 Best Divine Feminine Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Divine Feminine Tattoo

Reviewed & updated: November 22, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Here are ten stunning divine feminine tattoo ideas that channel your divinity and add to your brilliant body art collection.

Divine Feminine Tattoo
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This list will cover all your necessary requirements for getting a divine feminine tattoo.

What is divine, and what is feminine? Every diva who exists has a goddess in them, they just need to believe it!

The divine self lives within us all, and we simply have to find the perfect way of expressing it. Tattoos are expressions of one’s inner self. The fluidity on the skin represents the endless possibilities of expressing divine feminine energy on the surface. Let’s explore the ways in which tattoos bring out femininity and divinity through the work of art.

In mythology, feminine traits can be represented through various symbols pertaining to nature. Divine feminine energy nurtures the creation of life. It connects body and soul while becoming one with nature. Embrace your inner feminine energy and acknowledge the fact that we are all divine by tapping into your soul. This list will guide you to find the right divine feminine tattoos for you to flaunt!

Lunar Phases Tattoo

Lunar Phases Tattoo
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This is a symbol of feminine energy, fertility, and divinity. Pagan mythology marks three important lunar phases from waxing to waning The phases represent the stages of womanhood as the maiden, mother, and crone. These three milestones are considered important for the evolution of a woman.

The waxing moon is the maiden, representing her budding youth when a woman freshly steps out from her childhood and gets the first taste of womanhood. She grows, as a person, in body and soul. Most of her life ahead is kept in the dark and yet to be explored. The full moon is seen as the mother, holding in her swollen womb another life. The mother is at the peak of maturity when her body and soul are both fulfilled. The crone is represented by the waning moon, her physical prowess lessens while her soul gets wiser. Her body is bent, like the crescent itself and she eventually dissolves into the darkness.

Divine Feminine Rose Tattoo

Divine Feminine Rose Tattoo
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These are not gender-specific; they can be flaunted by everyone, as the spiritual belief is that everyone has a divine feminine side. The rose is often perceived as a stereotypically female symbol, but its significance is much more than that.

It represents the epitome of spiritual enlightenment by overcoming all the thorny hardships. This tattoo is etched on the communication chakra of the human body. It represents the vocalization of the divine feminine energy through art.

Divine Feminine Writing Tattoo

Divine Feminine Writing Tattoo
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What is better than clear and unapologetic writing of the divine feminine? Instead of pictorial representation, this one spells it out. It acknowledges the presence of the divine feminine energy and flaunts it for the world to see and appreciate.

This is a simple one with the exact words ‘divine’ and ‘feminine’ tattooed just above the chest. Other ideas include options are the wrist, arms, and legs. This has to be done in a classy font, as shown in the picture, to add to the style.

Divine Feminine Lotus Tattoo

Divine Feminine Lotus Tattoo
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The Lotus is born in the mud and emerges above it to bloom into exquisite beauty. Isn’t this what life is about? To rise above the negativity and grow into a beautiful human being? The lotus is particularly significant in eastern cultures, where it is seen as a symbol of tranquillity.

The goal is to block out the bad and only let the good in, all while being zen. People who are fans of flower tattoos can opt for this design. This is a sign of the holiness in the divinity of the flower. It also shows the sign of purity. This divine tattoo idea will surely blow your mind off!

Kali Tattoo

Kali Tattoo
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The divine feminine is not always about being soft and gentle, it is also about being fierce against evil and negativity. In Hindu mythology, Kali, the mother goddess, is one of the many forms of Shakti or power. She tramples over all the evildoers and protects the innocent.

We learn to rise in the face of danger and fight it. Few ideas are more than just concepts, there are inner meanings to them as well. The power that divine feminine energy offers is present in us all, you just need to tap your soul and explore! This is a divine feminine energy tattoo that will bring confidence to you.

Venus Divine Feminine Tattoo

Venus Divine Feminine Tattoo
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Venus is the Roman goddess of fertility, beauty and love. In modern times, the symbol of Venus is used globally as the representation of femininity. However, feminine energy is not limited to females only.

It embraces the divine feminine energy on a more spiritual level. This one is not only feminine but also divine, as it stands for the goddess revered in Roman mythology. This one can be done by both men and women. Men can do this as well, and it does not have to mean that they will be less masculine. So, this is a good idea to get new ink.

Divine Feminine Angel Wings

Divine Feminine Angel Wings
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Angels are divine, and a source of love and compassion Their wings allow them to soar and connect souls with the heavenly abode. The divine feminine tattoo of angel wings represents spirituality and love. This is symbolic of freedom; when one soars into the high skies, they become one with nature, precisely what the divine feminine is all about.

 This concept covers the back portion of your body and is exquisitely done in black and white. It shows the artistic brilliance of the artist as well. This is a rare piece of art that will look the best if you wear a backless dress. Also, this is not a half wing, but instead, a full wing tattoo that portrays your capability to spread your wings and rise beyond horizons. People fans of tattoos that will symbolize your personality to achieve all the possibilities, this is surely the one.

