10 Best Charizard Tattoo Ideas You’ll Have To See To Believe!

by Mark
Cute Charizard Tattoo

Searching for those perfect Charizard tattoos to flaunt to your Pokemon friends? This curated list has been made just for you.

Charizard Tattoo
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Pokemon is one of the most popular anime of all time and it has contributed a lot to the culture of people all over the world especially through the usage of tattoos.

The vast number of characters in the Pokemon franchise and their evolved versions have easily become cool tattoo designs. Apart from Pikachu, you will find Charizard to occupy the maximum number of followers of the video game franchise.

The history of Charizard tattoos is very interesting. After Pokemon came out in 1995, the franchise received a huge fan following among children under the age of ten. These children grew up and started the trend of Pokemon tattoos.

Evolving from the base Pokemon Charmander, the design of Charizard is based on a dragon. The fire-breathing Pokemon is one of the most recognized characters of the franchise even in 2021. It is quite natural that the Charizard tattoo has gained such followers who are experimenting with various designs right from using Gameboy centric art to monochrome versions of the dragon-like creature.

The popularity of Pokemon crossed the borders of Japan and reached people all over the globe more after 2016 when the open-world video game Pokemon Go was launched. Fans became crazily addicted to the new game. Tattoo artists joined the bandwagon and started to make some spectacular designs especially with the character of Charizard.

Stop what you are doing and delve right into this list of Charizard tattoo ideas for your next body art design. Find out the ones you would like to try.

Realistic Charizard Tattoo

Realistic Charizard Tattoo
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Hyper-realistic Pokemon tattoos are all the rage in 2021 and Charizard is no different. The confident strokes of colour by the artist is sure to bring the style quotient a notch higher than you have seen. The realism of this tattoo can be compared to the highest of Renaissance paintings.

Feel free to explore the realistic side of Charizard through this tattoo. You can incorporate your own information and even combine realism with fiction to make stunning Charizard tattoos.

Charizard Fire Breath Tattoo
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This tattoo can be thought of as both a Charizard tattoo as well as a watercolour tattoo. It looks just like a painting made using watercolour instead of ink which is the genius of the artist. If you are confident that you can carry off this design then rush to your nearest tattoo parlour and get inked today!

Charizard Gaming Tattoo

Charizard Gaming Tattoo
@a.aliotitattoo via Instagram

Doesn’t the Pokemon tribal tattoo Charizard look amazing? This tattoo is made only using black colour ink only. Heavily inspired by the original Nintendo game, you can see gamer Charizard. The design is reminiscent of the tribal form of tattoo which is very popular in 2021.

A sleek and charming Charizard pokemon tattoo for the gamer in you may be inked on your arms or even your back.

Charmander to Charizard Evolution Tattoo

Charmander to Charizard Evolution Tattoo
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One of the top tattoo designs you will ever see is this one. From the cute Charmander to the intimidating Charmaleon to finally the menacing Charizard Pokemon, this tattoo has it all.

The evolution of Pokemon has fascinated fans right from 1995 when Satoshi Tajiri created the eponymous creatures for video games. Notice the changes from the Charmander who looks like an orange lizard to Charizard, the huge dragon-like creature. This type of tattoo is best for your forearm which you can display all the time.

Charizard minus Charmander Tattoo
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This one has the two forms of Charizard minus Charmander which you can use to show off the catchphrase of Pokemon “Gotta Catch ‘Em All”! The bright colour brings out the vivacity of the tattoo to the forefront.

Charizard Tattoo Sleeve

Charizard Tattoo Sleeve
@allanmcknight via Instagram

How would you like your whole sleeve to be inked? Specifically by the help of Charizard tattoo? Sounds too cool to be true right?

This tattoo will level up your attitude to a degree that you have not experienced before! The use of colour ink makes this design seem almost real. We bet you cannot find a better Charizard tattoo for your entire sleeve than this one. It looks as if a scene has come out straight from an anime episode from your childhood, doesn’t it? Head back to nostalgic days of binging Pokemon content through this tattoo design.

