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101 Best Dino Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Dino Tattoo Ideas

Are you looking for interesting dino tattoo ideas? Here are the 10 best dino tattoos specially made into a list for your convenience.

Dino Tattoo
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Dinosaurs were gigantic reptiles.

Dinosaurs lived during the Mesozoic era. They lived on earth for more than 150 million years.

Dinosaurs are extinct animals. They went extinct about 65 million years ago, but their presence has been confirmed through various fossils that have been obtained over time. The exact reason for their extinction is not known yet but there are plenty of theories related to their extinction.

Dinosaurs have always been a topic of discussion among men and women and numerous projects were launched to study them. The discovered fossils are consistently read and efforts are made for new discoveries and information. Dinosaurs are an interesting topic, even more than most living creatures today.

The fossils suggest that these reptiles ranged from small to mega ones in size. Most of them were terrestrial, but there might have been exceptions of a few which might have been marine but the theory is not proven yet. The imagination of what dinosaurs might have looked like has led to the creation of various movies and the most famous ‘Jurassic series’.

Dinosaurs have also been a favourite topic for tattoo design, since the time humans came to learn about their existence. Even today, humans love to ink dinosaur tattoos as a mark of strength, power, and supremacy. Though dinosaurs are huge in size, men ink tattoos of dinosaurs of different sizes, from cute little ones to huge ones. It is the idea that even a big ferocious animal like a dinosaur can have varied emotions and the cute dinosaur tattoos or the dinosaurs in party tattoos are examples of that philosophy.

Dino On Skates Tattoo

Dino On Skates Tattoo
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The tattoo is of a simple outline of a dinosaur, carrying a red conical cap on its head and riding on purple skates. The dino is in a party mood and is also carrying a blue item in its hand as it is skating around and having fun. The tattoo has a joyful aura to it and attracts happiness in life. This is a very cute dinosaur tattoo idea and is best suited for anyone who wants to dedicate a dino tattoo to his/her little kid.

Miniature Dinosaur Tattoo

Miniature Dinosaur Tattoo
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This is a miniature dinosaur combo tattoo with outlines of five different types of dinosaurs inked in a single linear horizontal line. The side of the foot is a unique and suitable location for the tattoo idea but other parts such as the side of the wrist or vertically of the side of the neck. The figurines are drawn with neat and clean dark ink outlines and have the skin as the base colour of the tattoo. Instead of all black, one can customize the colour according to their liking and it can be a single colour or a different colour for each figure. For people who love caricatures or cartoon figures, this dino tattoo is a good choice for them.

Dinosaurus Skull Tattoo

Dinosaurus Skull Tattoo
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The transition of this t rex tattoo from the upper arm to the side of the chest is exquisite. The tattoo has been beautifully manoeuvred, especially at the elongation of the neck, where the transition occurs. The tattoo is of the dino skull, with its sharp canine teeth set being the centre of attention. The elaborations of each bone of the vertebrae have been inked very meticulously. Overall a light shade of ink has been used for the tattoo and the shading becomes darker to lighter from left to right. This dinosaur tattoo design can also be done at the back with the same effect.

Roaring Dinosaurs Tattoo

Roaring Dinosaurs Tattoo
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The tattoo has a parent dinosaur and a child dinosaur. The bigger one is roaring ferociously, with its sharp canine teeth on display, probably protecting its little one from danger. The little one is calm and observing the opponent. The tattoo has been inked with black ink, with a combination of dark and light patterns of intricate shading. The tattoo artist has included grasses and ferns in the background, creating the ambience of the era of the dinosaurs. The difference in the expressions of the two dinosaurs has been shown flawlessly. This is a great parent-child or guardian-child tattoo in the theme of dinosaurs.

Cute Armoured Dinosaur Tattoo

Cute Armoured Dinosaur Tattoo
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This is a mini-sized Stegosaurus tattoo done on the forearm. This sleeve tattoo consists of a neat outline and shading is used just to highlight the features of the dino and create a three-dimensional effect. This tattoo can be done on different parts of the body, given its small size and simple yet superlative design, it will look good on all parts. The kite-shaped upright plates on the back of this herbivore dinosaur make it distinctive and stand out. If your a looking for a simple and unique dinosaur tattoo idea, this is perfect for you.

