10 Best Clock Tattoo Ideas You’ll Have To See To Believe!

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Clock Tattoos

If you are looking for the most extraordinary clock tattoo designs, look no further. Here, we have listed the best clock tattoos you’ll ever see.

Clock Tattoo
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The march of time can be best represented by a clock tattoo on your body.

We have all heard the saying ‘Time is of the essence’. But we tend to waste time, and a clock tattoo can be a great reminder of the flowing time.

It’s true that ‘Time and tide wait for none’. It may be the reason why many of us are always trying to manage time and if possible, pray for more time. Because every other moment, we realise that maybe the little time we have is lost as we grow older.

A clock tattoo has various meanings and interpretations; for some, it may represent the continuous flow of time; for some, it may signify life and death; and for some, it may be a token of stability, an endless cycle and mortality. Yes, the meanings may vary, but they all centre around the same point; our ‘time’ in this world is limited.

Clock Tattoos are also very intricately designed and often includes elements like flowers such as roses, watches, hourglass or a skull; these turn a simple clock tattoo design into something that looks incredibly cool to have embedded in the skin of your body.

Perigal Repeater Clock Tattoo

Perigal Repeater Clock Tattoo
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Generally, we see special dates or quotes inked with a clock tattoo, but this design is slightly different. Unlike other clock tattoos, this design conveys a special message of moving on with time. It says, ‘Inhale the future….exhale the past’, meaning, with every breath we take, we should forget about all the negative notions of our past and start preparing for the future.

The choice of the clock here is a Perigal Repeater, a pocket watch that has served its purpose and has been replaced by modern clocks and wristwatches. This choice hence is justified with the whole idea of this design. Just like a pocket watch has almost no purpose in a fast-paced society like this, grabbing on to the past, be it a happy memory or a disheartening one, is neither efficient nor worth it.

However, if we talk about the other elements of this design, there is a rose carefully placed under the clock to enhance the power of the overall design. It doesn’t only adds to its beauty but is also very meaningful. The significance of a rose can be interpreted as a reminder of love or can also remind a person about the different intricacies of life.

Floral Half Sleeve Clock Tattoo

Floral Half Sleeve Clock Tattoo
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So, flowers are an essential part of this world. The blooming pattern of flowers has a very close relation with time. Different flowers have different symbolism; they are used as an instrument of symbolism from the beginning of time. A lotus symbolizes purity, while a rose might symbolize endless love, hate, friendship as well as death.

Besides flowers like roses and lotus, this design also has a butterfly hovering over the clock, depicting the independent use of time. The time allotted to you in your life span is entirely at your disposal, and nothing can change it. Just like a butterfly that flies at its own will, you have the power to use your time at your own will.

If you are as free as a butterfly and don’t want to take too much control of your life, this clock tattoo design of a rose and clock is the perfect option for you.

Geometric Clock Tattoo For Your Arm

Geometric Clock Tattoo For Your Arm
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This clock tattoo here is again a bit different from other typical clock tattoo designs. Geometry has a direct connection to astronomy and time. This tattoo design represents all the constituents geometry, space and time.

A compass for the sense of direction, a protractor for precision and of course, a clock to indicate astronomical locations; when all these are combined, the idea of time becomes clear. They altogether represent the right and precise direction one should steer their life to. This clock design is ideal for both men and women.

Timeless Clock Tattoo Design

Timeless Clock Tattoo Design
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Clocks represent the current of time, but they can also be used to represent something that is timeless – like a cherished memory or a specific time period.

This clock tattoo is a great representation of stopping something in time – here, the lion, the rose and the all-seeing eye seem to have come together and stopped in time. It appears to be a magnificent tattoo with a lot of details. The lion also looks like Aslan, from The Chronicles of Narnia, book and movie.

Tattoo designs often tend to be bold; sometimes, they depict stories even entire movies or books might fail to deliver. With the right elements, tattoos can narrate an entire story that can be inked in the skin of your body. This tattoo can leave a lasting impact on whoever chooses it, no matter if they are men or women.

The All-Seeing Eye Clock Tattoo Designs

The All-Seeing Eye Clock Tattoo Designs
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The all-seeing eye, or as conspiracy theorists say, the eye of the Illuminati, is quite popular and is often considered for a tattoo choice. Though the existence of The Illuminati is still debatable, the symbol is not. This symbol stands for the third eye, which is believed to be present in every human soul and has the ability to see everything. The all-seeing eye also refers to a higher power that prevails overall and witnesses everything.

This all-seeing eyes tattoo with the clock and the rose depicts the unchanging stare of the Illuminati as it sees the growth of new civilizations.

Though ideal for both men and women, this design is not like other tattoo designs. It could be interpreted in many different ways and such a tattoo has a touch of history in it.

Grandfather Clock Tattoo

Grandfather Clock Tattoo
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Grandfather clocks are another great example of a nostalgic clock. A broken grandfather clock reflects a story of a deep loss of heritage and of a ‘once-upon-a-time’ period.

The introduction of today’s awesome digital watches has washed away the usage of grandfather clocks. This does not mean that they were inefficient, they were a great aesthetic piece and could be used as a tattoo idea.

This broken clock tattoo once again reminds of the march of time. It shows that the passing of time is inevitable and eventually, there will be a death of an old technology and a rise of a new one in its place.

To have this inked in your skin will most definitely help you master time and use it as efficiently as possible.

Melting Clock Tattoo

Melting Clock Tattoo
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A melting clock is usually used as a symbol to represent the continuous flow of time. The meaning behind these clock designs are basically this, ‘The clock melts a little by little with each passing second’.

This clock tattoo is to remind people about the real value of time; it stresses that time is not going to stop, and with each passing second, we all are losing precious time.

If you are a person who understands the real importance of time, then this melting clock tattoo is the ideal choice for you; every time you look at it, it will poke you about not wasting your time.

Hourglass Tattoo

Hourglass Tattoo
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An hourglass is one of the oldest instruments used before the invention of clocks. Nowadays, it is just used for its aesthetic symbolism. An hourglass tattoo is usually accompanied by a sun and a moon, placed against each other on two opposing sides. Or a skull and a heart sign.

The sun and the moon represent the limited 24 hours we get on a day, and the skull and the heart sign represents life and death. Unlike other clock tattoos, this design comes with its hidden meanings; it has a skull on the bottom and a heart sign on the top of the hourglass and shows how time flows from birth till we perish and go back to the earth.

Intricate Pocket Watch Tattoo

Intricate Pocket Watch Tattoo
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This clock tattoo, though appears minimalistic, but like other clock tattoos, carry deeper meanings. The use of the buttryfly with the pocket tattoo shows how we can try to hide time but it keeps on ticking.

This, too, can be ideal for both men and women. If you want to portray the intricacies in your nature through your ink, this piece of art would be perfect for you.

Pocket Watch Tattoo For Your Arm

Pocket Watch Tattoo For Your Arm
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This is a memorable clock tattoo, meaning it is an example of how besides cool tattoos, some designs are best kept simple and yet memorable.

A name is inscribed on the dial of a pocket watch that brings out the sensitive side of the bearer. Just like your time in this world is limited, your time with your loved one is also limited. A simple pocket watch can be a signifier of an heirloom and the name that you use can be the person whom you hold dear to you and who may have passed on. This is a memory etched as a pocket watch tattoo with different elements to prove your endless love for a person.

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