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101 Best Cross Faith Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
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Want to ink a tattoo to show your devotion and discipline for Jesus? Watch this space to know more about cross faith tattoo.

Cross Faith Tattoo
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A disciple and devotee of religious beliefs will always look for ways to show his faith.

A faith cross tattoo is a means to pay tribute to God. The symbolism of a faith cross tattoo is not only related to the holy spirit but also ensures personal transformation from within.

Many Christians show their utmost devotion by inking a faith cross tattoo on their skin. After Jesus died, the Cross became an important symbol for Christianity. Therefore, a Cross tattoo means the events pertaining to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. They want to hold their belief and remain devoted to their religion. In the picture given above, the tattoo is a simple faith cross tattoo. It is one of the popular choices among faith cross tattoos. This faith cross tattoo is a symbol of faith, inspiration, and utter belief in his religion. The cross is made with the letter ‘ f ‘. This tattoo reveals his unconditional love for Jesus and Christianity. It is a very simple cross tattoo that has been inked on the arm. Such tattoos can be drawn on the forearm, chest, back, shoulder, and ankle.

Don’t know which faith cross tattoos to pick? The following section will surely help to find one faith cross tattoo.

Faith Tattoo With Cross Tattoo Idea

Faith Tattoo With Cross Tattoo Idea
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According to Thomas Aquinas, hardly any explanation is needed for someone who has immense faith in the workings of Christ. It is hope and faith that keep us believing in the miracles of life. So, it is quite natural for you to come across men and women who have inked faith cross tattoos on their skin.

A sleek minimalist cross tattoo never goes out of fashion just like the tattoo image given above. It has always been a crowd-pleaser among tattoo lovers. So, this tattoo design has been crafted on the lower leg just before the ankle. It looks simple yet stunning. If you want to place the tattoo somewhere else, feel free to use it on the forearm, wrist, shoulders, chest, abdomen, and so on.

Neck Tattoo Cross Tattoo Idea

Neck Tattoo Cross Tattoo Idea
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Faith is deeply rooted in our subconscious mind which expects every event to be as optimistic as possible. People always gravitate toward preserving the value and meaning of the faith cross tattoo by inking them on the body. Both faith and belief are something that cannot be narrated or explained via logic and reasons. It emerges from the heart.

A faith cross tattoo on the neck has been in style for decades. If you ink a neck tattoo as shown in the picture, it will be more visible to the audience. Such neck tattoos easily attract the attention of the spectators. Now, this is also a simple faith cross tattoo written in a celtic style. To make it more appealing, a person can add minute details such as dots, symbols, or a quote as well.

Rose Faith Cross Tattoos

Rose Faith Cross Tattoos
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For Christianity, the rose is a symbol of joy, purity, and martyrdom. It holds an important position for the believers of Christianity. Due to this particular reason, you will often see roses and crosses together. So, it is natural to see both the rose and cross tattoo clubbed together as a single faith cross tattoo.

Here, as presented in the picture, we see a glimpse of a rose tattoo along with the letter faith positioned almost at the end of the stem. This tattoo is a work of art and can be visualized as an upside down cross tattoo where the stem and the letter cross each other creating an image of a cross tattoo. The faith cross tattoo is positioned on the arm. You can ink the tattoo on the wrist, neck, thighs, and even on your knees.

Artistic Cross Tattoo Ideas

Artistic Cross Tattoo Ideas
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If you are from the creative world and love to incorporate artistic elements into your cross tattoo, then you should take inspiration from this given faith cross tattoo image. Tattoo enthusiasts prefer to decorate their cross tattoo with an image of a figure, word, or even Jesus Christ himself. The meaning of such faith cross tattoos become an important symbol of their life.

In the given cross tattoo. we see other elements added to this faith cross tattoo, near the elbow. The inclusion of the cross tattoo, any national flower, birds, the faith letter in a different language, and a woman figure bowing down, creates a dramatic effect that looks exquisite. Such faith cross tattoos are suitable for the shoulders, back, thighs, and side of the body.

Nature-Themed Cross Tattoo Idea

Nature-Themed Cross Tattoo Idea
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Generally, people are inclined toward the beauty of nature and appreciate the gift of Mother Nature. A nature-lover who is a Christian will try to merge such ideas together which is evident in the image above.

Here we see a plethora of art in this faith cross tattoo image- a tree with its roots, a butterfly, a cross, faith, and birds. The symbolism of these tattoos is as follows- a tree with roots ensures life and firm belief, birds represent freedom, a butterfly represents purity and joy, and the cross and faith represent Christian ideology. This faith cross tattoo image can be presented as a body art tattoo also.

Anchor-Themed Cross Tattoo Idea

Anchor-Themed Cross Tattoo Idea
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The image of the anchor carries the image of a crucifix. Often the anchor is denoted as the mariner’s cross. Those who have a strong faith and are deeply rooted in religious ideologies, tend to ink an anchor tattoo along with the faith cross tattoo.