Sapling Tattoo

Sapling Tattoo
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Saplings are the beginning of a new life, it needs the nourishment of the divine feminine to thrive and flourish. The sapling connects the soul to nature and allows the caring, nourishing side of our souls to be expressed. The joy of the creation of life is the focus here. The sapling has just emerged out of the dark womb of the earth and is ready to explore the world.

 This is a detailed one, so if you like your tattoo to be detailed, this will be a very good choice. This is inked in black and white where the root is portrayed from which a plant with leaves emerges at the bottom. The tattoo will almost cover your spine and go up to the neck. So, it can still be seen even when you are not wearing a backless dress.

Serpent Tattoo

Serpent Tattoo
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This is a minimalist tattoo of a snake body wrapped around your ankle in a curved design. This is a plain black and white tattoo and looks elegant and divine. It looks like a permanent anklet with the head of the snake extending to the foot. This tattoo can also be done in blue, which will represent the angelic side of yourself. It can also be done in red with the haughty temper of satan. After all, satan is also a divine entity.

This tattoo will make you look stand apart and is not very common. But to flaunt this tattoo to the world, you have to avoid wearing socks or even shoes. This tattoo will look the most appropriate and beautiful with slippers with as much less cover that will allow your foot to be more visible. This tattoo will also look beautiful with uncovered high heels and also with pump shoes. So, if you are in the mood to have a serpent inked in your skin, go for this.

Heart Symbol Divine Feminine Tattoo

Heart Symbol Divine Feminine Tattoo
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If you are a fan of minute tattoos, nothing is more perfect than this. A small heart-shaped tattoo is always divine, and the fact that it can be tattooed in a lot of various parts of your body. This tattoo can be inked on your hips, on your chest, , on your thighs, or on your hands. It is like one of those tattoos that fit into a lot of places. This is a black tattoo but can also be done in red color. Black is more classy while red is more glamorous. It is up to you which tattoo you are looking for!

A little heart represents the pure soul in you. The idea of divinity is not always related to goddesses and the supernatural. It can also represent your soul, which defines your divinity. That makes you believe that you are a diva in yourself. This tattoo will surely be an eye-catcher!

These divine tattoos will surely have an impact on your personal life as they will boost your confidence and help you to flaunt the divinity in yourself. If you want a change in your ideas, this can be the beginning of that change These are the best tattoo ideas that you can do with a varied range of tattoo ideas on the list. There are both minimalist and high-end tattoo ideas in this list, and if you are interested in expressing the diva you are, then you should simply choose one of the tattoos on this list and get it inked. There are also other similar ideas popular, but the ones on the list are exceptional. Happy Inking!

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What is the divine feminine tattoo?

A divine feminine tattoo can be any tattoo that celebrates the feminine energy within us all. This could be a tattoo of a goddess, or a symbol that represents femininity. It could also be aquote that empower women. Whatever the design, a divine feminine tattoo is meant to make the wearer feel more connected to their feminine side.

What are the benefits of getting a divine feminine tattoo?

There are many benefits to getting a divine feminine tattoo. For one, it can help you feel more connected to your feminine side. It can also be a way to express your femininity in a creative and unique way. Additionally, it can empower you to feel confident and beautiful in your own skin.

What is the best place to get a divine feminine tattoo?

There is no one “best” place to get a divine feminine tattoo. It all depends on your personal preference. Some people prefer to get their tattoos in more visible places, such as the forearm or upper back. Others prefer to keep their tattoos hidden, such as on the inner wrist or ankle. Ultimately, the best place to get a divine feminine tattoo is wherever you feel most comfortable and confident.

How much will my divine feminine tattoo cost?

The cost of your divine feminine tattoo will vary depending on the size, complexity, and location of the tattoo. Generally speaking, smaller and simpler tattoos will cost less than larger and more detailed ones. The location of the tattoo will also affect the price, with some body parts being more expensive to tattoo than others.

What are some common misconceptions about divine feminine tattoos?

One common misconception about divine feminine tattoos is that they are only meant for women. This simply isn’t true! Anyone can get a divine feminine tattoo, regardless of their gender identity. Another common misconception is that divine feminine tattoos are only meant to be aesthetically pleasing. While many people do choose to get these tattoos because they think they look nice, the truth is that they can also be deeply meaningful and empowering.

What are some of the best divine feminine tattoo ideas?

There are endless possibilities when it comes to divine feminine tattoo ideas. Some people opt for simple designs, such as a crescent moon or a lotus flower. Others choose more complex designs that incorporate multiple elements, such as goddesses, animals, and nature scenes. Ultimately, the best divine feminine tattoo idea is whatever speaks to you on a personal level.

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