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101 Best Cobweb Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Cobweb Tattoos

If a spider cobweb tattoo is on your mind, then you have come to the right place for inspiration! Find the 1- best cobweb tattoo ideas here!

Cobweb Tattoo
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Tattoos are coming into age nowadays. The trending cobweb tattoo has a specific significant meaning attached to it.

Spiderweb tattoos are indicative of some struggle in the weaver’s life. A cobweb tattoo symbolizes loyalty within a group.

What does a cobweb prison tattoo mean? In the early 1900s, spiderweb tattoos were known as prison tattoos among inmates or those with a criminal record. Cobweb tattoos symbolize time spent in prison. But, it has now gained popularity even outside the prison setup.

A spider tattoo can represent harmony, fertility, and balance in life. Whether it is a cartoon tattoo or a black widow tattoo, the meaning attached are pretty much the same. Since two-three primary nerves flow from the elbow region, getting a tattoo here can prove to be extremely painful. It can also cause your whole arm to feel numb and weighty. Here are the ten best cobweb tattoo ideas that will blow your mind.

Coloured Spider Web Tattoo

Coloured Spider Web Tattoo
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The spider tattoo is usually made in black ink, but sometimes people prefer a more colored version of it. The spider web design tattoo has been popular for many years now. Such tattoo designs can include things other than the spider as well. This spider tattoo is shown walking on the petals of a vibrant flower. The spider tattoo design consists of the spider web in between the twigs of the blossom, surrounded by lush green leaves and big bright flowers. The spider is building a protective net. The flower can have a different color in the middle and a set of buds coming out of the same stem.

Shoulder Knife Cobweb Tattoo

Shoulder Knife Cobweb Tattoo
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A shoulder knife tattoo is a minimal design with a creative take on spider tattoos. The artist has shown the web come out as the pocket knife is opened up. The web’s creator does not need to be made in this case. The spider web tattoo is unique in its style and design. The knife opens towards the shoulders. This black ink spider web tattoo is a small tattoo with a detailed knife. It can symbolize protection. The negative perspective associated with spider webs is being removed in modern times as the design gains popularity.

Collage Cobweb Tattoo

Collage Cobweb Tattoo
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A collage can include various things, including the spider web with a spider, an animal of your choice such as a bear, or some other animal. You can also include other items that represent death and all the negativity, such as a stand along a leafless tree in a barren land, a flower to add some positive meanings to the entire web tattoo, and some other articles to add effect to the meaning of the images within the collage such as a door or a window or a cupboard. Collage is essentially the addition of many things that give out a collective meaning. It can symbolize the time spent and even act as a protective web against all the negativity.

Simple Cobweb Tattoo

Simple Cobweb Tattoo
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A simple tattoo that includes only the web in black ink. Such tattoo designs can be a part of a darker history or a near-death experience. People in modern times do not believe much in the negative associations and try to understand the actual value of life in terms of the webs created in various social situations. The public’s perspective invokes several different symbols of cobweb designs. The black widow web can be seen as a sign of death and fear. The negative perspective that the spider web represents death is part of a much darker history.

Palm Cobweb Tattoo

Palm Cobweb Tattoo
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The open palm tattoo is a simple design consisting of a heart within the web. The web tattoo is a symbol of the White supremacy groups. This is a tale from ancient times. Even though it became popular in prison, the darker history involves a link to the tradition of the White supremacy groups. These White supremacy groups had a rule about making spiderweb tattoos. Several positive meanings have developed in modern times. It is a work of art and can keep the negative experiences away. The heart can signify loyalty in an uncertain environment. This is an excellent cobweb hand tattoo.

Elbow Cobweb Tattoo

Elbow Cobweb Tattoo
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A cobweb tattoo elbow is painful to make. The cobweb elbow tattoo can include the traditional web with a spider. This spider web elbow tattoo may consist of a fly instead of a spider and can be ordered at the bottom with a unique floral tattoo design. Above the spider, web elbow tattoo can be an angelic child holding a single flower. This will help remove the negative associations and near-death experiences and turn them into positive meanings. The tattoo can symbolize protection.

Many white supremacy groups used such tattoo designs in the earlier years. The elbow tattoo made by the white supremacy groups has gained immense popularity. Every time a member kills somebody, the cobweb elbow tattoo is made for those within the white supremacy groups. The white supremacy groups were powerful back then and were also present in the prison systems. These spiderweb tattoos were not always popular among tattoo enthusiasts because of such negative associations. However, as they are now being attached to a few different symbols. The spider web elbow tattoo is an important figure in some cultures and groups. This important figure reveals the true meaning of the black widow. The female black widow is known to be a more deadly spider than others.

