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101 Best Dark Alice In Wonderland Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Dark Alice In Wonderland Tattoo

Dark Alice in Wonderland tattoo designs are very popular among the fans of this fairy tale. This article discusses the most attractive and meaningful tattoos.

Dark Alice In Wonderland Tattoo
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Alice in Wonderland is not just an adventurous story of a naive little girl but has many other significances.

The original story, written by Lewis Carroll, was initially termed ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’. The spell of the story was so contagious that it compelled Walt Disney to create their own animated version.

Disney termed their animated movie ‘Alice in Wonderland’ followed by a massive exposure of Caroll’s mesmerizing stories to a great audience. The lasting popularity of this animated movie gave birth to a live-action film with the same title, directed by Tim Burton. Again when it received love from the audience, in 2016, a sequel came out having the title ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’. These film adaptations gave us many popular characters who have their own significance.

When it comes to wonderland tattoos, we have a number of favorite characters we can think of. Some of them are Alice, Mad hatter, and Red Queen. Some anthropomorphic creatures like the Cheshire cat and white rabbit are also there. In the list below, we have selected the top dark-themed Alice in wonderland tattoo ideas that you can go through.

Dark Wonderland-Themed Tattoo Design

Dark Wonderland-Themed Tattoo Design
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If you want your tattoo to have as many characters as possible from ‘Alice in Wonderland’, and also want to keep the dark theme, then you have the right match here. Starting from Alice and the Cheshire cat, this tattoo has the inclusion of the magical Fly Agaric mushrooms, White Rabbit, and its pocket watch as well.

These major characters altogether give an idea about Alice’s adventures in the wonderland. It maintains the dark theme with its villainous appearance and also has minute detailings that make it more intricate and colossal. This tattoo needs a larger space. Therefore, your back is the only ideal place for it.

Dark Alice With Cheshire Cat Tattoo

Dark Alice With Cheshire Cat Tattoo
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Alice has always been a character that replicates innocence and naivety. But the dark Alice tattoos show an entirely different image of Alice, which has no similarity with the character’s actuality.

This tattoo shows an appalling formation of Alice accompanied by the Cheshire cat. It has a gothic appearance, and some other important elements from the story, like the clock and cards, are also there. This is unarguably one of the most appealing gothic style dark Alice in wonderland tattoo designs. The best body part to embed this tattoo is your upper arm, thigh, and cuff. However, your neck and ankle are also good options.

Cheshire Cat Tattoo

Cheshire Cat Tattoo
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‘Alice in Wonderland’ is not just a movie; many of us have childhood memories related to it. We all possess a strong liking for different characters from this story. It is not always the protagonist who grabs our attention, but many other elements also do the job.

The Cheshire cat is one of them which is liked by many of us, and having a dark Cheshire cat tattoo is never a bad idea for wonderland fans. This tattoo will look best on the sleeve and cuff. You can have it on your back and thigh as well.

We’re All Mad Here Themed Tattoo

We're All Mad Here Themed Tattoo
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Not only the Chesire cat but its dialogs are also popular enough. This tattoo inspired by one of the famous dialogs of the Cheshire cat can undoubtedly turn out to be a unique tattoo idea.

The quote clearly indicates Alice in the dark scenario of adulthood. So, this tattoo will always remind you to keep the child within yourself alive. You can have this tattoo on your arm, back, or even on the cuff of your leg.

Alice Entering The Wonderland Tattoo

Alice Entering The Wonderland Tattoo
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The fantasy world populated with confusion and spell, defined as a ‘wonderland’, actually symbolizes the reality of adulthood. In this Alice tattoo, the protagonist is entering the world of bewilderment and perplexity, stepping out from the innocence of childhood.

This tattoo is surely one of the most meaningful dark Alice in wonderland tattoo designs that one can undoubtedly stick to. It is a sleeve tattoo, but it can also be inked on your back and thigh. Choosing the right place will give the tattoo an extra enhancement.

Mad Hatter Dark-Themed Tattoo

Mad Hatter Dark-Themed Tattoo
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How can we forget Mad Hatter when the discussion is about wonderland tattoos? Mad Hatter is an immensely popular character in this classic story. In Tim Burton’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’, Johnny Depp played the role of Mad Hatter, and after that, the character got much recognition.

In the movie, Mad Hatter helps Alice to escape the Red Queen. The character symbolizes the helping hand of the almighty that always reaches those who help themselves. However, In this tattoo, Mad Hatter has a villainous appearance which reflects the dark theme. The tattoo will be suitable for your thigh or upper arm. You can also have it on your back.

Double Vision Alice Tattoo

Double Vision Alice Tattoo
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The complexity of the double-visioned tattoos makes them more attractive. These tattoos are also called optical illusion tattoos. These are created with thin lines and given details to make them more impactful.

This one is a great example of an illusion tattoo which also defines the situation of Alice when she enters the wonderland. The confusion and dilemma associated with this tattoo make it a dark Alice tattoo. This wonderland sleeve tattoo can be a great option as a shoulder tattoo as well. Having it on your back is also not a bad idea even.