Trippy Dinosaur Tattoo

Trippy Dinosaur Tattoo
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This trippy style dino tattoo is a colourful treat for tattoo lovers. The skull of the triceratops has been inked with various customized elements of science fiction, making it one of a kind sci-fi dino skull tattoo. Bright colours such as red, green, yellow, orange, and black have been used throughout the tattoo. This is a very child-friendly dinosaur tattoo design and is especially suited for parents. If you have kids or your occupation involves dealing with kids, then this type of tattoo design is the one your kids will admire on you.

Dinosaur In A Cup tattoo

Dinosaur In A Cup tattoo
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This is a tattoo of a dinosaur relaxing in a teacup, closing its eyes and sticking its tail and limbs out of the teacup. The teacup is filled to the brim, the dinosaur is chilling with its mouth slightly open, putting its canine sharp set of teeth on display. The teacup has ancient art drawn on it which includes hills, trees, animals, sun, etc. This dinosaur tattoo brings a holiday vibe and is the perfect design for anyone who likes vacations or it can be done in the memory of a relaxing trip after a long-time.

Traditional Dinosaur Tattoo

Traditional Dinosaur Tattoo
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This is a traditional tribal style tattoo with includes the use of heavy rich colours. The red dinosaur is holding a human skull with its paw, while it is roaring fiercely flaunting its sawlike teeth and red tongue. Leaves of green and yellow are added to the background while the skull is shown to have unusual bright circular light popping out of its eyes. This neotraditional dinosaur tattoo is for people who are looking to try bold coloured tribal tattoos. Such tattoos should be done be great care and only good pigments should be used, otherwise, the tattoo will fade away too quickly which will decrease its beauty.

Happy Dinosaur Tattoo

Happy Dinosaur Tattoo
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This is the tattoo of a fully contented and blissful dino enjoying its time on Earth. This is a very nice coverup tattoo done on the arm, on a fully faded old tattoo. Details such as the scales, curves and curvatures as well as every elevation and depressing of the skin have been shown very vividly. The entire tattoo is done in a shade of black and grey. The background includes dots, poked meticulously making an oval shape fully covered with minute dots, and huge leaves on the sides. This can be done as a coverup tattoo or as a fresh tattoo as well according to liking.

Friendship Symbol Dino tattoo

Friendship Symbol Dino tattoo
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This is a simple caricature tattoo of a cute little dino with the words ‘ROAR!’ inked below the dino. This tattoo is done by a group of friends as a symbol of their friendship or can be done by cousins or other related group members with the same purpose of having a common sign of their bond tattooed on their skin. It can be done on any part of the body, preferably the same spot is to be chosen if done by multiple people in a group. The words can also be customized according to your wish and you can opt to do the dino in other colours too.

If you are new to the concept of tattoos and are looking for a dino tattoo as your first-ever tattoo, you should go for a simpler design and once you get an idea of your pain tolerance and your interest, then you can go for more detailed designs. You can always go for temp tattoos for initial trial purposes. For coloured tattoos, always stay safe and look for sellers who use safe colours. You can choose smaller dinosaur tattoos which you can ink on your skin and cover it with clothing if needed.

If you liked the above-shortlisted dino tattoo ideas, here are a few more related tattoo designs recommendations that you might like to choose from-

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What is the meaning behind dino tattoos?

There is no one specific meaning behind dino tattoos, as they can be interpreted in a number of ways. For some people, these tattoos may represent strength and power, while others may see them as being playful or cute. Ultimately, the interpretation of a dino tattoo is up to the individual.

What are some popular dino tattoo designs?

Some popular dino tattoo designs include traditional images of dinosaurs, as well as more abstract or cartoon-like renditions. Others may opt for dino tattoos that incorporate other elements, such as flames or skulls. Ultimately, the design of a dino tattoo is up to the individual.

How do I take care of my dino tattoo?

Dino tattoos should be treated like any other tattoo, in terms of aftercare. This means keeping the area clean and moisturized, and avoiding exposure to sunlight or other sources of intense heat. If you have any concerns about the healing process, be sure to consult with your tattoo artist or a medical professional.

Are dino tattoos painful?

This is a difficult question to answer, as everyone experiences pain differently. However, it is generally agreed that dino tattoos are not particularly painful, and most people report only minor discomfort during the tattooing process.

How can I make my dino tattoo unique?

There are a number of ways to make a dino tattoo unique. This may include incorporating other elements into the design, such as flames or skulls, or choosing a less-commonly used dino species. You could also opt for a more realistic or lifelike tattoo design. Ultimately, the best way to make your dino tattoo unique is to consult with a tattoo artist and discuss your ideas.

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