This faith cross tattoo is simple in its outlook and is clearly visible to the spectator’s eyes. The tattoo has been drawn on the arm. However, you can carry such tattoos as body art, on the wrist, ankle, chest, arm, or forearm.

Back Cross Tattoo Idea

Back Cross Tattoo Idea
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To a person, a faith cross tattoo has a strong emotional attachment. It shows how much he is willing to sacrifice for the sake of his religious ideologies. Such tattoo design are purely personal.

This faith cross tattoo is a beautiful tattoo and cover the whole body. It is designed with flower, a cross, and a quote. The cross tattoo is a small faith cross tattoo with a quote of your choice. If you want, you can request your tattoo artist to ink it as a small version either on your forearm, side of the arm, or even on the chest.

Symbolic Cross Tattoo Idea

Symbolic Cross Tattoo Idea
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Faith, Hope, and God are the three main pillars for Christians. There is no need to find any meaning and symbolism in them as it is quite evident that they hold the ultimate values of life. These three idioms hold everything from death to sacrifice to courage for a person.

Such tattoo ideas like the image presented above speak more than just mere words. The symbols presented in the names have a deeper significance to the person bearing the tattoo. This faith cross tattoo is obviously suitable as a forearm tattoo but you can draw it on the neck, calf muscle, back of the shoulder, or abdomen.

Different Language Small Cross Tattoo Idea

Different Language Small Cross Tattoo Idea
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Different people honor their God by tattooing a faith cross tattoo on their body. These faith cross tattoos have deeper meanings and beliefs for each person. With cultural diversity taking place throughout the world, some even prefer to use different languages to represent their devotion.

We come across such an example in this given tattoo above. Here, we see a small cross chain with the word ‘ fe ‘. Now, this is a Spanish word that means faith. Many people resort to such names from other countries. This tattoo is drawn on the chest of a woman. Since the tattoo is small in structure, you can place it behind the ears, back of the neck and shoulders, and on the wrist as well.

Arrow Cross Tattoo Idea

Arrow Cross Tattoo Idea
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An arrow tattoo symbolizes self-confidence. When such a tattoo crosses with the path of faith cross tattoos, it becomes significant since both the symbols when clubbed together mean courage, determination, and strong optimism.

In this faith cross tattoo image presented, we see how the two tattoos beautifully merged together to form a cross. Such arrow and cross tattoo styles are quite unique and alluring. The tattoo is placed on the cleavage and tattoo styles such as these can be written in a Celtic manner as well. It can be also crafted on every part of the body, especially on the arms.

Faith cross tattoos are one of the most recognizable cross tattoos you will come across in Christianity. The words ‘faith’ in all the cross tattoos are rooted in Christian philosophy. The meaning of faith is deep- surrounding yourself with the principles of God. These faith cross tattoos show your belief in God. This cross tattoo gives you the inspiration to be positive in life and that the world is a much better place if you have strong faith in Christian ideas. The tattoo designs range from being a simple cross tattoo to a more complex design cross tattoo. Depending upon your choice, you should communicate with your tattoo artist to ink your desired faith cross tattoos.

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What is a cross faith tattoo?

A cross faith tattoo is a type of religious tattoo that combines elements from different faiths, such as Christianity and Buddhism. The main purpose of this type of tattoo is to express a person’s deep respect for all religions, while still maintaining their own spiritual beliefs. Cross faith tattoos often feature symbols or designs from both religions, such as the Christian cross mixed with the Buddhist wheel of Dharma. These tattoos can be seen as a way to honor different faiths without feeling like one must choose one over the other. Cross faith tattoos are often sought out by those who have an appreciation or understanding for all religions, and want to express this through body art. Some people may also use these types of tattoos to represent their own spiritual journey and growth, as well as to show their commitment to living a life of religious tolerance.

How do I choose a cross faith tattoo design?

When choosing a cross faith tattoo design, it is important to consider what aspects of both Christianity and Buddhism are most meaningful to you. It may also be helpful to look at existing examples of these tattoos to get an idea of the different elements that can be combined. When creating your own design, try to make sure that the symbols or images used are recognizable to both faiths and that they are related to each other in some way. Additionally, consider including a meaningful phrase or quote related to these two religions, as this can help make your tattoo even more special and unique.

What are some of the most popular cross faith tattoo designs?

Some of the most popular cross faith tattoo designs include a Christian cross with lotus flower petals, a combination of Buddha and Jesus, a dove surrounded by Buddhist words or symbols, and a Yin Yang-style design featuring both religious symbols. Other common designs include rosary beads with prayer hands, wings with Hindu gods, or a halo with a Buddhist mandala. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to creating your own special cross faith tattoo, so feel free to be as creative and unique as you’d like!

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