Charizard Leg Tattoo
@shaokhang via Instagram

Instead of your hand, if you want to get a full leg tattoo, then this design is recommended for you. A brilliant work of art, this tattoo will surely make you stand out from the crowd.

Amazing Charizard Pokemon Tattoo

Amazing Charizard Pokemon Tattoo
@2.can.sam via Instagram

A plain tattoo can never go out of style, right? Flaunt your love for Charizard through this super trendy colourful Charizard pokemon tattoo. The bright design will surely lift your mood in trying times and you can be the centre of attention while going out with your colleagues or friends.

Try using a combination of Charizard with Charmander or Charmaleon for more exciting designs which can be simple but eye provoking.

Blaine With Charizard Tattoo

Blaine With Charizard Tattoo
@robbwild via Instagram

Blaine is a character Pokemon fans will instantly recognize anywhere. Combine this Gym Leader with Charizard and lo and behold you get a terrific tattoo. The top portion is occupied by Charizard in all his glory while Blaine is holding a Poke Ball inside the cusp of his palm ready to battle his challengers. The anime character is wildly popular among Japanese and American fans.

See how the orange ink looks really well on the skin. Ask your artist to use his own choice of colours that will look best on you.

Charizard Blackwork Tattoo

Charizard Blackwork Tattoo
@sinercaballero via Instagram

The use of bold tones using black ink is the main feature of blackwork tattoos. This piece of art will give you chills, literally! Did you notice the subtle hint of colours near the tail of Charizard? It gives this tattoo a unique look combining blackwork with colour. You can get this inked on your thigh or your forearm for the most visual spectacle.

Black Charizard Tattoo
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Another variant in the blackwork Charizard tattoo, this one is more minimalistic that can be inked on smaller parts such as the neck or the palm.

Charizard Couple Tattoos

Charizard Couple Tattoos
@short_stack_tattoos via Instagram

This cute Charmander and Charizard pair of tattoos can be yours and your partner’s. The beauty of this pair is that you can coordinate with your partner and customize it as you two want. Maybe both of you get inked on your arms or your knees. You can show off your bond to your friends and make them jealous.

A Charizard Pokemon tattoo can be the perfect gift for your partner to keep you on top of your game. If both of you are anime fans then this is a must-have for you two, no questions asked! You can make one monochrome and the other coloured – this will show the variety in the relationship which is a good thing for any couple.

Charizard Dragon Tattoo

Charizard Dragon Tattoo
@jolagribouille_tattoo via Instagram

The inspiration behind the character of Charizard is undoubtedly the dragon from mythological stories. You can apply your love for folklore as well as a fondness for Pokemon combining the two to get this dazzling one-of-a-kind tattoo.

The information hidden behind this art is very interesting, to say the least. See how Charizard is breaking free from the Poke Ball in which it was kept enclosed. It shows the free spirit of the person who wants to break out from the shackle of the daily drudgery of life. They are chained down by societal norms but resist all the time. If you are one of these people then get this tattoo inked on your skin now!

Charizard Pokemon Gameboy Tattoo

Charizard Pokemon Gameboy Tattoo
@cheeseburgerchampion via Instagram

See this amazing Charizard art which looks as if the Pokemon is trying to break free from the Gameboy into the real world. You must know that Pokemon was created originally for Gameboy in a pair of video games in 1995. Hence this particular image is a homage to the original game loved by fans.

Charizard and Gameboy Tattoo
@laserducktattoo via Instagram

Another mashup of Charizard and Gameboy, this figure borrows its style from the OG game. If you are a fan of Pokemon, then you must find this easily one of the better tattoos out there.

The beauty of Pokemon is that there is no bad Charizard tattoo. You can use your own imagination or even ask your tattoo artist to create new designs based on this ultimate legendary Pokemon. A few suggestions which could not be covered in the list above have been given below for you to try out.

  • Charizard Skeleton Tattoo
  • Pikachu Riding on Charizard Tattoo
  • Baby Charizard Tattoo
  • Fire Breathing Charizard Tattoo

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