Falling Into The Wonderland Tattoo

Falling Into The Wonderland Tattoo
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When Alice enters the rabbit hole, the young girl does not have the faintest idea about the complexities she is going to face.

This tattoo defines the downfall of Alice from her childhood to adulthood which makes it one of the intensely meaningful Alice in wonderland tattoo designs. It is specifically suitable for your back, so if you want a tattoo that covers your entire back, you can go with this one.

Dark Alice Sleeve Tattoo

Dark Alice Sleeve Tattoo
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This sleeve tattoo design is one of the most attractive dark wonderland tattoos on our list. The tattoo reflects the theme of darkness very prominently.

Here, Alice is not an innocent girl with a blue dress and blue eyes but a face with horrific details. The tattoo is specifically suitable for sleeves, but if you want it to be inked somewhere else, the thigh or cuff will be the right space. This is unarguably a tattoo with a mixture of horror and darkness.

White Rabbit Tattoo

White Rabbit Tattoo
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The white rabbit is an inevitable wonderland character to be added to a list that consists of Alice in wonderland tattoos. The character is symbolically very significant.

In the story, it is responsible for showing Alice the rabbit hole, which ultimately opens the door to an entirely new journey for Alice. It kindles curiosity in Alice. So, the white rabbit can signify the recurrent quest of exploration that you have within yourself. You will be in love with this tattoo if you are an adventure-loving person and have a thirst for enlightenment. This tattoo is best suitable for your leg and arm. Cuff can be another alternative.

The wonderland characters have considerable popularity among both adults and children. This was the reason that led the novel to be translated into 79 different languages. Disney’s Alice is generally liked by children, but the live-action adaptations were aimed at both children and adult audiences. The characters were popularized because they had acceptable meanings behind their existence.

The Cheshire cat is the symbol of guidance that leads Alice to the right path by letting her access the right information throughout her entire journey. As we have already mentioned, the white rabbit represents one’s thrust for knowledge, and his clock is a representative of time and its importance. A very significant quote by Mad Hatter, ‘when you can’t look on the bright side, I will sit with you in the dark,’ symbolizes faith and self-belief. It gives you the strength to go on and never give up.

If we talk about the door mouse, it symbolizes the working class in society who are making unsuccessful attempts to change their position in society. So, every character you pick from the Movie will not disappoint you. Some other tattoo ideas that you may check out are,

  • The looking glass tattoo.
  • Red Queen tattoo.
  • ‘When you can’t look on the bright side, I will sit with you in the dark’ quote tattoo.
  • Gothic style Alice in wonderland tattoo.
  • ‘What if I fail? Oh my darling, what if you fly’ quote tattoo.
  • ‘Drink me’ bottle tattoo.

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What is the meaning of a dark Alice in Wonderland tattoo?

A dark Alice in Wonderland tattoo typically represents a person’s inner journey of self-discovery and transformation. It can also symbolize the individual’s exploration of their own psyche and the challenges they face within themselves. Generally, these tattoos are meant to be seen as positive reminders of one’s strength, courage, and perseverance in overcoming personal obstacles. Additionally, this tattoo can also be seen as a reminder of the importance of embracing adventure and taking risks in order to achieve success. Furthermore, some people may choose to get a dark Alice in Wonderland tattoo as a way of honoring the original storybook by Lewis Carroll. They may use images from the book or make subtle references to its characters, such as the white rabbit, as a reminder of their journey. Ultimately, this tattoo can represent a variety of different meanings and has become very popular among tattoo enthusiasts.

Who typically gets a dark Alice in Wonderland tattoo?

Dark Alice in Wonderland tattoos tend to be popular among people who are looking to express their inner strength, courage and perseverance. It is also a design that appeals to people looking for a reminder of the importance of taking risks and embracing adventure. Additionally, some individuals may choose this type of tattoo as an homage to Lewis Carroll’s classic tale.

What are some of the most popular dark Alice in Wonderland tattoo designs?

The most popular designs for dark Alice in Wonderland tattoos are typically depictions of the characters from the story, such as Alice and the White Rabbit. Other images that are often seen in these kinds of tattoos include tea cups and saucers, clocks, keys, playing cards, mushrooms, and other interesting objects. Additionally, many people get creative with their designs and add unique elements that have personal meaning, such as a butterfly or the Cheshire Cat’s smile. Ultimately, there is no shortage of design options for this type of tattoo.

What are some of the pros and cons of getting a dark Alice in Wonderland tattoo?

The main pros of getting a dark Alice in Wonderland tattoo include the fact that it is a beautiful and meaningful design. This type of tattoo can be a reminder to the individual of their inner strength, courage, and perseverance. Additionally, many people find that this kind of tattoo is aesthetically pleasing and adds an element of whimsy to any outfit or style.

How much does a dark Alice in Wonderland tattoo usually cost?

The cost of a dark Alice in Wonderland tattoo will vary depending on the size, complexity, and detail of the design. Generally speaking, however, expect to pay anywhere from $50-$300 for a small to medium sized tattoo. Prices can increase dramatically if you opt for a larger or more intricate design. Additionally, it is important to factor in any additional costs such as studio fees, tip, and aftercare products.

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