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101 Best Coors Light Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Coors Light Tattoos

Are you looking forward to getting a Coors Light tattoo? Here is a list of some awesome white tattoo designs that you need to check out!

Coors Light Tattoo
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American companies of breweries as well as beer collaborated to start The Coors Brewing Company.

Coors is known to promote some of the most notable brands like Miller and Coors Light. Later on, this company merged with Molson Coors.

This collaboration resulted in the company being the second-largest known brewer in the United Kingdom. They have a mountain as their logo. Depending upon the temperature of the beer, the colour of the logo changed accordingly. It turned from white to a blue-coloured font. Even the cans had unique graphics and eye-catching designs. The aluminium print on the cans was placed for the possibility of recycling.

You can express your Coors Light tattoo idea art in a way that best suits your taste. Read to find out about some fascinating colour light tattoos and what they mean!

Puke And Rally Party

Puke And Rally Party
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This Coors Tattoo displays the theme of a drinking party where they drink beer till they puke. Puke and Rally is a term that is used mainly in Banks County. A Puking Rally means people drinking a lot of bottles or cans of beer with no control and finally throwing up. This tattoo was made by Boise Tattoo Companies, whose sites are known to provide a good quality body tattoo.

The community of tattoo artists strives to give modifications to the tattoo designs. Getting such a tattoo can be considered a fun activity. Another panel of tattoos is a description of a person puking. This can be said as a fun artwork tattoo.

Coors Light Can

Coors Light Can
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This is a black and grey tattoo with some floral arrangements at the bottom of the can. This is a premium beer as letters are inscribed above the bottle. We can also see that in large font, “Coote Light” is scribbled on the Can. Memorial tattoos are usually tattooed in the memory of a close person who could be a friend or family member who has died. It is said that such tattoos can serve as a medium to stay connected with the person who passed away. This tattoo was drawn with sacred ink, or even called eternal ink. Such links are used for the healing process. The patterns and placements of such tattoos can differ as they are known to be highly sacred. It is necessary to get the correct information from the site before getting a memorial tattoo.

Coors Light Mountain Logo Tattoo

Coors Light Mountain Logo Tattoo
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This small tattoo shows a mountain tatted in black ink, a simplified version of the Coors Light beer. The Coors light beer shows a picture of the Wilson Peak Mountain, a well-known mountain. It is often represented as the San Juan Mountain range symbol situated in South Western Colorado and North Western New Mexico. The Coors Brewing Company, which makes the beer, is based in Golden, Colorado.

The tattoo has a simplistic design and can be appreciated well by fans of the beer and people who link simple geometric designs.

“Cool” Coors Light tattoo

Cool Coors Light tattoo
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This tattoo shows a Coors light bottle with an Elvis Persley hairstyle and Pir Viper sunglasses. This tattoo is not done as an avatar of the person getting it but as a souvenir to Rock and Roll, Elvis Persley. Presley dominated the music industry as a singer and actor and was seen as one of the most significant icons of the 19th Century era.

The tattoo here is tone on the shin and uses different colours but with a somewhat dull tone which makes it look unique. Moreover, they can also read ‘Born in the Rockies est. 1978- ) which refers to the popular slogan “as cold as the Rockies.”

Coors Light Mullet Tattoo

Coors Light Mullet Tattoo
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This is a shin tattoo. Mullet tattoos give the Coors can a look that includes hairs and goggles or even moustaches. The trend is that people represent themselves with their hairstyle on a Coors Light can, wearing the iconic Pit Viper sunglasses. The tattoo here shows a person with long blonde hair, which is dyed blue on end. This tattoo is done on the thigh and has vivid bright colours that somewhat show the person’s personality.

Coors Light Mountain tattoos

Coors Light Mountain tattoos
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This tattoo is done on the arm and shows the classic Coors beer logo. The original Coors Light logo was made to use in 1978, but interestingly this is not the oldest Coors light logo in use. The logo used in 1954 is a more detailed version of the classic stamp with a raised font that was tilted. However, it lacked the iconic picture of The Wilson Peak Mountain.

In the 1970s, Coors light was once considered illegal in several states In the United States. In the 1970s, the beer didn’t have an official license and was bootlegged and sold illegally due to its high popularity and demand.