Mushroom Cobweb Tattoo

Mushroom Cobweb Tattoo
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The natural surroundings can also be depicted while making a tattoo. Forming a mushroom and showing a spider building its web near the mushroom’s stem is one way to create a tattoo. Deadly spiders weave protective webs along with the height of natural objects such as mushrooms or rocks.

The mushroom can be surrounded by leaves, and even show its stem or the roots to complete the popular tattoo symbol. Such a tattoo by the tattoo artist can also be seen as Gothic symbol. The deadly spider can be a female black widow and symbolize the time spent making these large webs. There are different meanings to the tattoo depending on the culture that you belong to. The spider web tattoo meaning can be both negative and positive. Its actual value can be understood once you move beyond the prison system and the negative associations.

Cobweb Tattoo On Lipstick

Cobweb Tattoo On Lipstick
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This spider tattoo includes an item, a lipstick that is decorated with spider webs on the cover. In a modern and feminine way, these gothic symbols weave protective webs on everyday objects as a tattoo. The deadly famous spider web made on the girls’ items with a background of bright hearts makes this tattoo a little different from the most criticized tattoos. The lipstick can have sparkly stars around the red hearts, and the lipstick color can also be made in some shades of the black widow.

Connecting Spider Web Tattoos

Connecting Spider Web Tattoos
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The time served by the groups required to be in the prison system can be shown by the artist’s number of rounds of webs. As the number of years in prison extends, the nets also increase, and a spider is directed to walk across these webs. Serving time in prison can be conveyed well through this tattoo. It can also show serving time in some organizations where the spiderweb tattoo is a part of their group symbol. The several characters in this cobweb prison tattoo include a dark mark and other gothic symbols hidden within the webs.

Alternatively, in cultures like North American, it has positive meanings associated with it. The Native Americans have been associating these tattoo designs with Native American characters like Spider-Woman for centuries now. Spider-woman is an important figure among the native American tribes. This spider woman weaves protective webs to keep babies safe. This native American character is a symbol of protection. According to them, it is not a dark symbol or a Gothic symbol.

Teardrop Tattoo With Spider Web Tattoos

Teardrop Tattoo With Spider Web Tattoos
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Spider tattoos can be denoted as teardrop tattoos. These teardrop tattoos include a well-made eye at the center of the web and a spider underneath the eye like a teardrop. The teardrop tattoo is a neat spider web design. A spider web can also be a symbol of incineration. It can mean serving time in prison. This deadly spider is represented in the spider web tat, which shows precision, balance, and wisdom. Cob spider web meaning depends on the context and the culture that you belong to. In modern times the positive meanings associated with spider tattoos have begun to flourish.

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What is a cobweb tattoo?

A cobweb tattoo is a type of body art that consists of a spider web-like design. This tattoo style is often associated with the goth and punk subcultures, and can be seen as a symbol of rebellion or non-conformity. Cobweb tattoos can be placed anywhere on the body, but are commonly seen on the arms, legs, or chest.

What does a cobweb tattoo mean?

Cobweb tattoos can have a variety of meanings, depending on the person’s interpretation. They may represent darkness, mystery, or death. For some people, they may be seen as a way to show their dark side or rebel against societal norms.

Are cobweb tattoos painful?

Tattoos are generally considered to be painful, but the pain level will vary depending on each individual’s tolerance. The thin lines of a cobweb tattoo may be more painful than thicker lines, as they require more precision and can take longer to complete. Those with a higher pain threshold may find that the experience is not as bad as they anticipated.

How popular are cobweb tattoos?

Cobweb tattoos have been gaining in popularity in recent years, particularly among millennials. This type of tattoo is often seen as a way to express one’s individuality, and can be used to create a unique and stylish look.

Where is the best place to get a cobweb tattoo?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best place to get a tattoo will vary depending on each individual’s preferences. Some people may opt for a more discreet location, such as the ankle or wrist, while others may want to show off their tattoo with a larger design on the arm or chest.

How much does a cobweb tattoo cost?

The cost of a cobweb tattoo will vary depending on the size, complexity, and location of the design. Smaller, simpler designs may start at around $50, while larger and more intricate tattoos can cost several hundred dollars.

What are some of the popular designs for cobweb tattoos? 

Some of the most popular designs for cobweb tattoos include spiders, skulls, and crossbones. Other common motifs include barbed wire, flames, and roses. These designs can be combined to create a unique and personal tattoo.

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