10 Best Cheeseburger Tattoo Ideas that will Blow your Mind!

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Cheeseburger Tattoos

If you want to turn your love for cheeseburgers into a tattoo, then we have some of the best cheeseburger tattoo ideas for you. Read on!

Cheeseburger Tattoo
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Tattoos are not just trends any longer.

Tattoos mean the world for enthusiasts. These signify art that comes with some meaning.

The craziest of things and ideas have made their way into tattoo art over the years. From comic hero tattoos to even cheeseburger tattoos, you might choose to get inked with just about any category of images. Cheeseburger tattoos are not as unpopular as you might imagine. These range from classic foodie lover art styles to wacky cheeseburger designs tinged with messages! The most committed cheeseburger eaters prefer to sign off their love for the sizzling cheeseburger with a few awesome tattoo designs. Getting a cheeseburger tattoo seems like a choice only a cheeseburger lover would make. However, some quirky cheeseburger-based tattoos have impressed even modest cheeseburger eaters. The biggest plus point of a cheeseburger tattoo is that you do not have to worry about that expanding waistline. Simply get inked to seal your love for the awesome meal- with a yummy-looking cheeseburger tattoo.

Cheeseburger And Fries Tattoo

Cheeseburger And Fries Tattoo
@seanduffytattoos via Instagram

A quirky pick, this cheeseburger tattoo hits the bull’s eye with its intricate design. The colors used to ink the tattoo are vibrant as well as work to draw the attention of viewers. The design is well spread out over a large surface that makes the tattoo instantly attractive. What interests us about the tattoo is the intricate inking of the French Fries. After all, no cheeseburger is complete without those sizzling fries out of the fryer. The tattoo almost looks like an ode to a couple, who work best when together and seem to lack life when alone. Just like the fries and the cheeseburger!

Small Cheeseburger Tattoo Design

Small Cheeseburger Tattoo Design
@damn_zippy via Instagram

The tattoo is small but has a big impact. The cross between a fishy head and the cheeseburger signifies the coming together of two loves of the tattooed guy. The colors are used to make the burger look real and the fish pattern pops out with its cutesy expression.

Of special mention is the detailing such as the bow on the fish head and the way the artist has done up the authentic sketching of the bun. The tattoo is a perfect pick for those who love a cheeseburger but do not want to go overboard with a cheeseburger tattoo.

Realistic Cheeseburger Tattoo

Realistic Cheeseburger Tattoo
@shannoneperry via Instagram

The tattoo is the eight-bit version of a yummy cheeseburger. This cheeseburger tattoo looks like it is straight out of a comic strip. The detailing that renders the eight-bit styling is worth noting. The authenticity of how a cheeseburger looks is worth applause.

Even the sesame on the bun looks realistic. The rendering of this cheeseburger tattoo is such that you look back twice to see if you are seeing it all right. The size is average.

The design is simple with a smart twist. If you adore cheeseburgers, getting one such tattoo is going to be a good decision.

Traditional Cheeseburger tattoo

Traditional Cheeseburger tattoo
@Tattoocorey via Instagram

You can never go wrong with a traditional tattoo. A play of all colors that are bright, this cheeseburger tattoo is defined with its simple structure. This cheeseburger tattoo is framed on the lines of a hefty cheeseburger waiting to be bitten big. After all, a burger with some awesome melty cheese is as interesting as a pizza with melted cheese waiting to form those strings. The cheese sneaking out adds to the awesomeness of the design. A cool pick for ardent cheeseburger lovers, this cheeseburger tattoo looks like one that will be part of classic cheeseburger tattoo lists down the years.

Simple, defined, and lively- the tattoo is indeed well inked. No wonder some cheese burger lovers swear on the taste to be better than even brick oven pizza.

Impressive Meaty Burger Tattoo

Impressive Meaty Burger Tattoo
@mikereedtattoo via Instagram

Every bit as meaty as a real cheeseburger, this cheeseburger tattoo incites you to go grab one right away. The detailing is bang on and the intricate art around the bun is drool-worthy. The colors used are eye-catching and stand out clearly. The finesse of the tattoo becomes evident in the way the layering is brought to life. This burger tattoo is as good as the real ones we get in a restaurant.

From the curves of the lettuce leaf to the browned bun that looks fresh out of the grill-this cheeseburger tattoo is in every way as real as a replica could look. The slice of cheese playing peek-a-boo only attracts the eye further. The contrast of colors at play against a solid background signifies the perfection that the artist has put into this tattoo. While cheese has always been a partner to pizza, a slice of it in a cheeseburger is never to be missed.

Layered Cheeseburger Tattoo

Layered Cheeseburger Tattoo
@angell_so_fly via Instagram

Its time for some layered art! Layered art is what sees manifestation in this colorful cheeseburger tattoo. Inked to perfection with the layers coming out clear while forming a backdrop to the next bit of layer, this cheeseburger tattoo is best complimented for its precision.

The detailed color tines around the patty and the perfect brown of the burger bun add to the quirky appearance of the cheeseburger tattoo. The length itself signifies the hard work involved in having got this inked.

Cheeseburger Meal Tattoo

Cheeseburger Meal Tattoo
@vinivolpini via Instagram

They say food has the ability to make you happy and high. This cheeseburger tattoo celebrates the true worth of a satisfying menu that you just devoured.

The soft drink, fries and the burger signify that life is meant to be enjoyed with good food. This cheeseburger tattoo has a message that signifies how life can be enjoyed with the simplest pleasures to gorge on. The colors and choice of objects in this tattoo are offbeat but well connected via their hidden message. Again, a perfect pick for National Cheeseburger Day.

Just Eaten Cheeseburger Tattoo

Just Eaten Cheeseburger Tattoo
@Gilltattoos via Instagram

Funny tattoos are always fun to have. Offbeat and on the butt- this cheeseburger tattoo garners attention due to its placement more than anything else- not even its design. Just eaten, the cheeseburger looks like it has just been eaten. The burger layers are clearly inked the colors have been cleverly deployed.

Dancing Cheeseburger Tattoo

Dancing Cheeseburger Tattoo
@frankball via Instagram

The dancing cheeseburger tattoo is a happy piece of art. Not just because the burger patty is all smiling here but because the way this burger tattoo has been inked is simply made to make you feel good. It stems off from the belief that cheeseburger is supposed to be the ultimate American comfort food. An apt piece to celebrate National Cheeseburger Day!

The detailing and the dancing stance of the tattoo simply drive home the belief that a cheeseburger gives you pleasure.

The burger seems to also be in a hurry- replicating how eaters find it tough to be calm after ordering a sizzling cheeseburger. A creative spin-off to the classic cheeseburger tattoo this is a sort of cheeseburger flash tattoo.

Cool Cheeseburger Tattoo

Cool Cheeseburger Tattoo
@tattoosnob via Instagram

This cheeseburger tattoo is an extreme fan art that you would not always dare to ink. This design is meant for cheeseburger lovers who have a love for juicy American fast food in extremes.

The tattoo comes with an extreme message true cheeseburger addicts will find relatable. For non-cheeseburger lovers, it is tough to understand the addiction limit though!

The double cheese layered burger is done up brilliantly with attention to minute details. The color scheme is vibrant without being too pop style.

The overall look of the cheeseburger tattoo is neat but the thing you most likely will remember from this cheeseburger tattoo is the banner text on top. Another perfect design to ink on National Cheeseburger Day.

The hype over cheeseburger tattoos and related art gets higher around National Cheeseburger Day on 18 September every year. The annual day marks the celebration of the meaty cheeseburger and commemorates the love the world has for the yummy-licious cheeseburger.

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