10 Best Crown Of Thorns Tattoo Ideas You’ll Have To See To Believe!

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Crown Black Tattoo

Looking for awesome Crown of Thorns tattoos? We have compiled a list of Crown Of Thorns tattoo ideas that are so cool you’ll fall in love with them.

Heart Thorn Tattoo
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The Crown of Thorns is a religious emblem that is used to symbolise sacrifice and compromise.

Tracing their history, you’ll see that the Crown Of Thorns was used on Jesus Christ during his crucifixion. As he was tied up in his cross, as a punishment, he was also forced to wear the crown to increase his pain.

Though the Crown of Thorns was introduced as a religious symbol, tattoo enthusiasts worldwide have evolved it to non – religious depiction of sacrifice with their imaginative designs and modern influences. They use their tattoos to offer their devotion in their way, and amazingly they make it work.

Tattoos of the Crown Of Thorns are gaining popularity day by day, and as time goes, the designs are getting more intimate. Part of interesting modern Christian tattoos and sleeve designs, here are some awesome choices for you to select from when getting Crown Of Thorns tattoos!

Crown Of Thorns Tattoo Design

Crown Of Thorns Tattoo Design
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Well, as we know, the Crown Of Thorns has a rich dark back history. However, the tattoo artist uses, rose at the top of the crown to reflect the beauty of the thorn symbol.

The Crown of Thorns uses its gruesome appearance to signify sacrifice through pain. The concept here talks about the sacrifice that Jesus made for humanity. It reminds the owners of how sometimes compromises and sacrifices are necessary for the betterment of someone else. The Crown Of Thorns Tattoo also stands for the pain life causes when you stand for something against the tide and try hard to make it work. It definitely is one of the more remarkable Jesus tattoo ideas for you!

Cross Tattoo With Crown Of Thorns

Cross Tattoo With Crown Of Thorns
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This cross tattoo with Crown Of Thorns is created with utmost detailing and is undoubtedly one of the best Cross with Crown Of Thorns Tattoo you will see. In the religious scriptures and other old English biblical stories, we have read about the crucifixion of Jesus Christ as he tried to preach the words of God. He stood for what he believed was right and could help the human race. He thought people should use their freedom to devote their lives to help each other out instead of serving any mortal super lord.

The cross here will remind you of those moments and give you the strength to be your best self!

Broken Chain Tattoo Of A Thorn

Broken Chain Tattoo Of A Thorn
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If you are a person who is fascinated by accessories and love jewellery, then this tattoo will be perfect for you. This Crown of thorns tattoo is designed as a necklace or a broken chain. You can use this tattoo as an accessory to strengthen your look and give you a daredevil look.

The thorns in this tattoo are drawn perfectly to resemble the same crown placed on the cross of Jesus, but here it is interpreted as the barrier of your nature.

Crown of Thorns Tattoo For Your Ankle

Crown of Thorns Tattoo For Your Ankle
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Tattoos these days have many implications; that’s why choosing the perfect tattoo has become difficult. When you think about finally getting a Tattoo, millions of ideas come on the top of your head. Similarly, while choosing tattoos of the crown of thorns, you get so many choices that it gets overwhelming.

The best thing about getting a crown of thorns tattoo is choosing a design that works as an accessory. You can use them as bracelets, necklaces, anklets and many more. Here, we have a tattoo that is created like an anklet. People can also interpret them as social barriers that slow down or chains up your progress because the story of Jesus already implies the same level.

Tattoo Of Jesus Christ With The Crown Of Thorns

Tattoo Of Jesus Christ With The Crown Of Thorns
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Even if you are non – religious, you must know the story of Jesus Christ, who introduced the world to the ideals of what later become known as Christianity. He is believed to be the son of God who was sent to earth to help and guide humanity towards a better future. However, his good deeds and mystical powers threatened him, and a close friend betrayed him at the end of his life.

He was punished with a death sentence and crucified in front of his own family. The tattoo here efficiently paints a painful picture of Jesus Christ, with a crown of thorns infringed on top of his head. The photo shows Jesus bleeding from his head in a helpless state. He was ultimately sacrificed for his good deeds. This picture is not like the other Crown Of Thorns Tattoo, as this tattoo clearly shows the pain in Jesus’s expression. Having this will change your life by reminding you of his sacrifices so that you can follow a more significant path.

Crown Of Thorns Tattoo Of A Lion

Crown Of Thorns Tattoo Of A Lion
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If you are the kind of person as elegant as a lion and have no fear of pain, then this is probably the ideal choice for you. Among other thorns tattoos or tattoos, you can show off your unique nature through this slightly offbeat tattoo.

You can make a difference to your nature and nurture the inner beast in you with this Crown of Thorns Tattoo inked within a lion tattoo. For your choice of lion, you can play with other lion tattoo ideas.

Crown Of Thorns Tattoo Of A Skull

Crown Of Thorns Tattoo Of A Skull
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This tattoo, unlike other tattoos, is not directly related to Jesus or Christianity in any way. We can see a skull with the crown of thorns on top of its head. It shares the idea of a soul stranded inside its physical form.

The black ink intensifies the picture depicted here. The skull represents the afterlife, and the crown represents the barriers and pains of physical life; together, they work very well to bring out a sense of mysticism and life’s fundamental values and virtues.

Crown Of Thorns Tattoo For Your Head

Crown Of Thorns Tattoo For Your Head
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The Crown Of Thorns typically means disgrace; it was used to stamp your head for a sin. However, remembering the stories of Lord Jesus Christ, some believers today use it to symbolise an actual crown.

This tattoo is a clear depiction of this symbol worn as an actual crown. Though it is ideally meant for bald people, you can ink the same design anywhere else on your body as well.

Some may consider it to be a sign of disgrace, while it may be a sign of royalty for some. So if you are searching for a tattoo that suits your personality of fearlessly being yourself, you should consider this. The tattoo will nurture your nature as a human being and give you a very cool look.

Minimalistic Crown Of Thorns Tattoo

Minimalistic Crown Of Thorns Tattoo
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This tattoo design is for all those tattoo enthusiasts looking for the perfect tattoo design for the Crown of Thorns. This tattoo, though very basic, if appropriately inked, will give you a fantastic look.

The blood dripping from the tattoo also signifies both the continuous emotional loss of a person and the continuous struggles and losses a person faces during his time in the physical world.

Eccentric Corvus Tattoo With The Crown Of Thorns

Eccentric Corvus Tattoo With The Crown Of Thorns
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This eccentric and beautiful tattoo is nothing less than a great piece of art on a blank canvas. The Three-Eyed Crow or the Three-Eyed Raven depicted here is, believed to be aspirit that later becomes an extended part of its greenseer vessels. A greenseer is a person with mystical abilities or magical powers.

It is a sign of mysticism based on its origin stories. If you find these ideas fascinating, this incredible tattoo is meant for you. The tattoo has also gained fame in recent years due to its association with George R. R. Martin’s ‘Game of Thrones’ book and television series!

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