Bold Coors Light Tattoo

Bold Coors Light Tattoo
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The Coors light beer is a universal symbol of partying with the bros and a potion of brotherhood and good times. The tattoo is done on the thigh and shows a varied, more simplified version of the Coors light beer logo from 1978. The tattoo does not include the mountain and is done in bold black ink.

The Coors beer was also popularised by the 1977 movie Smokey and the Bandit, about two notorious bootleggers trying to smuggle 400 boxes of Coors beer from Texarkana to Atlanta. 1978 was when the Coors beer gained popularity by the significant public and was then licensed in 1986.

Busch Beer Tattoo

Busch Beer Tattoo
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This is a simple Coors Light beer can tattoo. Coors Light is America’s second most popular and most sold beer brand and is a symbol of friendship. A very fun tattoo idea is to get identical Coors light cans with your drinking buddies. Coors is generally seen as a beer that friends drink together to have a good time. In 2018, 2 men allegedly saved someone from committing suicide by offering them a case of Coors Light. The recent cans made for Coors light have a unique indicator that turns the can partially blue when frozen.

Michelob Ultra Tattoo

Michelob Ultra Tattoo
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This is a twin tattoo of the beer bottles. One is Coors light bottle tattoo. Another one is the Michelob ultra beer bottle tattoo. Michelob ULTRA is a beer that is known to have a refreshing taste and fewer carbs because of the grain selection and the lengthy mashing procedure. It is known to be made by using the high quality of barley, rice, malt, and a pure cultured yeast strain, all of which demonstrate Anheuser-dedication Busch’s to brewing excellence. Such small bottles can even make Coors light stickers. Special skills are required for the details in small bottles shown in the tattoos.

Coors Light & Half-Human Tattoos

Coors Light & Half-Human Tattoos
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This is a hand-poked tattoo of half can and half person. A can is placed instead of the head of a person. This reference is also used as a natural light beer meme. It’s considered a line tattoo as fine lines are drawn to give a proper outline to the tattoo. This is a hand-poked tattoo because the machine is not used for tattooing. It is a black-work tattoo by a tattoo artist with unique skills living in Los Angeles.

There is a strong community of artists who can share info about such fun tattoos and their placement. You can learn about placement and detailing from them before you zero in on a design. Finally, here is a list of inspirational and fun tattoos inspired by the link mentioned above if you are interested:

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What does the Coors Light tattoo mean?

The Coors Light tattoo is a popular symbol of loyalty and camaraderie among Coors Light drinkers. It often signifies an appreciation for the brand and its products as well as an acknowledgment of the time spent enjoying them with friends. For many, it’s a personal reminder of the good times shared over a cold beer. The Coors Light tattoo can also represent a commitment to the Coors Light lifestyle and an appreciation for the brand’s many qualities. It’s a sign that you’re proud to be a fan of Coors Light and all its finer points. For some, it may even symbolize the joy associated with drinking good beer.

How much does a coors light tattoo cost?

The cost of a Coors Light tattoo will vary based on the size and complexity of the design, as well as where it is located on your body. Most simple designs can range anywhere from $50 to $150, while more complex pieces could cost upwards of $300 or more. The cost also often depends on the individual artist’s rates. Additionally, some tattoo parlors may offer discounts or specials on Coors Light tattoos, so it’s always a good idea to shop around and compare prices. Ultimately, the cost of a Coors Light tattoo will depend on the size and design you have chosen as well as where you choose to get it done.

How big is a coors light tattoo?

The size of a Coors Light tattoo will depend on the design you choose and where it is located on your body. Generally speaking, most Coors Light tattoos are relatively small in size, usually no larger than a few inches across. Some people may opt for a single-segment design, while others may opt for an intricate full-back piece. Ultimately, the size of your Coors Light tattoo will depend on what you have chosen and where you choose to get it done.

What are some coors light tattoo designs?

The possibilities for Coors Light tattoo designs are endless and can range from simple single-segment pieces to intricate full-back pieces. Common Coors Light tattoos may include the iconic Coors Light mountain logo, a recognizable symbol that has been around since the brand’s inception in 1978; an eagle carrying a beer mug, a popular design that celebrates the brand’s heritage; or a representation of the elements, such as snow-capped mountains and blue skies, which are often associated with Coors Light. Other popular designs may include an image of two beer mugs clinking together in a toast, an illustration of a bottle cap or hops, or simply the word “Coors” written in script. Ultimately, the design of your Coors Light tattoo will be up to you and your personal style.

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